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as we’re celebrating the 500 years the

Protestant Reformation and as each night

another emphasis of that Reformation is

given I was asked to speak a word about

sola gracia by grace alone in Europe

some years ago in a asylum sanitarium

a test was set forth to determine

whether someone was sane enough to be

set free from the sanitarium whether

they had gotten the love enough

intellectual stability to be let go

and one of the crude ways that they

would determine this was to place the

inmate in a janitor’s closet they would

turn the water on and put a stopper in

the sink let the water fill up the sink

and run over they would give the inmate

a mop they would tell the inmate to

clean up the mess as the water ran over

from the sink that had the stopper in it

they would then leave the room for a

couple of minutes and leave the inmate

alone whose task it was to mop up the

mess when they came back a couple of

minutes later if the water was still

running with the stop in the sink and

they were still mopping they knew that

person was not ready to go anywhere

because they did not have the capacity

to understand the root of the problem

for hundreds of years the church in

darkness was trying to get people to mop

up their sins through effort and merit

through indulgences

the then-known Catholic Church the

universal Church had descended into a

darkness that was engulfing Christianity

so to speak Martin Luther rose up in

1517 and he came to Wittenberg door and

he pulled the stopper out of the sink he

told people you don’t have to keep

swinging your mop you don’t have to keep

self effort to make yourself acceptable

to God because acceptance with God is by

grace alone and that one of the five

SOLAS led to the Protestant Reformation

of which we are beneficiaries when a

person is in a contest and they win they

get a trophy when a person is being

recognized for an achievement they get a

reward and when a person goes to work

every day they get a wage but when you

get a wage and you haven’t worked when

you get a trophy and you haven’t played

when you get an award and you haven’t


that’s called unmerited favor and at the

heart of grace is unmerited favor grace

can be defined as the goodness of God to

people who do not deserve it could never

earn it and could never pay back for it

for it is the god of grace that offers

His goodness to undeserving mankind

and it was the rediscovery of grace that

led to this Reformation so that people

could understand the biblical way to

salvation grace is all that God is free

to do for us independent of us

according to Romans 11:6 grace is apart

from works for if it is of works paul

says it cannot be any longer of grace

and so what was reignited in the

protestant reformation was an

understanding that salvation cannot be

earned bought paid for or meredith to

appreciate grace and to understand it we

have to understand the backdrop of our

need for it which will lead to the

implications of it a man came to a

doctor one day to get the results of his

tests the doctor said I have some bad

news for you and then I’ve got some

really bad news for you which do you

want first

he said well what’s the bad news the bad

news is I’ve examined your tests and you

only have 24 hours to live he said well

that’s the bad news that’s the bad news

he said then what’s the really bad news

he said I forgot to tell you yesterday

the need for grace comes up again some

bad news and some really bad news

Paul says in Galatians Ephesians chapter

2 that you were dead in your trespasses

and in your sins that the human race was

spiritually separated from God

and that was really bad news he goes on

to say in those opening verses that the

world of flesh and the devil had teamed

up to condemn the human race to a virus

called sin for which it could not heal

itself that no amount of human effort no

matter how well intentioned could solve

the problem of sin in the human race the

Bible declares that all have sinned and

fallen short of the glory of God and he

calls that spiritual death now granted

we do that at different levels of

decomposition in the coroner’s report

some are really dead

some are sophisticated and dead some are

rich in dead some are poor and dance

some are black and dead some are white

and dead but all are equally dead

separated from the life of God you know

in days gone by funerals were very crude

people would die and then they would be

put in wooden boxes and after put in

wooden boxes they would be put in

horse-drawn carriages they would be

taken to the cemetery and then this

wooden box would be laid in a grave dug

by hands and shovel with with ropes

wrapped around the top and wrapped

around the bottom to lower them in but

when you die today you die in style

there is no wooden box as a bronze

casket there’s now a horse-drawn

carriage there is not only ugly machine

but a fleet of a limousine led by two

motorcyclists out in front you’ve always

wanted to stop traffic you get to stop

traffic that day and go through red

lights you find yourself at the

internment not with ropes around the

casket but being lowered down by a

nickel-plated machine but I’m here to

tell you whether it’s a horse-drawn

carriage or limousine whether it’s a

wooden coffin or bronze one the Dead is

still the

and so while people have different

levels of decomposition and different

