Jesus gave Raphael Giglio an urgent warning vision… ▶▶The Holy Spirit and You by Raphael Giglio [Audio Teaching]:

Living Empowered: A Journey with Raphael Giglio into the Presence of the Holy Spirit In this instructional audio teaching, Raphael Giglio will guide you on how to live and walk in the empowering Presence of the Holy Spirit. Your spirit serves as the dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. This inner realm is where God connects with you, inviting you to commune and fellowship with Him. Understanding your triune nature—body, soul, and spirit—unveils the Holy Spirit’s workings within you. Releasing Spiritual Victory through Prayer Discover seven practical approaches to embracing a Spirit-centered life that yields the fruits of the Spirit. Exploring how to pray in the Spirit becomes a crucial aspect of spiritual warfare, leading to victory! This teaching will encourage you to be directed and motivated by the Holy Spirit in your daily journey. ▶▶The Holy Spirit and You by Raphael Giglio [Audio Teaching]:





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Have you noticed since COVID,
unfortunately many believers

acted like the world;
fearful, angry, depressed.

When they hear the bad news
in the world,

they side with the devil’s words
and not God’s words.

My guest knows why and he knows
how to stop it.


[Music] SR:
Welcome, Holy Spirit.

You’re our most important guest,
and I’m so glad You’re here.

I can’t wait for you,
our audience, to hear

how my guest Raphael Giglio’s
Jewish grandfather,

that happened to own four
prominent West Palm Beach,

Florida delis,
came to the Lord

and then used his popular delis
as Jewish evangelism centers.

Then, local Jewish groups

Raphael, tell me about

– he must be your hero,
your grandfather.

RG: I adored and idolized
my Jewish grandfather.

He was the only
grandfather I had.

But he, later in life,
was not so happy.

He became
very disenchanted with life,

started drinking heavily.

But at age 70, a neighbor spoke
to him about Messiah,

led him to read Isaiah 53,
and he gave his life to Messiah.

And he became the most excited,

spirit-filled person
I’ve ever met.

He was filled with joy,
filled with power.

Proclaimed the good news
of Messiah

to all his friends
and his family, who disowned him.

But you know what?
He had a joy inside him

that I can only attribute
to the power

and joy of being filled
with the Holy Spirit.

He had – Like you said,
he owned these four Jewish delis.

They had specialty items
like latkes and matzo ball soup.

Hey, you’re getting me hungry!

Watch it.

RG: But you know what?
Everyone loved his food.

His Jewish clientele was massive
in Palm Beach County.

But when he came to faith,
he put, on the wall,

a tract rack.
You know what a track rack is?

SR: I do.

RG: Literature with Jewish
evangelism tracts,

including Messianic
Vision tracts.

And he was listening to Messianic
Vision Radio with Sid Roth.

He said, “Sid Roth told me
I’m not just a Christian.

I’m a completed Jew!”

He was so excited.
And he would serve the food.

But the Jewish clientele
would come in

and they would
order the kashas,

and the latkes
and the matzo ball soup.

And they’d see the tracts
on the wall, and he would say,

“I want to introduce you
to my Messiah, Jesus.”

They would take the tracts,
and they would go home.

But they weren’t so happy
in that community

about Saul Tomberg’s

as they called it,
to Christianity.

He was just excited
about being a Messianic Jew

and sharing Messiah.

And so they organized,
and they picketed his stores.

And they said,
“Saul Tomberg is not a Jew!”

And they tried to disparage him
because he was a believing Jew.

But when they would stop,
they would have to take a break.

And you know
what they do, Sid?

SR: Go get something to eat?

RG: Absolutely. Go right inside
and order some matzo ball soup.

Let me have some latkas.

SR: Did it affect his business,
all that nonsense?

Not at all.

The Lord blessed his business.
And you know what he did as well?

He had this big
old brown Chrysler.

You remember the ones that were
sized of a cabin cruiser?

SR: Yeah.

RG: And he had
some magnetic signs made.

Normally, they would be
on the side of a van

and would say Joe’s Refrigeration
or something like that.

But his said,
“Jesus is my Messiah,”

both sides of them.

And he would drive it
around town.

And eventually, he drove it up
to New Jersey where my family

and I live, my mom and dad
and my many siblings.

