In Tom’s revelatory new book Zeitgeist 2025, you will discover: • Hidden secrets and forgotten prophecies surrounding the year 2025 • How the current U.S. government is tied to America’s occult destiny • Lost prophecies from Qumran forecasting 2025 as the final age of man • Why historians and intelligence agencies foresee a totalitarian world government by 2025 • How America’s Capital city is laid out to actuate the arrival of the Antichrist • About the malevolent, Orwellian trinity currently converging • The means by which the population’s thinking and speaking are being homogenized to create a nation of assimilated devotees who will embrace the Antichrist • The deep, esoteric meanings that names and titles held in ancient societies, the impact they had upon destiny, and what that could mean for America’s near future • Who the mysterious character Melchizedek of Genesis 14 truly was • What the “People of the Name” covenant is • AND MUCH MORE!

as i’ve written before and publicly

stated in interviews the vast majority

of people when looking at washington dc

and at the vatican they never comprehend

how those cities constitute one of the

greatest open conspiracies of all time


reproduced in all of their glory and

right before the world’s eyes is an

ancient talisman diagram it’s based on

the history and cult of isis osiris and

horus including the magical utilities

mat to generate the deity’s return the

primeval concept especially that of

sacred domes

facing obelisks this is something that

was designed in antiquity for the

express purpose of regeneration

resurrection and apotheosis for deity


from the underworld

to the earth’s surface

through union of respective figures the

dome the ancient structural

representation of the womb of isis

and the obelisk the ancient

representation of the erect male phallus

of osiris that layout as modeled in

antiquity exists today on the grandest

scale at the heart of the capital of the

most important government most powerful

government on earth the united states as

well as in the heart of the most

politically influential church on earth

the vatican now given this fact and the

pattern provided by the apostle paul

and the apocalypse of john the book of

revelation that the end times would

culminate in a marriage between

political that is antichrist and

religious that is false prophet

authorities at the return of osiris

apollo it really does behoove

open-minded researchers to carefully


these prophecies in stone as it defines

the spiritual energy that’s knowingly or

unknowingly being invoked at both

locations with potential ramifications

for the year

2025 and beyond

the u.s capitol has been called the

mirror vatican due to the strikingly

similar layout and design of its primary

buildings and streets now that’s no

accident in fact america’s forefathers

first named the capital city rome

but the parallelism between washington

and the vatican is most clearly


by the capitol building and dome facing

the obelisk known as the washington

monument and at saint peter’s square

basilica in the vatican by a similar

dome facing a familiar obelisk both of

which were according to their own

official records fashioned after the

roman pantheon the circular domed

rotunda dedicated to all pagan gods

now this layout a domed temple facing an

obelisk is an ancient alchemical

blueprint that holds significant

esoteric meaning for those who may not

know the u.s capitol building in

washington dc is historically based on a

pagan masonic temple theme thomas

jefferson who shepherded the

anti-christian roman pantheon design

wrote to the capital’s architect

benjamin latrobe defining it as quote

the first temple

dedicated to embellishing with athenian

taste the course of the nation looking

far beyond the range of athenian

destinies end quote

the athenian empire was of course first

known as assyria the kingdom of osiris

in 1833

massachusetts representative rufus

coyote agreed writing quote we have

built no national temples but the

capital end quote

now to understand what these statements

may soon mean for the future of the

world one needs to comprehend how these


the dome and the obelisk facing it

facilitate important

archaic and modern protocols

for invigorating prophetic supernatural

alchemy in ancient times the obelisk

represented the god osiris’s missing

male oregon which isis was not able to

find after her husband brother was slain

and chopped into 14 pieces by his evil

brother set the story involves a

detailed account of the envious brother

and 72 that’s an important number

conspirators tricking osiris into

climbing inside of a box which set

quickly locked and threw into the nile

osiris drowned and his body floated down

the nile river where it snagged on the

limbs of a tamarisk tree in biblas isis

recovered his body from the riverbank

and took it into her care but in her

absence seth stole the body again and

this time chopped it into 14 pieces

which he threw back into the nile isis

searched the riverbank until she

recovered every piece except for the

genitals which had been swallowed by a


isis recombined the 13 pieces of osiris

corpse and replaced the missing organ

with a magic facsimile an obelisk which

he used to impregnate herself during the

very first raising of osiris ceremony in

which she called forth the seed of the

dead god from the underworld up through

the magic device thus giving rise to

osiris again in the person of his son

horus now this legendary ritual for

reincarnating osiris formed the core of

egyptian cosmology as well as the ros

crucian masonic dying and rising myths

and was fantastically venerated on the

most imposing scale throughout all of

egypt by towering obelisks representing

the phallus of osiris and domes

representing the pregnant belly of isis

