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hello Sid Roth here welcome to my world

where it’s naturally Supernatural I love

the rarified air of Heaven my guest Rob

DeLuca I want to know about an


that is moving in such a high realm of

seer prophecy that came from such a

humble beginnings I mean you got saved

as a young kid at 11 and you ended up at

18 living homeless in a cardboard box


I came to the Lord and I fell away in my

teen years I became a drug addict and I

ended up living in a cardboard box in

Los Angeles and I gave my heart over to

the Lord totally and I fell in love with

him tell me about you know this

intrigues me a woman bumps into you into

this in the street tell me about her

well I

the Holy Spirit Led this woman to cross

my path and my friend and I we were

looking for drugs and she started

telling me everything that was in my

heart that I was lonely that I was sad

that I was depressed and she told me

about Jesus and she told me about the

love of the Lord and the goodness of God

and the mercy of God and I told her that

I met him once when I was a young boy

and she asked if she could pray for me

and she led me in the sinner’s prayer

and the spirit of God touched me right

there on the street matter of fact she

laid her hand on my head and I fell back

against the wall and I knew this is what

I’m looking for out of curiosity had you

ever experienced God in in an

experiential Force I fashion you know

when I was a young boy I felt like

Goosebumps all over me and the Holy

Spirit touched me when I was baptized in

water so I did sense the presence of of

the Lord but as soon as I recognized

that glorious presence of Jesus I knew

this is what I need this is what I’m

looking for this is this is what I need

for the rest of my life

imagine what would have happened if that

woman had been obedient to walk up to

Rob read his mail if you will grab his

attention and then have him experience

God I mean imagine you don’t even want

to think about what your life would have

been like no I don’t I’m so thankful the

Lord saved me okay so you ended up

working in a church and there was one

point where you had a major encounter

with God’s spirit well one night I was

uh in the church and I just finished

cleaning up the sanctuary and I decided

to pray and I laid down on my face and I

started to pray and the presence of the

Lord came very strong into the room

and as I started to pray in tongues the

Holy Spirit started to cause me to

vibrate and I started to weep and cry

and travail I started to groan and as

that took place I started to vibrate and

then my body started to hover off the

ground really it really basically you

were hovering above the ground about two


two feet yeah where was the camera when

that happened I’m just teasing go ahead

well as that took place I my in my mind

I knew something’s taking place that’s

Supernatural and I don’t know what to do

but I’m gonna keep on going with this

because I knew I was off the ground I I

knew my body was hovering as soon as I

thought the name Jesus I left my body

and I flew out the ceiling of the church

I went over the hills of the city I I

looked down and I saw the church

building I saw the hills I went through

the clouds and as soon as I did that I

headed toward these two huge beautiful

doors that opened up before me and as

that took place I went into

the father’s lap and father God began to

cuddle me and I felt his love I was

weeping while I was in my body but I was

in another place I really believe that

the Lord took me up to heaven to his

throne room as that occurred the Lord oh

as you’re sharing this right now I I

feel such an increase in the presence of

God are you feeling this I am too I am

I’m feeling surges of his love flow

through my body right now and sometimes

I begin to weep when I talk about this

story because the Lord spoke to me about

my life he told me about the future of

my life he told me what I was called to

do I was 18 years old and the Lord told

me that I would Minister to the Nations

the Lord told me that he would use me to

heal his people I mean at 18 you just

you just recovered from being a drug

addict living in a cardboard box and

you’re and he says you’re going you’re

going to be doing all these wonderful

things I had an encounter with God that

changed my life

uh well the Lord was speaking to me I

saw a diamond Jewel hovering next to

Father God and the father said do you

see the jewel I said yes I do

and as I looked closer I saw the names

of every person that I had ever met I

saw family names I saw names from my

friends in school I saw relatives names

and he said do you see these names he

said I want you to pray for every person

on the face of this Jewel and he said as

you do you will see their lives touched

by my presence and as that took place

the Lord spoke a few personal things to

me and then he he hugged me as soon as

he hugged me I felt the power of God

like I’ve never felt it before and I

ended up back in my body and I fell back

to the ground I’ll tell you what I am

feeling the power of God I don’t know

what God’s going to do but he’s going to

be spectacular don’t go away we’ll be

right back after this word we’ll be

right back to hits It’s Supernatural

we now return to It’s Supernatural


hello Sid Roth here with Rob Deluca and

Rob you’re minding your own business and

an angel comes and tells you about New

Zealand explain

uh I was in uh Indiana helping out with

a youth group and I was staying with one

of my friends in a basement we were in

sleeping bags camping out

and it was the middle of the night

and I was awoken by an Angel I was

laying on the floor

and I felt someone nudge me right in my

face like they tapped me on my face and

I opened my eyes and I saw the foot of

an Angel right at the the the the base

of where I was laying and I looked up

and I said what do you want now how did

you know that was an angel as opposed to

a burglar

he was luminescent

that’s a good story yeah he he looked um

gray like a smoky figure uh you know at

night time you can kind of see the light

coming through the windows a bit so I

was able to see within the room but he

was Illuminating he was like a smokey

