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well we’re always trying new things out

here on our YouTube channel and this is

something a little bit different it’s a

little bit of a bonus message I just

preached kingdom clout part two it’s a

message about the father saw and there

was this whole section of the sermon

that I only got to when I preached it on

Saturday night that wasn’t the message

that went online so I thought what we do

is take that that section of the sermon

that part of the message from that

Saturday night sermon and share it with

you here today on YouTube so I hope it

blesses you gives a little bit more

context for the message that we’re

preaching but even if you didn’t see the

original message

I think this stands alone join me in

Luke chapter 15 if you’re new here don’t

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enjoy this message when you think about

our need for validation it’s important

to understand that if you don’t get it

from within you will always require it

from without that will keep you unstable

that will keep you always you know

dependent on the whims of people and

whether or not they had a good day or

whether or not their Cheerios were stale

as to whether or not they’re nice to you

and so it has to be a practice or a

habit from the inside of receiving from

God what you need because usually if you

are bad at celebrating yourself you will

not be able to celebrate others do me a

favor if you are like me in this way if

you have a hard time celebrating your

own success

stand up

well there’s the whole church well y’all

sit out and you’ll need the rest of this

message more than I thought

really cuz like even we went for a hike

yesterday to Crowder’s Mountain and I

was I was uh I was way ahead of Holly

just so you know just so far ahead of

her we had air pods in and we lost the

connection I was so far ahead of her and

uh I was like key fob come on you know

and this is the difference between me

and Holly okay this is it all in one

little anecdote she goes she goes the

view is getting good who cares about the

view I’m trying to get to the top and

that’s been why she’s been so good for

me along the journey of starting this

church you know I’m I’m 17 steps ahead

but she’s pointing out you know like hey

this is pretty cool you might want to

look at it before you just keep charging

up there there’s there’s no reward for

you beating your record time and then

you know not only can I not stop and

appreciate the view because I’m so

focused on the destination that’ll


but also sometimes I I’m scared to

celebrate I’m scared to celebrate it’s

scary to me because then I think that I

might get complacent when when you get

in that space like the enemy can only

distract you or discourage you and when

you do it to be seen by people you are

always now especially in our world just

one click or one view away from somebody

who’s doing it so much better now you

can’t think about celebration in the

Bible really without coming across this

classic scripture and you can’t think

about the kingdom of God without

thinking about this parable if this were

a Led Zeppelin anthology this would be

the stairway to heaven of the parables

that Jesus told the greatest hit of all

the parables that he told to show what

the kingdom was like see you can’t see

the kingdom of God you can see the

kingdoms of this world you can’t see the

kingdom of God you can see what I wear

on the outside you can’t see what I wear

as my attitude on the inside you can see

whether or not you know I achieved a

certain status you can see that but you

can’t see whether or not I’m secure and

Who I am

so Jesus had this habit of taking a

visible example and then he would

illustrate an invisible reality through

a parable and what he was showing us is

that the invisible is often more real

than the visible okay that sometimes the

stuff that we collect that we say is

real is less real than the stuff that we

neglect because we can’t see it and let

me slow down for a moment I’m talking

about your state of mind I’m talking

about your relationships with others I’m

talking about

the way that you process disappointment

those things the way that you treat

people who can’t do anything for you

those things and what he’s saying

through the parables is look give this

visible kingdom world but there is an

invisible kingdom within you that is

more important than the kingdom around

you it’s a different kind of kingdom

much different than the Jewish people

who he came to deliver had expected

often in his parables he would set up a

construct but it was really a head-fake

because right when they thought they

knew who the good guy was in the story

he would reverse it the show that the

one that you hated is the one that the

Kingdom welcomes even in Luke’s Gospel

it is called the outsider accounts

because there are so many examples of

people who were outside the kingdoms of

men but were brought into the kingdom of

God and if you have felt invisible and

insignificant this kingdom is for you

his most retold and misunderstood

parable concerns someone whose name we

don’t know but we just call him the

prodigal son he was wasteful with his

father’s money and in Luke 15 the Bible

says that one day he went to his father

and said I want my share of the

inheritance now the younger brother this

brother would get a third the older

brother would get two thirds the Bible

says something interesting in Luke 15 I

believe this verse 11 is that the first

verse I gave you there was a man who had

two sons and the younger one said to his

father give me my share of the estate so

he divided his property between them I

only needed to show you that verse 4 the

last word in it them them they both got

their share and I want to show you this

but I want to go slow enough that it

doesn’t just go you know you are already

thinking about kyuseok focus on the


it goes it goes right over our head that

it says them they both got their share

but the younger one who got less than

the older one by birthright took his and

the Bible describes his plight and I’ve

heard many sermons on this young man is

often used to speak to those who have

run away from God in a visible way that

they’ve they’ve got a drug addiction or

maybe sex that’s like taking over their

life or or there’s something controlling

them like they’ve made some bad

decisions and they’ve dropped out and

they’ve really blown it and will preach

about this this son who went away with

his one-third of the inheritance and

here’s a recap just in case you forgot

what he did with with his money verse 13

please not long after that the younger

son got together all he had settle for a

distant country and there squandered his

wealth in wild living we can only

imagine how wild he was but what we do

know about his decision to leave his

father’s house and to chase something

else that seemed better than where he

was is where it ended up verse 14 after

he has spent everything now see people

will be good to you as long as you are

good for them but after he had spent

everything and he was no longer picking

up the check and he was no longer buying

the appetizers and he was no longer

giving the rides but needing one there

was a severe famine in that old country

and he began to be in need verse 15 so

he went and hired himself out to be a

citizen of that country who sent him to

his fields to feed pigs and he longed to

fill his stomach with the pods that the

