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hello Sid Roth here welcome to my world

where it’s naturally Supernatural my

guest Dr Michael Brown and Michael went

out on the streets of Manhattan and

asked the key question the operative


is Jesus the Jewish Messiah let’s find

out what these people thought


I really I think there was a great man

and it was misinterpreted in my opinion

but it’s only my opinion I’m not sure

there is a messiah

come or not to come I don’t I’m not that

certain of it that’s part of our Jewish

mythology well I think unfortunately


most most people don’t know the

authentic uh Torah verses so you have a

lot of a lot of Jews who

um they themselves are not don’t know


uh the authentic Hebrew so see a lot of

the things were actually mistranslated

hello Sid Roth here again with Dr

Michael Brown and uh Mike when I see

that obviously religious Jew patting his

baby and saying well listen now the

English translations they don’t do

justice and beside Jews don’t even know

it but if they knew it the English

translations are wrong it reminds me of

a young Jewish man they used to call

drug bear drug bear drug bear I’m

looking at them right now tell me how

drug bear ended up in front of an

orthodox Rabbi who says young man you

don’t even know Hebrew you know I was

just a few blocks from where that man

was speaking that last man was in

Brooklyn Crown Heights Brooklyn I was

just a few blocks from that man in 1973

with ultra-orthodox rabbis the long

beard the black hat black hoe telling me

that very thing you don’t even know

Hebrew you can’t rely on the English

translations what had happened to me was

as a heavy drug user they call me drug

bear Iron Man because I was so crazy

with my drug use 15 years old was

shooting heroin 16 years old this

decadent lifestyle stealing money from

my own father and thinking I was a

basically good person and by the way

your father was a what a state supreme

court justice he was right under that he

was the senior law assistant in the New

York Supreme Court working directly with

the judges in fact it almost became a

Supreme Court Justice and my mom and dad

happily married Jewish family I had a

good upbringing I got caught up in the

whole counterculture movement of the 60s

drugs rock music the whole bit rebellion

and then something happened my two best

friends Gentiles started to go to a

little gospel preaching church because

two girls were going that they liked and

their dad had been praying for them for

years so little by little God started to

work in their lives I didn’t like this

we were going to be a great band we were

going to be rock stars so I went to this

little church to pull my friends out now

bear in mind I was completely religious

I didn’t care about God and I definitely

didn’t believe in Jesus I didn’t believe

in Jesus any more than Muhammad or

Buddha but God started to work in my

life I never experienced this in the

synagogue the few times I would go to

our conservative synagogue I never

experienced this people I found out

years later began to pray for me people

say oh I don’t believe in God hey God’s

real people pray I didn’t even know they

were praying and God started to make me

uncomfortable with my lifestyle I used

to boast about all the drugs I did I

used to both if I break it into a

doctor’s office or a home or betraying

my best friends now I started to feel

miserable about it God was dealing with

me a couple months later I went back to

that church again and something actually

happened the light went on I can’t

explain how but I knew you know I had

that same type of thing happen to me

it’s I I just knew I mean and sometimes

when I first shared this I thought well

I have to have something spectacular but

the spectacular wasn’t outside it was

inside with me yeah and I’ll tell you

what happened I knew Jesus was the

Messiah I knew he died for my sins he

rose from the dead but I had a problem I

didn’t want to change I didn’t want to

give up my drugs so I prayed a stupid

prayer November 12 1971 I said God if

you don’t want me to get high tonight

when I get home and shoot heroin it

actually cocaine it was when I go home

and shoot cocaine and use these other

drugs don’t let them have any effect on

me stupid prayer but that’s what I

prayed well I went home and tried to get

high I ingested a large quantity of

drugs you’re a drug bear I know and

nothing happened so then I battled six

weeks High one day going to church the

next back and forth and then December

17th of 1971 I experienced the love of

God in a way that was Indescribable I

