Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder, and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets, and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually.

hello friends before we get into today’s

worship service it would be remiss of me

not to share my heart about the recent

events that have affected us all the

loss the precious loss of a life that of

George Floyd has just ripped at my heart

and at the heart of a nation to see his

life snuffed out the way it was somewhat

overwhelming and it’s piercing but it’s

not a singular individual situation

there’s life after life after life over

years that have been unjustly and

unrighteous ly taken endemic of a

problem that really needs deep fixing

you know we’re in a medical pandemic

right now simultaneously we’re in a

cultural pandemic because we’re seeing

the devolution of our society and we’re

in a cultural pandemic because we’re in

a spiritual pandemic we have wandered

away from a value system that was

established by God for how human beings

were to live enact and relate to one

another across racial and class lines we

have come up with our own standards and

it is not done as good it is absolutely

needed right now that there needs to be

a reset and this is the time to do it

when it has everyone’s attention at the

very same time the Bible is clear and

Psalm 89 verse 14 it says from God’s

throne comes righteousness and justice

and this is not a seesaw where sometimes

you go for righteousness and sometimes

you go for justice these the twin towers

these are twins they’re always to be

balanced side by

righteousness is the moral standard of

right and wrong to which God holds men

accountable based on his divine standard

justice is the equitable and impartial

application of God’s moral law and

society and God wants both yes he wants

to protect the life of the unborn in the

womb but he wants to see justice of the

life once born to the tomb in other

words God wants a whole life agenda not

a term agenda but unfortunately all

lives aren’t valued the same way and

they ought to be because every person is

created in the image of Almighty God it

is now time on a personal level and a

systemic level that we reverse the

course of history that has brought us to

this point and that we reverse it on all


God has four levels in which life is to

be lived and therefore there are four

levels in which changes need to be made

I call it and we call it the kingdom

agenda the visible manifestation of the

comprehensive rule of God over every

area of life it starts with an

individual it starts with you don’t try

to change the nation if God can’t even

change your heart in other words we have

to develop a heart that cares for our

fellow man because they’re created in

the image of God not because they look

like us or have what we have but because

they have the stamp of divine creation

on them and that means that you have the

responsibility to reach out to somebody

different than you let them understand

where you came from where you come from

the things that have been fluence to

your perspective hear from them and give

them an audience and then both of you

find out what God has to say about the

matter so that he can keep everybody


and then there’s your family we must be

transferring values to our children

don’t expect them to think differently

and act differently if they aren’t

hearing differently from their parents

if they’re not getting a a righteous

value system of judging people by the

content of their character not the color

of their skin it means you connect with

other families who may be different than

you and you not only get to know them

but guess what you do as families

together you go serve another family

that’s worse off than you because guess

where reconciliation happens it doesn’t

happen in seminars that’s information

reconciliation happens in service so as

an individual and as a family with

another family different than you serve

somebody worse off than you and now you

are part of the solution through good

works that God calls us all to do and

then the church the biggest problem in

the culture today is the church because

the church has failed we wouldn’t even

have a racial crisis in America if the

church had not failed to deal with this

sin like God calls it in his word but

because it passed it off ignored it and

even promoted it we still have this

division in our culture so don’t expect

God to fix the white house if you can’t

even change the church house churches

don’t just get together for joint

worship services that’s that’s great

that has its that has its benefits but

it also addresses the issue of inequity

whether it’s racial inequity or

economic inequity or healthcare inequity

or opportunity inequity it it it

recognizes the systems that are at work

that work against the fair treatment of

people creating the opportunity for them

to take advantage of all that God has

blessed us with in this nation but they

do it in such a way

where people are held accountable to be

responsible for their decision-making

and then it speaks to the culture at

large it speaks not first of all from a

political platform it speaks first of

all from a biblio centric platform since

God doesn’t ride the backs of donkeys or

elephants the church must speak with one

voice because we have one God one Lord

Jesus Christ and one an arrant word to

speak from and yes we should protest

evil in a righteous way we should let

our voices be heard but then we must act

because if we don’t act all we did was

have a speech we must implement

righteous principles modeling it through

the church so we can see what it looks