pigs were eating but no one gave him

anything no one gave him have you come

to the point in your life where people

stopped giving you the validation that

you needed

it might be that God is trying to point

you back to himself for what you never

should have depended on people for to

begin with breach verdict

we gotta validate yourself and when he

got to that low point he came to a

census you know he said this is crazy

I’m scrolling clicking posting deleting

scrolling clicking posting believe it

and everybody else on this stream is as

thirsty as I am

going back to my father I’m going back

where there’s bread I’m going back with

us warmth was expected he was like my

father servants have it better than me

out here I’m starving to death I will

set out and go back to my father and say

to him father I have sinned against

heaven and against you I’m no longer

worthy to be called your son you see how

this insecurity gets us to a place where

we now we now connect our worth to our

behavior so when you put yourself worth

in status when you lose status you lose

your sense of worth he’s like I’m gonna

go back I’m gonna make a speech and

maybe dad will hire me to be a servant I

don’t know it’s the only thing I got I

don’t really have any other options

I search the whole world I’m not hungry

and this is what touched me that made me

want to get up here and preach the

sermon he got up and went to his father

verse 20 but while he was still a long

way off his father saw

the father saw the father saw he saw

passed his mistakes he saw passed his


he saw passed his immaturity he saw

passed his foolishness

he saw passed his stench he saw that he

saw passed his torn clothes he saw

passed his tired eyes and he saw a son

for all of the unseen I want you to

notice that the father saw the son

before the son said a word to the father


his father saw him and was filled with

compassion he didn’t see a slave he saw

a son and he ran to him and threw his

arms around him and kissed him which was

not only unexpected but undignified yet

the heart of this message is that I came

to tell somebody the father saw when you

understand that the father saw then it

doesn’t matter what people see and they

might have called you this or that or

have defined you by one decision in your

life and you may even have defined

herself by that but the father saw

beneath the surface the father saw he

always sees your father who sees what is

done in secret the father saw he didn’t

see what was on the boy he saw what was

in the boy and he called him back like

God is doing with you today under the

power and the influence of the preached

Word of God is that he sees you he sent

me to tell you I see you I see you

other people see what you’re showing

them I see what you hide and I want you

I see you I know you I want you when you

have this revelation that the father saw

what people couldn’t see you are no

longer limited to their opinions or even

defined by their decrees the father did

not need to ask permission of all of the

people who worked at the house to see

whether his son could get a robe he did

not need to ask for a vote to see if he

should be allowed back on the island the

father did not need to consult

with the committee to see whether or not

he could cook a hamburger for his son in

fact the first thing he said was quick

bring the best robe remind him who he is

remind her who she is remind them who

they were before they let life label

them and put a lid on them remind them

what is beneath the surface of their

skin that is eternal but not remind them

of what is greater than status remind

them of what is significant remind them

of what people look past remind them of

their soul their spirit their calling

their gift their chosenness remind them

that I see them he said cover the boy

with a rope put a ring on his finger and

sandals on his feet but you know what

the whole passage was not about the

younger brother it was about the older

brother it was about the brother who was

unable to celebrate what he already had

the Bible says that not only did the

father see his younger son and put a

robe on him but the older brother heard

the party when it started and I don’t

know what they were bumping but it was

so loud that the older brother heard it

in the field and the scripture says in

verse 25 that when he came near the

house he heard music and dancing

give me more so he called one of the

servants and asked him what’s going on

with this music and this dancing and the

servant told him your brother has come

and your father has killed the fattened

calf because he has him back safe and

sound and the older brother became angry

and refused to go in and celebrate he

could not celebrate someone else because

he could not celebrate himself he missed

the whole party he missed the whole

point he missed the whole thing because

he did not know how to celebrate and we

see something in his State of Mind in

verse 29

the answer his father he said look all

these years I’ve been slaving for you

you see how he saw himself he didn’t see

himself as a son he saw himself as a

slave he didn’t see himself as loved he

saw himself as tasked he didn’t see

himself as worthy he saw himself as

earning something that wasn’t yet his

and he’s mad and he’s miserable even

though he has more than his younger

brother and he is unable to celebrate

what he has because he does not see

himself as his father does all these

years I’ve been slaving for you never

disobey your orders I made my bed I

cleaned my room I charged my iphone

downstairs didn’t take it up with me

these are our rules at the house I’m

just and yet you never gave me you see

that phrase you never gave me even a

young goat so I could celebrate with my

friends but when this son of yours I’m

not even gonna call him my brother who

squandered your property but prostitutes

comes home you kill the fattened calf

for him and verse 31 is what the father

wants to say to us today my son the

father said you are always with me and

everything I have is yours

but we had to celebrate we had to

celebrate we had to party cuz this

brother of yours was dead and he’s alive

again he’s lost and he’s found we had to

celebrate and all that I have is yours

so if you want to go go get one I heard

the Lord tells somebody get your own

goat why are you waiting on somebody

else to give you what God already made

available to you and as long as we run

around waiting to be given what is

already ours we’re gonna starve to death

in our father’s house but when you know

your father sees you when you know he

has your back when you sense this pride

and affirmation what’s this I am NOT

waiting for it

I am living in it I am a celebrated

child of the Most High God

get your own go get your own joy through

your own party


– in

celebrate your blessings

because if you don’t get it from god

you’re gonna go for for the thing that

only God can give from other people and

we need this message because we have

forgotten that our Father sees you think

you’re in this whole thing alone

you’re crazy he’s watching you be

careful little eyes what you see know be

encouraged little Lindsay be encouraged

your father sees he saw that boy in the

distance he saw that boy even though he

wasn’t dressed like he belonged to

somebody who was significant and he

always sees beneath the outward

appearance your father sees the heart

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