Jonathan encourages us with this timely message. Even in the pain of this current crisis, God is working to build His kingdom. He has a purpose and destiny for you that is greater than the trial.

What’s going on, everybody? These are

crazy times that we’re living in as

we’re going through this coronavirus

that came from around the world. And, to

me, I was thinking to myself, Lord, is this

a plague? Like, are you taking us back to

Egypt with these plagues and it quite

possibly, that’s what it could be. I mean,

we’re living at a time where there’s all

these crazy nuances that are happening

that are totally out of our control. But

even though they’re out of our control, I

know that God is in control. And it took

me back to exodus chapter 7 through

Exodus chapter 12 when all of those

plagues were happening and God’s people

were experiencing them. Just because

those plagues were there to free the

people doesn’t mean that the people

didn’t have to experience the plagues

that were there to free them. You know,

they had frogs

coming in their house, they had the

pestilence and the locusts, all of those

different things that they were

experiencing. But even in the pain, they

had to remember and have trust and

belief and faith that those plagues that

were there, were there to send them to a

purpose, to send them to a promise, to

send them to a destiny, to unleash them

from bondage that had been

holding them back. And when I think about

the things that have been holding God’s

people back, I mean, building our own

brands has been holding back the kingdom

of God. When I think about the narcissism

that we face in our societies where it’s

about not the Holy Trinity but the human

Trinity: me myself and I. When I think

about all of the things that may even be

holding back the church, God is shaking

us up right now because He wants to

set us free from those things in the

culture that are holding us back.

Being more cultural than biblical has

been holding us back. Families being

split that now have to be together based

on all of these things that are

happening, those things have been holding

us back and God is using pestilence to

set us free. And so we have to keep a

mindset that we know that even in the

pain, there is a whole lot of gain that

the kingdom of God is trying to have

through everything that we’re going

through personally, collectively, and even

globally. I remember my dad told me this

illustration when I was a kid. He just

kind of talked about how there were two

kids. There was one that was a positive

kid, there was

that was a negative kid. And they put the

negative kid in the room where there was

a whole lot of toys and they put the

positive kid in the room where there was

nothing but a shovel and horse manure.

And when they watched the the negative

kid in the room with the toys, he played

for about ten minutes but then he became

dissatisfied even though he had a whole

lot of toys around. When you looked at

the positive kid, the positive kid was in

the room shoveling the horse manure, I

mean he was just shoveling

the horse manure and they asked the

positive kid, “Wow in the world are you in

here shoveling the horse manure? What’s

the point of that?” and he said, “Because if

there’s this much horse manure in the

room, there must be a pony somewhere.” In

other words, even though you’re going

through a stinky situation, even though

this is bad, understand there must be

purpose somewhere and there’s a lot of

complaining that’s been going on even in

my life when I thought about, you know,

all the stuff that I have and all the

the toys that God has given me and all

of the promises that I have in my life,

and the purpose that I have in my life,

the family that God has given me, I still

was dissatisfied and sometimes you have

to sit down to realize that you just had

the wrong perspective. All of the things

that we’ve been going through in our

family have taught us about the power of

perspective and I want you to be

thinking about that. What can you do

right now to shovel in this mess? What

can you do right now to actually have

purpose in this pain? What can you do

right now to actually grow closer to God

and use this time? For me, it’s gonna be

my family. You know my son just got on me

the other night. I was supposed to be

playing video games with him and he

looks over and I’m on my phone still

handling business and he said, “Dad,” he’s

six years old, Camden, then he said, “Dad,

you’re on your phone again?” And it just,

you know I was just caught up

like, “Oh, here I am in the house

supposed to be spending time with my

kids and I’m still not using it for the

reason why I’ve been put in this

situation.” And you’ve been put in this

situation to actually spend time. And so

I put it down, I turned it off, I created

a new rule in our house there’s no

electronics until dark. Because even

though it makes it harder, harder is

better and I know that there’s going to

be purpose in it. And so I sit my

children around the table with my wife

and and we learn God’s Word and yes,

they’re rolling their eyes and they’re

saying, “Oh my gosh, here we go again.” You know, all

of those different things. But I know

that this is going to be a fruitful time

because God is sitting us down. God is

sitting us down but it’s also a time

where even when we’re down, even when

we’re in our house we’re still covered.

You have to believe that this is a time

of covering. This is the time where God

is using this to take you, to take me, to

take our families, to take the church, to

take the community, to take the whole

world to a whole nother level of

dependency on Him. And that’s what my dad

has been teaching me. He’s been teaching

me to be dependent on the Lord no matter

what you go through.

We lost our mom, my dad lost his brother,

I lost my cousin, my dad’s niece, I mean,

all of these different things and all of

these losses that we’ve had in our

family have really just been teaching us

really how to look at God and be

dependent on Him and know that through

everything we go through we don’t have

to worry, we don’t have to sit in anxiety,

because we’re actually covered and we

know that there is a purpose in it. “There

is therefore no condemnation to those

who are in Christ Jesus.” We have been

redeemed by his blood. There are people

right now who are wearing gloves and

they’re covering their hands and they’re

covering their mouths because they don’t

want to get infected by this infection.

Well, understand all the believers out

there, those who have placed faith in

Jesus Christ, there is a purpose in this,

and we are covered in this. He’s covered

more than our hands and our mouth

from the coronavirus, He’s covered us for

an eternal experience with Him but also

to understand how to take his purposes

and use it right now. Sometimes when I

got hurt in football, it was an

opportunity to be in my own cocoon or I

couldn’t be distracted by all the

activity that I was originally called to,

but I could go back to the playbook so

that when I hit the field again, I’m a

better player than I ever was before.

Right now you’re in the huddle, right now

you’re in the training room, right now

we’re all marginalized and kind of put

in this situation of isolation. And when

we’re in this situation we need to get

back to the book, get back to our

families, get back to the little things,

because it’s the little things that

produce big things. It’s the little

things that will take you to a whole

nother level

and ultimately take God to a whole

nother level through what he wants to do

in our cocoons while we’re learning. So

continue to be steadfast, unmovable,

always abound in the work of the Lord

and know that this situation, no matter

how bad it gets, it will not go in vain,

because God has a promised land for us,

God has a promised land for his church,

God has a promised land for all of those

who are believers in Him and we are

going to get there together.

Let’s grow.