And he came to us.

And he said,
“Kids, gather around.

You need to know
Jesus is the Messiah!”

And you know what?
Many of us believed.

At that time,
I was 10 years old,

and I gave my life
to Jesus, the Messiah.

SR: Well –

SR: And I know why
you call him your hero.

But then there came a big
difference maker in your life.

His name in Hebrew,
Ruach HaKodesh. RG: Hm-mm.

In English, Holy Spirit.
Tell me about that.

RG: Exactly.

Well, I was a believer
at 10 years old.

But around the time
I was 13, I was praying –

SR: You were bar mitzvah’d!

RG: Exactly!
It was.

I didn’t have
a Jewish bar mitzvah.

I had a Holy Spirit /
Ruach HaKodesh bar mitzvah,

praying with my friends
and youth group

and for hours, really.
And something happened to me.

I was overcome with power
and boldness

and the presence of what
I can only attribute

to the Holy Spirit.
I started praying in this Spirit

in a language
I didn’t understand.

But beyond that, as I lived
my life after that,

I was able
to preach with power.

Understanding the Word of God,

I never could understand
it before.

But now it was
all making sense to me,

and I can articulate it
to my friends.

Music, I was a music leader,
a song leader.

I became a worship leader
bringing spiritual environments

to situations through
my playing of my guitar

and being a Psalmist.

I had gotten pretty good
at guitar at that point.

SR: But what’s hard
for me to believe, Raphael,

or even comprehend is at 16,
after all those encounters,

speaking in
supernatural languages,

feeling the presence of God,
you began to drift away.

Yeah. Yeah.

So what happened was I became
a little full of myself.

I was one of the Jesus people
of the late ’70s,

and I had the long hair,
maybe the early ’80s,

and I looked a little bit
like a rock star,

very much a Christian,

and I had gotten
pretty good at guitar.

I learned every song
that came my way,

including the Phil Keaggy songs,
which I loved so much.

And I started to be enticed
by the things of the world,

and they, the things
of the world,

were enticing me as well.

In my high school,
there were several groups

that were forming
secular rock bands.

They wanted to play rock music.
They wanted to get all the girls.

They wanted to have
all the attention.

They wanted to have
those parties.

The problem was
they didn’t play guitar.

So they knew that there was

a long-haired
Christian guy named Raphael.

And they – I got invited to be
in several different rock bands.

And normally, it’s just music.

But for them,
it was music and partying

and a whole lifestyle that us
Christian kids wanted no part of.

But they were enticing.

And the idea of seeing
and being part of that

and being an honored guitar
player drew me into a lifestyle

that I was not
really intended to be.

And I remember going
to a rehearsal one time,

dressed to the nines.

Had my fringe vest, my long hair,
my guitar on my back,

and I didn’t have
my driver’s license.

So I was walking along
the side of the highway,

going to this band
practice/secular party,

and I was stopped
in my tracks, arrested.

And I saw this vision flash
before my eyes.

And it was a vision of many
people languishing in darkness,

being held by spiritual darkness,

crying out and then me being able
to lift them out of this pit

to a place of glory,
where Jesus was,

where there was light
and power and joy.

And one after another,
I was able to life them out.

And then, the vision stopped.

And then, there was a voice,
and it said,

“Turn to me now, or you will lose
all that I have for you.”

And I was stunned.

And I – The vision,
I couldn’t get it out of my head,

and I literally turned around

and walked back down
the same shoulder of the road,

and I went home.

And I opened my Bible, and I just
started reading and praying.

And for a year,
I opened my Bible.

I read it cover to cover.
I even red lettered it,

because it wasn’t red letter,
all the places where Jesus spoke.

And I started
memorizing scripture.

My mom, my wonderful
Jewish believing mom

had a Bible study
for older people

in my living room
on Thursday nights.

I started attending
that Bible study.

And I started to grow
in my faith.

And then, she said,

“Why don’t we have a Bible study
for young people?”

So on Monday nights, I had a
Bible study for young people.

I was preaching to my friends.
I was drawing them in.

And that Bible study grew,
10, 20,

30, 40, 50 people
packed out my living room.

We ended up having to go
to the high school amphitheater

where hundreds of people
in my town were coming to faith

and praising God,
worshiping and evangelizing.


