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hello Sid Roth here with Bruce vanat

Bruce when he was 5 years of age Jesus

came to him Jesus hugged him and a hug

from Jesus caused gifts of the Spirit of

the Living God to enter Bruce which

forever changed his life now Bruce you

were going through a hard time you were

being as a 5-year-old you were being

molested tell me what happened yes uh

parents worked out of the house so we

had a babysitter that have to go stay at

their house and while I was at this

family’s house over a period of about a

year they were molesting their two

children and they also were molesting

myself and so that was going on and off

for that year and then my grandparents

took me to church the one time I can

remember being at a church as a child

and I went to Sunday school class and

the Sunday school teacher in this little

small country Church told us that the

story about Jesus hugging the little

children and the story just was that his

his main point was that Jesus loved us

as children and if we’d pray to him he

he would answer our prayers so uh my

parents ended up finding out what

happened and I was listening to that

conversation that night as my mom told

my dad what had happened to me for the

year they were upset that I hadn’t told

um worried about my future worried about

what had happened to me sure and so I

was laying on the bed in the dark and

just uh little little voice of the Holy

Spirit now I know reminded me what the

Sunday school teacher had said 6 months

earlier and said pray to Jesus so I

thought I’d give it a chance and what I

what I prayed for was I think probably

any child of that age would pray for and

I just wanted to be comforted so I

prayed for just a hug that’s all I

prayed for I just said Jesus please come

hug me and so right at that second the

room lit up and and I just felt these

warm arms wrapped physically around me

and so it was a physical and emotional

both I tell people it’s like being

dipped in liquid love I was covered from

head to toe inside and outside by this

this incredible love and it just blocked

out everything else and next thing I

knew I woke up the next morning but you

had something that you didn’t realize

gifts of the holy spirit started

operating even at that young age tell me

about that dream you had uh shortly

after that I had a dream where I was

walking in heaven hand inand with Jesus

and the the the walls were these

beautiful jewels and there was this

shiny shiny walkway road that we were

walking on and and Jesus was just

smiling we didn’t talk he was just

smiling and hold my hand and I just felt

love and so I I uh told my mom about it

my mom knew knew from Revelation The

Book of Revelation about what heaven

looks like I had no knowledge of that

but I described it well I mean a church

one time exact at age five yeah so I I

described and it kind of scared her CU

you thought well what’ you see what do

you remember that you saw you know all I

really remember is this these beautiful

stone walls and you know when we think

of like diamonds we think of little

these were great big Great Big Beautiful

stones that were huge and even to this

day I still have a fascination with uh

Stones I’ve got a stone garden at our

house and stuff I think it stems from

that and and since that point you hear

things by the spirit of God you know

things starting at that point I started

to have a a lot of dreams and visions

and uh just what the Bible calls words

of knowledge and um then then we’re

we’re going to go up a number of years

uh to the accident that you had but you

had almost a premonition before what

kind of truck was this this was a a

Peter belt logging truck about how much

does it weigh well the part that fell on

me weighs about 10,000 to 12,000 lb uh

how would you like 10,000 lbs a truck to

fall on you I don’t think your body

could withstand that but uh you uh God

spoke to you before this event what did

he say well over the period of that it

happened in November and over the period

of that summer there was uh a handful of

times where the Lord came to me and just

asked if I would die for the advancement

of the kingdom and I I called a friend

of mine a close friend of mine and I

told him what was happening

and I said you know it’s it’s bothering

me it’s scaring me and he said well what

did you answer I said I haven’t answered

and he he said Bruce I’m surprised I

know you better than that I know what

your answer would be you’d say yes and

and it kind of I kind of felt

accountable when he said that and the

next time that came I was taken a shower

and uh the Holy Spirit was just we were

having this conversation and he said

okay I’ve given you enough time to think

about it now you have to

answer and uh so I started making

excuses and saying well I’ve got four

small children and my wife and I you

know thinking my way through these

things and and there was no and I so I

started asking questions and I said Lord

why and there was no reply at all I

