This week on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural: In recent history, moves of miracles and salvation were keyed to the Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus. In these last of the last days, the coming revelation is about Father God. Hank Kunneman says it will fuel the greatest revival planet earth has ever seen.

Is there a supernatural

a world beyond the one we know?

Is there life after death?

Do angels exist?

Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven?

Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural?

Are healing miracles real?

Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of

the supernatural.

Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural!


Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here.

Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural.

There is such a presence of God
in this studio.

You see, we’re in the last of
the last days.

Why do I say this?

There was an emphasis on the
Holy Spirit, the charismatic

movement, and rightfully so.

There was an emphasis on the
power of the Word of God and the

name of Jesus, and
rightfully so.

But the final emphasis
will be on Father God, Abba.

Malachi puts it this way:
“Before Elijah comes to announce

the return of the Messiah,
the hearts of the children

will be knit with the
hearts of the fathers.

And the hearts of the fathers
will be knit with the hearts

of the children or there
will be a curse.”

But guess what, the reverse is
also true.

If the hearts of the children
are knit with another God, it

will be great, great blessing.

Hank Kunneman has never shared
what he’s going to share

completely publically.

Why now, Hank?

Hank: The Lord told me to.

He said the reason why you grew
up in the family that you did

and you went through some of the
things that you did is so that

you can help others.

People are hurting today.

You know, one of the first
things that Jesus came to

proclaim was healing to the

People today are wanting to
know, God, are you angry at me?

Are you ashamed of me?

Lord, do you really want to be
involved in my life?

And I feel that God is saying, I
want to be involved.

Hank, share your story.

Tell people how much the Father
loves them and demonstrate…

Sid: Now it’s kind of painful,

I’m sure, for you
to share this.

At age one, your birth father
walks out on the family.

Age two, your mother
remarries, blended family,

non-Christian family.

How did you feel?

Hank: Well I felt a sense
of like, first of all,

I didn’t really want anybody to
know my business, so to speak,

and I thought really what
difference would it make.

And I felt like the things that
I went through was just kind of

my own story.

But I realize that sometimes,
especially as ministers, the

whole reason we’re a minister is
to minister to others to give

people things that they can
relate to in their life.

And growing up and having a
biological father, of course

he’s not alive today, disappear
from you, never knowing what he

looked like, what he sounded
like, what his futures were

like, and having to hold on to
that was very difficult.

I came to know my stepdad who
adopted me at two years of age

and he would raise me, growing
up really in a non-Christian

home, never really hearing the
words, “I love you”.

It was difficult.

It was tough.

And I just felt like how can
anybody relate to this.

And I didn’t realize at the time
that, Sid, there is a generation

of people that some have grown
up without a dad.

Some have grown up and had to
see their dad walk away.

Some are feeling the effects of
abuse and rejection.

Some have never been told that
God loves them and we have to

get this story out because I
believe it’s the final

revelation before Jesus comes.

And if I can take my life
to help somebody else,

I’m willing to do it.

Sid: Okay.

Christmas time, did you see a
difference between your adoptive

grandparents to their natural
grandchildren and you?

Hank: Growing up, because
it was a blended family,

again I was adopted
by my stepdad.

He was a very disciplinary
military guy.

He didn’t really grow up with
the greatest example of what

love is and really how to
be a dad that expresses

that kind of love.

And so at Christmas, the
adoptive grandparents would

treat me, and they would
say out of their mouths

something very hurtful.

They would say to me, “You’re
not real blood.

You’re not one of us.”

They would talk about how they
had a lot of money and that

I wouldn’t get any of the
inheritance like the other

grandkids would.

They would say, “We’ll you’re
not going to get a present or

you’re going to get a
smaller present because

you’re not real
flesh and blood.”

As a young kid 10, 11, 12 years
old, I didn’t understand it.

I didn’t understand why I
couldn’t be like them,

why I was being treated
different, and it took

a lot of time to feel
not feel rejected.

Sid: You told me that you
would go to your bedroom

by yourself and weep.

Hank: I would cry. Yeah.

I would cry because I didn’t
feel that sense of love.

I felt them push me away and yet
I loved my stepdad no different.

But to them, it didn’t matter.

