There’s purpose to it all. In “When Life Pushes, God Pulls,” Pastor Steven Furtick reveals that God is positioning you for exactly where He needs you — trust the process. This is an excerpt from “The Power Of The Pull.” To watch the full message from @elevationchurch, click here:    • The Power of The Pull | Work Your Win…   #faith #peace #hope #stevenfurtick #elevationchurch Chapters: 0:00 – Use What God Gave You 3:52 – Why Didn’t That Work? 5:44 – Pushing Only Gets You So Far 8:00 – Motivation Vs. Inspiration 10:06 – God Is Pulling You

I wonder what you’re sitting on that

you’re not using

today should have used all of your

arrows you should have taken everything

God gave you and kept striking until you

saw it until what you see in your life

reflects what God has spoken over your

life that’s good that’s good it was not

a deficiency in the artillery that

caused the king to be

defeated it was his lack of

Drive can I say that that he wouldn’t

Drive every arrow into the ground you

should have kept pushing you know we all

need to push every now and then don’t

we I mean we all come to the place in

our life where we need somebody to help

us motivate us that’s right to do what

we can’t do and to get us started in the

right direction on I feel like it’s my

job in some ways to give you a push as

you go into your week you know just a

little nudge just a just a little push

that’s what the worship leaders are

doing they’re they’re giving you a push

you know you come in some weeks and you

don’t feel like praising God right and

you know you cussed at your kids in the

van on the way to church and said praise

the Lord when you saw The

Parkers but what I’m saying today really

doesn’t have as much to do with that as


does with the other instrument cuz I was

praying you know we we’ve talked about

the power of

precision you have to aim at

something we’ve talked about the power


preparation that the ground must be

plowed for the Harvest to be

plentiful y’all miss that nobody wrote

that down in the whole church the ground

must be plowed for the Harvest to be

plentiful wow why are you move the

elevation pin

bro across the page back and forth

e even talked about the power of

potential and the power of

provision all of these things we’ve

talked about using these

arrows and as I was praying about how do

we close this series it was almost like

I heard the text talking to me it was

almost like the text was talking cuz

I’ve been preaching so much about these

arrows and how you can’t leave any of

them in your quiver you cannot quit with

arrows left in your quiver we’ve been

preaching so much about the arrows but

it’s like I heard the text talking to me

and it it’s as if the text said how

about the

bowo because the whole thing started

with a bow that’s right that’s right JJ

you got a

bow how about that he’s got a

bow and some

arrows now of course we work this out

ahead of time this is Graham’s bow and

he uh he didn’t even know where it was I

told him this week to get his bow that

Uncle Max gave him a couple Christmases

ago and he couldn’t even find it and I

thought well that’s a sermon

illustration in itself you’re like a lot

of Christians you wrote it down in a

notebook but you never anyway




um but he brought me the

bow and I was

thinking in the context of of what we’ve

learned about all of these principles

from God’s

word and uh just real quick I promise

you I know way better than to point this

at any of you so let me turn my back on

you for a moment she looks so scared I

promise I would never I would never I’m

extreme but I’m not

crazy get a bow get some arrows on the

count of three we’re going to shoot it

you ready you ready

LJ one two three

shoot well that didn’t go very

far let’s try

again count me down all right you ready

get a bow everybody say get a get a bow

a get some arrows get some arrows take

the shot take the shot on three here we

go one 2


you like

that I feel kind of stupid up here cuz

in my mind I saw the arrow flying

through the air you know the Lord’s

Arrow Victory I saw it like a great

illustration am I doing something


wrong oh

so in order for the arrow to fulfill its

purpose the bow has to

be I want to preach today for 25 minutes

on the power of the


pull because if you go out of this

series trying to live out these

principles in your own strength you are

going to look as stupid to the devil as


do with this little

Banshee but once you understand the

power of the

pull once you understand

that the power of God is not in your

effort it is not by your might nor by

your strength but by his


see it’s good to get a push it’s good to

get a push it’s really really good to

get a push and and some people like this

King they will do what they’re told as

long as somebody is pushing

them everything Elisha told the king to

do he did it get a bow he got it get

some arrows he got them strike the

ground he struck it but it was the

moment that Elisha took his hands off

the king’s hands see some people have to

be pushed to praise God other people

have something on the inside of them

that you don’t have to Pro oh God you

don’t have to PR