RG: And it was like nothing
I’ve ever seen. Amazing.

SR: Your grandfather must
have been rooting for you.

He was. And I want to tell you,

if you have an older person
in your life,

a Jewish grandfather,
never stop praying.

Don’t give up.

And if there’s a Jewish person
in your life,

don’t be afraid to share the good
news of Messiah with them.

They are longing for it.
They were designed for it.

Never be afraid.

Never be reluctant
to share your faith

with a Jewish friend
or family member.

Raphael, tell me the exact words

that God said to you when you
were falling away from Him.

What did He say?

RG: “Turn to me now,
or you will forfeit,”

is actually the word,
“All that I have for you.”

SR: “Turn to me now,”
God is saying to you,

“Or you will forfeit
all that I have for you.”

You don’t know
when your end will come.

But I do know, right now,
you can have a breakthrough.

I do know that if you will repeat
this prayer with me,

to the best of your ability,
no more.

God doesn’t expect something
you’re not capable of.

Mean it to the best
of your ability.

God will hear you, and does
He have a good destiny for you?

You’ve tried the destiny
of the world.

Now see what God has for you.

Repeat this prayer
out loud with me.

Mean it to the best
of your ability.

Dear God, I’ve made
many mistakes in my life

for which I am so sorry.

I believe you shed your blood

to pay the penalty
for my mistakes.

And because of your sacrifice,
I am clean.

And now that I am clean,

Jesus, come
and live inside of me.

I make You my Savior.

I make You my Lord.

Now, Raphael,
I’m going to ask to teach

how you can fulfill
the vision he had at 16.

What will it accomplish?

No more fear, depression
or worry. Be right back.



>> RG: I want to share
with you my CD,

“The Holy Spirit and You:
The Gift of the Father.”

We’re created with a spirit,
a human spirit,

that is designed to be filled
with the Holy Spirit.

The filling of the Holy Spirit
is how He comes in our life

and takes over the rest of us.
But how do you do it?

You need to know
how to walk in the Spirit

and live in the Spirit
and be filled with the Spirit.

And we talk about this
in the resource,

the spirit of man,

when it’s filled
with the Holy Spirit,

becomes a spirit-filled person,
the way God intended you to be.

That’s when you move in power,
when you move in wisdom,

when you’re no longer subject
to the waves of fear and anxiety

and worry that are sweeping
across the country

affecting many of your friends.

The enemy wants to rob you
of that understanding.

He wants you to live your whole
life just operating by your mind,

how smart you are,
what you can think,

or your emotions,
how visceral you feel things.

That is living
a two-dimensional life.

You need to be living
a three-dimensional

because the third dimension,
body, soul and spirit,

is what we’re intended
to walk in.

The flesh is your sin nature.
It just wants to drag you down.

And we’ll talk about that
in the teaching.

The Holy Spirit is a gift
that God gives us.

It’s the fullness that we can
experience as we understand

who the Ruach HaKodesh is,
the Spirit of God.

The Holy Spirit gives
you the resources

and the ability
and the knowledge

and the understanding
to walk in the Spirit,

to live in the Spirit,
to abide in the Spirit

and to move in confidence
of the Holy Spirit.

>> To get Raphael Giglio’s
brand-new, exclusive audio CD,

“The Holy Spirit and You:
The Gift of the Father,”

just call or go online

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[Music] >> We now return to
“It’s Supernatural!”


SR: Raphael, a lot of people
don’t realize this,

but the Ruach HaKodesh,
the Holy Spirit,

was with us
from the very beginning.

Go back at book of Genesis.

Yeah, Genesis 1.

Obviously, Genesis 1:1.
In the beginning, “B’reishit,”

God created the heavens
and the Earth.

Genesis 1:2 says this.

The Ruach Elohim,
the Spirit of God,

hovered over the face
of the deep.

And then, everything was created.

The Ruach HaKodesh,
the Ruach Elohim,

the Spirit of God, was with us
through the very beginning.

That’s why it’s inherent
of Jewish people to be –

have an affinity
to the Holy Spirit.

And all through
the Old Testament,

the cloud of glory
at Mt. Sinai with Moses,

the parting of the Red Sea,

even the people
that it was poured out on,

the Holy Spirit,
the Ruach HaKodesh –

Did you know how Samson
got his strength?

