There’s power in the story you tell yourself. The devil wants to keep you rehearsing fear so you get weary and forget the faithfulness of God. You can defeat the devil today. Talk to God about your worries and let Him show you the way. This is an excerpt from “God’s Got Your Back Part 2.” To watch the full message from @elevationchurch click here:    • God’s Got Your Back Part 2 | Pastor S…   #faith #peace #hope #stevenfurtick #elevationchurch Chapters: 0:00 – You’re Not Weak, You’re Weary 2:08 – Give The Devil A History Lesson 4:18 – Are You Following Fear? 6:24 – Stuck In A Conversation With Yourself 10:02 – Why You’re Stuck Scripture References: 1 Kings 19, verse 14

you’re not weak you’re weary

and with every step that he took by

himself without talking to the God who

brought him this far

the devil was able to delete

different things

that could have been in the story

it said that Ahab told Jezebel

everything Elijah had done and that’s

why she threatened him

Ahab goes home and tells Jezebel

this dude

don’t mess with this dude you better do

something about him he’s going to yank

your whole Idol worshiping Kingdom out

of your hands he’s going to send you

back back into phenicia this dude is

crazy he had him cutting up Bulls this

dude had this dude told them to take

water in a drought four jars of water

and pour the water on the wood three

times and then called for fire this is

not exactly a strategic Mastermind but

he is a spiritual giant he was wetting


and praying for fire

that’s what Ahab said

that’s what Ahab said

his enemy

was doing a better job telling his story

than he was


I mean Ahab wouldn’t shut up he said he

told Jezebel everything Elijah had done

he didn’t leave out any details and then

he got the Bulls and then he started

taunting them and then he was like hey

maybe you should call louder maybe bills

in the bathroom he told everything

Elijah had done

he told how Elijah had told him in for

chapter 18 where where he said there’s a


the size of a man’s hand

and his servant said I don’t see

anything and Elijah said well the

problem isn’t with God’s word it’s with

your eyes go look again

he sent that poor servant remember when

I had you running up and down the stairs

one time preaching this passage yeah

yeah I sent him back and forth seven

times the most cardio he had ever done

in his life

and then I sent him back and forth and

talked about the frustration of faith he

told Jezebel all that happened the enemy

did the enemy did because the enemy is a

better Storyteller than most of God’s


he’ll tell you stories here’s how good

he is here’s how good he is he will just

make up stuff that might happen

that might happen

and then he will emphasize the


as you forget the historical


so all Elijah really had to do was give

the devil a history lesson

all Elijah really had to do to stop

himself from going in the wrong

direction from sinking into the depths

of Despair to be saying I’m suicidal I

don’t want to live I don’t want to do

this they’re trying to kill me all he

had to do while he was walking was

stopped for one moment and tell the

story like it really happened cause I

thought I was solely one but my God is

Yahweh I stood on that mountain all

alone I called down fire I wet that wood

and God came through I went to the brook

Club Terrace and the birds brought me

food I went to the Widow’s house and I

multiplied her oil



you keep deleting all the stuff that God

did and adding stuff that the enemy

might do and running from your purpose


that’s Jezebel

see because you can have Jesus in your


and Jezebel in your head


oh yeah I’m saved and going to heaven I

got Jesus in my heart I believe you I

really do all you got to do is ask him

and he’ll come in

that’s not the hard part

the hard part isn’t getting Jesus in

your heart that’s my grace anyway

and then like you did so much good stuff

he’s like okay cool this is a five-star

hotel I’ll come live in your heart

no no no no your heart your heart is


your heart is filthy your heart looks

like a college dorm room looks like a

frat house been torn apart your house

looks terrible and he came in anyway


that’s not the hard part

hey hey hey if you believe and repent

and turn to him he’ll come in your heart

but if Jesus is in your heart

and Jezebel’s in your head

you won’t follow him

you’ll follow fear

and fear watch this makes you forget

every step he takes away

he’s telling himself this same


and with every step he takes away from

what God has brought him into

you know what I mean when I say that or

do I need to break it down

it’s when God has called you to be

really present really invested really

faith really take the next step don’t be

afraid to look like a fool just do what

he gave you to do God has called you

he’s given you a gift and every step he

takes away from that

and he rehearses

the wrong story

it becomes so solidified that by the

time he gets to the cave

he’s got this story down

not even the earthquake

the windstorm

or the fire

can reverse what he’s rehearsed

not even

the greatest act of God

so God


