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gut spilling out

I’ll leave that to your imagination I

could get real graphic here

you know and as the intro spilled no no

and they found the blade that had

previously been on the thigh of the

judge now I just leave it to the



you can’t unsee this right the fact

closes all in over the blade so now the

blade is still hidden

sucks the blade up in there the weapon

is hidden first on ihat’s Thai and then

in eglin’s belly

everything in the passage is hidden


when they found the key they unlocked

the door and that spoke to me

about how

the unlock

for the nation of Israel after 18 years

of chains of Oppression metaphorically

speaking not that they were physically

in Chains although some some of them


but the Captivity

that was a part of this cycle

was unlocked

by a man with the left hand from the


of the right hand


many times in my life I have limited


because I’m left-handed

again just to be clear

in case this video is ever made public

or in case I send it to a friend who is

Left-Handed and you are offended and you

send me an article on seven reasons that

left-handed people are more likely to go

to Harvard

be the president and win an Oscar

and send me all the Geniuses that were

left-handed and talk about whoa

ambidextrous and boom boom boom boom

boom no I don’t

I don’t really okay well send me the

Articles I’m sure I’ll find them

interesting and then I’ll put those in

the illustration too because here

there is a clear literary

device that the author of Judges is

saying Benjamin son of my right hand

a judge that the Bible doesn’t even say

the Spirit came on who was left-handed

had a secret meeting

and God used an 18 inch 18 inch weapon a

left-handed man in a secret place to

deliver a nation I think

there are

secret weapons that you have that you

sometimes don’t recognize because you

get discouraged right Isaiah goes on to

say in Isaiah 49

verse 3 he said to me you are my servant

Israel and whom I will display my

Splendor well

Isaiah comes long after the Book of

Judges but you know when he says you are

my servant Israel Isaiah is not just

talking about himself he’s talking about

the whole nation

and he’s prophesying about Jesus the

Messiah but in this case watch what he

says I said verse 4 I have labored in

vain I’ve spent my strength for nothing

at all wow

I have spent my strength for nothing at


man I’m doing everything I know to do


I’m I’m left-handed I’m I’m weak and you


the next verse

it really hit home for me and brought

this thing together in verse 4 part B he

said yet what is do me because he’s

feeling like a little bit of self-pity

he’s not seeing the results he’s not

feeling like he’s making a difference

the nation is not turning back and in

this particular instance he’s preaching

and prophesying

but you might feel like that with the

Investments that you’re making of your

time you might feel like that with the

way that you’re trying to create

relationships you may be in a season of

feeling rejection you may just feel like

man I’m not getting any progress or any

traction I keep getting sick in my body

over and over again and I keep having to

reset and I can’t move forward I I keep

going back into

you know this old pattern and

it seems like it’s all for nothing well

if you feel like that and you’ve been

saying things like that lately I’ve

spent my strength for nothing at all

you need this this next part of the

verse yet

verse 4B Isaiah 49 yet what is Do Me

is in the Lord hand excuse me it wasn’t

as powerful I messed it up yet what is

Do Me