In “It’s Okay To Be Scared,” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reminds us that fear can’t control us when we stay focused on God’s promises.

come on give it up for this red jacket


in living color I love you but beside to

hear you talk for the next seven hours

it’s good to see you it is good to be

seen and not viewed how many old

preacher jokes do you have like that

like give me another one yeah they

listen to me did they come organically

the first time you hung out with me you

scared me so bad so like he was nice

enough to spend a day with me talking

about preaching and in the middle of

telling me about preaching he starts

preaching about blind bartimaeus and he

starts acting out every character in the

story of blind bartimaeus and blind

Bartimaeus hollers in the story it’s

just me and him in the room and he

hollers full throat Bishop voice across

the desk at me and I spilled my I’ve

told people about that told him you can

preach on anything well it’s not really

that what we were talking about this is

spinning the text yeah because on one

hand I’m a preacher and I’m on the other

hand I’m a film producer and one of the

things you have to decide whenever you

do a film you have a story somebody

brings you a story and you decide to

write a script for it you have to decide

which character is going to be the

narrative who’s going to be talking and

so if you take that principle and you

apply it to the Bible is it gonna be

told to the eyes of blind bartimaeus or

is it gonna be told to the eyes of Jesus

or is it gonna be told to the houses of

disciples because every POV point of

view leads you into a different realm of

truth you see it depends on whose

perspective it’s like a husband and wife

live in the same house have same I had

dressy the same food but they’re having

two different experiences and so the

point of view determines the the

relativity of the truth to power the

truth the significance of the truth is

all brought about by who’s talking you

take the prodigal son it’s one thing to

talk about it from the son’s perspective

it’s another thing to talk about is

availible brothers perspective

yet a third thing to talk about it from

the father’s perspective okay each

perspective opens up a new ventricle of

truth and feeling and perspective and

when you look at it in his totality then

you see the sums the substratum of truth

itself all right we’ve been gone five

minutes you’ve already said ventricle

and substratum so there’s a reason I

played a my shot from Hamilton when you

came out can I tell ya Bishop Jake’s and

I got to watch Hamilton together a while

back so what I thought would be fun just

a game and then we’re gonna talk about

the book it’s gonna be very spiritual he

warned me to brace myself for something

that surprised me with so yeah write

grateful this is this better is better

than a dance-off but what I would like

to do is play a game

where I give you a song title from

Hamilton the musical oh and you preach

us a one-minute sermon on that song

title with the text and how many of you

would love to experience this I thought

you were I thought you would how y’all

doing over there this is gonna be the

best night of your life

starts right now starts with this okay

so the song that we came out to that you

came out to my shot