It’s easy to want to blame the devil when you hit a roadblock. But what do you do when it’s God that stops you?

I understand the Holy Spirit kept kept
me from from going off and I understand

the Holy Spirit kept me from certain
parties but I didn’t know the Holy

Spirit would keep you from preaching
having been kept in that a weird verse

you’ve heard this sermon this is the
third time you heard this sermon having

been kept by the I want to blame the
devil here because everything that I

want to happen in my life that doesn’t
happen I give the devil credit for it

ever every dream that I have that
doesn’t come true it’s the devil it’s

the devil the devil is more popular than
God in most sermons it’s the devil and

it’s just nothing but the but but
the devil and the Lord really spoke to

me the last time I went down that that
that that line of logic and and in the

sense that I got is he was telling me
stop giving the devil credit for stuff

I’m trying to do in your life and
particularly stop giving the devil credit

for the moments where I hold you back
because Paul was the most brilliant

preacher that ever lived there was
nobody better to preach in Asia than

Paul and watch what he says he said I
wanted to do a good thing my desire was

right it wasn’t out of bad motives I was
trying to strengthen the church I was

trying to build people up in their faith
I was trying to do what I thought God

told me to do and I went to Galatia and
God let me and I went to Phrygia and God

let me but when I tried to go to the
border of Mysia and in Berea

watch watch what says next the spirit of
Jesus would not allow them to what’s up

with God holding Paul back from
preaching the gospel why would God send

His son and not spare His son and then
Paul goes to try to preach and God says


so so Jesus says go into all the world
and preach the gospel Paul is like okay

God says no not there I’m just trying to do what you told me to do try again maybe we can get in Mysia

got to the border no and most of us
right here most of us would have gone

back home because the moment that we
make progress and then the progress

stops and I know your wrist is starting
to hurt and there will be a reward in

heaven and a crown with some big jewels
in it when you get done with this sermon

and icepack but see here’s the thing
about being a good parent you really

don’t know what kind of parent you are
until you have to tell your kid no yeah

true because I play this game with the
kids and I know it’s terrible but

sometimes I ask them who would they
choose to live with

it’s just a game you look so disturbed
sweetheart it’s just a game I’ve never not

realized yeah yeah it’s just a terrible
evil game that I play with my kids and I

used to feel like it was a compliment
when they said me until I realized that

the one they would choose to live with
is usually the parent who doesn’t know

how to say no and you say God is a good
good father I like the song too but is

he still good when he says what every
good parent has to say every once in a

while no no I’m not gonna make it easier
no I’m not gonna bring them back into

your life no I’m not gonna take the
thing away

see Paul had experience with this you
understand cuz he had something that he

called a thorn in his flesh something
that he wanted God to take away because

he thought I could be so much more
effective if it wasn’t for this thing

that’s holding me back and we all have
that thing and so Paul asked God take it

and God said no and so Paul came back a

second time and he said pretty please
and God said no and he asked him a third

time with the cherry on top and God said
no the answer is still no and this is my

question is He still good when the
answer is still no

or do you have a conditional faith that
when God says no you go home that when

it doesn’t happen overnight and that
when you don’t see results right away

not only do you quit the gym but you
quit church and you quit praying and so

we tried here and we tried there and God
said no so I guess it must be God’s will

for us to go back home but Paul didn’t
see it that way Paul knew that just

because God says no doesn’t mean it’s

and I prophetically proclaim that over
someone’s life today I don’t know what

No you’ve been told by God by life by
the doctor by another person I don’t

know what the no is but I don’t have
to know what the know is here’s what I

know because he who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it it’s

not over it’s not over show them on the
screen it’s not over in fact here’s what

I learned about God sometimes when he
says no it’s because there’s a greater

opportunity that I don’t know about yet
and God is so good help me preach now

I’m closing the message but this is for
somebody who’s been told no and the pain

hasn’t gone away and the memory hasn’t
gone away and it hasn’t gotten easier

and the seas haven’t gotten smoother
and it doesn’t seem to be changing in

your situation but God came to give you
strength in your spirit it’s not over

just because God said no doesn’t mean
He’s left you alone He is with you in

the no like He was with you in the yes
good father He knows what’s on the other

side of no so don’t go home don’t go
home just because God said no no but I’m

trying so hard and I asked God I thought
my a group leader I guess it I guess it

wasn’t meant to be I guess it wasn’t
meant for me

Paul said no let’s go to Troas is
that verse 8 and when they went to uh

Troas they passed by Mysia
that’s where Paul wanted to go go ahead

and God wouldn’t let him so they had to
pass by sometimes you have to pass by

your plans to get to God’s purpose

her me with spiritual ears he passed by
what he planned to get to what God

purposed so he passes by Mysia see ya

and goes to Troas where he waits in
confusion but he’s chained to grace and

he waits because he knows that if God says no I won’t remove it the obstacle the

thorn I will give you a grace that is
greater so that you can overcome it it’s

a no-go it’s not over it’s a greater
opportunity because while Paul was at

Troas not the place he planned the place
God purposed he saw a vision in the

night and this vision it wasn’t a vision
of God it was a vision of a man from

Macedonia and he was standing there
begging Paul come over to Macedonia and

help us and God didn’t show up looking
like an angel God showed up looking like

a need and God might be speaking to you
about your next season in the context of

the need that’s standing right in front
of you I feel that so deep for somebody

man because they’re just about to go
home just go home it’s over

that’s what the enemy has been telling
you just quit trying to be free just

quit trying and just give in this is who
you are

no I’m I’m loved by God that’s who I am
and He’s a good father and if He says no

there’s something that He knows that I
don’t know and that’s what makes Him God

and that’s why I worship Him and I serve

He doesn’t serve me
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