Judges 13.
The Holy Spirit came upon him.

Saul – King Saul was worshiping
in Gibeah, prophesying.

1 Samuel 10,
the Holy Spirit was upon him.

David, he was anointed
in 1 Samuel 16.

The Holy Spirit was upon him,

the tabernacle filled
with the Holy Spirit,

the temple filled
with the Holy Spirit.

And it’s amazing.

The Holy Spirit was with us
all the way through.

Joel 2 says though,

“Some day, the Holy Spirit
will be poured on all flesh.

Sons and daughters
will prophesy.”

And the Holy Spirit
was poured out on Pentecost.

But that same Holy Spirit
on Pentecost, what does it say?

In Romans 8:11, “The same spirit
that raised Jesus

from the dead dwells in you.”
It’s the same Ruach HaKodesh.

SR: You are now
fulfilling that prophetic word

that God gave you
of your destiny.

Tell me about the –

how you distinguish
between spirit, soul and body.

Yeah. So everything is spiritual.

But when I got that vision
of pulling people out of darkness

into a place of light,

out a place where they
were languishing in darkness,

trapped in darkness,

to a place where they experience
the glory of Jesus in the light.

It was spiritual.

People are languishing
in spiritual darkness.

And here’s the reason why.

They don’t understand
that they have a human spirit.

Do you know
that you have a spirit?

1 Thessalonians 5:23 says,

“May the God of peace
sanctify you through and through.

May your spirit, soul and body
be held blameless

before the Lord
at the day of Jesus Christ.”

In other words,
your spirit, soul and body

are the three parts of us.

We’re created
in His image, right?

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
And we are three parts.

But people don’t understand
what the spirit and soul is.

You know
what your body is, right?

SR: Right.

RG: But your spirit and soul,
they’re immaterial.

So sometimes people
don’t fully understand.

I believe the Word of God
helps us do that

as we study the Word,
as we learn the Word,

as we use the living
and active Word.

Hebrews 4:12,

“The Word of God is living
and active and able to pierce,

dividing the soul
from the spirit.”

So what is the soul?
What is the spirit?

Well, the soul basically
is your mind and emotions.

Everyone has one.
Your unsaved friends have one.

Your dog probably
has a mind and emotions,

but it doesn’t have a spirit.

In fact, most people don’t have
their spirit made alive.

It’s like three balloons, right?

One is body, one is soul,
and one is spirit,

but that one’s deflated
until the Ruach HaKodesh,

the breath of God,
that’s what it means,

blows it up, fills it up and now,
it’s made alive.

In Ephesians, when we say –
and it says we’re made alive,

well, what was dead?
And the Ephesians weren’t dead.

They had bodies. They had souls.
But their spirits were dead.

Their spirits were dead.

Because from the very beginning,
when man fell,

when Adam and Eve
ate of the forbidden fruit,

God told them,

“The day you eat of that fruit,
you will surely die.”

What died?
Their bodies didn’t die.

Their souls didn’t die.
Their spirits died.

And they were doomed forever.

In fact,
mankind was doomed forever.

The only way out
of that predicament

is if someone could be born
that – whose spirit wasn’t dead.

And that would require
their father not being human.

One was born that way, Jesus.
His Father was the Holy Spirit.

And so, when He came into
the world, His Spirit was alive.

That’s how He’s able to give life
to each one of our spirits.

When we receive Him into us,
we have our body,

we have our soul, and –
but our spirit is made alive.

And back to your question,

“Why do people operate
in fear and anxiety and worry?”

Even – since the pandemic,
people, their health,

their finances,
their relationships,

the political climate, the world,
the carnality and immorality.

And I have friends, wonderful,
believing friends,

but they’re worried, Sid.

They’re filled with anxiety.
You know why?

SR: Why?

RG: They’re operating in
their soul and not their spirit.

SR: And they don’t realize it.

RG: They don’t realize it.
It’s supernatural.

1 Corinthians 2 says this,

“The natural man can’t perceive
the things of the spirit

because they’re foolishness
to him

because they’re only discerned
through the spirit.

So if you are walking around
as a natural man,

that means you’re just using
your soul,

mind and emotions,
what you think, what you feel.

