What are you supposed to do when God doesn’t give you a plan?

because I understand that God wants
to use me but I need to know what that’s

going to look like you understand I need
some details I need some

specifics I need some marching orders I
need some dates sometimes some

instructions so please Lord if it’s not too much trouble send that guy

back and he said we were gonna have a
son that was gonna like change the world

and stuff but I need to hear it for
myself and I need to know the plan any

planners in the house any planners any
planners any planners thank God for you

thank God for you because all the people
without their hand up they always come

late and make the worship leaders lead
to the first two rows and it’s empty and

they come crawling in last minute but I don’t
hate you in the back but I’m just saying

thank God for the planners but it can
become a problem and I’m gonna show you

why I’m gonna show you why he said we
need to know the plan if it’s gonna be

this big thing you know if you gave us
this promise I need to know the plan cuz

without a plan the promise is just
abstract rhetoric without the without

the plan I can know God is for me he
wants to use me I’m gonna spread the gospel

and all that sounds good but just send
him back if I could get five minutes

with this awesome looking man who was
talking to my wife and told her she was

about to get pregnant I need to know the
plan now I love the next phrase God

heard Manoah God heard Manoa isn’t it
interesting that the woman wasn’t

praying to get pregnant when the angel
said it was gonna happen I don’t know if

she gave up I don’t know if she did pray
I don’t know if she didn’t pray the Bible

doesn’t say it doesn’t matter
and then Manoah is begging God to show up

and speak to him and you know God
initiates we respond God initiates we

respond but God heard Manoah and when we
Manoah prayed God didn’t say figure it

out yourself and trust me instead he
obliged Manoah’s need for more

information let the person next to you
know something real quick and it might

sound cocky but tell him anyway his true
say he hears me

God hears me he hears me better than
Siri and Alexa he hears me he hears me

he knows my voice he likes when I call
him when I say help he says yes before I

can even get h- out my mouth he hears me he
hears my groans where words don’t come

he hears me he hears my heart and the
secret petitions of things that people

don’t know that I’m dealing with he
hears me he hears the unspoken did you

go to youth group and we used to say I
have an unspoken he hears what I don’t

say he hears what’s behind what I said
that’s really driving the behavior he

hears me he hears my secret frustration
that I don’t say around people because

if I told him how frustrated I was it
would scare them but he hears me he hears

me when I sing to him when I tell him
worthy is the Lamb of God he hears me I

know there’s better singers than me and
I know I don’t always sing on key but he

hears me when I sing thank you Jesus he
hears me it blesses his heart to hear me

and the angel of God came again to the
woman wait-wait-wait-wait-wait to the

Manoah asked for the visit and this

angel is back out talking to his wife
because God is not going to do it like

you want him to do it he’s gonna want to
see will you trust him so the angel God

came again to the woman while she was
out in the field but her husband Manoah

was not with her and the woman hurried to
tell her husband he’s here the man who

appeared to me the other day Manoah got up
and followed his wife and when he came

to the man
he said are you the man who talked to my

wife hold on let me change Manoah’s
accent are you the man who talked to my


she said she said an awesome-looking man
came and said that she was gonna be

pregnant was that you the angel said I am
so Manoah asked him when your words

are fulfilled I don’t doubt you’re going to
do it I just need to know the plan what is

to be the rule that governs the boy’s
life and work how do we do this how do

we do this we had a meeting this week
about the church and I know what I want

to see but I don’t know the plan for it and so a lot
of times when I get in that mode I start

trying to like tweak stuff and I start
trying to manipulate stuff I know you

don’t do this but I’m a control freak
and so I’ll be like well we could do

this this and this and it’s all good
it’s all good but I want you to watch

what the angel does instead of giving
Manoah the plan which is what he asked

for what do we do with this boy that you
said is going to be born that’s going to

do something great what do I do with
this calling and what do I do in this

I need to know the plan I need to know

the details I need to know the agenda
and the Bible says that the angel verse

13 answered your wife so now the angel
pivots from what Manoah asked to what he

needed to know right now now sometimes
when you pray to God he’s going to pivot

and you’re gonna be like I need the plan
but God will pivot I mean this angel

would have made a great politician or
preacher or basketball player he could

have been in the all-star game because
watch how quick he pivots we need to

know what to do when the boy is born
what are we gonna do how are we going to raise him

how are we how many times
you know Manoah’s full of questions

right of course he is do we need to put
him in a special school do we need to

get him a tutor
do we need to teach him karate do we need

to teach him jiu jitsu you know should we
be strict should we be what are we

doing what are we doing and the angel
said just tell your wife right now don’t

drink anything or eat anything unclean
that’s all you need no right now

the pivot from what you think you need
to know to what you really need to know

and God just watch his footwork see we
always want to see God’s hand but

sometimes you gotta watch his feet
because sometimes he wants to set a

different direction to say you’re not
even looking at the right side of this

watch the pivot and when he pivots you
got to be quick to go with him and say

God I don’t want your hand I want your
face I want to know you I want to seek

you I want to see you I want to feel you
I want to know you I want to have you I

wanna I want to understand what you know
I need to understand and I wonder is God

trying to pivot your prayer life is God
trying to pivot your strategizing is God

trying to pivot because you’re always
trying to look for him in logic you’re

always trying to look for him in
analysis and in calculation but God is

Spirit and you can’t get to Spirit
through strategy you’ve got to come to

God like this you’ve got to come to God
with open arms open hands and an open


it’s the pivot funny thing about a
pivot though it’s a small move but it

sets a completely different direction

Manoah you can’t handle
the plan right now you can’t my word is

a lamp unto your feet a light unto your

funny thing about pivot I’ve been doing
this all week just studying this sermon

just trying to get God to show me
different ways see situations and to see

his will and what I think is his will and
what I thought was his will and I

thought he was always doing this but
sometimes he’s doing that and they get

this promise this is from the Lord you
know he didn’t realize that at first but he

starts to sense he starts to sense that
this may be God this may be God it’s too

big to be anything I could do I don’t
have a plan for it I don’t have a

context for it I don’t know this may
be God this is the Lord this is from the

Lord this gift set that I have
this talent this child that I’m raising

this is from the Lord somebody say this
is from the Lord and so since it’s from

the Lord then I need him to show me how
to do it but sometimes he won’t answer

the question that I ask instead he will
give me the wisdom that I need because

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