I didn’t carry their same blood.

And so they made life difficult,
and unfortunately it brought a

lot of strife into the family,
trying to divide the family

over, you know, real blood,
non-real blood.

Sid: And you know how wonderful
God is?

With this kid that his heart
is crying, I need a daddy,

at age five, God speaks to him.

What did He say?

Hank: It was interesting.

I was five years old.

I was on the island of
Guam because my dad

was in the military.

And I was leaning up against my
parents’ car and I was looking

up at the sky, and all of a
sudden I heard a voice.

I’ll never forget it.

And it was almost like
off to my right side,

and it began to speak to me.

And it talked to me,
obviously in a childlike way

where I would understand.

It was, Abba revealing himself
to me, telling me His hand was

upon my life, telling me He had
good things for my life.

He told me that He was going to
reveal who He was over a period

of time in my life, and that I
was to do good things, and

always try to do what was right.

That dramatically changed me
because I started feeling like

there was someone or something
out there that really was

interested in who I was.

Sid: You know, the presence
of God is getting so strong

in this studio right now.

Someone’s neck and spine has
just been healed.

And I’m going to tell you
something else.

When you capture this
revelation, no one is going to

take it away from you.

We’ll be right back.


We’ll be right back to
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Sid: You think Hank Kunneman had

He was had an adoptive father.

He was a disciplinarian.

Never said I love you, never
affirmed him.

His teachers said, you should
never publically speak,

you should never write.

I mean, he would go into his
bedroom and weep.

But at 18, he became a believer
in the Messiah, and in his

bedroom, he was filled with the
Spirit of God and began to speak

in supernatural languages.

What happened?

Hank: I had a vision of Heaven
that night that I was filled

with the Spirit of God.

My mom, in fact, was yelling
at the top of the steps

trying to get my attention.

Had no idea what was going on.

And as I was praying in tongues,
all of a sudden, I saw myself in

a place where there was like a
golden river and I could see a

light all around me.

It was so bright.

And I could see a figure on a

I fell immediately down.

I couldn’t stop weeping in the
presence of what I believe now

is I was getting a
glimpse of Abba,

Abba Father sitting
on His throne.

But the Glory was so great I
couldn’t see beyond it.

And that was a very, very
dramatic experience for me.

Sid: Now how did your parents
take to the fact that you are

now a believer in Jesus?

Hank: Well my dad and I had a
working relationship.

I worked for him and that was
basically how I would sense any

kind of love from my dad.

We had a great working

But he didn’t like the fact that
I had just gotten saved because

I didn’t use a lot of wisdom.

Sometimes you know, when you’re
first saved the tendency is you

want to get everybody saved.

You don’t use a lot of wisdom in
the sense that you beat them

over the head.

I was pretty aggressive,

Sid: Okay. They’re not
happy with that. I get it.

You had severe acne.

Hank: Yes.

Sid: How bad was it?

Hank: Well that’s the part that
made my dad even more angry.

I had severe acne.

Obviously, I worked at a service
station, gas station, oil.

And the Lord healed me at a
service that I was attending.

The pastor starts speaking a
supernatural word of knowledge,

calls out that somebody is being
healed with severe acne.

And I’m thinking, I didn’t what
miracles were about.

I had just gotten saved.

But somebody next to me, an
older woman who became a

spiritual mother to me, said,
“God’s healing you of acne.”

All of a sudden, within a matter
of days, it looked somebody took

their handprints and went to my
cheeks and left their

fingerprint imprints, and little
circles were appearing,

different sizes on my face.

My dad could not deny it.

I began to tell him that
I not only got saved,

but I was being healed.

Sid: But wait a second now.

He saw severe acne.

He saw it all gone.

Hank: Yeah.

Sid: Did you see those

Hank: Yes.

But he said this: “It would
be a cold day in hell before

I believe in miracles.”

Sid: But he just saw one.

So how could he say that?

Hank: Well I think part of it
was, was my over-zealousness

and my desire for
him to get saved.

Something happened.

My dad was so angry with me
declaring that I was being

healed, even though he did
see my face was clearing up,

he said something to me.

We got in a heated exchange.

He said, “Hank, deny this Jesus
or get out.”