experienced a joy in my heart a joy that

was different than drugs a joy that was

different than friendship a joy that was

different than sports or music or just

doing good it was it was on a different

plane and I realized look at how much

God loves you he loves you enough to

send his son to die for you in your

filthy playing in the mud and now I was

washed I was cleansed I felt like he’d

put me in these beautiful clean robes

and I was going back out and playing in

the morning what did your parents think

about this nice Jewish parents well

here’s you know they they were looked at

it with curiosity that was going to a

church it was meaningless to them but

when I came home that night I said I

will never put an a needle in my arm

again do you understand when I

experience the goodness and love of God

it was powerful enough that I said this

thing that’s been a mountain in my life

this is my lifestyle I will never touch

it again and when I went home and told

my parents they they they didn’t know

what to make of it they first laughed I

told my dad I got saved he said

Hallelujah you didn’t know what to make

of it but then they saw I’m changing my

whole lifestyle’s changing my head’s not

clouded from smoking pot day and night

and and I’m not messed up with all these

other things they could see a change in

my life I’m becoming a decent human

being again so now it’s time to go to

the rabbi of course I mean now who sent

you the rabbi your parents my dad of

course but he didn’t even he was a

secular Jew what’s the deal because when

you’re a Jew you don’t believe in Jesus

it’s like betrayal that’s you know our

ancestors died rather than do something

like that so I go in to meet the local

Rabbi he’s a new guy there he’s about 10

11 years older than me fresh out of

Seminary nice guy befriended me we began

to interact and and I remember I was

talking to him one time he said you

don’t know Hebrew I said well I can rely

on the dictionary until I learn it I’ll

rely on the dictionary in the in the

back of of Strong’s Concordance in the

meantime and he said meantime is to

remember those words if you don’t know

Hebrew it doesn’t mean a thing so I’m

starting to feel I mean I know God’s

changed my life I remember the time I

had hives all over my body you know that

that whatever I was reacting to I I’d

come down with them and it’s it’s

terrible you’re itching all over you got

these blotches all over you and and it

happened to me when I was first a

Believer and I I thought I had to be

praying with someone for God to hear me

I didn’t think he’d hear me if I was by

myself I was so new I didn’t know

anything so I went to the doctor and

they gave me this medicine and took 24

hours even to begin to have an effect

and finally I seemed to be over it I was

I was driving in the school driving to

school on the bus one day and suddenly I

realized oh no this thing’s breaking out

I’m not over it starts to spread up my

arms and you you know you can see it it

was it was winter time when I rolled my

sleeve up I said oh no it’s blotches all

over my arms and I thought I don’t even

have the medicine and if I did it

doesn’t work for 24 hours not in a minor

panic because this was miserable and I’m

at school so I grabbed a guy also brand

new believer also Jewish and I said

agree with me in prayer because I

thought I had

I was so new and we prayed and next

minute kids started coming in the

classroom two minutes later I roll up my

sleeves all the blotch is gone I mean

every last thing disappeared so you

didn’t know Hebrew but you knew how to

get rid of the blotches on your arm but

guess what

he is now a PhD from New York University

a secular University

in near Eastern languages and

literatures and he speaks reads or

writes 12 Semitic languages and let’s

find out now that he knows Hebrew better

than the rabbi what he thinks about

those prophecies don’t go away we’ll be

right back

we’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural

we now return to It’s Supernatural


hello Sid Roth here with Dr Michael

Brown we just found out that Michael

went off of drugs instantly his Jewish

parents thought it was wonderful but

they did whatever good Jewish parent

does even a secular Jewish parent does

they marched them off to the rabbi the

rabbi said to Dr Brown you don’t even

know Hebrew and you’re telling me Dr

Brown says yes but I’ve been touched by

God I’ve seen God heal in the name of

Jesus you don’t know Rabbi but so you

went you took the challenge you studied

Hebrew now I have a question for you

I know that you have a great deal of the

Jewish scriptures memorized in Hebrew