heard absolutely nothing the

conversation just there was nothing

coming back and so finally I broke down

I got on my hands and knees in the in

the shower and I was started weeping and

I said yes Lord I will

die for the advancement of your

kingdom and as soon as I did I asked the

question again why and he said well

because for the advance of my kingdom

and then you know so then it was

reassuring and I said okay I’m Lord and

you know I know we’re not supposed to

make deals with God but I said God

promise me one thing that you’ll give

Lori a husband that will love her more

than I do and my children a father that

would love them more than I do right now

and he said done and as soon as he said

done I really started crying because I

knew it was I understand now take me to

that day that the truck fell on

you well uh

I was I’m a mechanic by trade I go

around I’ve got a repair truck that I do

on-site repair at different locations

and this was just a place where I was

doing a three-day job i’ finished the

job worked 12 probably 12h hour day that

day I just finished it up did an engine

repair and so I wanted to run the engine

to make sure there were no leaks on what

I had done I was working with another

mechanic and he was doing some other

repairs on the truck also and he had

taken the front right wheel off and he

had placed a 20ton bottle jack and

jacked up the front axle and as I was

wiping my tools off and putting them

back in my truck he asked me before you

go can you just take a look I’ve got a

leak somewhere at this truck and I’ve

been looking for it for 6 months and if

you could just diagnose it I’ll fix it

myself he said and I thought to myself

well that’ll just take me a couple

minutes his creeper was laying there his

light was there I had never been

underneath the truck once in this job

and I crawled up underneath the truck

and feet first towards the back of the

truck and the front axle of the truck is

about about that wide and it’s kind of

rounded and it’s about that deep and the

that 10 12,000 lb is on the weight to

those two front wheels well one wheel is

off I crawled underneath it the axle was

about this much over my midsection so it

was coming across me like this the truck

um engine was still running the truck

rocked and it ended up falling off the

Jack so the this rounded axle fell

across me and crushed me like a blunt

guillotin is what it did it it didn’t

cut me it just crushed me down to the

thickness of my spine there was two

vertebrae broken my spine and my lumbar

uh couple ribs but all my internal stuff

in here in my intestines mainly and you

know spleen pancreas liver all took a

hit and and you were crushed almost like

a pancake from what I looked in fact you

thought that you were cut in half don’t

go away we’ll be right back after this

word we’ll be right back to It’s

Supernatural we now return to It’s

Supernatural hello Sid Roth here with

Bruce van and Bruce had a 10,000 000b

truck fall on him literally he thought

his body had been like guillotined in

half uh what happened is he was crushed

I mean you you were crushed almost like

a pancake uh um what happened next well

after I was crushed I looked at myself

and I could see from my point of view it

did look like I was cut in half cuz I

couldn’t see the other half of my body

through the axle and I could see here

where the axle was laying on the cement

so I just called out God help me twice

and the mechanic I was working with was

quick and he uh called 911 they got the

the truck jacked up um I remember

wanting to get out from underneath the

truck really bad and because I I didn’t

like the way it was jacked up again I

was afraid it was going to fall me again

so I reached back and grabbed the front

bumper big chrome front bumper was right

behind my head I grabbed it pulled

myself out to the point of where my head

was sticking out from underneath the

front bumper of this large Peter belt

and that’s when I went unconscious and

uh next thing I know I’m up in the

ceiling of this garage look looking down

out the body experience and I assume

there was no feeling uh you had no

feeling when you’re looking down at

yourself yeah no it was just like

watching a movie did you know it was you

you know I I can’t honestly say I knew

it was me not at first it was like just

like watching a movie and I saw there

was now there was more people the

volunteer fire department had gotten

there and I was listening to the

conversations people were having but you

know this aot experience was incredible

but the most incredible thing was I’m

looking down at myself I can see my head

sticking out from underneath the front

front bumper my eyes were closed my head

was turned to the right side and there’s

a picture just burned in my memory of

like that and on each side of me is a

angel and uh the man that I’ve been

working with was on his knees above me

and he’s about 6’1 6’2 and he was

running this I was watching him run his

fingers through my hair and and he was