atmospheres around their grave

experience the Bible is declared that

all men are equally dead and separated

from the life of God but then Paul goes

on in the chapter and introduces two

words that can change any situation but

God he introduces two words that can

reverse any scenario but God he

introduces two words that can open up

graves and unhook caskets and dig out

dirt and they get things live again he

says but God and then he introduces us

to how we got grace and he throws

together some theological terms that is

easy to read but equally easy to miss

listen to what he says he says but God

being rich in mercy because of his great

love with which he loved us even when we

were dead in our transgressions has made

us alive together in Christ he says that

God had to have a discussion among his

attributes that he had to get together

with himself by himself about himself he

says on one side there was the wrath of

God because he says in verse 3 we were

children of Wrath because God’s

perfection and his justice demands his

wrath because he cannot negotiate what

sense gets in flips in ignore sin he

must react to sin cuz that’s just the

way he is his just perfect righteousness

must react to that which is contrary to

his nature he cannot act like wrath

is not part of his nature but on the

other side of this character according

to verse 4 was because of the great love

with which he loved us and the mercy he

wanted to extend to us so on one side is

justice and wrath and on the other side

is love and mercy the biblical

definition of love is the compassionate

and responsible look care for the

well-being of somebody else the biblical

definition of mercy is not giving what a

person deserves so now we have a

conflict of attributes we’ve got wrath

and justice which must be mediated out

and we’ve got love and mercy which is

desired to be expressed how can the

desire to express love and mercy deal

with the reality that justice and wrath

must be executed therefore God had to

come up with a plan for his attributes

to get along he had to come up with a

plan for justice and mercy to be okay

while simultaneously it being okay for

love and mercy to be expressed since he

could not look to his creation in order

to resolve the problem because the

creation was the problem he had to come

up with an answer to address the

conflict within the attributes given the

sinfulness of man combined with the

desire of God expressing his love and so

he came up with a plan to resolve the

problem in himself by himself for

himself to benefit mankind who could not

help themselves because they were stuck

in a graveyard so when the four

attributes got together and began to

have a meeting the God of the Bible came

up with a plan and that plan ignited

another attribute

grace when wrath and justice met love

and mercy creating a plan of redemption

expressing itself in the unmerited favor

of God God came up with the plan that

plan is no more greatly Illustrated then

when a young lady was driving down the

highway and she was going 75 miles an

hour in a 55 mile an hour speed zone she

was going 75 miles an hour many years

ago in a southern town and the policeman

pulled her over when the policeman

pulled her over he said young lady you

going 75 miles an hour in a 55 mile an

hour speed zone and I’ve got to give you

a ticket but in this small town it’s the

weekend you’re passing through so I’ve

got to take you to the court right now

because you’ve got to pay the price he

took her to the courtroom and when he

took her to this single courtroom the

judge came in and he said young lady

you’ve been found guilty of going 75

miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour speed

zone so we’re going to have to fine you

$100 she protested but Your Honor I

don’t have a hundred dollars he says

well I can’t change the law you owe $100

or you can spend the weekend in jail she

broke out in tears and said but I don’t

have $100 and I don’t want to spend the

weekend in jail have mercy on me as the

judge looked down at her cry for mercy

he did something that astounded the

bailiff and the policeman who brought

her in he pushed back his share from

behind the podium he zipped down his

robe he left the bench

walked and picked up his jacket walked

beside the young lady reached in his

pocket took out a hundred-dollar bill

and put it on the bench unhooked his

jacket went back up and picked up his

robe zipped up his robe went back to the

bench picked up the gavel young lady

you’ve been found guilty of going 75

miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour speed

zone the law says you must pay the

penalty of a hundred dollars or spend

the weekend in jail ah but I see

somebody else has paid the price

God too satisfies the dynamics of his

nature came up with a plan where he left

heavens independent use of deity put on

a jacket of humanity entered into time

and space died on the cross as a

propitiation for the sins of mankind

rose from the dead demonstrating that

the payment for sin tetelestai

had been received and there was a

receipt given an empty grave

demonstrating that salvation was

provided to everybody in court who comes

to the judge and says I want mercy from

the bench based on the sacrifice of

Jesus Christ but God came up with a plan

to provide in grace salvation for all it

reminds me of the two preachers who were