like in the broader society and then

finally we must challenge our civil

leaders on all levels of government to

be agents of healing in that division to

speak in such a way where unity is

reinforced and not divisive Ness that

the words that come out of their mouth

and the way they say the words that come

out of their mouth must be words of

strength and kindness not vitriol and

meanness and when those four areas the

individual the family the church and the


begin to operate that way based on God’s

standard then he can feel comfortable to

get back in the midst of us and make us

repairers of the breach and healers of

the land and so this starts off with

prayer and I don’t just mean say God

help us no I’m talking about where we

repent of where we fail to do what he

says do the way he says do it where we

realign ourselves under his authority

while pursuing a relationship with him

where his word can overrule our ideas

perspectives and

this and then he will listen to your

prayers cuz you praying like he wants

you to pray not like you want to pray

and when that kind of prayer goes up

with that kind of action supporting it

ah now now we’re ready to see what he

will do and healing a land well the

Sermon that’s part of today’s worship

service was recorded prior to all these

events but it’s still a relevant word

for now because until we take seriously

his word and its application in all the

categories of our lives we won’t see

what he can do and turning this mess

into a healing miracle the miracle we

all long for so what should we do now

first of all as an individual you should

and I encourage you to righteously

protest unrighteousness wherever you

find it to do so with truth to do so

with love but to do so with clarity but

then act be part of the solution not

just part of the complaint build a

bridge with somebody different than you

and then the two of you together go help

somebody worse off than the two of you

because now you’re part of the solution

and not just somebody complaining about

the problem then that’s families I’m a

father I’ve had to have the talk with my

sons and grandsons about what happens

when the policeman pulls you over and

you go the extra mile because you don’t

know where this policeman is coming from

in their perspective but then you teach

your children principles of character

you develop their character to judge

people rightly by their character and

not their color but then you connect

with other families different than yours

and color in class and

together then you go minister to

somebody else worse off than your

family’s a single-parent family that’s

hurting a family that’s lost its job you

do it together because the best way to

reconcile is through service not just

through having discussions and seminars

and then as churches I’m a pastor a lot

of this falls because the church has


we have been bifurcated illegitimately

we have led race overrule God’s rule in

our lives and in our decision-making and

it is time now for the church to be what

the head of the church Jesus Christ

called it to be the repairer of the

breach in our culture and that must mean

that we not just stand up against

personal sins but corporate sins as

systemic sins and that voice must be

heard we shouldn’t pick and choose and

it should be one voice where God has

spoken and has not stuttered there

should not be an uncertain sound coming

from the church when we have a certain

sound coming from our master and if

churches would come together in

communities all over the country as one

church with different expressions with

the unity of purpose not uniformity of

persons where you adopt all the public

schools in your community and minister

to the at-risk schools or where every

church adopts a homeless family so that

homelessness is eradicated which it

could be overnight if every church did

it so we become the solvers of the

problem so people will now be willing to

listen to our sermons and songs because

they see our impact and yes that means

addressing the structures in our society

that perpetuate evil righteous protest

collectively is absolutely biblical

that’s why Paul protested in

Acts chapter 16 the last five verses

when he was arrested

unrighteously and he complained both

biblically and civilly that that was

illegal we must take our stand but we

must not only take it in speech but in

action that gets visible to our verbal

and then a civic leaders we need to

challenge them from the Statehouse to

the house of Congress to the White House

to act and speak civilly that that

language must be healing words not

hurting words unifying words not

divisive language they must be spoken to

complimented for their strengths but

condemned for their failures and then we

must challenge them since they influence

the systems of the land to make sure

those systems are operating righteously

and with equity for all and not just for

a privileged view when we begin to act

like that on all four levels then we’ll

see God do some amazing things because

he can be at home in the creation that

he made some years ago there was a crack

on the wall in my bedroom that needed

desperately to be repaired I called a

painter over to rectify the problem on

my bedroom wall he came over and he

removed the old class that he put up new

plaster he repainted over it

I was happy all looked well it looked

like my problem had been solved but a

few weeks later the crack reappeared

uglier than ever I was a little bit

frustrated since I’d already paid him

but he came didn’t quite understand what

had happened but he we did it yeah

second time look pretty good but a month

and a half two months later

we appeared this time with his nieces