so God’s like

I know what to do come here come come on

stage come on upstairs

God’s like I know what to do


since I got your back you know

since I know you since I made you since

I called you

I’m a Whisperer

because I’m right here

what are you doing here Elijah

Elijah’s like

I have been very zealous for the Lord

God Almighty

now now here’s here’s why here’s why I

think here’s why I think Elijah’s

speech sucks

that’s why I think his story is trash

put it back up verse 10 or 14 doesn’t

matter they’re both the same stupid



the same stuff over and over again you

know how you get when you get stuck in a


we used to say in in my house that’s my

story and um

all right let me tell you something new

your mama didn’t tell you this one

that’s your story and you’re stuck in it

even in God blessed the cave apart now

there’s no real cave for you to stand in

but you still trapped in that


in your head

what Jezebel said

so anyway he’s like I have been very

zealous for the Lord God Almighty

the Israelites have rejected your


torn down your altars

and put your prophets to death with the



that is why

the story


because of what he started with






wherever this story goes next

it is going to be confined by

the point of view

of the narrator

you can’t narrate by faith in first



in fiction they have what’s called a

third person narrator

is when the character isn’t saying I did

this and I did that and I went here and

I went there so basically like the way

we live our lives what do they think of

me what are they saying about me why

didn’t they invite me why don’t they

like me what’s wrong with me I I I third

person narrator is different it

describes the event watch this because

remember Holly has a book club

and then they have third person

omniscient this is a narrator that knows

stuff that they have no business knowing

and they say stuff that the characters

in the story can’t see

so God said you have been stuck in first

person frustration

but when the third person you missed it

the father

the Sun

and the third person of the Trinity the

Holy Spirit when the spirit speaks when

the spirit tells your story when the

spirit interprets your situation when

the spirit quickens you when the spirit

of God shows you what’s up when the

spirit of God tells you I still got

something for you to do when the spirit

of God speaks when you speak to God

through spirit and he speaks to you

through Spirit something happens and the

angels come


so so Holly Holly I’m not gonna holler

at you I’m

let you know I’m right here with you

and we could talk

we can talk we can talk about this talk

to him talk to him about it talk to him

about what you’re afraid about don’t you

go 40 days trying to figure it out in

your own strength starving your soul

starve in your spirit eating junk food

wondering why you’re weak I’ll tell you

why you’re weak you can’t go 40 days

telling yourself stuff that starts with




I’m gonna tell you what the kids taught

me they taught me that in video game you

have an NPC that’s y’all know this this

term the what’s it called non-playable

character that’s the people that’s just

there over to the side

they don’t do anything they’re just


and then of course you’re the main


y’all that’s a boring game when

everything else in your life is NPC and

you were the only character that matters

what about what God wants

what about what he wants to do through



have been very zealous true

for the Lord God Almighty

they give me give me verse 10 verse 14

verse 10 verse 14.

the Israelites I know what’s wrong with

us now I saw it in the text I saw what’s

wrong with me I saw why I’m stuck in my


because it says I and them

I have been very zealous

they have rejected your Covenant

torn down your altars and put your

prophets to death with the sword wait a

minute Elijah you killed 850 of them

yeah I’m not going to tell that part

don’t even have per down

be very suspicious of any story that has


be very suspicious of it

anytime that little voice inside you

start saying stuff like nobody

appreciates you call it into question

that’s probably not true

she’s getting fired up now I’m getting

her ready for reflect off I’m getting

her ready for a flag

because I want you to know when when you

go to prepare to preach to the ladies

Friday God’s voice won’t be the only

voice speaking to you

Jezebel be telling you stuff too who do

you think you are to preach this you

don’t have anything to say nobody wants

to hear from you you struggle with all

this same stuff too you hypocrite

by the way Jezebel will be the loudest

voice you’ll hear

watch this

Jezebel’s trying to attack you from the


Jesus is empowering you from the inside

oh God

I feel somebody getting set free today

I feel you will hear a voice

behind you saying

this I want you to raise those kids this

is how I want you to do great stuff for

your husband be really nice to him he’s


the Lord says stuff like this

just for example

and I want you to understand


of the story

that you tell yourself

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