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Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #HeavenlyRewards

what God is wanting you and me and us to

do is to live in light of the future not

only in light of the now when you go to

college they ask you what is your major

that’s going to affect the length of

time you invest it’s going to affect

things once you make that long-term

decision once you decide you want

maximum reward and Glory it’s going to

affect choices in

time Matthew 6: 19 to 21 it tells us to

store up Treasures in

Heaven in other words live for your

reward you can know the difference

between the maturity or immaturity of a

child and the maturity of a

parent because children only live for

the now all they concerned about is now

any of you have children children that

think money grows on

trees they don’t talk to you about

saving they don’t talk to you about

investing they don’t talk to you about

401s or 403 BS and they don’t they don’t

get into all of that because they want

what they want

now but as you mature as you grow in

understanding of life you understand

that a good portion of Life must be


oriented that’s why you encourage them

to go to school you you’re encouraging

them to be future oriented whether or

not they like studying

now you have a retirement fund or

savings account because there is some

part of your life that you understand

must be future

oriented he says I want to motivate

you to live your life with a future

orientation for the reward and here is

the phrase of

inheritance it is my hope that every

head of household here has a

will the reason you want a will is you

want to

control what you have accumulated and

where it goes when you are no longer

here because if you don’t decide that

somebody else will decide it for

you or some system will decide it for

you so you want to control that so every

responsible head of household has an

inheritance or has a will where they

have decided what goes where that’s

that’s an inheritance we talk about what

our children or offspring will inherit

my will the first thing that’s in there

is what I will leave to oakcliff Bible

Fellowship because the Lord’s word comes

first then what I leave to other

Ministries will be in their

second and then what I leave to my

children come next next and then after

that what I leave to

others because there is a inheritance

where you are future oriented when you

are not here Paul calls God having an

inheritance he calls it the reward of

inheritance and he wants to incentivize

you and me to get all that is in his

will for

you every believer is in God’s

Will and he wants to incentivize us to

get the maximum reward that he has

willed for every believer he wants to


that uh Airlines want to incentivize

travel so what do they have they have

different levels of uh recognition for


relationship if you travel like me

American Airlines you you can just

travel you can be advantaged or you can

be advantaged gold or you can be

advantaged platinum or you can be

advantaged executive platinum or you can


coner and the different levels of what

you get is determined by how close the

relationship was with the airlines how

much did you fly them and the amount of

knowledge that you use to fly affects

the level of reward that they offer you

so each level gives you a different

level of

reward and so those who fly it a lot get

more reward more perks more more

upgrades more this more that because you

were closer to the

airline you didn’t fly Delta when you

could have flown America

because they are valuing the

relationship athletes are given

incentive Clauses in their contract to

incentive ize them usually tied to more

money if you make this many tackles

catch this many passes throw this many

touchdowns they will incentivize the

basic so that you can get a greater

reward so God wants us to love him yes

because of the price paid but he also

wants us to pursue reward salvation is

free rewards must be

earned salvation is a gift

but reward comes from

work and so he speaks to Christians

about pursuing their


pursuing the

reward Revelation 22:12 Jesus says I’m

coming back and I am bringing my reward

with me to reward every man according to

what he has

done Ecclesiastes 12 ver verse 13 says

the conclusion when all has been heard

is fear God keep his Commandments

because this applies to every person for

God will bring Every Act to judgment

everything which is hidden whether it is

good or

bad good or

evil so what God is wanting you and me

and us to do is to live in light of the

future not only in light of the now but

to live now in light of the future when

you go to college they ask you what is

your major what do you want your major

to be they’re asking you a question

about your

future because once you say I want to be

let’s say a doctor you can’t then say

but I’m only G to go to school for four

years you see those two don’t

match because you going to have to go to

medical school so the once you say what

you want the reward to be the career to

be the income to be then that’s going to

affect which courses you take that’s

going to affect the length of time you

invest it’s going to affect things once

you make that long-term decision once

you decide you want maximum reward and

Glory it’s going to affect choices in

time but if you don’t have a great love

and a high incentive for

reward then you’ll be satisfied to be a

casual Christian

to be a a nerdy well Christian you’re

going to just be

satisfied to get to heaven but not get

the benefits of

heaven so what are some of these rewards

what is God going to give

you by way of reward if in fact you

decide you want to be not casual not

even committed but you want to be

you want to be a radical

Saint appropriately

radical well one of the things he’s

going to give

you is public

recognition you’re going to be a

celebrity those Christians who

rise to the high level of

commitment who gave God their all not

perfectly because none of us is perfect


consistently wanted to serve Christ love

Christ follow Christ and even when they

fell short they bounced back to get in

sync back with

Christ these will be the

celebrities of Heaven these will be the

ones you recognize I remember just the

other day I was at an event and a major

and a mega celebrity walked into the the

event if I gave their names you would

all know this Mega celebrity and when

the mega celebrity walked into the event

All Eyes of the people in the event

shifted over to that

celebrity because he had gained a

name in

heaven those Christians who have

exceeded the norm will have a name and

all the other Christians will point to

oh did you see him did you see see him

did you see her look look look at that

because God is going to give them Divine

approval and celebrity

recognition in John

chapter 12 verse

26 Jesus says these

words he says in John 12: 26 if anyone

serves me he must follow me and where I

am there my my servant will be also if

anyone serves me my father will honor

him so your service to Christ will bring

honor from

God this is not something every believer

gets this is something some Believers

get because of their service for

Christ they will become

recognition I remember an incident when

I was at the National Religious

broadcasters where people meet or do

television or

radio and we were at this annual event

there were thousands of people in the

room for the speaker because the speaker

was the former President George W Bush

when he was president he was the speaker

that particular day and so I was one

among thousands in the room for his


and he was introduced he came to the


when he stood at the

podium he greeted everybody he says I’m

certainly honored that the National


broadcasters have invited me to speak

and then he looked down and he said

publicly Tony Evans is that you out

there so good to see you my friend I’m

sure glad to see you and he started

talking about me for a few moments and


everybody was zeroed in on me because

the president of the United States

called my

name what would it look like in heaven

if the king of the universe calls your

name if Jesus says look at Jane or look

at butch or look at bill or look at

Betty cuz I know them y’all all here but

I know


now he called my name because I had a

relationship with him as Governor here

in Texas he had been to the church

numbers of times we had eaten dinner

together numbers of times and so that

relationship gave us a

familiarity so in the crowd They Call My

Name Don’t You Want Jesus to call your

name the Bible says we’ll see it next

week he says he says well done my good

and faithful servant

this is public recognition public honor

becoming one of the celebrities of

Glory he will give