How do you put life together so that it works? It’s not uncommon to look at the details of your life and think about how nothing turned out like you planned. We want it all to make sense. Part of that solution lies in remembering who put you here and for what purpose.

in this series on the eternal

perspective I want to encourage and

equip you to live the rest of your life

victoriously I want all of us to enter

Heaven with the celebration and that

with a whole series of regrets I want us

to enter glory with hands raised high

because at this point in our lives we

got it together we started walking with

God at a whole nother level

we started experiencing his power doing

his will and filling his purpose and

engaging his priorities and as a result

we saw his presence his power his

handiwork move in our different portions

of our existence in a marvelous way I

want to give you the secret of how to

have a life down here that will matter

up there

because the perspective of their

transformed your life in my life down

here that’s why we all need

respect the question on the floor in our

series which is called the eternal

perspective is how do you put life

together so that it works so when it

comes to living life God chose a person

who would be the best qualified to teach

us about it not only did he choose the

best person he chose the person who I am

going to talk about today to write a

whole book in the Bible about your life

and mine coming from his life and his

life is the illustration so there’s one

whole book in the Bible written about

your life and how to live it and how not

to live it twelve full chapters written

about that one subject the man’s name is

Solomon the book God gave him the right

was Ecclesiastes if anyone is qualified

to tell you about life it’s Solomon I

mean here is a man who was born with a

silver spoon in his mouth he was the son

of the king and yet when he opens up his

book and he clearly a Steamship the one

the first three verses says the words of

the preacher the son of David King in

Jerusalem vanity of vanities says the

preacher vanity of vanities all is

vanity what advantage does man have in

all his work which he does under the son

Solomon opens up his book and he tells

you when he opens the book I don’t have

anything to talk about the word vanity

means emptiness worthlessness that would

is without purpose he opens up his book

talking about his emptiness if any man

shouldn’t have been empty should have

been Solomon he had everything you and I

dreamed for long for and go after and

yet his first words it’s vanity of

vanities saith the preacher all of life

is vanity emptiness purposelessness and

that’s why we spend so much time trying

to find something to turn us on to light

our fire to give us a sense of worth

significance and well-being but wouldn’t

you know it soon as you look like you

found it

you lose it it’s like it’s like when you

score a touchdown in life something

something crosses the goal-line and you

feel like yeah looks like soon as that

happens somebody blows a whistle and

calls the playback so purposelessness is

what Solomon wants to talk to you and me

about you know people spend so much time

trying to fake it to make it in order to

at least give the impression I know who

I am and what I’m doing life becomes

meaningless and without purpose when it

gets disconnected from God and eternity

the whole 12 chapters of the book of

Ecclesiastes is about life under the Sun

under the Sun means on earth in time and

space where men live work play raise

families that’s life under the Sun where

Humanity operates

he says when your life Under the Sun

gets disconnected from life above the


when your life my life our lives gets

disconnected from God and an eternal

perspective you can expect to be able to

say as he says vanity of vanity saith

the preacher all is vanity he takes us

on a tour of his life he gives us a

sampling of how he tried to fill the

hole that he was feeling deep down in

his soul a hole so big you could drive a

Mack truck through it and yet he wanted

to get it filled and so in chapter 2 he

says I said to myself come now I will

test you with pleasure

he said I’m a party he said I said to

myself let me test you life let me find

out what life is all about what a party

I mean everybody likes a party everybody

likes to jam everybody everybody likes

to be able to to have a good time he

said let me let me just have a good time

so if I could have a good time then I

can feel alive what did you do to have a

good time because he says in verse 1 so

go ahead and enjoy yourself he says in

verse 3 I explored with my mind how to

stimulate my body I wanted my body to

feel something I wanted to feel

something so he says I drank wine till I

couldn’t handle it anymore

I tested pleasure that would turn my

body on so that I would feel this sense

of life and purpose he says I saw a

pleasure notice his words he says in

verse 4 I enlarge works and I built

houses for myself I planted vineyards

for myself

verse 5 I made gardens and parks for

myself verse 6 I made ponds of water for

myself verse 8 I collected for myself

silver and gold and treasures of kings

and provinces I provided for myself male

and female singers and the pleasures of

men and many concubines I was a player

he said and I did all this for myself

because I wanted to feel it so I spared

no expense how did the pleasure work out

for you Solomon how did the party work

how did the good times roll he said

verse 11 I considered my activities

which my hands had done and the labor

which I had exerted and behold all was

vanity and striving after the wind and

there was no profit underneath the Sun

he said after the party emptiness one of

the great truths about the Bible is the

Magnificent grace of God grace is the

free gift God gives to sinful people if

you are not a Christian he offers

eternal life if you are a Christian he

offers to sustain your life and it’s all

by his grace that’s accessed by faith so

when you trust Jesus Christ for the

forgiveness of your sin that gives you

personal salvation from the penalty of

sin but when you walk with Christ His

grace supplies you with the enablement

to override the power of sin

by trusting what he did to be activated