I have a favorite passage that was

written some 800 years before Jesus came

to Earth it’s Isaiah 53 could you look

in the camera and share just a few

paragraphs of that in Hebrew well sure

uh starts at Isaiah 52 13


behold my servant will act wisely he’ll

Prosper he’ll be high and exalted lifted

up exceedingly

just as many were astonished at you so

his his Visage was marred beyond that of

a man he was so disfigured says that it

didn’t even look like a man and it goes

on this wonderful verse one of my

favorites and all the Hebrew Scriptures

it starts with the words all of us and

it ends with the words all of us Isaiah

53 6 kulanu katzon

all of us like sheep have gone astray

each one has turned to his own way and

the lord has laid on him the guilt of

all of us Sid the most amazing thing

that happened to me was not being healed

of hives or being touched by God and

other things the guilt left my life the

the sense that I was guilty in God’s

sight because of my sin it left in a

moment of time and I knew I was right

with God so here’s what happens the

local Rabbi brings me to ultra Orthodox

rabbis in Brooklyn New York in the

summer of 1973 and they man they’re

serious they pray every day they’re

seeking to live holy lives they seem

devoted to God just like the people in

my church that I’m going to except

they’re Jewish and what’s I mean they

look they looked right I mean it looks

more like Moses with long beard in the

way you’d picture it and I would picture

them as the most from religious people

in town yeah and here I’m in a church I

mean so at that point I used to memorize

20 verses a day I had memorized probably

in the previous six seven months four

thousand verses or so I could man I

could Out quote anybody from the King

James Bible I sit down with them and I

quote they go oh those English

translation yeah they’re just they

weren’t being nasty they’re just saying

wow they’re not good so they get the

Hebrew out and they say can you read

like I remembered a few letters from my

bar mitzvah see in my bar Ministry this

is the way it is for many Jews and and

our Christian friends listening need to

realize most Jews in America are not

religious most Jews in America don’t

know the Bible well and even religious

Jews do not have the relationship with

God the intimacy the encounter that we

have but here they open their Bibles and

they they start to to show me the the

Hebrew and they say can you follow along

now I feel like a kindergartener said I

mean I’ve met with God but I feel

intimidated and these nice guys and

trying to read along letter for letter

with me in the Hebrew what am I supposed

to say so I I felt okay I know God’s

changed my life but they’re ants they’re

asking solid questions I need to get

answers and I need to get answers in a

way that I don’t have to rely on anybody

else I don’t have to rely on a

dictionary or a commentary I I can study

it for myself after all doesn’t God want

us to know his word I mean where does it

ever say in the scriptures if you want

to understand the Bible go to the rabbi

go to the priest go to the pastor

doesn’t say Seek me and live isn’t that

what God Said to our people scattered

we’ve done a god bypass oh yeah I mean

look the Middle Ages the the Catholic

Church didn’t want people to have the

Bible in its own language uh you know to

this day people think well who am I to

understand the Bible I once talked to a

Yeshiva kid the you know religious

Jewish teenager and he said I can’t rely

on my own understanding you’re right I

have to ask the rabbi I said no God says

wherever you are scattered around the

world seek me and live so I I had to dig

into the scriptures on my own and I

honestly told God this I said if

traditional Judaism is right and

everything I believed up to now is wrong

and I have to leave the church leave my

friends leave my fiance I will do it to

follow you God but if Jesus is the

Messiah as I believe then I don’t care

what happens to me and what the Jewish

Community thinks about me I’m going to

follow you I want to follow you in your

truth regardless of the cost or

Consequences and see many people raised

religiously never pray that many people

who are raised in Tradition or they’re

just well we never believe it’s called

they don’t think for themselves they

don’t think for themselves look I I

don’t know listen we Jews we both happen

to be Jewish we Jews uh pride ourselves

if you will on thinking for ourselves in

every Arena life except one and that is

how come I don’t have intimacy with God

I follow what the rabbi said or I didn’t