going south and they went to this small

southern town one was from the north and

he didn’t know how the south work and he

sat down and they ordered breakfast the

the lady came the waitress came out and

she had on the plate eggs bacon but then

she had this white gooey stuff he said

what’s that white gooey stuff he said

that’s called grits

he said well wait a minute I didn’t ask

for grits I didn’t and I’m not gonna pay

for grits she said I don’t think you

understand you’re in the south you don’t

have to ask for grits you don’t have to

pay for grit

you just get grits it’s just the nature

of what we do the beautiful thing about

God’s grace is the Bible says it is made

available to all men because he just

gives it away

and gives it away and offers it at no

charge in fact if you are if you offer

to pay for it your payment will be

rejected because once it’s of grace it

can no longer be of works and so he says

but God being rich in mercy was willing

to make salvation available to all who

come to Christ for it now we’re all here

evangelicals we all agree with salvation

by grace but when Paul wrote Ephesians 2

he was talking to people already saved

he was talking to people already on

their way to heaven why is he talking to

them about a grace that they had already

received because Paul understood that

what often happens in the life of

believers is they sought out with grace

but then revert back to law they start

out with God’s unmerited favor but then

they revert back to meriting something

that cannot be married the Bible is

clear that not only are we saved by

grace but we are sanctified by grace

that it is the grace of God that changes

us after the grace of God has redeemed

us many of our grandparents used a

washing board to wash their clothes they

would scrub their clothes and they would

give all the human effort they had to

get things clean they would be tired and

worn out and the body would ache not

because they didn’t want to be clean but

because there was so much work to make

themselves clean and then it could only

be so clean because it was tied to their


human effort but then through technology

there came a washing machine and a

washing machine forever changed how

grandmother and her grandchildren got

things cleaned we no longer use a

scrubbing board because we have

something that has built in it a

cleansing mechanism without all the

human effort to make it work what would

you say to a grandmother for whom you

purchase at no charge to her a washing

machine who still insisted on using a

scrubbing board you would tell her she

doesn’t understand what she has that

what I have given you is much better

than what you can pull off on your own

often what happens in the Christian

Church is we tell people

let’s get saved by grace but let’s get

changed by law when the Bible is clear

through the Apostle Paul that once you

have grace you are no longer under law

because what law does is it tells you

what’s wrong but it can’t make it right

the law is like a mirror you go to in

the morning to show you how jacked-up

you got last night you go to the mirror

and to show you your hairs out of place

booboo is in your eye you go to the

mirror and it lets you know that you

know you you a hot mess but you don’t

then take the mirror off the wall and

wash your face with it you don’t take

the mirror off the wall and comb your

hair with it because you know the mirror

is only designed to reveal it it’s not

designed to fix it what God has so given

us in grace even after salvation is a

means to fix the very thing that the law

condemns but because we either do not

understand grace do not trust grace or

do not utilize grace we do not

experience the flow of grace and Paul

says in Galatians 5 verses 1 through 4

when you lose sight of what grace is you

fall from grace and when you fall from

grace you are severed from Christ

so there are evangelical Christians who

are cut off from Jesus Christ while they

go to church cut off from Jesus Christ

while they have devotions cut off from

Jesus Christ while they sing praises

because they are living lives

independently of a relationship with

Christ by grace and not by merit now

when we understand this he says in

Galatians 2 that this grace that God has

provided creates a relocation listen to

what he says Paul says he says that when

we were dead he made us alive together

with Christ he raised us up together

with Christ he seated us together with

him in a whole nother location called

heavenly places now that’s a favorite

Pauline theological term heavenly places

heavenly places is a euphemism for the

spiritual realm in chapter 1 verse 3 he

says your blessings are in heavenly

places in chapter 1 verse 20 he says

Jesus is seated in heavenly places in

chapter 2 verse 6 he says we are seated

with him in heavenly places in chapter 3

verse 10 he says the church operates

with the angels in heavenly places and

in chapter 6 verse 12 he says the demons

operates out of heavenly places because

heavenly places is where the action is

let me put it another way everything

visible and physical is preceded by

something invisible and spiritual

everything visible and physical is

preceded by something invisible and

spiritual so if you want to fix the

visible and physical you’ve got to

address the invisible and spiritual if

you do not address the invisible and

spiritual you will not be able to