including at karnak where the upright

obelisks were vitalized or stimulated

from the energy of the masturbatory sun

god ra

shining down upon them

in egypt where rituals were performed to

actually raise the spirit of osiris into

the reigning pharaoh political authority

in the form of divine kingship or

theocratic statesmanship was established

later reflected in the political and

religious doctrine of royal and

political legitimacy or the divine right

of kings who supposedly derived their

right to rule from the will of god with

the exception in some countries that the

king is subject to the church and of the

pope but this meant among other things

that the egyptian pharaoh enjoyed

extraordinary authority as the son of

the sun god ra and the incarnation of

the falcon god horus during his lifetime

at death pharaoh would become the osiris

the divine judge of the netherworld and

on earth his son and predecessor would

take his place as the newly anointed

manifestation of horus so each

generation of pharaohs provided the gods

with the spokesman for the present world

and for the afterlife while also

offering the nation

divinely appointed leadership

and yet the observant listener may

wonder was there something more to the

pharaoh’s deification than faith in

ritual magic

well the cult center of amun ra at deebs

may actually hold the answer as it was

the site of the largest religious

structure ever built the temple of

almoon raw at carnac and the location of

many extraordinary mysterious rites the

great temple with its miles of walls and

gardens the primary object by the way of

fascination and worship by the nemesis

of moses the pharaoh of the exodus

ramses ii was the place where each

pharaoh reconciled his divinity in the

company of amun ra during the festival

of opet now the festival was held at the

temple of luxor

and it included a procession of gods

carried on barges up the nile river from

carnac to the temple the royal family

would accompany the gods on boats while

the egyptian laity would walk along the

shore calling out and making requests of

the gods but once at luxor the pharaoh

and his entourage would enter the holy

of holies the temple of isis the domed

belly where the ceremony to raise the

spirit of osiris into the king would be

performed the raising of osiris ceremony

by the magicians of egypt and don’t

forget these men were very powerful as

they were able to mimic almost all of

the miracles conducted by god through

the hand of moses during the exodus but

in any case it was truly believed that

pharaoh at that moment would be

transmogrified into a living deity

osiris in flesh outside large groups of

dancers and musicians would wait

anxiously and then when the king emerged

as the born again osiris the crowd would

erupt in gaiety and from that day

forward the pharaoh would be considered

to be just as the god ciphered on the

great seal of the united states will be

the sun and spiritual incarnation of the

supreme deity

the all-seeing eye of horus apollo

osiris above the unfinished pyramid on

the great seal represents that event


now fast forward to today and at the

inauguration of every american president

across town at the house of the temple

the modern egyptian magicians the

freemasons scottish rite 33rd degree

are conducting

the raising of osiris ceremony to call

the seed of osiris apollo from the

underworld through the washington

monument obelisk where it magically


into the u.s capital dome while

america’s new leader is standing there

accepting his role as the living

representative of osiris

this is done in anticipation of the day

when events are going to surpass parody

and the beast that was and is not shall

ascend out of the bottomless pit and go

into perdition the greek word apollo and

they that dwell on earth shall wonder

whose names were not written in the book

of life from the foundation of the world

when they behold the beast that was and

is not and yet is

revelation 17 a


for a few adepts of history and secret

orders this dc ritual is deliciously

staged as even the term inaugurate is

from the latin inauguration and it

refers to the archaic ceremony by which

the roman augers or soothsayers would

approve a king or a ruler through omens

as being sanctioned by the god jupiter

the same entities whose prophecies on

the great seal herald his upcoming

challenge to yahweh jehovah for heavenly

supremacy while his son apollo osiris

seizes authority over the world in a

final pagan golden age


as pointed out in my new book zeitgeist

2025 the dome where u.s presidents stand

during their inauguration and where they

lie in state for their spirit to rise

into the apotheosis overhead to join

george washington in the kingdom of

osiris at death alone is an unparalleled

magical construct that openly hides the

most formidable ancient supernaturalism

meant for regeneration of apollo osiris

in fact i would go so far as to say it

is a satanic antichrist plagiarism of

the death burial and resurrection of

jesus christ

that i believe is going to play a role

in the healing of antichrist after he

experiences a deadly head wound in

revelation 13 3. note that the 1865

apotheosis of washington painted by

greek italian artist constantino brumidi

is visible through the oculus of the

dome in the rotunda and it bears

anything but christian symbols it’s

filled with graco roman gods to whom

thomas jefferson dedicated the united

states the very term apotheosis means to

become a god a revived eternal being

now in this depiction washington is

becoming osiris of the afterlife the

gods in the painting surrounding

washington are depicting helping the

founders establish a more perfect union

as in the new atlantis scheme that i go

into the details of in zeitgeist 2025.