crying and patting me on the head and

their heads the the heads of these

angels stuck up at least this much

higher than his they were also

underneath but they had their arms in

underneath the truck towards my body so

these angels had their hands on me so

they I could see they were really

keeping you alive oh definitely

definitely keeping me alive well what

happened next well I just that that

scene has burned in my mind and then

they pulled me out from underneath the

truck the angel stayed uh I watched from

the back corner a red-haired EMT worker

I’ve met her now Shannon she came in she

got down between those angels she moved

this man out of the way and she started

slapping me in the face and saying open

your eyes open your eyes and and I was

watching and watching from above

listening to her watching and next thing

I knew I was back in my body looking at

her eye to eye well when the medical

team came what did they decide to do oh

they called medflight right away because

they it was such a bad injury so I was

uh Med flighted to the largest Trauma

Center in our state in Wisconsin now you

told me that you should have bled to

death what what do you mean uh the

doctors told me because of my injuries

off your heart your mesenteric artery

and your mesenteric vein Superior mes

artery Superior mesic vein come down

feed the your lower half of your body

and it was completely severed not

pinched not torn but completely severed

both of those in multiple places plus

other veins and so they said with my

injury I should have bled to death in 8

minutes 10 minutes top in fact we’re

told by several doctors now that they

can find no other cases anywhere ever

ever of anybody ever living from those

injuries because they always come in on

dead and rival because it’s like having

a you know arteries like size of garden

holes cut you told me they were amazed

you even lived oh completely because it

was an hour and 40 minutes from the

point of the accident until they got me

to the hospital I was in trauma for an

hour before I lost all blood pressure

and and uh they rushed me into the OR

which I should have lost all blood

pressure right away at that 8 minutes in

fact they put in my my doctor records my

medical records they put in 18 units of

blood which is about 8 L the body holds

about 5 L 5 to 6 l so they put in more

that just tells you as they were putting

in it was just coming out leaking into

my my cavity my stomach cavity so it’s a

large miracle that I ever even made it

to the hospital and uh uh they had to

actually what what what happened with

your small

intestine that’s Miracle number two um

my small intestine was damaged so badly

they ended up with a 25 cm or 10in chunk

of the ilum a part of the small

intestine that they were able to save

they found another piece they cut out

three sections they found another piece

of small intestine that was 75 cm and so

between those two pieces I had roughly

40 in of small intestine left or about 3

ft and you have you any adult has about

22 21 22 fet and I only had 3 ft left

and so I started losing weight as I was

in the hospital I went through five

different operations uh the fourth

operation another chunk of small

intestine that had been damage died of

that 75 cm died so now it’s I’m

underneath 100 cm and I just keep losing

wait and they we well if you’re under

100 cm um is that lifethreatening yes

what eventually what we googled this and

what we found out from the doctors that

eventually if you have small ball

syndrome if it gets down to a certain

point you starve to death and I was fed

intravenously also but they just can’t

mimic with the intravenously long-term

what God does with your stomach we feed

so you were in process of dying slowly

gradually losing weight losing weight

and uh this this one particular morning

I was on my fourth operation I just come

out of the operation a man in New York

named Bruce Carlson the Lord woke him up

this one morning and told him to fly out

from New York to me in Wisconsin and

pray over me I had met him one time he’s

a friend of a friend I’d met him one

time on vacation but he was obedient to

the Lord came out and uh at the hospital

room that day he came with a a gentleman

from my friend from my church drove him

down there and one stood on each side of

the bed and he just prayed over me and

he put his palm on my forehead and he

started praying he said Lord I ask that

all the prayers for all the people that

have been praying for Bruce be answered

right now today and I was on prayer

chains all over well well Bruce hold

that thought okay we’ll be back in just

a moment because an instant I mean

instant Miracle took place be right

back we’ll be right back to It’s

Supernatural we now return to It’s

Supernatural hello Sid Roth here with

Bruce vanat and uh Bruce uh you you

almost were guillan in half when a truck

smashed over you um and uh you really

shouldn’t have lived you should have

bled to death medically speaking uh and

they had to cut your small intestine