address the visible and physical because

a visible and physical which affects

thee which is the result of the

invisible and spiritual emanates from a

whole nother realm called heavenly

places the job of grey

is to cause us to operate from a whole

different atmosphere than the atmosphere

we live in we live down here but we

operate from the atmosphere up there if

we are to partake of the grace of their

that has been disseminated for our

responsibilities down here and it is

only when we grab grace at that level in

fact he goes on to say in verse seven

grace is so spectacular this thing that

the Protestant Reformation got going and

that we’re still having to learn about

it is so awesome that in the ages to


that is quadrillion years from now when

I meet you at the corner of Gould Street

and silver Boulevard he says in the ages

to come God will be manifesting his

grace translation you ain’t seen nothing


because God is infinite he is going to

expose himself since there will be no

competing sin so that every day in fact

there is going to be so much grace in

eternity God is wiping out night so that

you don’t miss anything he’s going to

give you a glorified body that can’t get

tired he’s going to keep it daylight

forever so that forever all you gonna

see is God showing up showing off you

gonna go did you see diamond it’s going

to be non-stop exposure of infinitude by

an infinite God in the ages to come this

is why he wants you to know by grace the

famous verse 8 and 9 you have been saved

he says the Greek word for saved means

to be delivered or rescued he says all

this is by grace and it is by grace and

you are connected with him you know I’ve

been a chaplain for the Cowboys chaplain

for the Mavericks and when I do the

Mavericks they give me four tickets

they give me four tickets I do the

Maverick Chapel I tell some of the guys

in church I said oh don’t don’t don’t go

on your own you come with me

because if you come with me they charge

you $15 a car to park you don’t have to

pay to park as you with me and I get a

free parking pass so you come with me

that saves each one of you $15 for

parking when you come with me we’re not

going through the general public

entrance we have a private entrance and

we have a private entrance because I can

go through that entrance but if you’re

with me you go through that entrance too

not because of who you are but because

of who I am when we go downstairs

there’s a four-course meal you don’t

have to go by food like everybody else

because I eat for free but you with me

and since you with me you eat what I eat

at no cost to you because you are with

me we can go in and we watch the game

when the game is over and everybody else

is in a hurry to leave we not Russian

because we’re not going the same way

they go on we go on up a private ramp to

a private elevator out a private door to

a private parking lot and we will be

halfway home before most people have

gotten to that cause and that whole

evening will occur because you would

need so if you just hang with me the

rights and privileges of benefits that

accrue to me I can share with you not

because of who you are but because of

who I am

Jesus says by grace you’re with me and

the rights and privileges of grace gets

transferred to you now because of who

you are but because of who I am and if

we would ever learn this thing of grace

that he says it is with him so the point

is to experience war of grace you must

experience more of him if you’re in

trouble with the law you need more than

a law book you need a lawyer if you’re

in trouble with a doctor you need more

if you are unhealthy and need a doctor

you need more than a medical book you

need a doctor if you are being attacked

by criminals you don’t just need a penal

code you need a policeman in other words

you need the visible manifestation of

the book whatever is in that book you

need a living person to make that

material in

book come alive to you that is why Titus

chapter 2 verse 11 is so critical for

the grace of God has appeared to all

bringing salvation to all men and then

he goes into we look to Jesus Christ

because he is the dispenser of grace

that is why what Nick is talking about

is so critical because the more Jesus

you have the more grace you get the less

Jesus you have the less grace you

experience so it is the relationship

with a person that allows him to

dispense the grace that he offers which

is his sufficiency for the life that

he’s called us to live grace is like

Niagara Falls it just keeps on rolling

fish don’t run out of water animals on

run out of foliage and we don’t run out

of oxygen because of the abundant supply

and since God has got enough grace for

you your life your ministry your program

and he doesn’t run out of it that

relationship allows him to dispense not

only what the reformation called for

salvation by grace but sanctification by

grace sustaining by grace transformation

by grace it’s all about the grace of God

when we operate from heavenly places

now that the introduction is over here

he throws the zinger in here he’s been

talking for nine verses about grace

he shows grace three times in Ephesians

chapter 2 you’re saved by grace

you’re sanctified by grace by grace are

you saved

not of works it cannot be merited it’s

what God does for us independent of us

that’s the only definition of grace

there is the moment you add merit it is