directly beneath the apotheosis are 72

pentagrams forming a sorceress gateway

used by secret society members and

occultists to bind and loose the 72

fallen angels that reside over the

heathen nations you can learn more about

that in psalms 82 deuteronomy 32 and so


finally under the floor of the rotunda

is the u.s national crypt where an empty

tomb resides he is not here for he has

risen this is where i argue that

antichrist will be taken after his head

injury and the freemasons will conduct

the raising of osiris ceremony at which

time he will be

transmogrified into the living

incarnation of osiris apollo

now there is more to the capitol dome

antichrist plagiarism of the life of

christ that i go into in zeitgeist 2025

than these aspects of the building’s


might infer but these points of interest

clearly reveal how the architects

imagined a dark parody of jesus how so

well as jesus died and rose into heaven

so washington rises to become the osiris

in the top of the u.s capitol dome as

the 72 pentagrams in the capitol dome

are used to control the 72 cosmo craters

over the nation jesus too confronted the

72 fallen watchers from the base of

mount hermon to his visit in the

underworld and final ascension into

heaven whereby he proclaimed in

revelation 1 18 i am he that liveth and

was dead and behold i am alive

forevermore which is a clear

denunciation of the osiris dying and

rising god myth that was so popular

during his first advent he goes on amen

and have the keys of hell this is the

word hades the names that the greeks

gave to osiris and of death end quote

it’s important because osiris was the

lord of the underworld in greek myth who

controlled who possessed the keys to the

twelve gates of egyptian afterlife much

has been written by historians within

and without masonry as to the relevance

of the number 72

and the alchemy related to it for

instance in kabbalah freemasonry and

jewish apocalyptic writings the number

72 equals the total of wings that enoch

received when he’s transformed into the

powerful angel metatron you could see

three enoch 9 2 for more on that and

this plays an important role for the

brotherhood as metatron was also known


the angel

in the whirlwind

who was enabled as the guiding spirit

over america during george w bush’s

administration for the purpose of

directing the future and fate of the

united states as was also prayed by

congressman major r owens of new york

before the house of representatives on

wednesday february 28 2001.


