Jerame Nelson operates under the same Heavenly portal that Jesus walked under.

My guest operates under
the same shaft of Heavenly

light or portal that
Jesus walked under.

He says it’s available
to all believers.

Now — interested?


SR: Jerame Nelson,
I want you to explain,

what is
this shaft of light,

this portal that Jesus
walked under? Explain it.

JN: Yeah, in Matthew 16,
17 through 19,

Peter had just confessed
that Jesus

was the Messiah.
And Jesus tells Peter,

He says, “Upon this rock,
I’m going to build

My church,
and the gates of hell

will not prevail
against it,

because I’ve given you
the keys of the kingdom

that whatever you bind
on earth will be bound in

what you loose on earth

will be loosed in Heaven.”

So Sid, what that
is talking about is,

through intimacy with God

and revelation
that comes from Him,

we have the ability

to shut the doors
of Heaven on darkness

and to open up
the portals,

or the gateways for Heaven
to invade earth.

SR: As best you can,

tell me what a portal
looks like, feels like.

JN: Yeah, basically
if you look at Matthew,

Chapter 3, Verse 16
through 17, it’s where

Jesus is baptized by John
in the river.

It’s the greatest example,

because it says that
as Jesus

came up out of the waters
of the Jordan,

it says, “The Heavens
were opened onto Him,”

and it says that
“the Spirit of God

descended upon Him
in the form of a dove,

rested and remained
on His life.”

It says that God,
the Father, began to speak

His approval
and His love over Jesus.”

And it was from
that moment on that

Jesus was activated,

He began
to move in miracles,

He began to move in signs,

He began to hear
the Voice of God

and have encounters
in the Supernatural.

So when you receive the
baptism of the Holy Ghost,

the Heavens will open
over your lives,

and all of those different
things will be activated.

Now this portal of light

you’ve seen at meetings,

tell me about
the meeting in Peru.

Yeah, you know,

we were actually doing
a large healing campaign

with tens of thousands
of people.

I was ministering
on the stage,

and I got to the very end

where we started
releasing miracles.

And all of a sudden,
a shaft of light,

people could see it.
It came down,

it overshadowed
this little boy

that was on
the right hand side.

And this little boy was
born with Cerebral Palsy.

And when that shaft
of light hit him,

he was instantly
healed of all

[Applause] of the effects
of Cerebral Palsy;

he was able to walk and
talk, and move normally.

His mother,
she freaked out,

because even his features
changed in his face,

in his body.

It was a crazy,
creative miracle.

SR: Let’s take a look

at what this portal
looks like.



JN: You just got set free
from the evil spirit!


Now, how would you like

to walk
under an open Heaven?

If there was only
a how-to book

on how to walk
under an open Heaven,

a portal from Heaven,
Jerame —

that’s your new book!

JN: That’s right.
SR: Tell us about it.

Yeah, you know,

I believe
that it’s God’s will

that everyone would walk
under an open Heaven.

That’s why
I wrote the book.

And you know what?
I believe that just like

Jesus saw the Heavens
open over His life,

and the manifestation
of the Kingdom

was in His life,
it’ll be in yours, too.

And you were given

certain keys.

Tell us a few of them,
how you even got them.

So several years ago,

I had an angelic

and I was given
a set of keys.

And as I got those keys,

one of them was a key
that said,

“Isiah 22:22” on it.

And as I began to look
at that in the Word,

I discovered that through
intimacy with Jesus,

we could hear God’s voice

and we could see
the Heavens open

and the manifestation
of His glory

come to the earth.

And what’s interesting
is that if you look

at Revelation 3:7,
the glorified Jesus

“Has the key of David
in His hands,”

so if we want to see keys

that will open up
and shut,

then we need
to go to Jesus.

And out of that place
of intimacy,

when He speaks, we’ll see
the manifestation happen.

SR: And you made the point

it’s for everyone.

JN: It’s for everyone.