figure and he was huge

and when I uh asked him the question he

pointed to me and he and he said you

were being called to New Zealand and

then he pointed had you ever been to New

Zealand no I hadn’t and he spoke about

my friend that was a sleeping uh uh next

to me in the room and he said do you see

this young man he said you are to be

with him for a season of your life and

you are to go to New Zealand and I will

bring you uh uh to this land and uh you

will reveal the glory of God from one

side of the nation to the other

and it has taken place

now is it from what I understand you

went to New Zealand with a hundred and

five dollars yes in your wallet yes any

job uh promise uh I had an offer uh

later on after I went to New no no when

you were when you were going you were

going by faith an angel told you to go

you had a hundred bucks a Bible in a

suitcase and a suitcase and by faith I

went and then as I uh wasn’t that a

little scary yeah oh come on it had to

be uh yeah but I thought to myself you

know if uh if I fail I’m going to fail

in faith uh but when you believe God God

will supernaturally meet your needs I

went uh the Lord opened a door we

started a small catering business a

sandwich business we opened up a

sandwich shop and as time went by we

ended up owning uh five uh different

food stores we owned three restaurants

with a hundred bucks yes sir yes we

started with nothing and uh God blessed

everything that we did now your senior

pastor also of a major significant

Church in Auckland New Zealand just

because if I was a secular investigative

reporter I would say to you how much is

your salary and what would you say uh

I’m a volunteer at our church and I do

not have a salary I am a senior pastor

because I love God and I love people and

that’s about it my businesses take good

care of me

you came you had a revelation from God

that there is a big problem in reference

to Christians and money there’s a wrong

Spirit connected with Christians and you

came out with a CD series called

breaking the power of covetousness what

did God tell you about this teaching

Well I ministered this word in Southern

California and after uh the message was

delivered the Lord spoke to me and he

said this message will go throughout the

world and I will help people in their

finances and I will set them free

concerning debt concerning greed

concerning lust and I will bless them as

they hear this message

now God broke you free in a very unusual

fashion it has to do with a boat you


yeah um a couple years ago I was fasting

and praying at the beginning of the year

and I was about to purchase a nice

fishing boat

and the Lord spoke to me and he said I

want you to sow the boat it was a thirty

thousand dollar

boat and

when I

heard the voice of the Lord

I said well God I’m getting ready to go

on vacation we’re going to buy the boat

I’m looking at boat magazines and the

Lord spoke to me and he said do you want

your boat or do you want me

and when he said that I said okay I’ll

sow the boat and then immediately after

the Lord said I will bless you and give

you a harvest because of this just tell

me one blessing that you see directly

attributed to your obedience it’s not

like uh you you have a boat and you say

I’m going to give it away it’s because

God told him to do this what did you see

as a result

well at that time in my business we had

a small little cafe it was pretty much

our first or a little restaurant

and there was an open door for us to

open up a larger restaurant in the

University of Auckland

as that took place

there were committee meetings there were

proposals that had to go through and the

end result was that the University or

the government

blessed us with um

Financial contribution to pay for the

entire restaurant and God blessed us

with a

a lot of money if I can say that he gave

us enough to be able to build a

restaurant he also blessed us with rent

free for two years and that has opened a

door to the University of Auckland for


for meetings to be held where people can

be saved you know what I love about your

teaching because it’s been so unbalanced

about money especially on Christian

television where it’s it’s they could be

it it knows you don’t even the same

people apply the same principles for

each Ministry and it’s you’re not giving

to that Ministry you’re giving to get

money for yourself the whole thing seems

backwards well I believe in prosperity I

believe that God is the god of blessing

I believe in sowing and reaping I

believe in tithing me too but there’s

something wrong with this picture see

the thing is many times preachers make

uh Prosperity the be-all end-all of

Christianity which is wrong

Prosperity or financial abundance is a

means to an end and the end is The Souls

of mankind listen there is such a move

of God’s spirit on this set right now I

can’t wait to see what God’s going to do

we’ll be right back after this word

we’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural

we now return to hits Supernatural


hello Sid Roth here

we’re coming into such an amazing time

in the history of God it’s the if I

could choose the one time to be alive it

would be right now we’re coming into a

resurrection if you will of the Miracles

we read in the Bible so they’re not just

one in a in a hundred years or One A one

in in a year or even one in a month but

every meeting people are getting

fabulous miracles happen I mean

literally uh metal

is turning into bones

tattoos or scars are disappearing are

you seeing this Rob we are seeing some

amazing Miracles uh recently I saw a

little boy healed of autism I prayed for

a three year no that’s a big thing tell

me specifically about this one you

prayed I prayed for this little boy that

had autism and you know how autistic

children they kind of like zone out and

look off into the distance I began to

weep because the little boy was about my

boy’s age and I said this could be me I

felt the compassion of the Lord I prayed

for this little boy his parents took him

home that night

the next morning

normally this uh little boy just stares

off into space when he wakes up but his

mother walked into the bedroom and said

good morning son