no longer of grace to wait a minute and

if that’s true what about my

responsibility to work he knew you

ask that question so he comes in verse

10 and he keeps grace alive he says in

verse 10 for we are his workmanship

created in Christ Jesus for good works

which God prepared beforehand so that we

would walk in them

you don’t work to get grace because

grace cannot be earned grace cannot be

much there is nothing you can do to make

God give you grace

for then you would merit it and no one

should boast but what you can do is

respond to grace your work my work our

ministry your ministry your service what

you do should be a response to grace it

is not an effort to merit grace it is

our appreciation for the greatness of

grace that has been freely given to us

and the more of that grace you

experience because of the work that you

do notice the phrase we are his

workmanship because it’s about him and

he created us safe us for good works in

other words I was out of our salvation

this should be a response and you don’t

even get to choose the word because

which he has created beforehand so he

was already ahead of you before you got

the work that you were responsible to do

that we should do for him it’s all about

him because it’s all about grace you

know I almost drowned when I was about

12 years old I almost drowned in a

swimming pool but a friend named Donald

reached in and pulled me out just in the

nick of time I got so shook up by that

experience I went on to become a

lifeguard I became a good lifeguard 50

years ago and 50 pounds ago I became an

excellent life God and then I graduated

to be a water safety instructor because

a water safety instructor trains like

God’s out of life God you see when I got

delivered from drowning I developed a

passion to deliver other folk from

so having been delivered myself I became

a lifeguard and a water safety

instructor so I could give to others the

very deliverance that I had experienced

myself you see when you never forget

where God brought you from when you

never forget where you were drowning in

the graveyard of sin and death you can’t

help but show appreciation by becoming a

spiritual life God and delivering others

through good works not to earn grace

because grace cannot be earned but to

respond to grace because grace is great

when it is given he says that this grace

is God you know there’s a movie –

hanging tree the hanging tree Wood Gary

Cooper this is an old movie Gary Cooper

is a is a doctor and he’s in an old

western town and this young man gets

shot and Gary Cooper goes and Gary

Cooper works with him and takes out the

bullet and saves the man’s life the

young man said doc you saved my life

what can I do for you the doctor looked

at him and said well I’ll tell you what

you can be my assistant and you can be

my assistant for the rest of your life

because that’s how long you would have

been dead if I hadn’t saved you when you

understand that God has saved you for

eternity it’s okay to give him a few

years of your life in history giving him

an appreciation for the magnificent

grace of God when you understand grace

and you respond to grace as grace you

get more grace for God to do more in you

through you for you but when you leave

grace even when you’re doing ministry

you get cut off from grace and then you

are severed from Christ and so you do

not experience the availability of the

grace that God has given while you can

never earn grace you can always access

it Romans chapter five verse two we

access this grace by faith so you access

it but you never earn it and then in the

last section of the book I want to throw

you an uncomfortable comment for some of


because he doesn’t leave the subject of

grace he throws in an adverb after

talking about what grace is after

discussing how grace works the union we

have with Jesus Christ and the flow and

the flow you know when I was when I was

a boy the way we took baths in the inner

city of Baltimore was the I mean the way

we went swimming in the inner city of

Baltimore was the fire hydrant

every Saturday the fire marshal would

come and flush out the fire hydrant we

put on our bathing suits and we go

swimming we just let the water run on us

as we were playing in the fire hydrant

but I something always bothered me I

went to my dad I said daddy

that’s three foot fire and how does that

have all that water he said boy that

fire hydrant doesn’t have any water it’s

underneath it’s hooked up to the dam and

the dam provides through a pipe under

the ground the water you’re getting out

of the hydrant when he explained that to

me I understood that there flow from the

dam which was much bigger than what I

needed for my swimming lesson

that’s how grace is there’s more grace

than you can ever flush through your

life but when you open up that flood and

God is able to flow to you and through

you because you are now being a benefit

to others you are now seeing what God

can do that only God can do for which

only God deserves the glory you’re

merely a hydrant through whom he can

flow and then he says therefore but

somebody say therefore because see

whenever you see therefore you need to

ask what is there for there for always

means in light of what I just said in

light of what I’ve just talked about in

light of what I just explained that is

in light of my discussion about grace

and then it gets sensitive because he