me I don’t need you to tell me to lift

my hands my hands are lifted

up my mouth is filled with

praise it’s the power

of the pul see before I was armed but

now I’m

dangerous the devil doesn’t fear you

with with your little I can see you

right now coming out of here you know

trying to push yourself to live for

Jesus come on devil I got something for

you and and and the devil isn’t scared

but I guarantee

you with a little bit of

Leverage I said all you need is a little

bit of

Leverage I said all you need is a little

bit of

Leverage come on how many are seated in

Heavenly places with


somebody shout I got pulled I got pull

that’s what Paul was saying in 2

Corinthians 10 verse3 he said though we

walk in the world we don’t wage war as

the world wages War we’re not throwing

our own arrows we have Heavenly leverage

the weapons of our Warfare are not

carnal but are Mighty somebody shout

power but are Mighty through God to the

pulling down of stronghold

you’ve been pushing pushing pushing

pushing pushing pushing pushing pushing

pushing pushing pushing pushing pushing

and that’s why it’s not working but God

said if you would

pull it’s a big difference this is

motivation oh yeah

yeah it it’ll work if I motivate you in

church it’ll work till Wednesday yes

sir I mean the arrow went somewhere but

not where it could have gone not all the

way over arum not complete Victory

motivation but if there’s something on

the inside of you and that’s what

jehoash didn’t

have that’s called

inspiration I like that is something p

on me from the inside that made me want

to preach on my birthday I could be on


beach but something pulled me to this

Pulpit I wanted to do it not I had to do

it I want to do it I love to do it I

want to serve him I love to serve him I

want to worship him I love to worship

him I want him I need him I got to have


and I look back on my little life even

though it’s not been a long life

yet but God has

been yeah pulling

me according to his purpose now

sometimes I didn’t see it that way at


time sometimes it felt like life was

pushing me around

sir I don’t know if you’ve ever felt


way I don’t know if you’ve ever felt

like life had pushed you past your

breaking point so much pressure on you

that you didn’t know what to

do but I found out that the

power comes from the pressure

sir I could use a lot of biblical

examples of this but I chose Joseph

because he said at the end of his life

after he saw what God’s purpose had been

all along fully fulfilled and he saw the

the the portrait of it not just one

little part of it he saw the the whole

panoramic view he was able to say to his

brothers you meant it for

evil because see his brothers had pushed

him into a pit sir have you ever been

pushed around ever been rejected just

wave at me so okay so so you might need

to know this verse he said you meant it


evil you were pushing me but while you


pushing the hand of God


pulling he was he was pulling me that’s

right when when it didn’t go the way I

wanted it to when they talked about me

they were

pushing God was

pulling the hand of God has always been

on your

life while people were pushing with one

hand God was pulling with the


other it’s the

power of the

pull to know that God was positioning me

for exactly where he wanted me to be and

when you understand the power of the

pull life doesn’t seem so Random anymore

you understand that there was a purpose

behind all of

it if you look out here you you can’t

see it but if you if you if you look

back if you look back you you’ll see

that your dad didn’t make you come to

church that

night you thought he made you come to

church that

night but it wasn’t your dad pushing you

to come to church that made you come to

church God


was he used your dad your dad’s in

heaven now my dad’s in heaven now

they’re probably eating some some

carb-free angel food cake to celebrate

my birthday together 37 candles Jesus

name but but but Cody Cody bugged me to

get me to church the night I got saved

he was he was pushy about it too he

showed up in his pickup truck and in my

mind he was being

pushy but while he was pushing

me God was pulling

me that’s right on February

19th 19

1980 I came into the world

because she pushed

me is this too


graphic but at the same time she was

pushing God was pulling I wasn’t born on

accident and neither were you God knew

you needed to be here God brought you

here right here right now it was his

hand your didn’t bring you to church God

brought you to

church get a

bow get some

arrows and let me give you an object

lesson on the way God works God is

pulling you God is drawing you to

himself God is drawing you into purpose

yeah sometimes it’s painful yes

sometimes it feels like you’re going

backwards but wait till you see the

trajectory of God’s purpose come on and

shout out to

God was pulling me he pulled me out of

some relationships I didn’t need to be

in yes he did he pulled me out of some

pits that I fell into with my own dumb

decisions how many are grateful for the

hand of God that pulled you out

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