God is the designer of the family, but our culture has been eroding the foundations of the family for decades. When the family crumbles, society is soon to follow, and we’re seeing the indications of that today. Discover how God has designed the government and the family to fit together to fulfill His purposes for a better society.

the first institution that God created

was the family and it would be the

foundation for the well-being of society

The Saga of a nation is The Saga of its

families written large

and whoever owns the family owns the


the family starts with individuals who

come together

in heterosexual biblical marriage

and then as children are born into that


and trained with God’s principles on

life and family and then go out and

replicate it

then the image of God is spread

throughout the land

because families have come together

based on his principles have raised the

Next Generation based on his principles

so that through family the principles of

God are replicated throughout all of