Are you focusing on who God says you are or who you think you should be?

since when was the presence of an enemy
an indication of the absence of God

this is what I want to ask you since
when did God say that I will prove that

I am with you because no enemies will be
against you

since when did God tell you that the
proof of his presence was the absence of

trouble but something in them got really
twisted I guess you could say they

started looking at the wrong mirror and
they started talking about the

Anakites these were legendary giants
that occupied the land of Canaan and

they were like man the grapes are big
and the valleys are fertile and the

land is rich and the possibility is
great and the opportunity is open and

it’s even better than we thought it’s
even better than we imagined but the

giants the giants they’re
bigger than we are and watch how

their self-image limited their potential
there’s nothing in Numbers 13 where they

shrink God down they still know they
have a big God it’s not that they shrink

their God they shrink themselves to the
level of their situation I’m preaching

to somebody today who believes that God
is big but until you see yourself as

made in the image of the infinite
unlimited all-wise ever knowing God you

will stay stuck

one verse I want to show you I wonder if
you ever felt this way they say and

there we saw the Nephilim the sons of Anak who come from the Nephilim and we

seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers
and so we seemed to them that’s a very

powerful theological statement and
psychological statement because it says

that the way you see yourself is so
important that it can actually create a

reality that is contradictory to your
true identity and remember God is

forming them as a nation he’s making
them a nation he’s making a great nation

he saw them out of Egypt he’s done great
things but now they see a giant and so

they come to a strange conclusion our
enemies are so big there’s no way we can

do it this challenge is so
insurmountable what’s in front of us is

so much bigger than us there’s no way we
can do it and we can’t go forward and

they did it and they died in the desert
my question is why would you choose to

see yourself through the eyes of your
enemy why would you give your enemy a

mirror to show you who you are we do
this all the time we pick the worst

possible thing about ourselves the
things that we can’t change the things

that we don’t like and then we use that
as a mirror to try to get a sense of who

we are and we lower our ambition to the
level of our worst tendency and we

forget that we are made
in the image of God because we are too

busy looking at our lives through the
eyes of our enemy here’s how they could

have seen it if what’s in front of us
that God has called us to fight is that

I wonder what’s within us that God put

there to cause us to triumph y’all
didn’t hear me you could have said if

God gave me a challenge this great if
God gave me a mountain this big if God

gave me this situation to overcome I
wonder what God knows about me that I

don’t know about me my maker is my
mirror if He put it in front of me He

already knows how it’s gonna fall back
up Goliath I got a rock in a slingshot

my maker is my mirror you come against
me with sword and javelin but I come

against you in the name of the Lord

but Caleb had a different spirit Caleb had a
different mirror I love him because he

walks up to Joshua he’s like hey man
remember when we were at the edge of the

promise and the people saw themselves
small and they held up a mirror for the

rest of the nation and the nation saw
themselves small by the way be very

careful who you surround yourself with
because some people will belittle you to

the point that you will start to believe
it but you are not what they said and if

they are not your maker they don’t get
to be your mirror I don’t care what they

thought what they suggested or what
their actions may be reflecting as a

matter of fact can I say something
everybody’s acceptance is not a blessing

because we got some weird mirrors in the
world today and some of what the world

calls normal some of what people will
say some of what people will actually

give you validation for will ruin your
vision of who you really are I love the

Bible because here’s why because it’s a
mirror that’s what James said he said in

James 1:23 this is the New Testament
equivalent of Caleb’s speech because

Caleb was looking in a different mirror
to see himself and James says the Word

of God gives you a different mirror it’s
different than your experiences it’s

different than your genetics it’s
different than your tendencies it’s

different than your
neural patterns it’s different than all

of that it’s different than your height
or your weight or your eye color it’s

different than anything you can see the
Word of God is a different mirror but

here’s what we do we forget what we saw
in the Word and we look into the world

to reflect back to us what’s inside of
us and so we stay outside of God’s


forfeiting our possession and our
inheritance as the children of God so

James is like if you listen to the word
and don’t do what it says you’re like a

man who looks intently at his natural
face in a mirror but then you go away

and at once forgets what he was like and
that’s what happens when you leave

Church and you have to go into
situations that contradict what your

spirit knows the most important mirror
that I look in does not show me how to

fix my hair and y’all I had one cowlick
today it took me like seven minutes to

try to press it down and I don’t know if
it stayed or not because I can’t see it

right now I thought this is so
appropriate here I am seven minutes

trying to get that hair to lay down
but yet I’ll leave the house with just

any attitude and not check to see God

y’all know I’m right y’all know I’m

sometimes you are seeing yourself
through someone else’s insecurity how

other people treat yo u is not
necessarily how they feel about you a lot

of times it’s how they feel about them

I’m preaching to the insides today you
know because if somebody’s making you

feel stupid guess what they feel their
rejection is a reflection not of you of

them but if you let them hold your
mirror if you left the giants hold your

mirror if you see yourself through your
enemy’s eyes you’ll start to believe

that’s how it really is that’s not how
it really is my maker is my mirror my

maker is my mirror everybody’s
acceptance is not a blessing and

everybody’s rejection is not a curse

so Caleb’s like hey Joshua I know I’m
old I know I’m saggy

I know my right knee goes out but I this
takes faith to see it cuz at first I

thought he was lying right but then I
studied the language and he said twice

in verse 10 behold behold it lets me
know that Caleb had a different mirror

because he’s looking at a natural mirror
and he’s like dang come on he’s 85

there’s no way that what he said is true
on a tactical and practical level

because he goes up to Joshua he’s like I
still got it come on

touch somebody it’ll feel fun say I
still got it I went through 45 years of

wilderness but the wilderness didn’t get
in me I still got it I still want what

God has for me I still got a fighting
spirit in fact what I survived didn’t

make me weaker it just made me stronger
it just made me more resolved I still

got it I still got hope I still got a
twinkle you see my eyes I still got a

word give me my mountain I wanna live in
that high altitude

and I’m glad that I don’t have to
look in the mirror of another person’s

opinion or in the mirror of a desolate
situation you know by this point Caleb

could have been like I’m such a failure
I tried to motivate the people to go in

and they didn’t he could have spent 45
years playing that story but by this

point he’s looking in a different mirror
and he says my strength has only gotten

greater because of what I went through
I’m not ashamed of the wilderness I’m

not ashamed of the mistakes God said
some of you keep looking into the mirror

of your mistakes and you keep reflecting
your future back to yourself

through the reflection of your mistakes
but if there’s one thing you notice

about a mirror it always shows you the
image backward that’s why God knows the

end from the beginning so God doesn’t
see your life like you see your life he

sees it in reverse and he already sees
you free so he says that you’re free

because he sees that you’re free even
when you don’t feel free it’s a word

it’s a word this is a mirror this is a
mirror for you to look into today and

see yourself as the image of God behold
I still got strength that you can’t see

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