says in light of what I said

he goes from verse 11 to

first twenty two and he says there

should be racial healing in the church

he says first thirteen but now in Christ

Jesus you were formerly were off have

been brought near by the blood of Christ

for he himself is our peace who has made

both groups into one and broke down the

barrier of the dividing Hall wall by

abolishing in the fist flesh the enmity

which the law of Commandments contained

in ordinances that he himself might make

two into one new man thus establishing

peace that they might be reconciled both

into one body to God through the cross

and having killed the enmity let me put

it this way when grace hasn’t gotten big

enough and floda strong enough to bring

racial healing Paul says in Chapter two

you don’t understand grace because one

of the things that the good works of

grace will do verse ten is in verse 11

to verse 24 it makes the two into one no

longer is there legitimate illegitimate

division between Jew and Gentile when

grace has been understood because in the

grave you’re just dead in the grave it

doesn’t matter history background

culture color class in the grave you are

equally separated from God in hell you

are equally separated from God but he

made us alive and understanding of grace

so what this says is that the American

Church in the divisions that we’ve had

in history and in the divisions we still

have today don’t understand grace

because Paul says if you understood

grace and you were doing good works then

you wouldn’t have this division because

the cross brings peace whenever my wife

makes me a sandwich it will always be

with mayonnaise

I don’t eat mustard sandwiches I am NOT

a mustard guy

I am a mayonnaise guy now mayonnaise has

some ingredients that don’t get along

two ingredients in mayonnaise that don’t

get along is oil and water mayonnaise

has oil and water no matter how much you

stir together push it together force it

together all the water don’t go back to

there they’re gonna go back to their

different different endzones because

they understand that component parts are

not meant to get along but the reason I

can eat mayonnaise is because of a

process of emulsification emulsification

is a process of taking two things that

can get along and bringing them together

in harmony to create something new

special and in my case with mayonnaise

tasty so the reason why I can eat

mayonnaise is because introduced to oil

and water is egg and what it does is egg

reaches out to oil then egg reaches out

to water and I say no I know y’all don’t

like each other I know y’all weren’t

raised together

I know y’all come from different

backgrounds but Evans want some

mayonnaise so what I’m gonna do is I

don’t reach over here and I’ma reach

over there and even though you don’t

relate to each other both of you relate

to me

and if I can get your water to relate to

me and you all to relate to me I’m going

in and mix with both of you so that Tony

Evans can have a man a sandwich when

it’s time to eat

guess what grace does through the cross

of Jesus Christ it reaches out to the

black guy it reaches out to the white

guy it reaches out to the poor guy it

reaches out to the rich guy I know y’all

come from different backgrounds

different histories but my cross and the

grace dispensed from it can take focu

divided and bring them back together

again that’s what grace does and when

grace is missing paul says there’s

division in the body that’s why I love

the story and I know I’m out of time

Jerry I’m winding down but this is

getting good to me that’s why I like the

story and Galatians chapter 2

cuz of pita is eating ham sandwiches

with the Gentiles pitas him because see

he got that thing on the roof in Acts

chapter 10 where God told him don’t call

unclean when I call clean and now you

know he had heard about pork chops

chitlins and pig feet but he had never

tasted it because that was an unclean

animal but now that he had to go to

canoes his house he found out those

folks on the other side of the track

knew how to cook and so now in Acts

chapter 2 verse 11 he’s hidden some ham

sandwiches with the Gentile some pork

chops with the Gentiles some pig feet

with the Gentiles some hog laws with the

Gentiles and some chitlins with the

Gentile he just having a pork eating

good time but then while he’s eating

with some of his homeboys some of his

boys from the hood showed up some of the

Jews sent from James showed up and saw

their Jewish pastor eaten with them

people on the other side of the tracks

when he saw that he said I can’t be with

y’all anymore

because I might offend my own race so he

got up and went back to the Jews in

order not to get up let them be upset

with him because he was fellowship with

these people over here we got to live

with him in heaven but that’ll mean we

got to eat with him on earth so Peter

got up and the mist and the pulpit is a

frog in the Pew

it says when Peter got up the rest of

the Jews were with him got up so they

got up to it goes one step further it

says even Barnabas was carried away by

their hypocrisy not my boy Barney

anybody but Barney Barney was or was

born in Cypress Cypress is a Gentile

colony so he was born in Gentiles with

the school with Gentiles raised with

Gentiles play ball with Gentiles but

that’s how bad racism classism is it’ll

make a good man bad so Barnabas got up

