If you are experiencing transition right now, there’s a few things you need to know so you don’t get trapped.

some of the things that you think have
left your life did not leave your life

they just changed forms and the ability
to transition I’m getting wound up and

I’m just in my introduction is the most
important skill that you will learn as a

Christian because God is never going to
leave you or forsake you but he will

change forms that means the way he
provides for you in one season will not

necessarily be the way he provides for
you in the next season the relationships

that he gives you to support you in one
season will not necessarily be the

relationships that are there in the
other season but just because people

leave doesn’t mean that God has
withdrawn his assistance and when you

are in a transitional season the most
important thing you can do in your whole

life is redirect your focus in Acts
chapter 3 the entire context of this

miracle is transitional and I want to
back all the way up to verse 1 because

Peter and John are are headed to the
temple one day to pray and one of the

things you really got to do to
understand the Bible at more than just

a surface level is you got to slow down
and pay attention to the transitions pay

attention to the transitions when you’re
reading the Bible and you want to skip

over that one little part realize that
many of the miracles happen in

transition did you ever hear about when
Jesus fed 5000 men and women and

children did you know that he wasn’t
going to feed people that day he was

trying to escape the crowd and they were
waiting for him on the other side it’s

one of the most famous miracles in the
Bible and it happened in transition some

of the greatest things that God will do
in your life he will do in transition

not when you get there not when you have
that but while you are in transition

it’s almost like God likes to show up
and cut you off at the crossroads to

where you thought you were going and
bless you on his schedule not yours

which is why Jesus said don’t leave
Jerusalem but stay here and wait for the

Holy Spirit that the father is gonna
give to you don’t do it according to

your own plans because if you do your
own plan you got to do it in your own

power but if you will wait for God to
give you the plan then you can receive

the power that accompanies that plan the
difficulty is to be still in transition

long enough to see what God is doing now
in this particular instance not only is

the Spirit of God now present in the
form of the inhabitation

of the Holy Spirit that came on the day
of Pentecost but Peter and John are

about to experience for the first time a
miracle in transition I believe somebody

today is going to experience a
transitional miracle what I mean is this

God is not gonna wait for you to get it
all together to bless you God is not

gonna wait for you to get the promotion
to provide for you God is not gonna wait

for people to change their mind about
you to start using you

God is not gonna do it when the children
get out the house no he’s gonna show up

with dirty clothes dirty dishes and a
messed up life he’s going to do it in

transition now Peter and John were going
up to the temple at the hour of prayer

the ninth hour what’s that it’s a
transitional time it’s the moment in

their day where they shifted their
attention from their practical concerns

to their spiritual concern the
difficulty in life have you noticed this my

dad taught me how to drive stick shift
so my first car was a Chrysler laser and

it didn’t have air conditioning and it
didn’t have a stereo

and it needed a paint job and it wasn’t
automatic because my dad was trying to

teach me a life lesson he was like son life isn’t automatic and neither should

your first car be like all this deep dr.
Phil crap and I’m just trying to get to

Sonic right and he’s like you might not
always have a car

with a fancy automatic transmission
you need to be able to drive any car at

any time so he wanted me to learn how to
shift gears I wish he would have taught

me how to do that not only in driving
but in life because nobody teaches you

how to shift y’all already know this
sermon I can go watch the Panthers all

right nobody teaches you think of how
many times in your life in the

transitions even in any given day how
many times if you are going to live in

peace how many times you have to
transition from one environment to the

next environment and see this is what I
learned because because Holly loves a

gift shop they always set up the gift
shop right by the exit it’s a trap

it’s a trap it’s a trap because they
know if they get you after you have

toured Alcatraz y’all my wife has spent
an entire retirement account on mugs

scarves my wife bought in Alcatraz
Christmas ornament because nothing says

Merry Christmas like a souvenir from a
maximum-security federal prison that

used to house Machine Gun Kelly and Al
Capone happy birthday Jesus let’s see

they always set up watch this the gift
shop at the point of transition because

they know if they can catch you in
transition you know where the devil sets

up discouragement to try to steal your
peace steal your joy steal your

stability and steal your focus and steal
your presence of mind he always sets it

up at the points of transition so watch
this if you have been under attack by

distraction lately it might mean I’m
just suggesting you’re about to come out

of this thing with a gift in your hand

just a suggestion

they set it up at the point of
transition at the point of transition is

where you’re most vulnerable to attack
and it is also where there is the

greatest opportunity for growth there’s
a man who is sitting outside of a temple

he can see it but he can’t go in he can
see where prayers are being answered but

he himself can’t walk to the place he
can see San Francisco but the Bible says

that he’s stuck at a gate in fact it
says that Peter and John are in

transition to the gate the man is in
transition being carried to the spot

where they would put him every day to
beg while the man is being transitioned

to his spot and while Peter and John are
transitioning to the temple God arranges

a meeting and a miracle in transition
could it be doing the same for you right

now can God bless you in transition some
of you are transitioning right now

professionally some of you are
transitioning parentally by the time we

learn how to burp them they’re driving
and nobody teaches you how to shift do

they no nobody teaches you that nobody
teaches you you can’t kiss them on the

cheek anymore when they’re 17 I still
want to kiss you on the cheek baby boy

but it’s a transition now the way that
you manage the transition has everything

to do with whether or not you experience
the fullness of the change a lot of us

get a miracle but we trip in transition
then we cannot carry out the change that

God makes in our life because we get
trapped in transition hey thank you for

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