eventually it got down to under 100 cm

which medically speaking means he would

starve to death and so he was he was a

dead man but a

man heard God’s voice and flew to Bruce

and prayed for him then what happened

well as he was praying and saying Lord I

I pray that you answer all those prayers

today I started feeling electricity what

I can describe as electricity come out

of his palm into my forehead and then he

as Jesus said he spoke to the mountain

and he said small intestine in the name

of Jesus I command you to grow

supernaturally in length and as soon as

he said that it felt like a a snake came

un coil inside my stomach and I turned

to the man that he was with the guy from

my chur church and I turned to him on my

left side of the bed I said man it just

felt like a snake just came uncoiled

inside my inside my stomach and how did

they find out well in preparation for

operation number five a few months later

I have to go into the radiologist

department and I have upper GI and they

make me drink this nasty stuff and

they’re measuring it from the bottom of

my esophagus checking my small intestine

and the guy gets done with it I hear him

he’s going hm and I they said the

procedure is going to take a certain

amount of time and that time and he he

Le he comes back with a supervisor they

redo the test they start back over and I

hear him whispering and saying mistake

and I’m thinking you know that’s the

last thing you want to hear a doctor

says there’s mistake and so finally I I

asked and he said well no it’s good he

said in your records it shows you have

less than 100 centimet of small intestin

he said but we’ve just done the test

twice and you have way over 200 CM you

have over 6 feet well how’d they explain

that was it a bad doctor well

considering the doctor is the head of

our the whole entire biggest Trauma

Center in our state and he a chief

resident surgeon I don’t think he a bad

doctor now you you have those records

inside there I mean this there’s what

could a skeptic say is it possible for

the small intestine to grow that much it

does not grow once you’re an adult your

small intestine does not grow and we’ve

got Dr proof before and after

lyx you know what excites me so much

remember the gifts of the Spirit that

God has given Bruce they are

transferable everyone that knows the

Messiah has these gifts and Bruce put

together his entire documented story

plus almost a workbook on the most

important thing next to being born from

above and that is hearing God’s voice so

that you can be obedient so you can fill

your fulfill your destiny in life and uh

you told me that you had uh was it a

vision of your new book called Saved By

Angels and what was what was happening

in that Vision it was actually right

before the book came out my contact at

the publisher we were talking one day on

the phone and uh she was she was telling

me about actually about your show and

she said Sid Roth what started this all

was she said uh as we’re talking the

phone she said I was asking ways to

market the book you know get this

message out because I think it’s a

really important message that people get

to have a relationship with Jesus not

religion but relationship and just how

different that is and so we’re talking

about that and I’m I’m

just excited and want to get this

message in as many people’s hands as I

can and she said well I think a great

place would be uh Sid Roth Minister well

I hadn’t heard of your name so I wrote

it down and she she continues and she

says you know then it goes into a word

and she gives me a word of the phone she

says God is saying that he’s going to

take care of it because I said well how

do I get a hold of him what do I do to

get on his show and she ends by saying

well I think God is just saying he’s

going to take care of this fast forward

a couple months and this man calls me to

have some air conditioning work down his

vehicle I hadn’t talked to him since

before my accident and he uh I said I

don’t I don’t do that work anymore cuz

I’ve gone to full-time Ministry now I

don’t do that any work anymore and he

said oh you know what he said I just

remembered a couple weeks ago he said at

my home Church he’s from another town at

my home Church some old friends family

friends of my wife and I Chuck and Mary

BM came to visit and he said I was

telling them your story telling about

the angels and how you’re the only

person that’s ever lived from this

injury and Chuck said oh that’s exactly

what our ministry specializes in and he

said it’s it’s Sid Roth Ministry he had

never heard of it either cuz we’re kind

of isolated up there in the Midwest and

so he says to me I’ll get you his number

so he hangs up calls back gives me

Chuck’s number who he got me through to

Joyce and that’s how I got on the show

so God gave me a word giv from this

contact to get on the show so after I

call her back we have this great and I

tell her look this is what happened get

off the phone I’m praying I’m praising