you still don’t have intimacy with God

there’s something missing I’ll tell you

what’s missing Jesus it’s that simple

now Michael you wrote a book which is

wonderful it’s called what do Jewish

people think about Jesus and other

questions it’s sort of like every

question you’d like to go to your Rabbi

and ask and you don’t even have a rabbi

you’re not even Jewish but for instance

let’s take the New Testament if you read

the New Testament through Jewish eyes

will you get a different spin on it than

reading it through King James eyes oh

listen let’s just think of this if I say

Jesus Christ the son of Mary

that sounds very Catholic very Christian

very Gentile if I say Yeshua the Messiah

the Son of Miriam suddenly it sounds

different if I say Abraham Isaac and

James it’s like Oh no you’re mixing

religions no well in the New Testament

the letter of James or any of the

Apostles named James the Greek says

Jacob in in the days before King James

it got changed I document that right

there in the book and how we got from

Jacob why did they change and and

Gentile allies it rather than letting it

be a Jewish book it just it happened the

way it went from Greek into Latin into

English it just got changed so now it’s

the letter of James the servant of Jesus

Christ as opposed to the letter of Jacob

servant of Yeshua the Messiah suddenly

even those little cosmetic changes

things start to feel different as you

really realize wait wait this is not

some foreign book this is not some alien

book this breathes the very spirit that

was breathed by Moses and the prophets

when you read now Jesus Yeshua was

saying that that he he came to fulfill

what was written in Moses and the

prophets wait this makes and they called

him Rabbi not Reverend and and you know

what I find really interesting and great

confusion on the biblical festivals

versus the Christian festivals the

Sabbath on Saturday versus the Sabbath

on Sunday if you just understood your

Jewish roots you’d have good honest

answers to these questions and that’s

why Dr Brown wrote this book how many

years of research would you say went

into this it’s kind of a lifetime I just

put it together for this but these are

things I’ve studied on and off for

several decades we’re going to find out

what the real Sabbath is we’ll be right

back in a moment they’ll go away

we’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural

we now return to It’s Supernatural


hello Sid Roth here with Dr Michael

Brown and we’re asking a very

controversial question I’m so glad you

decided to tune in the question is is

Saturday the Sabbath is Sunday the

Sabbath or is Monday the Sabbath Dr

Michael Brown you deal with it

brilliantly in this book but there are a

lot of Christians and Jews that are

confused on this issue help clarify I’ll

do it as simply as I can number one

there’s no biblical evidence that the

Sabbath was ever changed to Sunday

that’s the first thing wait a second if

you’re Baptist you would not agree with

you look I was just in an online

discussion with someone said there’s

clear New Testament evidence that we are

to worship on Sunday I challenged him he

was an articulate guy at the end he said

I overstated my position there is no

biblical evidence that the Sabbath was

changed to Sunday I understand people

celebrating the resurrection of Jesus I

understand that there may have been

early Christian Gatherings at the end of

the first century and Sunday morning or

Sunday even and that’s fine Romans 14

makes it clear that we have Liberty on

setting aside a day or not setting aside

a day we are not under the death penalty

for violating the Sabbath that doesn’t

hang over our head but in point of fact

the only Sabbath that was established it

was established at Creation in Genesis 2

according to the prophets it’s going to

be in the kingdom of God on Earth if

there’s going to be a Seventh-Day

Sabbath that never changed and therefore

Believers that want to celebrate the

Sabbath on the seventh day especially

Jewish Believers should not be

discouraged from doing it or being told

they’re being divisive on the on the

flip side are you wrong with God if you

celebrate on a Sunday as opposed to a

Saturday no because we have transcended

just a day and Jesus says this come to

me all you who labor and are heavy laden

and I will give you rest learn with me

take my yoke on you I’m Meek and Lothian

heart you’ll find rest for your souls in

other words ultimate Sabbath rest is not

found in a place it’s not found in a day

it’s found in a person and I I can

assure you no matter how wonderful

Sabbath is for traditional Jew finding