We were face to face.

He was that close to me.

I couldn’t believe it.

Why am I in this confrontation
with my dad?

I don’t want this to be
happening, but it was happening.

And I said, “I won’t deny

Now what he was saying is he
thought I was in a cult because

he hadn’t heard of Divine
healing like this.

So he said, “Deny this Jesus.”

Really, deny this cult in his
mind or get out.

And I said, “I will not deny
this Jesus.”

And the next thing I know, Sid,
I’m tumbling down the stairs.

Sid: He pushed down the stairs?

Hank: I don’t know exactly.

I’m not going to say
that my dad did that.

But all I know is however it
happened, we had a physical

confrontation and I landed on
the bottom of the stairs.

I looked up and my dad was
raging with anger.

He said, “Get out!”

I had just graduated
out of high school.

I had just accepted Jesus, been
filled with the Spirit of God.

I had nowhere to go.

I didn’t know what to do.

And so I began to pack my
clothes and I remember the

surreal feeling of backing out
of that driveway that day not

knowing where to go,
questioning in my mind,

is this Christianity
really worth it?

It just cost me my home.

It cost me my dad.

And I thought, well maybe
I could just go back

and patch this up.

But I knew if I went back,
I’d have to deny the

expressive radical Christianity
that I was living.

Sid: And then his father
develops terminal cancer.

What happened?

Hank: So fast-forwarding into
the future some 20 years later,

my dad develops stage 4 cancer.

I begin to talk to him about the
Lord and about healing.

I asked him, I said,
“I know somebody

who has a healing
ministry, Dad.

Have you ever heard of Oral

He said, “Yeah.”

But again, his thing was, he
would say it often in life,

it would be a cold day in hell
before I believe in miracles.

So he didn’t believe in it.

But he said, “You know what?

I know who Oral Roberts is.”

I said, “Well I know his son,
Richard Roberts who has a

healing ministry.

He’s having tremendous success
praying for people with cancer.

Can I have him call you?”

I was surprised.

He agreed.

Richard prays for him.

The doctors are amazed because
the spots on my dad’s lungs are

disappearing and they don’t have
an explanation for it.

My dad is seeing healing…

Sid: Now did your father
believe that was a miracle?

Hank: He said, yes.

He told me, “Hank,
I cannot deny.”

In fact he said, because
his words were,

it would be a cold day in hell.

He said, “Hell has a little bit
more ice on it than it used to.”

Sid: Hold that thought.

We’re going to be right back
because you are going to capture

a revelation of how much
God accepts you, loves you

and is for you.

Don’t go away.

While Jesus walked on Earth he
was the perfect example of what

intimacy with the Heavenly
Father would look like for every

believer throughout the ages.

Jesus said, “If you have seen
me, you have seen Abba,

my father.”

We will be back with more
of It’s Supernatural

in just one moment.

We now return to It’s


Sid: So Hank Kunneman, pushed
out of his house, pushed down

the stairs, nowhere to go
because he would not deny Jesus.

And his father has stage 4
cancer, terminal cancer.

Richard Roberts calls
him on the phone.

He’s healed.

The doctors don’t understand it.

Richard leads him to the Lord.

Do you remember the first
time your dad said to you,

“I love you”?

Hank: If I would say, “I
love you”, he would say,

“Same here” or he
wouldn’t acknowledge it.

But to hear him say, “I love
you” is like feeling the love of

God the first time that you say,
Jesus come into my heart.

Something happened.

I was throwing some papers away
trying to empty out a desk.

And all of a sudden as I was
tossing them into the trash can,

something started swirling
almost like a snowflake

out of the sky, and it
landed down at my feet.

And I brought it with me.

It was a little note that my
dad wrote ending it with,

“Take care. I love you. Dad.”

Hearing those words for the
first time to where it wasn’t

forced or “same here” response,
it began to heal my heart, and I

began to have the dad after
salvation that I always wanted,

one that I could talk about the
Lord with, one that would tell

me he loved me.

Sid: Did he tell you often?

Hank: Yeah. Every time.

Every time I talked to him
on the phone, every time,

I remember one time he said,
“Hank, I want to talk to you,”

I was so afraid, because my
dad never wanted to talk

or ask my advice.