but in the context of the capital dome

and the 72 stars that circle

washington’s apotheosis in the womb of

isis the significance of this symbolism

is far more important


in sacred literature including the bible

stars are symbolic of angels and within

masonic gnosticism these 72 powerful

entities reflected in the 72

conspirators that controlled osiris life

in egyptian myth currently administered

the affairs of earth under satan the god

of this world according to 2 corinthians

4 4. experts in the study of the divine

council believed that beginning at the

tower of babel the world and its

inhabitants were disinherited by the

sovereign god of israel and placed under

the authority of 72 angels these angels

became corrupt and disloyal to god in

their administration of those nations

according to psalms 82

these beings quickly became worshipped

on earth as gods following babel

led by nimrod gilgamesh osiris apollo

consistent within this tradition the

designers of the capitol dome the great

seal of the united states

and the obelisk washington monument

circled the apotheosis of washington

with 72 pentagram stars they dedicated

the obelisk 72 years after the signing

of the declaration of independence and

they placed 72 stones on the great seals

uncapped pyramid above which the

prophetic eye of horus osiris apollo



these three sets of 72 combined with the

imagery and occult numerology of the

osiris-obelisk the isis dome and the

oracular great seal are richly symbolic

of the influence of satan and his angels

over the world according to luke 4 2

corinthians 4

ephesians 6 and other scripture with a

prophecy towards satan’s final earthly

empire the coming novus ordo seclorum or


pagan golden age now in order for the

inevitable worship of osiris to be

re-established on earth the 72 demons

that govern the nations have to be

controlled therefore they are set in

magical constraints on the great seal

the washington obelisk and the pentagram

circles around the apotheosis of

washington in order to bind and force

the desired effect in the secret destiny

of america famous freemason manley p

hall noted as well that the 72 stones on

the pyramid on the great seal correspond

to the 72 arrangements of the


or the four letter name of god in hebrew

he wrote this these four letters can be

combined in 72 combinations resulting in

what is called the shimham foresh which

represents in turn the laws powers and

energies of nature end quote

now folks the idea

that the mystical name of god could be

invoked to bind or release those

supernatural agents or powers and

energies of nature as hall called him is

meaningful creed within many occult

tenets including kabbalah and

freemasonry this is why the 72 stars are

pentagram shaped around the deified

freemason george washington medieval

books of magic or grimoires such as the

key of solomon in the lesser key of

solomon not only identify the star

systems or ion or osiris and pleiades

apollo as the home of these powers but

applies great importance to the

pentagram shape of the stars for binding

and releasing their influence adapt

rosicrucians and freemasons have long

used these magical texts the key of

solomon in the lesser key of solomon to

do just that

modern people especially in america may

view all of these symbols used in this

magic especially the dome representing

the habitually pregnant belly of isis

and the obelisk representing the erect

phallus of osiris as profane or

pornographic but they were in fact

ritualized fertility objects which the

ancients believed could produce tangible

reactions properties or

manifestations within the material world

the obelisk can dome as imitations of

the deities male and female reproductive

organs could through government


invoke into existence the being or

beings symbolized by them and that is

why inside the templer dome prostitutes

representing the human manifestation of

the goddess were also available

for ritual sex as a form of imitative

magic through such imitative sex the

dominoblist became energy receivers

capable of assimilating raw’s essence

from the rays of the sun which in turn

would draw forth the seed of the

underworld osiris the seed of the dead

entity would according to the

supernaturalism transmit upward from out

of the underworld through the base or

testes of the obelisk and magically emit

from the tower’s head into the womb or

dome of isis where incarnation into the

sitting pharaoh king or president would

occur during what freemasons also call

the raising of osiris ceremony in this


osiris could be habitually born again or

reincarnated as horus and constantly

direct the spiritual destiny of the


something most people do not know and

will be shocked to learn in my new book

is that the freemasons even constructed

a symbolic seed

of osiris

at the washington monument obelisk

if an anatomically correct phallus is

placed over the washington monument

right in the testicular section beneath

a manhole cover where it should be is a

miniature 12-foot tall obelisk hidden

just beneath the surface of the ground

representing the seat of osiris the

number 12 of course is the biblical and

occult numerology for perfect government

in this case that new world order over

which osiris apollo is going to reign

when the beast that thou saw sawest was

and is not and shall ascend out of the

bottomless pit and go into perdition

rises at the end of time

to oversee the dawn of a new golden age

this metaphysical phenomenon of deity

resurrection involving mystical seed

reminds of the messianic

proto-evangelium promise

and i will put

enmity between thee and the woman

between thy seed and her seed it shall

bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise

his heel genesis 3 15 which for a

cultist was countered by nimrod

samaramus and was central to numerous

other ancient cultures especially

developed in egypt where nimrod

semaramus were known as osiris and isis

and in ezekiel chapter 8 the children of

israel set up the obelisk or image of

jealousy you can see that in verse 5

facing the entry of their temple just as

the dome faces the obelisk in washington

dc and in the vatican city and were

condemned by god for worshiping the sun

or ra

while weeping for osiris or temus the

familiar masonic figure of the point

within a circle is the symbol of this

union between ra osiris and isis the

point represents osiris’s phallus in the

center of the circle or womb of isis

which in turn is enlivened by the sun

rays of raw just as today at the vatican

where the egyptian obelisk of osiris

sits within a circle and in washington

dc where the obelisk does similarly

situated so as to be the first thing

that the sun or raw strikes as it rises

over the capital city and which when

viewed from overhead forms this magical

point within a circle known as a

circumponc the sorcery is further

amplified according to ancient occultic

beliefs by the presence of the

reflecting pool in washington dc which

serves as a mirror to heaven and a

transferring point for those spirits and

energies and just what is it that the

spirits see when they look downward on

the reflecting pool in washington they

find a city dedicated to and built in

honor of the legendary deities isis and

osiris complete with the 13 gathered

pieces of osiris america’s original 13

colonies the required obelisk known as

the washington monument the capital dome

of isis for impregnation and incarnation

of deity into each pharaoh or president

and last but not least the official

government buildings erected to face

their respective counterparts and whose

cornerstones including the u.s capitol

dome were dedicated during astrological

alignment related to the zodiacal

constellation virgo or isis as required

for the magic to occur

the information that i just shared with

you is only the tip of the iceberg of

what i reveal in my new book zeitgeist

2025. in fact much of what i uncover in

this book is too hot for mainstream

platforms like youtube and facebook and

would immediately be censored

but now for the first time ever you are

going to discover hidden secrets and

forgotten prophecies surrounding the

year 2025 how the current u.s government

is tied to america’s occult destiny lost

prophecies from qumran forecasting 2025

as the final age of man why historians

and intelligence agencies foresee a

totalitarian world government by 2025

how america’s capital city is laid out

to actuate the arrival of the antichrist

about the malevolent orwellian trinity

currently converging the means by which

the population’s thinking and speaking

are being homogenized to create a nation

of assimilated devotees who are going to

embrace the antichrist the deep esoteric

meanings that names and titles held in

ancient societies the impact they had

upon destiny and what that precedent

could mean now for america’s near future

who the mysterious character malcasodek

of genesis 14 truly was what the people

of the name covenant is and much more

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