rest in Yeshua finding the burden of

your sins lifted off finding fellowship

and intimacy with God where you just

can’t wait to be with him and spend time

with him because he’s so wonderful I I

remember this Rabbi that knew me when I

first became a Believer when I would

just tell them things in my own life and

I don’t mean I have a miracle happening

every single day or I don’t go through

struggles or issues but just telling

them what God was doing in my life he

said Mike why is it it seems that God is

like your next door neighbor

well because he’s drawn near through

Jesus Mike I have a problem first of all

I have a a commercial advertisement from

our sponsor someone is or sponsors God

someone has just been healed if you move

your head you’ll see that pain you had

in your neck it is gone and if you and

actually the presence of God is moving

all the way down the spine anyone that

has a pain in your spine if you’ll just

move you’ll see that you are totally

healed but I have wait wait you’ve seen

God do that he just did it I’ve seen him

do it I have almost every time I speak

people are healed God people are healed

he’s a living God yeah I like I don’t

want to serve a dead God I don’t want to

serve tradition I don’t want to serve

religion I want to serve God look we

have evidence that our Messiah is risen

from the dead and we interact with the

Living God we are his servants he’s not

our servants but he has poured out his

blessings in his business and he loves

to demonstrate his reality and his power

Mike I have a pet peeve the spirit of

God is causing Gentile Christians to

love the Jew and love Israel that’s not

my peace but it’s a God thing it’s the

first time yes in centuries anything

ever really ever worldwide there is a

drawing towards the Jew so because

there’s this drawing they get together

Christians and Jews for ecumenical bless

Israelites with the agreement they won’t

have a Messianic Jew in the Forefront

with the agreement they won’t tell

Jewish people there’s no other name

given unto men in which we must be saved

I have a problem with this why don’t

they have a problem with this I don’t

get it well most of them are not Jewish

Believers in Jesus and they don’t have

that sensitivity and recognize hang on

we’ve been put out we’ve been rejected

we’ve been misunderstood for our

testimony from day one because that’s

what happens it does bring division when

you say Jesus is the Messiah it’s going

to bring division in the Jewish

Community I honor and appreciate the

love and and the heart for solidarity

but come on would you exclude Paul from

being there would you tell Peter he

couldn’t be there those were prominent

men Messianic Jews what if they’re

around today we’re not going to read

their words because that’s too divisive

are we not going to remind them that

Jesus if he’s not the Messiah of Israel

is not the Messiah of anyone I can’t

understand why you we can’t say this the

purpose of this meeting is not to

proselytize but of course the whole

family is going to be there it’s Jewish

Believers and Jesus and Gentile and of

course you know we want you to believe

in Jesus but this is not a proselytizing

meeting why why can’t you just say that

I don’t understand why they can’t be

said you honor Jewish people you’re not

just trying to set them up for some

conversionary experience or take

advantage of them but you want them to

know you know I love you enough then I

want to tell you the truth and without

Jesus there is no salvation listen if

hell is real and it is if sin separates

you from God and it does

you’re not being you’re not acting in

love you’re acting in hate if you don’t

tell everyone everywhere that there is

good news and the good news is not that

you have to die to go to heaven the good

news is you can experience God in this

life you can have intimacy with God you

can have peace you can have Shalom you

can have completeness you can have

fulfillment I mean life is a roller

coaster good bad good bad out

what about this if you’ll keep your eyes

on the Messiah he’ll keep you in perfect

peace what about my sheep hear my voice

what about no weapon formed against you

shall prosper what about with long life

I will satisfy you these are all

promises to those that have intimacy

with God there is no other name given

unto men in which we must be saved but

the name of Yeshua Jesus the Messiah and

if you tell God you’re sorry believe the

blood of Jesus washed away your sins

then ask him to live inside of you and

be your lord

he was not a man that he should lie

he’ll do it you do it now now