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▶▶Speak Into Your Own Life by Margaret Green [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/3tCo8QO

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why are many Believers dying

prematurely my guest was facing two

life-threatening sicknesses until God

said so many have this one major blind



next I am so grateful the r Kesh the

spirit of the Living God has honored us

to be at this set right now my guest

Margaret green a sear and a proven

prophetic voice wants to unlock your


destiny Margaret was sabotaged from

birth even to the point of attempted

suicide at age 8 Margaret what happened

so Sid just grew up in a very you know

poverty stricken area and it was just so

much going on and going to school and

even being bullied and different things

cuz I was just so different I lived with

my father who was very abusive and um he

was an alcoholic and so my mother

actually left and so when my mother left

because of the abuse me and my sister of

course were left behind but I was the

one who looked like my mother so I took

a lot of the abuse uh one day I just

felt like I’m just so tired of Life

maybe you know nobody loves me God isn’t

real and I just didn’t want to be here

any longer and so one day I just decided

to end it all I got some of my father’s

drugs that were there and took the whole

bottle of pills cuz it was just better

that I wasn’t here and went into cardiac

arrest and I died but God revived me you

know so God’s purpose and his plan even

at 8 years old intervened in what I

wanted to do and what I thought was best

but God had some good plans for you so

you went to live with your mother after

your father abandoned you yes and I mean

talk about rejection and what was the

good that came out of that absolutely so

after going and go stay with my mother

um my mother at that time got remarried

to my stepfather who was a minister and

so he came and gave me a word he said

that the Lord said that he is waiting on

you and at that time I was like what do

you mean the Lord is waiting on me you

know what could God possibly you know

want with me so I went to church gave my

life to the Lord filled with the holy

spirit with the evidence of speaking in

tongue right there at the same time it

was like a weight was lifted even at the

age of 12 years old it was just like I

was a new person and tell me that how

you experienced going to heaven I felt

so light and everything looked so bright

the Lord took me up to heaven and In

Heaven There was so many angels and

there was this long pipe it it was like

it never ended and there was uh this

strings playing and the Angels were

singing and it was just so beautiful I

mean it was it was glorious it was it

was like nothing I’ve ever seen or heard

so right after that you know kind of

still dealing with resentment still

dealing with anger and feeling over your

dad over my father you know um still

hearing those words of you’re not Lov

nobody wants you nobody loves you I

understand it’s almost like you hear

this tape recording side to your head it

was so it didn’t it didn’t matter um

what others would say I would always

hear my father’s voice and so which

caused me a lot of pain and heartache

and and and questions with God like you

know hey why am I still here you know

I’m still going through this I’m still

reliving this and so right after that um

the anger issues landed me in a girl’s

home well your Baptist Church rejected

you but she start started having

prophetic dreams that were coming to

pass and they said God doesn’t do that

today so she’s rejected by her church

she’s rejected by her father she went to

a girl’s home but then you even felt you

were rejected by God yes so after that

even having the prophetic dreams and um

the dreams coming to pass and and being

rejected by the church you know I

Associated church with God and I’m like

okay well Lord these are your people so

maybe what they’re saying is true maybe

you don’t love me maybe I’m not supposed

to prophesy maybe you know this is not

of you and so I just felt rejected again

and then Your Life Starts really

spiring further down at 14 yeah what

happened so at 14 years old I became

pregnant U with my first son and then

not only that um went to a homeless

shelter we we lived on the streets I

even started stripping to make money and

you know all types of things I just I

didn’t know what to do I was now trying

to take care of me and my son at 14

years old and I got you know of course

had another child and by the time I was

just 19 I had four children it blows my

mind how you could cope with all of this

even though I felt like God had rejected

me and I felt like I was just damaged to

the point that nobody not even God could


me it was something that just made me

keep going

and I KN at that time I didn’t know I

didn’t know it was God but it was him he

was still there and and you were getting

dreams at that point point of of from

the devil of dying and what else yes I

would always have dreams of death like

you like I would not live to see the

next day or something would happen and

but then there was one particular dream

I had s where the Lord took me up to

heaven again and there were three Angels

sitting there and these Three Angels had

three different sets of of instructions

and one was dealing with the prophetic

one was dealing with healing and the

other was dealing with Deliverance when

I tried to speak and talk to the angels

cuz I wanted more information I wanted

to know what they were trying to say and

they shushed me and they said not now

and so I came out of the vision so

immediately I knew kind of somewhat that

God had a plan for me you have all these

good things start happening to you and