SR: It’s not just you.

JN: That’s right.

It’s for you.

It’s for everyone.

You have been in a move
of a portal of God,

a revival, for five years.

Yes, sir.

Over 150 nations
have come out —

I mean,
people have visited

from all over
the United States,

every state in America
has been represented.

And we’ve seen
thousands of miracles.

We’ve even seen
in our healing campaign

since that time,
traveling around,

over a half a million
decisions for Christ.

And every miracle
you could think of

has happened.
It’s been amazing.


Actually, you go

even further.
He says, every one of us

that is a believer
in the Messiah

has a right to live
under an open Heaven.

That’s right.

You know, John,
Chapter 1,

when Jesus
encounters Nathanael,

it’s very interesting.

Philip introduces
Nathanael to Jesus,

and when Jesus sees him,

He says, “There is an
Israelite without guile.”

And you know,
He says,

“I saw you when you were
under the fig tree,”

to Nathanael.
And Nathanael says,

“Wow, you really
are the Messiah.”

And Jesus says
to Nathanael,

“You believe
I’m the Messiah

just because I gave you
one word of knowledge?”

He said,
“Just wait hereafter

and you’re going to see
the Heavens open

and the angels of God

ascending and descending
upon the Son of Man.”

Really, what I believe
He was saying is,

you think that’s
impressive, Nathanael,

wait until I die
on the cross

and I raise again
from the dead, and I make

My home in your heart
and in believers’ hearts,

and the angels
of God ascend

and descend
upon every person.

Jesus Himself prayed

for people
at your meeting –?

Jesus prayed
at his meeting.

JN: You know, I remember
being in a meeting,

and oftentimes I’ll move
in words of knowledge.

I’ll get supernatural
information for people.

And I got a word
of knowledge

that there was a woman
in the meeting

that two years ago

had been
in a car accident,

and hit her face
on the windshield,

and had brain damage,

and as a result
needed a miracle.

And so I called it out.
A woman came forward.

Sure enough, she had been
in the car accident

two years before,
brain damage,

had metal rods in her back
and her legs.

And I went to go
lay hands on her.

And as soon as I went
to go lay hands on her,

all of a sudden,
in an open vision,

I saw Jesus appear
right beside her.

And He looked at me,
and He said,

“This one’s mine.”
And He laid hands on her.

And when
He laid hands on her,

God did a creative miracle
in her brain.

And even — it was
in front of 1500 people.

She actually ran for the
first time in two years,

and it was impossible
for her to do,

because of the metal rods
that were in her body.

SR: Mm-hmm?

JN: But also her
motor skill functions —

there was paralysis,

there was things going on
because of the crash.

But when Jesus
laid hands on her,

she was instantly healed
of all of it.


You know, I read

the Bible,
you read the Bible,

you read the Bible.

But many of the things
that are happening to you,

very strong —
or, as Jesus said,

“You’ll do the same works
I’ve done,

and even greater.”

Even greater. I mean,
some of the things —

but are you
just a special person?

I know you said
it’s for everyone.

But are you just
a special person

that walks in these —

this amazing, open Heaven?
Is it really for everyone?

Well, I believe

it’s for everybody
who’s hungry.

And if you’re willing
to push in

and you’re willing
to press into His presence

and allow God to form

Him identity in you,
you know,

He’s called us to be sons
and daughters of God.

He’s called us
to be disciples.

And as we live that out,

He has no problem
with putting

His power on your life,

His glory in your life,

and allowing you to see
the supernatural.

In fact, we just saw
something really crazy

about five months ago.

I was driving home
from the fire

and glory outpouring,
and as I was going home,

I drove through
a normal stoplight,

and a drunk driver
ran the red light,

going about
50 miles an hour.

I actually looked
over like this;

I could see his headlights
come at my door.

And I just yelled,

And when I did,

the car went right through
my car, physically.