nephews uncles aunts and cousins I mean

I had a whole family of cracks on my

wall so you know what I figured I needed

me was a new painter somebody really

knew what they were doing so I called

over another guy and I asked him to

please please please please fix this

mess on my wall he just stood there and

stared at it and stared at it and stared

at it for what seemed like an eternity

in an ordinary mount of time and he said

so sorry sir I don’t think I can help

you inquiring minds want to know

isn’t this what you do oh you say yes

what I do but I don’t think I can help

you I said well why can’t you help me he

said because you don’t really have a

problem with cracks when you walk this

person was telling me that I didn’t have

problem cracks in the wall the cracks I

was looking at I was thinking to myself

do I see a crack you see crack all God’s

children see a crack his wall is messed

up and that’s when he told me he said no

you you really have a problem with

cracks on your wall you have a symptom

of cracks on your wall he says sir your

problem is you have a shifting

foundation your foundation is moving

underneath your house what you see on

your wall is symptomatic of a much

deeper problem and he said if you don’t

fix your foundation you will forever be

doing patchwork on your bedroom wall he

was telling me I had a foundation

problem well it shouldn’t take a genius

to see that there are a lot of cracks on

the wall of our lives today personal

cracks family cracks Church cracks

governmental civil cracks and crack

cracks you know they’re all kind of

cracks on the wall

but there is a much deeper problem and

that is a shipping foundation no matter

how great your house looks on the

outside if your foundation is shaky the

rest of the house is in trouble that

leads me to one of my favorite biblical

passages in Matthew 7:24 227 where where

we’re going to discover you really do

need to build on the right foundation if

you don’t want to be shaken now this

story is told from the perspective of

two gentlemen it deals with some

comparisons some contrast and then it

drives home a conclusion and it relates

to what we’re going through in this

pandemic I’ll show you what I mean in a

moment Jesus said every one verse 24 of

Matthew 7 who hears these words of mine

and acts 1 then they be compared to a

wise man who built his house on the rock

the rain fell the floods came and the

winds blew and slammed against that

house and yet it did not fall for you

did a little in the rock everyone who

hears these words of mine and does not

act on them that won’t be like a foolish

man who built his house on the sand the

rain fell and the floods came and the

winds blew and slammed against that

house and it fell and great was its fall

let’s start off with some comparisons we

have two men and both had the same dream

they wanted to build a house they both

wanted to build house now in the Bible a

house can refer to a number of different

things it can refer to your life like it

does here they wanted to build a life

worth living they wanted to have a life

that was solid and successful they

wanted to have a life that mattered that

made a difference

they had a dream most people I know you

you have a dream

dreams of a life well-lived or a house

in the bible can refer to your your

family the Bible talks about families in

terms of houses the house of David the

house of Saul’s talking about their

families and no couple walks down the

aisle pre-planning to get a divorce or

at least I hope not I mean you want a

family that’s together unified joyful

caring loving supportive not divided not

abused you have a dream of a house both

men had that dream they wanted to build

solid families the third thing that they

wanted to do or that a house refers to

in Scripture is the church in the Bible

of the Old Testament God’s house was

called the temple the place of worship

and sacrifice in the New Testament God’s

house is called the church it’s called

the household of faith no pastor wants

his ministry a shrink or the people not

to be engaged or people that attend you

want a growing vibrant spiritually based

affected ministry or the build a house

can refer to building a government

building a society building a nation

after all don’t we read in scripture

about the house of Israel that’s a house

that’s talking about the whole nation

then we say in America the White House

the house of Congress and has to do with

the civil government you don’t want a

nation falling apart and unraveling a

nation and conflict and division and

frustration and war you want a

well-watered society that is harmonized

productive and free so you see a house

in the Bible can refer to your personal

life your family life your church life

or your civil government and all of that

is really the sum total of God’s kingdom

which are divided into those four

spheres and both of these men wanted to

build a house and so do you I do too

a personal life a family life a church a

life and yeah as a citizen contributing

to the well-being of the nation so

that’s one thing they had in common a

second thing they had in common is that

they were pretty religious guys because

it says both men heard these words of

mine in other words they were both

listening to the Bible they were

listening to Jesus talk they were

listening to spiritual information and

you couldn’t get any better spiritual

information than from Jesus

that’s perfect data that’s the Living

Word speaking the written word which

means there should be no competing words

so they went to a solid church because

they were listening to these words of

mine so they had the same dream they