But when you operate and walk in
and move in the Spirit of God,

you have love and peace and joy
and patience and kindness

and goodness and gentleness,
meekness, self control,

and the power of the Holy Spirit
and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

That’s a lot better
than just your mind and emotions.


SR: You teach a lot about
being governed by the spirit.

Give us a practical insight.

RG: Yeah. So when we are
governed by the spirit,

we’re allowing
Him to control us,

and it’s basically
a surrender of your will.

Even Jesus said, “Not My will be
done, but Your will be done.”

And when we submit to His will,

that means we allow
his Holy Spirit to direct us,

to lead us.

But Galatians 5 tells us
the flesh and spirit

are always in conflict
with each other.

It’s a like a tug-of-war.

Our flesh, which by the way
is part of our soul,

it’s our sinful nature,

it’s the part that wants to
satiate the cravings of our body,

hunger and food, lust and pride
and all those things.

And the flesh is always
trying to make way for that.

But the spirit is saying,

I want you to please God,
to love others,

to spread the Word,
to move in spiritual dimensions.”

And so, it’s a tug-of-war
all the time,

but when you let the –
as Romans 8:6,

“When the mind is governed
by the spirit,

it results in life and peace.”
And those are powerful words.

It’s eternal life and the peace
that passes understanding.

SR: We don’t have enough time,

for you to teach on this,

but you’ve made it
a lifetime studying.

What difference
is it going to make

when people really distinguish
and choose to follow the spirit?

Yeah. I wrote it in my book

because it all came to me
as a revelation.

And I realized I needed
to write it down.

So I wrote a book called –
it’s made available.

It’s “Soul or The Spirit,

Knowing the Difference
Can Change Your Life.”

Soul, mind, and emotions,
what you think, what you feel.

And sadly, many believing people
are operating that way.

They think they’re really smart,
so they operate that way.

They think they’re really
visceral and sensitive,

so they operate that way.

But they’re not operating
in the power of the Holy Spirit.

So they lean on
the resources of their soul.

The problem is
it’s spiritual warfare.

We are in spiritual warfare
every day.

Your soul’s not
going to cut it.

We need to put on the full armor
of God, Ephesians 6.

SR: Well –


– everyone understands the need

to eat physical food every day,

but you don’t understand the need
to feed your spirit every day.

I’ve read the Bible
for 20 years, 40 years.

You’ve eaten for 20 or 40 years.

You’re going to stop
eating physical food?

Give me a break!

I want you to pray
for those viewers with God’s

– from the spirit,
what God’s showing you for them.


Yeah, absolutely.

I’m going to pray.

And I want to address you
as I pray

because I believe
that you are operating in a way

that you will be defeated

unless you rely on the power
of the Holy Spirit.

So I’m going to pray
that the full armor of God

closes you in a spiritual way,

that you will have
the helmet of salvation,

that you are saved by the Grace
of God through faith.

But you have the breastplate
of righteousness

guarding you from the spiritual
darts of the enemy,

righteousness imputed to you,

that you’ll hold firm
to the belt of truth

and that you will walk
in the truth of the Word of God,

that your feet would be shod with
the preparation of the Gospel,

meaning you’ll share
the good news,

that you’ll hold fast
the sword of the spirit,

which is the Word of God,

and the shield of faith,
which is trusting in God.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Ephesians 6, the very next verse,
says this,

“Don’t just stand there
with the armor on.

Pray in the Spirit.
Pray continually in the Spirit.”

Friend, if you would
pray in the Spirit,

as the Spirit moves you
and gives you utterance,

pray beyond your vocabulary
and that you will do warfare

with the things that
are coming against you,

and you will be victorious.
That’s my prayer to you,

victory in the name
of Yeshua Hamashiach,

Jesus the Messiah,

through the Ruach HaKodesh,
the Holy Spirit.

And let me remind you, Paul said,

“I pray without ceasing.”

The only way he could have
prayed without ceasing

is to pray in the Spirit.
And then he further said,

“I pray in supernatural

tongues, more than anyone.”
I want you to start saying that.

Be in the Spirit,
and you will not go through

what the world is
going through right now.

RG: Yeah! Absolutely.

SR: Make a quality decision.