And I looked in
the rearview mirror,

and it almost hit
the guy behind me.

But that guy swerved
out of the way.

And I was so shook.

And after that, I said,
“God, what was that?”

And He said,
“That was Me saving you

because you have way

too many souls
to win in your calling.”

And I said, “Well, where’s
that at in the Bible?”

And He said,

“Jerame, remember
when they took Jesus

by the scruff of his neck
to throw Him

off the pinnacle
of the cliff,”

and He said, “He just
walked right through Him?”

He said, “I caused
that car to go through you

because I still have
a calling on your life.”

And I’m telling you, Sid,
if you have a calling,

and you are fulfilling
that calling,

God will protect
the anointing of God

on your life at all costs.


SR: Did you catch that?

He did one thing
that caused something

in the invisible world

to be activated
to save his life.

He only did one thing.
Do you know what he did?

He cried out the name,

JN: That’s right.

Now Jerame will teach you

the major key in his life

that released
God’s presence,

and is available to you.
Be right back.


>> We will be right back
to “It’s Supernatural!”


>> We now return to “It’s
Supernatural!” [Applause]

You know, I’ve been

to many Resurrection
Sunday services,

but guess what?

When Jerame had
a Resurrection Sunday,

people that died
came back to life.

What happened?

JN: Yeah, you know,
we were doing

a Resurrection Sunday
service at the revival,

and God had spoke to me
right before the service,

and He said, “I want you,
the week before,

to declare that power

is going to come
to raise the dead,

and that even if someone
died, bring the dead.”

And I’ll never forget,

because I was really

and I was halfway

because I thought, wow,

what if someone
brings a dead person?

So long story short,
we get to the service,

and no one brought anybody
that was dead.

So then I was


And at the very end
of the meeting, you know,

I decided,
well, you know what,

we’re going to
pray resurrection

over everything we can;

finances, people’s bodies,

I said,
“If you have a need,

just write it down on
a card and bring it up.”

And this lady came up
with a card,

and she actually
had a letter.

She said,

“I want you to pray
for my friend in Egypt.”

Well, she forgot to
tell me an important fact,

that she had died
just that day before.

So I said to her, I said,
“Well, let’s pray.

I release
resurrection power,

and we command
this dead situation

to come to life.”
And what was amazing is,

that in Egypt, this woman
rose from the dead,

right when we made
the decree.


SR: Well, you had
something else go on.

You had a woman
from Lithuania that came

because she heard
about the move of God.

What happened with her?

JN: That’s right.

One of the things
about revival,

or even walking and living
under an open Heaven

is that it’s tangible,
it’s impartible.

I want to encourage the
ones that are watching,

you can catch
the anointing.

So this girl
came from Lithuania,

stayed in San Diego
for about two months,

living under
that open Heaven.

And then when she
went home to Lithuania,

she thought to herself,
“Well, what did I get?”

You know,
“Did I get the anointing?”

Like, Jerame,

[inaudible], like,
what’s going on there?

And then she woke up,
and God said,

“Go into the alley.”
She went into the alley,

and there was a man
that was dead.

And she just
walked up to him,

didn’t really know
what to do, but just said,

“In Jesus’ Name,
I command you to live!”

And the man raised
from the dead.


And Jerame has been

given certain keys
from Heaven.

And one key most of us
know about,

but we haven’t experienced
to the degree

that it’s available.

And this is the catalyst
for almost everything;

spiritual hunger.
Comment on that.

JN: Yeah.

You know,
I was in Seoul, Korea,

ministering to around
2,000 hungry Koreans,

and God gave me a dream.
And in that dream,

He told me that hunger
is the currency of Heaven.

And He said to me
that when people pray,

and when they push in,

it creates a vacuum
for Heaven

to invade earth,
it opens up the Heavens.

And I’ll never forget
in the first night

of those meetings
with those

there was 2,000 of them.