went to the same church listening to the

same pulpit eeeh Jesus himself but

something else was affecting them both

they faced the same storm I mean they

were in the same predicament because it

says the storm came and hit them both

are we all facing the same storm called

Corona cope at 19 you’re in this storm

whether you like it or not you can’t run

from this storm there’s nowhere to hide

from the storm because they didn’t think

off your world that it is a gulf of the

world it was bad about this dog can’t

quite located it’s like a hidden storm

with with heavy-duty shower when it hits

and so they face the same storm storms

in the Bible or trials predicaments

difficulties things that you don’t

prefer things that create discontinuity

in your life and in your world and in

your circumstances they face the storm

and it’s one thing about storms you

can’t control them when it decides the

rain you can’t tell it don’t because

storms just come at you from a whole

nother realm

so that’s what made these two men alike

same dream same church same problem

stolen but that’s where the comparisons

in and the contrast began because it

says one man is called the wise man and

the other man is called a fool now big

wise or foolish in the Bible I’d love to

do with your academic acumen it has

nothing to do with the level of your

degrees have none to do whether you’re

high school college MBA Harvard grad or

not whether you were a dropout the

wisdom does not first start with

academic credentials I’m sure all of us

have run into some educated fools in our

lives now in the Bible wisdom is your

ability to apply spiritual truth to

life’s realities to be a fool in the

Bible is your inability or refusal to

apply spiritual truth to life’s

realities let me say that again wisdom

is your ability and decision to apply

spiritual truth to life’s realities to

be a fool as educated as you might be as

rich as you might be as noted as you

might be as your refusal or inability to

apply spiritual biblical truth to life’s

realities it says what man was a wise

man and the other man was a fool

that’s what distinguish them and I know

the table or not right there because

both men had a dream which means the

wise man can have a dream and a fool can

have a dream both men went and heard

biblical truth which means the wise man

can listen to the Bible that a fool can

listen to the Bible since both were in a

stall which means a wise person can be

in trouble

times and a fool can be in trouble times

so which are you are you the wise man

are you the fool well what makes the

difference why is one called wise and

one called foolish well it says one man

built his house on a rock and the young

man built his house on sand

their foundations were different they

didn’t start in the same place you know

your foundation will always determine

your future when you build a house where

do you start you start with the

foundation right you pour the foundation

why because everything else is banking

on it yeah it’s it’s okay

to change the glass if it breaks or the

door if it gets off of its hinges all

the roof if it tails but if you have a

problem with your foundation but

everything else is resting on it we

really didn’t do have a much bigger

dilemma on our hands though see these

men didn’t start at the same spot they

started with two different foundations

and trust me a foundation is where you

start isn’t it you always start you

don’t start with the windows and the

doors of a house or the roof you start

with the foundation because it is

essential to everything else being in

order let’s talk about foundations from

north it says the wise man built his

house on a rock in other words a solid

foundation the other one built it on

saying now if you build on saying that’s

going to be pretty quick if you build on

a rock that’s gonna take you some time

if you build on sand that’s gonna be

pretty cheap and you build on rock

that’s gonna be pretty expensive if you

build on sand now have to work that hard

if you build on rock you’re gonna sweat

thinking I got drilled through that

thing you see a lot of people want God

on the cheap you know they want they

want to throw his name out there give

them a benediction and an invocation as

long as he stays out of the information

in between the discussion we want to we

want to pay due respect to him but we

don’t want to rest everything on him

a problem today is we’ve got building

people building their lives their

families their churches and even their

civil government’s on the wrong

foundation since God even created he

created all of those he created

individuals families churches and

government and he wanted all of them to

rest on the foundation that he has

established anything else becomes sand

so what determines whether you’re

operating on a solid foundation or

whether you’re operating on a sandy

foundation whether you’re building your

life your family your church or your

government on that which can stand or

did you choose the easy way out the way

of man not the way of God well he tells

us he says both men are these words of

mine but one acted on them and the other

did not so your foundation is not purely

tied to your information your foundation

is tied to your execution your

foundation what you build your life one

must be predicated on the right

foundation of data but data is

insufficient for you to have a

foundation a foundation of a house must

be poured not just mixed it must be

implemented not just known about until

God’s Word God’s viewpoint God’s

Authority is the basis of decision

making and thus action it becomes

useless information for you now it’s

useful information for those who believe