for you in your life

so if you’re not a Christian come to

Christ for salvation if you are a

Christian but you backslidden you’ve

fallen into sin well all you’ve got to

do is come back to Christ and ask for

His grace to cleanse you and get you

back on the right track of walking with

you to your next level of spiritual

victory he saves by grace and he also

sustains by grace when you appropriated

by he says you will discover when you

strive after the wind as soon as you

grab it you just lost it he says it was

vexing to me and it was vanity not

because it wasn’t fun it just had no

meaning attached to it no purpose

attached to it

he’s talking about emptiness of life

underneath the Sun that is disconnected

from God so he tried something else he

said I know what I’ll do I’ll get me an

education verse 12 so I turned to

consider wisdom and madness and folly

for what will the man do who will come

after the king except what has already

been done and I saw that wisdom exceeds

folly as light excels darkness the wise

man’s eyes are in his head but the fool

walks in darkness and yet I know that

one fate will befall them both then I

said to myself as is the fate of the


it will also be for me why was I then

more wise this also is vanity all right

so let’s look what’s out in the sand

something saying is Easter why this man

ever lived the Bible says nobody was

more brilliant and knowledge

understanding and wisdom than Solomon so

we’re just like a gnat the education

because he he knew stuff it’s it’s

better to go to school and not go to

school it’s better to know then then not

know it’s better to be wise than to be a

fool he says it’s that’s better but then

he says one day I was looking out the


and I’m looking at the window and I

watched the fool walk by this is the

kindergarten dropout the kindergarten

dropout walk by the fool the guy who

didn’t know the guy who had no

understanding the guy who didn’t make

anything of himself

I watched the fool walk by and he said

when I watched the fool walk by the

uneducated guy he says I could see I was

better off because I had some

information I had some knowledge and I

had some where I was better than the

fool but then I got depressed or what

depressed you Solomon he says one thing

shall befall us

oh my education won’t keep me from the

grave my degrees won’t keep me from the

grave in fact the fact that the matter

is the kindergarten dropout may live

longer than me with the degree he says

death is the great equalizer between the

fool and the wise man so he could not

find meaning in education because it

wasn’t gonna keep him alive any longer

he said let me try something else let me

try something else the party didn’t do

it the education didn’t do it oh but

money money money money

Muzzin he says but verse 18 then I hated

all the fruit of my labor for which I

had labored under the Sun for I must

leave it to the man who will come after

me and who knows whether he will be a

wise man or a fool yet he will have

control over the fruit of my labor hmm

the fruit of my labor that’s yep that’s

your money and stuff money can buy okay

that’s the stuff you can accumulate with

money fruit of your labor the

productivity of your life he said I

looked at all I accomplished he’s a mega


he says and I’m going to leave it to the

one who should come after me and who

knows whether the one who comes after me

is going value it like I valued it that

leads us to probably the most famous

chapter in the book of Ecclesiastes

chapter 3 there’s a time for this and

there’s a time for that there’s a time

for that time to live a time to die a

time to plant a time to pluck a time to

laugh a time to cry he goes through this

in the first half of chapter 3 there’s a

time a time a time a time a time a time

what is he saying he’s saying I got bad

news for you you live I live we live in

a closed universe cuz soon as you find

out there’s something to laugh about

something else is going to happen to

make you cry soon as you find some peace

something else is gonna break up to turn

it into war you are locked in to a

closed universe and there is no escape

that’s why people are looking for ways

to escape because they’re trying to

break out of this closed universe

because they feel stuck and stymied in

things they cannot control that makes

life hold them hostage in a way that

they do not want to be jailed God why

are you doing this why are you doing

this verse 9 of chapter 3 what profit is

there to the worker from that which he

toils I have seen the task which God has

given the sons of men with which to

occupy themselves God why do you have me

trapped and this thing called life with

all I’ve got to look forward to he helps

us in verse 11 he has made everything

appropriate in its time he has also set

eternity in their heart yet so that men

will not find out the work which God has

done from the beginning even to the end

I know that there is nothing better

but then to rejoice and do good in one’s

lifetime moreover that every man who

eats and drinks sees good in all of his

labor it is the gift of God I know that

everything God does will remain forever

that there is nothing to add to it and

there is nothing to take from it for God

has so worked that men should fear Him

ah God has box you and me in to time and

space and made it so we can’t break out

of it to force us to him he has set

eternity in your heart now you may not

know it but that longing for fulfillment

God said is a longing for him that

longing for purpose is a longing for him

so he has set within time and space an

empty spot that we try to fill with

cheap substitutes in order to find

meaning that can only be discovered in

him and he did it on purpose

he said eternity in your heart so that

deep down where you live with you unless

you cover it over with fake stuff there

is this hole that only he can fill so he

wants life underneath the Sun to get

connected with life above the Sun he

wants your human life to be connected

with God and eternity and to the degree

that you connect eternity to time is to

the degree you change vanity in the

victory but as long as you disconnected

you’re trapped in something you cannot

change you are not living in the land of