then you’re almost raped and killed I

was invited to go to um a together and

so the Holy Spirit you know tugged on me

not to go but because you know peer

pressure um I still went there were men

there and I was raped actually s so

after after the rape happened they threw

us in the car and the men were

discussing how they were going to get

rid of us it was me and a friend of mine

and so they were discussing how they

were going to kill


us and and so at that moment the only

person that I could think of that shows

up in the Midnight Hour that shows up

when you’re in need of help with Jesus

the Messiah and I begin to call on the

name of Jesus and as I begin to call on

the name of Jesus they were saying God

can’t hear you he can’t hear you stop

calling his name well I continue to call

his name it didn’t even matter what they

did I mean they even started to punch me

in the back of the head they started

doing all types of things but I kept

calling on the name of Jesus until they

leted us out of that

car so your life was spared get this she

goes to a Revival meeting then and

something wonderful happened yes so

right after that I told the Lord Lord

you got my attention I know you’re with

me I know you’re real and I know and you

are my savior like you’re my redeemer

and at this revival meeting I just felt

the Lord saying Hey I want to deliver

you I want to completely set you free I

mean I got delivered from every demon

every everything that had me bound I

mean I got delivered it gets better it

gets better it really does she meets the

man of her dreams we’ve interviewed him

and so you’re you’re happily married yes

God speaks to you and said what your

calling was so the Lord after getting

married the Lord speaks to me he said

I’ve called you to create I’ve called

you for Change and I’ve called you to

build and he reminds me of a vision that

he showed me of different flags from

different countries different faces


races and he said these are the Nations

I’m going to put you before and you

shall preach and you shall prophesy and

you shall you know walk in healing and

deliverance before my people and I was

like wow God okay and my question was

like okay when is this going to happen

like this is great news right and so uh

but then something happens I’ll tell you

what now Margaret is ready for one more

big trial she was visited by a demon

named fear and then received a death

sentence be right

back ep3 take two ab common Mark the

Lord has really been dealing with me

about your kingdom ident

and your fingerprint I don’t know so if

you’ve ever watched a crime movie or

seen a crime committed the first thing

they do is dust for fingerprints because

fingerprints identify who was at the

scene of the crime and Jesus wants

people to understand when he’s present

when he’s at the scene and so he wants I

feel the Holy Spirit I’m sorry can we



okay what’s going on right

now I just believe that God wants to

relase a healing in

here in a crime scene the first thing

they do they dust for fingerprints

because fingerprints identify who’s been

there you identify the fingerprint of

God when he comes to the room cuz you

feel him the wind of God that’s his

fingerprint and you know that he’s

present like now he’s present and he’s

resting on everyone and God says I’m

leaving my fingerprint on everybody here

and when God leaves his fingerprint the

evidence of that is your

healing just how he left his fingerprint


me and that’s what I felt in the

room we now return to its

Supernatural Margaret

tell me about the demon called fear yes

so Sid one night I have a vision and in

the vision I was visited by a demonic

presence that manifested in a physical

form and it looked at me and it said

you’re going to die soon I sna right

back did God tell you that and the demon

said a challenge ooh I love a challenge

and walked away and so you immediately

the Lord said that was the spirit of

fear and so I didn’t understand why this

Spirit or this demon had visited me when

God had just spoke to me about purpose

and the things that he had for me and

and you know what he was getting ready

to do you didn’t know about test when

the demons see what you say about what


says they try to abort it go ahead

absolutely shortly thereafter um I went

to the doctor’s office just for a

regular physical I wasn’t feeling any

pain I wasn’t you know feeling sick or

anything um but I had something

intermittent just some tin teeny tiny

pain and so the doctor said you know

what we’ll just do a CAT scan just to

make sure but you’re you’re healthy and

and and I don’t think anything’s wrong

it will see at this time you know

Ministry we we are seeing Miracles I

mean I’m preaching the word of God I

mean I’m I’m just this Jesus girl and

and go to the

doctor and they come back after the

after doing the cas Canan and it’s not

only one doctor but there’s more than

one doctor coming into the room and the

look on their faces they were just so

like just it was like so distraught and

I was just like what’s going on you know

is everything okay and they said we’re

so sorry we have to tell you you have

what we call an aortic dissection and

they said what is that I’ve never heard

of that they said well most people that

come in they’re already deceased you

know but you you know we’re trying to

figure out how you’re walking around

with an aortic dissection and the aortic

dissection is when there is a tear in

the major artery that supplies blood to

all of your organs so they said and not

only that we also have to tell you you

have multiple blood clots in both your

lungs and one next to your heart it’s

dangerous that’s very dangerous sounds

like again most people who have that two

death sentence two death sentence in one

visit wow and and they said we can’t