it enough to act on it that’s why the

Bible says over and over again don’t be

just a hero of my words but be a doer

there must be action you know in our

church in Dallas we have installed


the lady and that’s when you walk in

from the light goes on when you walk out

the room the light goes off its power

the one they lights in the room but

they’ve been programmed not to work

until they detect movement they don’t

detect movement they’re gonna stay off

because people were wasting electricity

by leaving lights on so we to save money

put in motion detector lighting now the

power is there the lights are ready to

work but only when they detect movement

God’s Word is true God’s person is

powerful but he the motion detect the

kind of God he wants to see what the

movement is and if there is no movement

to obey what he says don’t be surprised

that you don’t see any power emanating

in your circumstance our world is

looking for solutions to the storm we’re

in called Carozza we’re looking for

answers but often on the sandy

foundation I’m very grateful for our

medical experts I’m very grateful for

our essential workers I’m very grateful

for all those who have a hand to the

plow to come up with solutions to this

issue but I would like to make it clear

that if God has allowed this for a

spiritual purpose it doesn’t matter how

brilliant the people are who were doing

all of this work because God is trying

to drive us to a to a whole nother level

a level of recognizing that until he

becomes front-and-center and his truth

is acting on starting by God’s people

the church then long-term solutions you

may come up with something temporary but

only to face it again because God wants

to get the point over but there’s only

room for one God and he’s it know if

you’re gonna build on a foundation

there’s got to be the foundation of the

activated Word of God not just the known

Word of God if you don’t know what you

you can’t act on it but there are too

many people who know enough that they


that more information is not the problem

ACK you know what they do know is

memorize this whole group of people who

want to mix you they want they want some

rock and some sand they want sandy rock


they want to mix it all together well

you have to understand something about

is God’s Word it is unadulterated and

not to be watered down he does not want

his revelation to be dumbed down by

human opinion he doesn’t want your

viewpoint when your viewpoint disagrees

with his clearly stated revelation he

doesn’t want to know about your race you

call it you create agenda when it

contradicts what he says in his word he

wants to define your humanity he wants

to define what the definition of a

family is he wants to define how it

should operate he even wants to define

how a civil government operates yep he

wants all of that and his principle is

simple the closer you are to activating

my revelation the more ordered your

homes will be the further you go from my

divine revelation in your action the

more chaotic your homes will become so

we have chaotic lives and chaotic homes

and chaotic churches and chaotic

government because they are building on

the wrong foundation or they want to mix

they want enough of God to look safe not

too much of God to be changed I’m not an

apple god I don’t like apples I’m not

more than orange tangerine kind of guy

except at the Texas State Fair Texas

State Fair is huge and they sometimes

serve kid yeah I don’t like apples but

candy apples a little different right I

can hang with him a little bit longer

and that’s because they dip that Apple

and the liquid sugar and now that

is sweet it’s candy apple now the only

problem is once you dip it in liquid

sugar you’ve begun to nullify its its

nutritional value because you’ve dipped

it into something that works against

what it was created to be what far too

many of us do is we take God’s truth and

we dip it in a human opinion we dip it

in man’s thinking we dip it in how I was

raised we dip it in what my mother says

what my race says what my culture says

what my class says we dip it in a human

opinion while still quoting a little

Bible on top of it you see that all the

time people sprinkle a little a little

Bible on top of it sprinkle a little

Jesus on top of it sprinkle a little God

on the top of it to make it sound

nutritional after they’ve dipped it into

human opinion that is and the opinion of

man that contradicts and competes with a

clear revelation of God and so God’s

Word becomes compromised and therefore

the Bible says you do not follow the

Word of God with your traditions you can

cancel out the Bible that is its

effectiveness in your life and in your

world by adding human opinion to it that

contradicts or competes with divine

revelation I say it a lot God has spoken

and he has not stuttered that two

answers to every question God’s answer

and everybody else is and everybody else

is wrong when they disagree with him

it says that a storm came and it was a

wicked store this is a wicked storm

because we thought that the rain fell

the floods came the winds blew and one

of the holes will blown over now when

you have rain coming down flood coming

up and Winnick and knock over a house

it’s called a hurricane this is

hurricane season right now America and

the world and you and me we’re in

hurricane season it’s a hurricane we

this is no joke

Korona is no joke and then we hear it

might come back I mean this is no joke

you can’t even see when it’s gonna hit

you I mean this is this is a major storm

and it says it was so strong it knocked

a home over I remember years ago being

in Italy in a small little town called