the living

on your way to the land of the dagi you

are living in the land of the dying on

your way to the land of the living

so if you think this is it you’re gonna

live like this is it if you know this is

not it

then you won’t live as though it’s not

it and you will find life in that

approach God doesn’t mind you having fun

as long as it doesn’t exclude him he

doesn’t mind you he says to enjoy life

it is a gift of God don’t miss read that

he says life is a gift of God let me

tell you what it doesn’t say life is God

life is a gift from God it’s never to

become God so the moment you make life a

god instead of a gift from God you make

your life an idol that competes with God

so many people live their lives as

though your life is God and God will

never respect idolatry even if the idol

is yourself myself life without God is

like a needle without a thread and a pen

without ink

he says enjoy life just don’t disconnect

it from me all that’s legitimate to

enjoy 1st Timothy 6 says God has given

you all things to enjoy if God has given

it and God’s not excluded for it God

says enjoy it

maximize it don’t disconnect it and so

he closes with the last chapter of the

book chapter 12 and for those of you

under 40 I want you to pay close

attention to this you teenagers here

under 40 because 40 was the generational

switch in the Bible once you hit 40 you

are now in the next generation which

means a bunch of y’all are going down

okay if you over 40 you hit himself okay

he says in Chapter 12 the book of

Ecclesiastes verse 1 remember your

Creator in the days of your youth before

the evil days come and the years draw

near when you will say I have no delight

in them a lot of people want to give

themselves to God when there’s nothing

left to give they want to read the Bible

with AKC they want to hear a sermon when

they came here they want to serve God

when they can’t get out of bed because

he spends the chapter talking about body

parts wearing out he talks about eyes

going dim and here’s a kid here and legs

that can’t walk and arms that can’t grab

now you hold and you want to give

yourself to God he says remember your

Creator when you still have eyes and

ears and legs and tongue and mind and

strength remember your Creator in the

days of your youth parents remind your

children and your grandchildren to

remember their Creator when they have

the capacity to do something that

matters for eternity why because of the

last two verses the conclusion verse 13

when all has been heard is to fear God

keep its Commandments because this

applies to every person the Hebrew means

this applies to all of you for God will

bring every act to judgment everything

which is hidden whether it is good or

evil because you’re gonna have to meet

God one day you gonna whether you want

to or not it ain’t over when it’s over

you’re going to have to me God I’m going

to have to meet God so since we got to

meet him and we don’t have a choice and

he offers us purpose if we meet him now

and not just wait to meet him then and

enjoy the good things that he’s given us

along the way he says you can have

victory and not they tell you at

Yellowstone Park don’t feed the Bears

hey you know you go to Yellowstone Park

there’s a sign says don’t feed the Bears

because you will give the bass junk

they’re gonna lose their ability to eat

from the natural habitat that they are

living in every day because they keep

looking for the junk the sweets they

keep looking for the cotton candy they

keep looking for the peanuts they keep

looking for the touristy stuff so when

the tourists are gone they don’t they

don’t know how to live in their natural


so don’t feed the Bears look don’t let

the world out there feed you and trick

you so that you no longer can live as

God wants you to live you can’t get rid

of the tourists they’re all gonna show

up but you can decide what you’re gonna

eat and what you’re not gonna eat Reggie

Jackson had a nickname famous baseball

player his nickname was mr. October

everybody knew miss mister I told cuz in

October the boy was show off I remember

sitting there at a World Series and

watched him here four home runs in one


I was watching four home runs in one

game mr. October showed out a news

reporter came to him after the game and

said why Reggie Jackson are you so good

in October Reggie Jackson said simple

because I begin in the preseason in

February to play with October in mind so

even though I’m in February my mind is

on October and because I never lose

sight of October I can play well in

February March April May June July

August September and I’m really ready to

show up in October because I begin with

October in mine

so as you leave today leave with

eternity in mind and you’ll do well in

January February March April May June

July August September October don’t

disconnect this life from the life to



one of the things so many people are

living for today may I say looking for

today is purpose the emptiness that so

many people are living with has created

all kinds of problems whether it’s

addictions to try to cope reality

television where they transport

themselves into the lives of other

people often to get away from the life

that they have or where they begin into

illegitimate situations that are not

healthy for them whether it’s

relationships or whether it’s programs

that are not good for them but it

becomes a way of escape because they’re

looking for purpose well it’s pretty

clear that God has set up life to not be

able to have authentic purpose without

him he’s created this vacuum and I sold

this space that only he can fill and no

matter what you look for or where you

look for it

if it is an inauthentic illegitimate

attempt to find your reason for being

outside of a relationship with God

you’ll be looking forever and never

finding it because our rest our purpose

and our reason for being is to be found

in our authentic relationship with the

living and true God so I challenge you

to pursue him for your purpose because

then when he gives you purpose you’ve

gotten the real deal not a cheap and

authentic substitute

don’t settle for imitation life in real

life let God fill you with his purpose

and then you will not have to exist in

the realm of vanity