treat the dissection because if we go in

and try to stin it you’ll die the blood

clots if we treat the blood clots

because you have a tear in your major

artery here you’ll die of the the

dissection that Spirit of death really

came after you it came after me so they

said you have a 5% chance of life that’s

what they gave me that was my sentence

and so immediately I was just like Lord

what just

happened you just told me you were going

to bring me before Nations and you had

all of these great things for me but

what I got was a a death sentence but

the Lord quickly said hey understand

this your diagnose is not always your

destiny did you remember what I told you

amen and so with that said I had to

start speaking even though I experienced

you know a great deal of fustration with

it because I also remember what that

spirit of fear said when he showed up in

my vision he told me I was going to die

soon but the type of death that he saw

wasn’t the type of death that God was

speaking of he was speak God was saying

I want you to die to you Margaret so you

can live this life that I have for you

so you can walk into the calling and

then in the in the manifestation of what

I spoke for

you she


proclaiming the written Promises of God

about healing that was as real to her as

if God spoke audibly but he she just got

it in the Bible and started proclaiming

so what happened to the blood clots so

after 3 weeks or so the blood clots just

disappeared and I went back to the

doctor and they said wait a minute uh

blood clots like the ones you have or

had they don’t disappear not like that

what did you do and I said I begin to

decree and declare the word of God over

my life and the promises that he spoke

concerning my life uh but what about the

annu the dissection

remained and I wonder I said Lord why is

this de section still here and this is

what the Lord said he said while some

issues are

hereditary he said but your issue is

connected directly to your heart and he

revealed at that moment you’ve been

teaching you’ve been preaching he said

but yet you have a heart issue and I

said well Lord what is the heart issue

that I have cuz I’m just like and he

said Margaret he said you have a

forgiveness problem he said your father

that hurt you those that hurt you even

the men that raped you you held them in

your heart all these years he said you

wasn’t healed you were numb and he said

now I have to unnumb you so you can feel

it so I can heal you


completely say you had to forgive so I

had to forgive everyone my father my mom

my but didn’t you deal with forgiveness

before Oh yes I thought that i’ forgave

them but the the Lord was saying no you

true forgiveness is when you release

people and he said Margaret when you got

married you walked down the aisle

because you still held on to what

happened to you they walk down the aisle

with you they wake up with you when

you’re ministering at that pull pit

they’re with you and he says I can no

longer he said this is where I draw the

line in the sand he because he and he

spoke this he said I said in the end

they will say didn’t I cast out demons

in your name didn’t I prophesy in your

name he said that I will say to them get

away from me you workers of iniquity for

I never knew you and he said Margaret my

daughter I don’t want to say to you I

never knew you because you failed to

forgive okay you repented then what did

go right then in there I was like oh

Lord forgive me what did God do and so

when I repented the Lord said now I’m

going to use what was meant to kill you

to heal

you and here so you got healed of the

heart’s issue yes the aneurism yes so

right after that I went in my room and I

was lying down and I felt something

happen it was almost like the spirit of

God came in the glory of God and this is

what because no man touches when the

glory comes in no one has to touch you

and I was laying there and the glory of

God just came into the room and I and I

jumped up and I said I’m Healed and I W

I ran into the room with my husband and

I said hey he said what’s what’s going

on I said I’m Healed he said God he I

said no I’m Healed and so I went to the

doctor’s made an appointment and they

did another casan because by this time I

had been hospitalized 28 times and the

29th time I went they said we don’t know

what happened but that aortic aneurysm

that that the section is no longer

there you’re a heed woman yes Miracles

exploded in your life yes right after

that repentance tell us a few so I wrote

a 30-day devotional in the midst of

being uh sick and speaking speaking

those words that the Lord had released

and as she read the book she took one

day and she read a chapter each day at

the end of the 30 days said she was

completely healed of stage for

cancer completely there was not a sign

there was not a trace and the doctors

could not explain what had happened she

didn’t do chemo there was no special

diet all she did was read 30 days of

what of the words the Lord spoke to me

and she was healed bet you want to get



after going on a show with ISC abla and

telling my story through that tens of

thousands of Muslim women who gave their

life to Jesus the Messiah and not only

that a lot of them received like

Supernatural healings some that were

Barren that could not get pregnant got

pregnant and I mean there so many

healings that came forth and it was just

so many testimonies it was just it it

was incredible to see what the Lord

did very good you say are true set us up

for the glory of God to be revealed yes

explain the broken place is a place

where it’s a place of intimacy with the

father you understand that the one

that’s blessing you is the one that’s

also breaking you he’s the one that’s

also bringing you to a place of neology