and he left too and they would have

gotten away with it except for one thing

Paul wanted some pixie too

so Paul shows up and Paul says when I

saw what Peter did I condemned Peter

before them all but guess why not

because of racial reconciliation not

because can’t we all get along not

because of our seminar on race not

because of a unity guy holding unity

candles no I condemned him because he

was embarrassed

seeing the gospel he was shaming the

cross and he was abusing grace and the

greatest verse on your identity in

Christ I’m crucified with Christ

nevertheless I live yet not i his Christ

who lives in me the life which I now

live I live by faith in the Son of God

who loved me and gave himself for me

that famous verse comes at the end of

this story

see everybody quotes diverse but they

leave out the story then let Paul to say

the verse that verse is Paul talking to

Peter and saying you don’t know who you

are you forgot who you are because

you’ve missed the cross and when you

miss the cross

you’ve killed grace and so in graces at

work the unity of a church is in focus

raises a big deal it’s a saving deal a

justifying deal it is a sanctifying deal

it will be a glorifying deal it is also

a unifying deal and if we ever get grace

right and Jesus was free to flow just

free to flow he you don’t have the whole

back grace cuz cuz cuz he’s we’re gonna

abuse it we gonna fall from it we gonna

be severed from him I can’t I can’t deal

with that that’s why that’s why that’s

why we have all these prayer meetings

and these prayers aren’t getting

answered for unity and revival because

we asking God to revive a divided church

he can’t do that because that’s against

his nature you see God is one God

composed of three co-equal persons the

father is not the son the son is not the

spirit these three are distinct yet they

are one it’s like a pretzel with three

holes the first hole is not the second

hole a second holes another third hole

but they all tie together by the same

dough see it’s all it’s all just one

thing but three distinct persons and

when he has a divided body he cannot be

the unified God that he is so we can

pray to be blue in the face but there

will be no revival there will be no


there will be no breakthrough of the

grace of God in the culture if he has to

do it to a church he can’t identify with

so he says when you understand grace it

shows up cross culturally cross racially

includes in conclusion

for real this time a lady young had a

major skull on her face may just got


her daughter would never invite her to

any things at her school she wouldn’t

bring any friends over to the house she

wouldn’t do any of that cuz she uh she

was ashamed of how ugly her mother

looked with this horrific scar in her


one day her mother came to her and said

darlin why won’t you ever invite me to

your school functions you never bring

your friends over here but I asked to

meet him you never let me meet him why

the daughter said mama I hate to say

this but it’s your scar it’s your scar

and uglies god I’m so ashamed I’m sorry

I feel that way but I can’t get over the

sky she said son a daughter have a seat

sit down have a seat

let me tell you about my scar you were a

baby in the crib

I was out hanging up clothes on the

clothesline I saw smoke coming up

through the roof of the house I screamed

my baby my baby and I rushed inside and

the smoke was engulfing my baby’s crib I

picked up picked you up I picked up my


to run out of the house as I was getting

ready to run out of the house a beam

collapsed and struck me on the side of

my face as I throw you through the door

and it burned me so you have to

understand every time you see the scar

it’s a reminder of the price I paid to

deliver you every time you see the star

and don’t want to talk about me to your

friends you just need to remember this

scar saved you every time you see the

scar you don’t invite me to be where you

are I just want you to remember is this

God that’s the reason why you can go to

those events and have these benefits and

have your friends just don’t forget when

you see this stuff it’s because I was

delivering you my brothers and sisters

when you get to glory and you’re walking

on those streets of gold and going in

and out of your your mansion with your

brand-new glorified body

you’ll all be the age approximately of

Adam and Eve which was the perfect age

of adulthood when you enter into glory

and all of the flaws will be removed in

the glorified body

there will be no tiredness there will be

no no diseases there will be no sickness

you and I will have perfect glow

five humanity forever but there will be

one sky person in heaven there will be

one person who forever his skies will

never leave whenever you run into him

you will see the nail prints in his

hands and the nail prints in his feet

and the scar in his side because when he

rose from the dead he told Thomas you

can touch the nail prints in my hands

you can touch the nail prints in my feet

God have kept Jesus Christ scarred so

that one hundred quadrillion years from

now when you run into him through the

passages of glory you will be reminded

that the only reason you are here the

only reason you are enjoying what you’re

enjoying as he displays his grace

throughout the ages is because he got

scarred on the cross for you praise God

for the scars because the scars are the

basis of His grace god bless you