And when they introduced
me to speak, they said,

“We want to do something
real quick

before you speak,”

and every person pointed
their hand towards me,

and they all prayed
for 10 minutes.

And all of a sudden,
the Heavens opened, Sid.

I’m telling you,
13 deaf ears in a row

opened in that meeting.

A woman paralyzed on a mat
in the back of the meeting

that had been paralyzed
since a child,

all of the bones
began to crack.

And she jumped up,
she ran to the front.

And, I mean,
it was one of the craziest

outbreaks of miracles
that I’ve seen to date.

And it was all because of
that key of hunger,

their hunger opened it up
when they began to pray.

So I want to encourage
those of you watching —

your prayers
open the Heavens.

When you begin to enter,

when you begin to push in,
it causes Heaven to open,

even more than maybe
it was before.

So we can increase
an open Heaven

by intercession
and prayer and hunger.

SR: Another key that
Jerame talks about

is the key, “think big.”

Give me an example
in Malawi.

Yeah, we were in Malawi,

Africa about a year ago.

And I was ministering in
a large healing campaign.

We had about
70,000 people that night.

And you know,
what’s interesting is,

when you go to Africa,

there’s a lot
of witchcraft,

there’s witch doctors,
there’s sorcery,

there’s all
this different stuff

in the dark supernatural.

And the Lord spoke
to me that night,

and He said, “Jerame,
one of the greatest keys

to breaking
the powers of darkness

and opening the Heavens
over regions of darkness

is the Blood of Jesus.”
And He said this, He said,

“Jerame, the blood
speaks a better word.”

And He said, “If you’re
willing to plead

the Blood of Jesus
over this meeting,”

He said, “I will destroy
every curse of witchcraft.

I will destroy sickness
off of people’s bodies,

and then I’ll release
My fire.” And so I did.

I stood up, and I even
told the witch doctors,

I said, “Listen,
I want every witch doctor

that can hear
the sound of my voice” —

there was actually about
30 or 40 of them

with their sticks —

and I said,
“I want you to hear this.

You know the power
of blood sacrifice.

But here’s the deal.

The power is in the purity
of the sacrifice.”

And I said, “Jesus Christ
is the perfect lamb

with the purest sacrifice
there is.

Therefore, we can cancel
out your power

of the curses
you’ve released through

the sacrifices that you’ve
released of animals,

and we release
miracle power.”

And I’m telling you,

demons came out of people
by the masses.

And at the end,
I said to everybody,

I said,
“Who here either saw

or physically felt
a demonic spirit

leave them?”
And I’m telling you,

over 30,000 people
waved their hands.

And if that’s not
crazy enough,

then the Lord said,
“Now release the fire.”

And He said,
“Everyone who gets saved

gets the baptism of
the Holy Ghost tonight.”

So we released the baptism

of the fire of the
Holy Ghost that night.

And it was amazing, Sid.

Over 30,000 waved
in testifying

to receiving
a supernatural language,

right after being
delivered of the demonic.

SR: You believe everything
in the Bible,

but this is off
the charts.

Tell me about that meeting
you went to in a stadium

where you were

really supernaturally

JN: I was involved in
a stadium event on GOD TV,

and they told me, “Do not
be late to the meeting.”

You know, “You have to
be there at this time

to open the meeting up,

and to introduce
the speakers.”

So I went to a restaurant.

Well, here’s the problem,
Sid, is that this stadium

could hold
probably 5, 6,000 people,

but about 10,000 people
showed up.

So I found myself
on the way back

to the stadium

behind about
two miles of traffic.

And it was, like, 6:54,
and so I told my driver,

“Just drive over
the median,

take the first exit
you can.”

So he drove over
the median,

took the first exit
he can,

and then all of a sudden,

we were at the back
of the stadium.

And I thought, wow,
we must have found

a secret entrance.

And I jumped out
and threw my jacket on,

ran in the door,
grabbed the microphone,

and it was, like, go time.