I call it prayer supplication F

Ney he’s bringing you to that place and

it doesn’t always feel good because you

don’t understand the why but he

understands the why and he understands

that the why is good for you and

sometimes since that’s good for us

doesn’t always feel good but God always

has a plan in mind and it’s always to

bring him glory and through what I went

through it was to bring God glory and it

was to release his glory here on Earth

based on what you just said this is the


question could

unforgiveness include things that like

were hidden from you that are hidden for

us and how can we recognize them so if

you are suffering from rejection

abandonment if you are a rehearsing

things that happened to you in the past

it could even be an offense that you

committed against someone else cuz maybe

you you you have a problem with

forgiving yourself uh or forgiving

others your mom your dad there’s

different things that weaken that we go

through that brings to light or reveals

hey you may have a problem with

forgiveness but you have to understand

forgiveness brings about bitterness and

bitterness can can lead to heart issues

it can lead to sickness uh physical

sicknesses as it manifested for me into

a physical sickness I I found it

interesting you even said

fatigue could be a symptom of this cuz

it drains you said when you hold on to

all of that and you’re rehearsing you’re

thinking about that mentally and

physically drains you this I know it all

starts with Jesus it all ends with Jesus


now repeat this prayer out loud Jesus I

make you my Messiah and Lord forgive me

of my sins yes live inside of me yes I

love you Lord yes amen amen amen

Margaret pray for and explain the second

wind yes so the second when is when the

Lord Jesus comes in and

releases a New Found Love he reignites

the Fire Within for you to fulfill the

plan and purpose that he has set for

your your life and I want to pray right

now for every viewer everyone that’s

watching right now I want to pray and

prophesy a second win right now if you

would just lift your hands right now I

believe the glory of God is about to hit

your home hit your family hit your

children your immediate family extended

family if you would just lift your hands

and just begin to worship God just like

uh the king Hezekiah uh when he received

the report from the prophet Isaiah the

prophet Isaiah said that hey you’re

going to die but as he begin to worship

as he begin to lift his hand and give

God Glory the report changed the prophet

Isaiah came back and said the Lord said

I’m adding unto your life if you would

just lift your hands right now I feel a

shift and the Lord says I’m adding to

your life because you surrendered

because you told him I want to release

this I release unforgiveness I release

the things that people have done to me I

release the heaviness I release the fear

in the mighty name of Jesus father we

thank you right now for the second win

we thank you for the fire that’s being

ignited in your people now in Jesus

mighty name

amen I’m going to take you on a journey

a journey of healing and

deliverance a journey of even

discovering your purpose and who you

were created to

be you may not had an encounter you may

not have had a vision but there are ways

to discover who you are and who you were

created to be there are Divine things

that God has placed on each and every

last one of us everybody in life is

going to go through something but it

doesn’t mean that God does not have a

perfect plan and will for your life I

experienced all of these different

things just like you you may be in a

place where you’re experiencing

discouragement or fear or you want to

give up on life or you don’t know who

you’re called to be it’s it’s like this

Lord you love me but you got me in a

place where I feel hopeless I feel like

you’re not there I don’t hear your voice

I don’t I don’t see you it doesn’t

matter what you’re going through

understand that God is with you and he

has his very best in mind for you you

may feel desperate you may feel like God

is not with you but it’s the very

opposite it’s just a place where he’s

bringing you closer to him I believe

that as you go through these CDs you’ll

receive what you are looking for you’ll

receive that Miracle you’ll receive that

Supernatural breakthrough and and not

only that you’ll discover who you are

created to be so I wrote a 30-day

devotional I actually wrote it in the

mid of my healing journey I wasn’t

healed yet but I understood that God

wanted to heal me he spoke and said I

want to use what was meant to kill you

to heal you but you have to start

speaking life I want you to see yourself

healed and I begin to speak it and as I

begin to speak it I begin to write it

even though I wasn’t healed yet I knew

that healing was my portion as a matter

of fact someone read this devotional and

after 30 days she was healed of stage 4

cancer that’s how

powerful I’m

sorry that’s how important it is to

believe what God is

saying your very life is dependent on

it can


sorry and I didn’t understand it at the

time when I begin to write but under the

instruction of the Holy Spirit the Lord

said write and I want you to write and I

just want you to to just speak light

every single day for 30

days and this woman who the doctors had

given up on

at 30 days she went back to the

doctors and no cancer she was cancer

free I feel a strong wind of God’s glory

I feel God’s here and he’s present

believe that God has healing for you

father we thank you for your healing

power we thank you for your healing

Glory father we thank you for all of

those who’s going to read this

devotional father we expect testimonies

of healing and deliverance to take place

in the mighty name of Jesus the Messiah