If you ever feel like you don’t fit in, this one’s for you.

do you ever feel like you don’t fit
where you came from you don’t fit where

you’re going have you ever felt too
churchy to be worldly but a little too

worldly to fit in some churches where
you have to and so David I hit something

right there and David he escapes but
watch this this is the phrase that got my

attention everybody say escape escape
because everybody has a way that they

that’s what Guns N’ Roses was for me

that’s what that’s what that’s what
Elijah’s headphones are for him it’s

a way for me to escape just for a little
while I can get out of my situation and

get into something else but the way that
you escape here’s the principle could

lead to greater captivity so it is it is
so important where you go when you run

because sometimes what you run to will
end up running you

the Bible says that David escaped from
the land of Gath and he was safe from the

spear of Saul and he escaped to give me
my verse the cave which is a safe place

but he escaped to something that he was
trapped in now we understand what David

had to complain about in Psalm 142
because he’s supposed to be a king and

he’s stuck in a cave and he’s safe
but he’s stuck and he knows there is

more to me than this and he is shocked
now watch this

David is not surprised by the enemies
that surround him he’s surprised by the

friends that didn’t

David was not expecting that it would be
easy to be a king he was not expecting

to ascend to the throne without any
battles he wasn’t expecting cotton candy

lollipops Santa Claus Yahweh he wasn’t
expecting to be able to take the moving

sidewalk to the throne to rule the
people but he was expecting that the

people God called him to serve would
have his back and he looks around in

Psalm 142 from the cave of Adullam and
says I’m not surprised by whose

surrounding me to kill me I’m surprised
that nobody is surrounding me that cares

about me
have you ever looked around and been

surprised where are the people I helped
where are the people I prayed for where

are the people this is what it’s like to
be a parent

I thought it must be lonely for David in
the cave to be all alone in the cave

but then I kept reading and I discovered
he wasn’t alone can I show you well have

a have a seat I’ll show you I love this
stuff man touch somebody say get into

it get into it get into it don’t just
settle for a little a little cassette

single yeah don’t just
settle for a little a little this is the

day the Lord has made cuz you like
the beat the back story is this David is

in the deepest place of despair not
because he’s surrounded by trouble

because he can’t find his support he’s
in a stronghold looking for a support

system looking for somebody to be there
for him you mean I killed this giant

that was defying the whole nation you
mean I you mean I helped you move just trying to

make it practical or something we can
live with because most of us aren’t

hiding from wicked kings but it
doesn’t mean that we can’t relate mm-hmm

mm-hmm David says I looked around and
nobody was there but it wasn’t true just

read the whole rest of the verse verse 1
same verse he’s in the cave of Adullam

that’s where he was he says I look to my
right nobody was there that’s what he

wrote Psalm 142 and his brothers and
father’s household heard about it and

they went down to him there so he was
surrounded but there is a difference

between being surrounded
and feeling supported and God sends

David some people in a cave and maybe he
wrote that before they came and maybe he

wrote it as it came here’s one thing I
know every body in that cave needed

something from David here’s how I know
the Bible describes David’s team in

verse 2 it says not only did his
brothers and father come who by the way

didn’t believe in him his dad didn’t
even bring him in on draft day when

Samuel came through town with a horn of
oil looking for the next king now you

want some help in the cave because
Saul’s gone crazy and you think maybe I

can defend you because I’m good with a
sword and a slingshot you ever felt like

people only call on you in certain times
like you don’t hear from them for two

years and when they call you you kind of
want to say why don’t you just cut the

crap and tell me what you want cuz I
know you didn’t call me to check on me I

know there’s no way in the world you
just called me to see how I was doing

now let’s just skip through the
preliminaries how you doing bro how I’m

doing is just tell me what you need and I’ll
tell you whether I’m gonna do it or not

but let’s just cut through all this so I
can save the time that you would spend

pretending like you care about me maybe
it’s just me I will bless the Lord at all times

and David is surrounded but he does
not feel supported he’s got a full

email inbox does anybody still
email anymore by the way okay and it’s

not that he’s not getting any texts it’s
just that they’re all transactional it’s

not that he doesn’t know anybody it’s
just that nobody really knows him nobody

cares he didn’t say nobody came he said
nobody cares

I got a crowd around me and I smile so
good they have no idea that I feel like

it’s all fake
see how quiet it’s getting that’s when I’m

preaching my best when they’re standing
up and shouting and all that I ain’t

saying nothing real important when it gets like that you hear it

you hear that funeral vibe that’s what I
like who really cares if I if I couldn’t

provide for them would they care I think
I wonder sometimes if I couldn’t pick up

the mic if I couldn’t do what I did who
would I be

and who would really love me if I didn’t
have a big church I’m just trying to

tell you I’m not David but I can relate
and I have a feeling every husband can

relate every wife can relate every
friend can relate I know every parent

can relate to look around in wonder
does anybody really care about me as a

person when are they gonna ask me how
are you and everybody around me needs

something from me look who God sent to
David in the cave thanks a lot God look

at verse 2 all those who were in
distress or in debt or discontented

gathered around him really this is my
team huh really I don’t know the

sequence nobody does but was God
messing with David nobody’s nobody

surrounds me and God said alright imma
put 400 the Bible says there were 400 of

them imma send 400 rough the roughest
thugs you’ve ever seen in your you’re

gonna have some company in the cave now
David hey make some room get the cot

I heard you David here comes some backup

but God I don’t want that

what David didn’t know can I preach
can I preach these men would be the same

men who would bring him to the throne

these men that God sent to David in the
cave would be the same men who would

chase down lions and pits on snowy days
and rip their mouths open and if they

wouldn’t have been rough
they couldn’t have been relentless and

if David hadn’t been in the cave they
wouldn’t have come to him it was a setup

that’s what I’m trying to say it was
a setup there are some things that can

only come together in the cave when you
get alone and you feel alone and you say

God I need you and God says now that you
know that I’m what you need I can give you

what you don’t even know to pray for if
you get desperate and open your mouth

and get real come on is anybody
ready to get real with God I’m done

pretending I’m done playing do it by faith
touch five people say you got what you

need you got what you need you got what
you need

come on UC you got what you need
you got what you need it might look like

debt it might look like disorientation
it might look like discontent but

those were David’s mighty men in
disguise i’m telling you a little boys

lunch is an all you can eat buffet when
God puts his hand on it what you have is

what you need for where you are you are
not stuck it is not over Saul can’t kill

you and you’re not alone shout about it hey
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