I was scared.

I called him back and I said,
“Dad, can I ask you why?”

He said, “I just want to talk.

There’s some things I wanted

He wanted to know about Heaven.

He wanted to know about healing.

He wanted to know about Jesus.

And then he would say to me
whenever I would leave or drop

him off at his home, he’d say,
“I love you, son.”

And when you hear that,
growing up not hearing it,

it touches your heart.

Even now it’s hard holding back
the tears.

That’s why I didn’t want
to share this story,

but I need to share it.

Sid: I’m telling you, everyone
has a void in their heart over

father and it’s really over
Father God.

Go ahead.

Hank: I release that
anointing right now to you,

whether you grew
up with a father.

He never said he loved you,
maybe he did, but you’ve been

hurt and wounded.

The Bible says that, “love
is patient, love is kind,

love doesn’t boil over in
jealousy or in anger.”

We often think that’s the love
we should have for one another

and it is.

But I say God is love.

So therefore, Abba is patient
with you.

He’s kind.

He’s considerate.

He doesn’t act unbecomingly.

He doesn’t take in account of a
suffered wrong.

Receive that anointing right

Some of you are being healed

Some of you are being touched
now in your heart.

Years of memories of bad
experiences are going [clap]

like that because the Anointing
is touching and destroying that

yoke and undoing heaving

Receive Abba’s love.

Say, I receive Abba’s love.

Sid: I receive Abba’s love.

You tell me you have a little
private place you go to

and you crawl into your
Abba or your daddy’s lap.


Hank: It’s like this.

The best things are those that
you experience.

My upbringing, my testimony has
forced me to a place where I go

into my prayer time.

I have a little ottoman.

We should always set a time and
a place.

And I have this ottoman
and kneel down,

and I do what Jesus did.

If you’re seeing, Jesus
said, “If you’re seeing me,

you’re seeing my daddy.”

And he gathered the children to
himself and he blessed them.

I imagine myself coming to
Abba’s lap, receiving His hands

to bless me, not to harm me, not
to hurt me, but to receive me to

His own.

And imagine my heavenly daddy
putting His arms around me,

and embracing me.

Sid, I have heard the tender
voice of God so clearly over

very specific things in the
earth when I’ve imagined myself

in Abba’s lap and His arms
around me.

Sid: Tell me, tell me about
what’s going to happen in the

political situation in America,
because Hank is a recognized

known, proven prophet.

Hank: Here’s what happening.

Political shakings.

We’re going to see people who
have held seats of government

be thrown off their
seats, so to speak.

People who we don’t even
know about are going

to fill those seats.

God is looking at someone right
now that He’s going to put His

hand upon.

It’s one thing to choose like
they did with Saul.

It’s another thing when God
finds David.

There is being one, I’m not sure
the timing, that the Lord is

putting His hand upon who will
pray, who will be connected to

God and will help bring a reform
to this nation.

And God is going to take that
person like a David and couple

him with a compassionable woman.

And together it’s going to
begin to bring the visitation

of God again.

The Lord is going to deal with
the pride that has been upon

some of these world leaders,
even in our own nation.

With arrogance, they penned

God is going to overturn the
seats and not let them sit in

them any longer.

And there’s going to be a lot
of changing of the guard,

changing of faces.

Doesn’t matter what political
party because God’s had enough.

Jesus fashioned his whip, went
in and cleansed the temple.

He’s going to do the same thing.

Sid: And don’t let sin, you know
what sin is, just interrupt that

flow of God’s love.

God’s love is always coming
towards you.

But it’s like a shield.

And when you believe that Jesus
died in your place for your sins

and you repent, you tell
God you’re sorry, He says,

“I remember it no more.”

And then open yourself up to the
love of God.

Ask Jesus to be your Lord
and live inside of you,

and begin to live, and be
able to say, Abba, Daddy.

While Jesus walked on Earth he
was the perfect example of what

intimacy with the Heavenly
Father would look like for every

believer throughout the ages.

Jesus said, “If you have seen
me, you have seen Abba,

my father.”

We will be back with more
of It’s Supernatural

in just one moment.

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present, their future.

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