pieces now there’s only one thing in

Pisa it’s called the Leaning Tower of

Pisa it’s a building there leads people

come from all over the world to take

pictures of this building at least I

thought it was a big building – I saw a

little tiny building people go to see it

because it leads now a lot of people

don’t know why the Leaning Tower of Pisa

lean so let me tell you why the Leaning

Tower of Pisa leans cuz it’s located in

Pisa which is a marshy place in other

words it wasn’t built on a solid

foundation it’s been leaning ever since

you know about the Leaning Tower of Pisa

there’s a tourist attraction I can’t do

much with it but people come to see it

you don’t want your life to be a tourist

attraction right you know what’s your

home be a tourist attraction alone you

don’t want your church to be a tourist

attraction or your government to be a

tourist attraction no you want it to be

solid you don’t just want to be for

pictures you want to be for usefulness

and meaning no

notice it did not become a parent who

the wise man was and who the fool was

until the strong key see as long as it

wasn’t raining both father look cool

both of them look like they were owned

it’s both of them look like they were

tight both of them look like things were

lit both of them look like they were on

a roll cuz of a sunshine there were no

problems you know when the economy is up

everybody’s employed you can go to all

your sporting events and you don’t have

to be stuck at home and if money not

funny and you know you’re feeling great

the sunshine so everybody looked like

they’re okay when the Sun is shot oh but

it says the storm game and the storm

reveals where your foundation is you

don’t know the condition of your

foundation until the storm comes until

your world is shaken then you know what

you’re resting on you see a lot of

people give the impression all is right

but when you look behind the scenes the

drug addiction the other kind of

addictions you look behind the scenes of

their misery of their conflicts it

becomes clear they weren’t on a good

foundation because if they were they

would withstand the storm so you don’t

know where you are I’ll tell you in a

store we’re in store so we’re seeing

people lose their cool with seeing

people panic we’re seeing people commit

suicide we’re seeing people in in

circumstances that are creating abuse

we’re seeing this we’re seeing the

effects of the storm when you’re

building a foundation you know what you

want to do you want to go deep when you

go downtown to the city you’re located


you see a skyscraper you can always know

how far they plan to build up by how low

they drill down because you don’t build

a skyscraper on the foundation of a

chicken coop in other words the

foundation must be worthy of the

building you plan to put on top of it

people want skyscraper lives on chicken

coop foundations they want skyscraper

families on chicken coop foundations in

one skyscraper churches on chicken coop

foundations and they want a skyscraper

nation the government or the chicken

coop foundation you can’t build

something that big on something that

weak no when the storm came it revealed

where they were and the house fell my

challenge to you today to us today is to

use this storm as a opportunity to

revisit our foundation now let me tell

you a secret about foundations you can’t

build a foundation in a storm you can

pour it before the storm and you can fix

it after a storm but you can’t build a

foundation in a storm ok cuz you know

it’s raining see everybody I’ve been

hearing more about God now but about

political leaders and social leaders a

god named keep coming up and you know

because we’re in this storm well now

that you understand how important the

foundation is and as we weather this

storm let’s begin to set in motion our

plans to reestablish the right

foundation let’s make the decision now

because that may influence god

stopping the storm quicker because we’ve

made the decision to reshape the

foundation that as an individual you

decide personally I’m going to redo the

foundation of my life as a man and woman

we’re going to redo the foundation of

our marriage

family as our church we’re going to redo

the foundation of what a church is

supposed to be which is not just a

religious gathering on Sunday and yeah

even the government the president the

Congress and we need to redo how we deal

with government and make it a righteous

and just place for the citizenry and

when we do that we’ll see what God can

do in reversing the circumstances and

giving us a house like the three pigs

that stands up against the wolf that

wants to blow it down so if that’s your

heart to build your house did you do

that as we plan to do communion as we

plan now to eat this bread and say God I

want to rebuild this house and I want to

make applying your truth in every area

of my life the standard by which I live

from this point on would you call it the

storm so that I can get my foundation

straight let’s eat together

the blood of Jesus shed the blood that

Jesus shed gives you the right to access

the foundation of a new life of a new

beginning and remember God can hit a

bull’s eye with a Crooked Stick so start

where you are and let’s see what he does

because you surrender your life to Him

you first accept him as your Savior

because he died on the cross for you and

then you decide to follow him as your

Lord growing closing relationship and

giving him the right to rule your


your father and your people returned to

you and you let us learn when a storm

may we do what is necessary to know your

word and to apply your word so that you

can keep us operating on a solid


in Jesus name