he turned and looked and said good

morning Mommy for the first time

they brought this little guy to the

meeting the following night to testify I

looked at him and I said do you remember

me and he said yes I do he high-fived me

and then waved to the crowd we broke out

in laughter we wept we cried because God

healed that little boy of autism

yeah you know we’re coming into the best

of times and the worst of times there’s

going to be Financial chaos in a lot of

lives but it doesn’t have to be in your

life and if you’re like me you’re turned

off on all the fundraising techniques

that I that you you notice we don’t do

that but that we see these fundraising

techniques that are just based on Greed

and that’s why I’m so excited because

when I first saw this series the title

breaking the power of covetousness I

thought oh no it’s just another

fundraising thing but what is

covetousness Rob covetousness is wrong

desire or literally lust you see many

times we want money to hoard it upon

ourselves we want the car we want the

boat we want the house down there’s

nothing wrong with having nice things

God wants to bless us I believe that God

is the god of blessing but I also

believe that our prosperity must be Pure

or we must have pure motives we cannot

have our big house or our big car being

our Identity or our Idol what should our

identity be what’s our identity should

be that we are Sons and Daughters of God

and that God loves us and and we are

secure in uh that God knows us that he

loves us and that we know him and what

should our purpose be with the The

Exchange system called money in this

temporary thing called life well I

believe that we are made uh to be a

blessing we’ve been created to be a

blessing and if God blesses us then we

should be a blessing instead of abusing

the finances instead of wasting the

finances so many times I see people that

waste their money they they waste it on

luxury they wasted on Pleasure they

wasted on on covetousness instead of

saying hey God what do you want me to do

with my finances how can I be a blessing

to the earth now God doesn’t have a

problem with us having a good life going

on a vacation even flying maybe first

class in an airplane but we cannot make

that our security nor our ultimate

desire pleasure and luxury will come and

go but in the end it’s people that count

now you are what the Jewish scriptures

call a Seer s-e-e-r what is a Seer and

how does it operate within you well uh

many times uh you know people say you’re

a prophet well I am Emma Seer I see

Visions I see um symbolic pictures and

then the Lord gives me the

interpretation my great aunt told me

about the ability to be able to see I

believe that everybody can see that we

have spiritual eyes we have spiritual

ears we have spiritual senses just as we

have physical senses but my great aunt

taught me that you can close your eyes

and see with the eyes of faith and I

said well how does that happen and she

said it’s like almost seeing a TV screen

in front of you and the Lord will show

you things to come he will show you

things about people and He will also

show you uh what he desires to bring

forth in the Earth

could you do that right now could you

close your eyes and tell us what God

shows you I can do my best yeah go for


I see that there is a businessman that’s


and you are in great financial

difficulty you own a company a huge

company and you have over 300 employees

and the Lord is showing me that the

problem has been that you’ve had an Open

Door of greed and covetousness and lust

uh you are the CEO you are also a major

shareholder in this company you own the

majority of the company and the Lord is

wanting to set you free from greed and

covetousness if you will open your heart

and say Lord I’m sorry for this I

forsake this sin I forsake this Idol the

Lord will set you free and you’ll begin

to see the blessing of God flow in your

business you are a Christian you are a

Spirit-filled man of God you attend

church you’re our giver but there’s

something in your heart that you’ve

placed before the lordship of Jesus

Christ and Jesus wants to set you free I

also see that there’s somebody that has

a broken

um a vertebrae you have a cracked

vertebrae in your spine the Lord is

healing that the Lord right now is

fusing your bone together and he’s

healing that I also see that there’s a

person that has a deformed right arm

that uh it you’re not able to use your

right arm and right now as you stretch

forth your arm you’ll see that your

elbow is loosening your wrist is

loosening and and also your hands are

loosening matter of fact you feel like

there’s a burning sensation in your hand

go ahead and stretch out your hand right

now and and you’ll see the miracle power

of God there are many people right now

that are watching you need financial

Miracles and God will heal you but you

need to repent if you have greed and

covetousness in your heart it is a sin

just like any other sin but if you will

confess that and forsake that you will

watch God bring forth miraculous

blessing to your life there’s also

people that are believing for miracles

if you’ll just stretch forth your hands

toward the TV right now I’m going to

release the healing power of the Lord

Jesus Christ

father I pray for those that are

believing for miracles I pray Lord that

your spirit would invade the rooms where

they’re watching right now I see

somebody getting touched and you’re

shaking under the power of God you’re

sitting in a lazy boy chair you have uh

many illnesses matter of fact you have a

whole list of illnesses and the fire of

God is touching you right now the fire

of God is burning out every infirmity

every sickness and disease right now I

believe that many are being healed

receive that Healing Touch in Jesus name

you know what I believe I believe that

as Rob was sharing people were being

receiving a Seer anointing if but the

very first thing is you have to make

sure who your lord is and there’s no

other name given unto men in which we

must have our sins atoned for and that’s

the name of Jesus Jesus if you believe

that Jesus this is the Messiah and died

for your sins tell them ask them to live

inside of you and be your lord now