the Lord I’m saying Thank You Lord now

the the book is in printing it’s

actually at the printer and as I’m

praying I’m praising the Lord I see a

vision and what the vision was the books

are coming off the printing process and

as they’re coming off the printing press

they’re being touched every book is

being touched by the Holy Spirit and

physically anointed you know I have to

tell you when I read this book I felt

the presence of God that’s what got me

so excited about meeting you and

interviewing you so in this tell me this

Vision again what was Jesus doing as

each it was the Holy Spirit in my vision

as each book was coming off the printing

press it was being touched and there was

a physical anointing being put on the

book so that when people got in their

hands they wouldn’t want to put it down

and many people have said you know once

I pick up the book I don’t want to quit

reading it it’s just it just gets me and

I just get into it and people said they

they go to at a night on a work night

and they end up spend it up staying up

the night just so they can finish

reading the book before the next day you

know why BEC because someone can learn

how God speaks and most people God

speaks to everyone amen but we miss it

so much tell me about words of knowledge

we’ve got Angels and Demons around us

word of knowledge is listening to the

right voice it’s listening to the holy

Spirit speak from inside you and uh an

example the day I flew here yesterday in

the morning I got a phone call from a

man at a hospital had been in hospital

for a month and he wanted some prayer

and the Lord as I’m on the phone with

him the Lord said tell him you’ll call

him back in 15 minutes get his phone

number so I got his phone I hung up and

I said okay now what Lord I just started

praying going before him he led me to uh

some verses now I didn’t I’ll did not

have these verses memorized didn’t even

know they were there the Lord led me to

Psalm uh I believe it was psalm 41 or

Psalm 42 and at the beginning it says

that he who has regard for the weak um

will be taken care of or along those

lines on paraphrasing because I don’t

know the exact words and then it goes on

to say that he will

be uh let’s see sustained on his sick

bed and recovered from his from his

illness and so the Lord tells me call

him back and ask him if he has regard

for the weak and the Lord told me he

does but just ask him the question to

build his faith and so I call the man

back and he gets on the phone and I said

you know you know the Lord is asking do

you have regard for the week and he says

oh he said in my Ministry he said if

somebody needs a couch I’ll give them my

couch out of my house I’ve given my

frigerator away I’ve given cars away

I’ve given money away till I have

nothing I’ve given my own food away I

said so you think you have regard for

the weak he said oh yes and he starts to

weep I said the Lord said you do open

your Bible to such and such so he opens

up the Bible and so we get to the point

now he’s been in the hospital for a

month and the Lord says I said the Lord

is telling you he’s going to sustain you

and then he’s going to restore you so

not only is he going to sustain you

through this this long-term Illness but

he’s going to restore your health and

you know you had a series of Dreams in

which your wife was being unfaithful to

you and there were how many dreams did

you have like that it was over 10 years

so I don’t know the exact number but

probably over 300 okay and he has these

dreams and he even he knows his wife’s

faithful but he they’re so real uh he

doesn’t know what to do with it and

because of time God gave you an

interpretation of the dream dream very

quickly what was it the last dream I had

uh I repeat to my wife in this dream as

I wake up she’s laying there sleeping

next to me in bed and I repeat to her

why don’t you understand how much I love

you which was the last thing I said in

my dream and the Lord speaks to me and

says why don’t you understand how much I

love you and I said I don’t understand

what do you mean Lord we went back and

forth a couple times and he again I say

it he says it so then ends up he said

Bruce every time you do drugs drink um

anything that you do go after money

motorcycle racing anything that I was

involved in to get peace Joy um

security fulfill the whole that’s in my

heart he said anytime you do any of that

stuff you’re cheating on me and not only

are you cheating on me but you’re doing

it in full sight of me because ever

since I was little since I was hugged

God has been as real to me as my hands

and so I knew God every time I did this

stuff God didn’t want me to do it and I

was for a long time in my life I was

walking one foot in the world and one

foot in God’s world God still loves you

but let me tell you God is too good stop

the drugs stop the pornography stop the

adultery stop anything that is filling

that void and fill it with God fill it

with Jesus he’s real he loves you he’s

calling you he wants to hug