You know, 7:00,
went on stage,

opened up the meeting
for the worship.

And as soon as I got done,
I walked to the pastor

who helped organize it,
and I said, “Thank God

I found the secret
entrance in the back,”

you know, “we got through
all the traffic.”

And he said to me,
“There’s no

secret entrance.”
He opened the back doors,

and it was nothing
but woods.

So we got supernaturally

And what God told me
was this, He said, “Son,”

He said, “I’ll move
Heaven and earth

to get you to the right
place at the right time.”

SR: There wasn’t even
a road there.

It was just woods?

JN: Yep.
We were supernaturally

right to the meeting.

And here’s the deal:

Jesus wants to activate
you in the supernatural.

He wants to activate you
in the presence.

And I want to talk to you
about the greatest key,

and that’s the key of
intimacy in His presence.

You know, every single day
I pray a prayer,

before I read
the Word of God,

before I spend time
with God.

It’s out of Ephesians,
Chapter 1, 17 through 19,

and here’s what happened,

Paul prayed
for the church of Ephesus

to receive
the spirit of wisdom

and revelation
in the knowledge of God,

the Father.

And then it says
that He prayed

that the eyes
of their heart

would be enlightened,

that they would know
the hope of Jesus,

and they would know
their inheritance in Him.

And so every single day
when I pray,

I pray that prayer.

Lord, I ask you to open
the eyes of my heart,

that I would see Your Word
the way You see it.

I ask you to open
the eyes of my spirit,

that I would see
people the way

You see things.
And when I do that,

it’s opened up
the realm of hearing

His voice with clarity.

SR: I want you to pray
over everyone

for spiritual hunger,

and for the fire
and the glory.

JN: Father, I just
thank you for those that

are watching right now.
And Lord, I pray

You’d fill their homes
with Your presence, God.

And Lord, we do,
we release the fire

and the glory of God.
We ask God that

You would activate people
to see, to hear, to know

You more, that Father,

You’d open the Heavens
over their lives

and over their families.

Lord, we thank you
right now

for those that are
watching this program that

You would release the fire
and the glory of

Your presence.

And Father,
I thank you, Lord,

for a tangible anointing
that opens the Heavens,

God, over every single
person’s lives,

that Lord, people begin
to hear from Heaven,

that people begin to see
in the Spirit.

That Lord,
that anointing of revival

that we’re hearing at fire
and glory

would be imparted
and activated now.

Father, I thank
You, Lord, right now.

And I pray that
you would release

an insatiable hunger

to Your people, God,
that Lord, they would seek

Your heart,
they would seek Your face.

And Lord,
I pray right now that

You’d release
the anointing of fire

and glory, that God,

You’d open up the Heavens
over people’s lives.

And Lord,

right now we release
an activation to encounter

Your Love, and to walk
intimately with

You in the Spirit,
in Jesus’ Name.

And this word portal
is really getting around,

and it’s really just
an opening in which Heaven

comes almost in
a direct light to earth.

And if you can get
under that portal,

you can be healed.

But, Jerame,
you’re under that portal.

For the past five years,

you have had people come
from all over the world

to get under the portal
in your church.

How many have been there
and how many would you say

have made professions
of faith

in the last five years
between that

and your campaigns
in other countries?

JN: Yeah, we’ve seen over
a half a million decisions

for Christ

in the last couple
of years,

and we’ve had a couple of
hundred thousand visitors

come through San Diego
to get under that portal.

SR: And I think
it’s amazing the miracles

that are taking place.
But what you’re saying

is, the portable-
what you’re saying

is the portal is portable.

In other words,
it may be in your church,

but it’s also
all over you.

Is this what you’re trying
to accomplish

with your brand-new book

to let people know
they can walk

in that same portal
that you walk in?

JN: Yeah, you know,
I wrote that book

because just like it says
Matthew, Chapter three,

when Jesus was baptized
in the River Jordan,

the Bible says He came up
out of the waters

and the Heavens,
opened over his life.

And as I began to study
that portion of scriptures

out, I began to realize
there are many benefits

to living
under an open Heaven.

And so, listen,
when He was baptized

and came up
out of the water,

the heavens opened
and the Spirit of God

descended upon Him
in the form of a dove,

rested and remained.

But also the Father
began to speak.

And it was really from
that point

that all the miracles
began to break out.

All the signs and wonders
of the healing

anointing came
on Jesus’s life

and He was able
to cast out demons.

And so I really believe
that you too can do that.

Those that are watching

and that God wants to open
the heavens over your life

and He wants to release
Resurrection Power.

And that book
is designed to unleash

this in your life.

It’s designed to be
a blueprint

through the stories
and the testimonies

and the lessons
that I’ve learned

from the Holy Spirit
to impart that

and activate
that in your life.

SR: And you know what I
find fascinating, though?

It’s a brand-new book.

You’ve been teaching this
for a number of years now.

Tell me some of
the feedback you’ve gotten

when you teach

how to operate
under that open Heaven.

That portal coming down
of light,

coming down from Heaven.

JN: Yeah. You know,
it’s amazing, actually,

because we’ve been
hosting revival

for almost six years
now in San Diego.

And this material
that is in this book

is a lot of the stuff

that I teach
everywhere that I go.

And we’ve actually seen
several major spinoffs

where other regions
got hit with revival.

It happened in London,

It happened
in also Canada.

It happened in Seattle,

And when we went
and visited those places,

the heavens opened
over them

and they went
into extended meetings

and they went into a time
of healing and miracles

and the portal of God,
the glory of God,

opening up
over their region.

SR: What about individuals?

Do you find the people
walk out of that

when they’ve been
under your teaching,

walk out of it
and start operating

in an open Heaven,
In those portals?

JN: we’ve got hundreds of
hundreds of testimonies

of people

that have been activated
in the supernatural,

whether that’s seeing in
the Spirit,

angelic visitations,
the miracle realm,

even transportations
and translations.

I mean, a lot
of what is being done

at the outpouring

is being translated
into people’s lives.

But I believe
that it’s impartable.

SR: And now I just
warned Jerame

because he did three
exclusive CD audio

teachings called, “Living
under an Open Heaven,”

and they were
having a party

in the recording studio.

I am paying
them money! Now,

you make them, let
them work! [Laughter]

Don’t you let
that glory from the open

heaven just
make them a wreck!

But seriously,

explain what you did
on these three CDs.

JN: So, those three CDs,
I really just explain

what an open Heaven is,
what a portal is.

I explain how
to position yourself

to actually get
under the portal

and to sustain
that portal in your life.

In fact, here’s
the way it works,

is repentance
opens the heavens,

but obedience causes
the heavens to stay open.

And so I talked about
a lifestyle of purity

and intimacy
and how that will

unleash the miracle realm,

resurrection power that
will unleash the dreams

and the visions of God,

all of these
different things,

and so, those are benefits
of living

under an open Heaven.

SR: Brand-new book,
“Portals of Revelation:

Releasing the Kingdom
of God Through Signs

Wonders and Miracles,”

and his brand-new
and exclusive

Three CD audio
teaching series,

“Living under
an Open Heaven.”

And you pray
an impartation prayer

in these three CDs.
Explain that.

JN: Yeah, each CD ends
with an impartation

of the topic
that we’re teaching on.

And listen,
it was so potent

that those that were
in the other room

while filming me- Sid
was joking around.

But listen,
they were getting hit

by the power of God.

I was getting hit
by the power of God.

I felt like the heavens
opened right there

in the studio
as we were teaching.

And I believe
that impartation

is on these CDs
and you can get it.

SR: This is a must have
resource for you

to walk under
and open Heaven.

All of Heaven is rooting

for you to walk
under that open Heaven!