The power of faith does more than move mountains. It opens up the eyes of Christians to the spiritual realm and allows them to see the work of God through angels and the work of Satan through demons.

without him you cannot

but without you he will not

when we travel across a bridge it

typically means

that two bodies of land have been


by a challenge this bridge

is designed to take you from where you


to where you are trying to go the bridge

that god has constructed

for you to move from the natural to the


is the bridge called faith unbelief will

keep you stuck where you are

unbelief is so powerful it’ll stop

god’s work in your life he says

i believe help my uncle

he said i believe but i’m shaking will


give me what i lack so i can go deep

enough to believe

so even if your faith is weak you’ve got

a faith helper

so get ready for your miracle

as long as you cross the bridge


our series is believing is seeing

experiencing the supernatural

it is our intended purpose

for you to begin to experience in your


in your world

the supernatural interruption of god

to move you

from the natural to the supernatural

experience of his reality

in your life as a common occurrence

and not merely as an occasional

thing that may happen or may not happen

in your lifetime

again i want to distinguish the

difference between

supernatural and natural natural means

that it’s operating according to the

laws of nature

the laws are already known science

studies them

we operate on them the law of gravity

what goes up must come down

these are the rules by which the world


and they’re natural men can discover


and use them for living

but when we speak about the supernatural

we’re speaking about when god overrides

his own laws

when god steps in to

a law a circumstance a situation

and brings to it or upon it something

that comes from

outside of it our twin word that we

would call those things are miracles

things that god does that are outside of

the laws that he himself has established

i would like to suggest to you that

the supernatural is not as far from you

as you may think

but it is predicated on faith

now we’ve explained faith acting like

god is telling the truth

acting like it is so even when it’s not

so in order that it might be so

simply because god said so

and in our story today

we find this principle of believing is


being brought to light again jesus is on

his way to galilee

and he

comes across philip and he tells philip

phillip follow me philip says okay

philip has a homeboy named nathaniel

nathaniel is there and philip says

nate we have found him

the one who the whole old testament

prophesied about

jesus of nazareth we found him

the whole bible we’ve been studying all

these years about the coming messiah

nate we have discovered him he’s here

nathanael we’ll call him nate for sure

nate says um can any good thing come out

of nazareth

you you’re telling me messiah

has come out of nazareth we talking

about the son of joseph

the cop of this kid you’re saying that’s

the messiah

can any good thing come out of that

jesus sees him coming and says

behold an israelite indeed in whom there

is no deceit

in other words nathaniel i heard what

you just said about me

can any good thing come out of nazareth

nathanael said to him

how do you know me i’ve never met you

we’ve never talked before

we’ve never interact it’s my first time

how do you know how do you know my

background how do you know what i was

talking about that you could claim that

i was being honest about it

how do you know me

jesus continues before philip called you

when you were under the fig tree i saw


so that leads nathanael to conclude

in verse 49 rabbi

you are the son of god you are the king

of israel

strictly based on what jesus said

that he saw which he couldn’t have known


having some supernatural insight

and knowledge because he wasn’t there

when he was under fig tree

he wasn’t there when philip asked him to

come and see

and yet he knew all this information he

said to him

uh you’ve got to be the son of god

what he does here stay with me is affirm

jesus’s deity son of god in other words

you have the uh characteristics of


you have the nature of god you are the


of god he declares his deity he

expresses to jesus i believe you are not


the son of god your messiah that is you

are the king

of israel he confesses it

so say with me we have now

nathaniel moving from a big

question mark can anything good come out

of nazareth

and in lickety-split he now is


you are not just an ordinary man

you are god incarnate you are the son of


so his his doubt has now become

enough faith to make a public confession

about who jesus is so he’s moved

in a manner of minutes spiritually

because of what he heard jesus say

now watch what happens next jesus says

to him

because i said to you i saw you under

the fig tree

i just talked to you you heard my word

and i said it to you do you believe

question mark you will see

greater things than these

he’s doubting one minute he’s confessing

christ the next minute

and he says if you keep this belief

thing going

you ain’t seen nothing yet you will see

greater things than these

many of you come every sunday and you

hear a message

you may agree with the message you may

amend the message

and jesus said to nathanael and i say to

you he wants to do more than give you

another sermon

he wants to do more than give you

another message he wants to do more

in fact he wants to give you something

you can see

once god gives you something you can see

with your own two eyes once he

once he lets you see something something

because you’ve operated in faith

now his reality his power

his presence is a whole new ball game

for you

cause now you’re not depending on a

sermon you just became one

so he says i i got some stuff

nate that will blow your mind if i can

get your faith

to keep moving do you believe question


you you you have grown in your faith but

i have a lot more

and then he comes in verse 51

and he said to him truly truly

i say to you

you will see the heavens opened

and the angels of god ascending and


on the son of man

i’m going to show you some greater stuff

now before i go any further i want to

drop a

exegetical note in here because you need

to know that the word you

that he’s going to show him this heaven

and opening up

is plural so he moves from

in the greek texas plural so you can be

singular or you can refer to a group

plural well it’s plural

so he’s carrying on a conversation with

an individual but he jumps from

nathanael and talks to the group

and guess what you and i are in the


so this is not just what he’s getting

ready to tell nathanael isn’t just for


he says it’s for the rest of y’all too

you’re going to see heaven open up which

means it was closed

and you’re going to see angels going up

and down

from heaven to earth on the son of man

this brings us into the doctrine of


angels are god’s delivering service

they’re the male men

the male persons of god their spirit


and their job is to deliver whatever god

wants me to be delivered

from heaven to history now

hebrews chapter 1 14 says

that every believer has been assigned

their own angel

hebrews 1 14 says that so if you are a


you have an angel at least one

that has been assigned to you

what’s the job of an angel to be your

spiritual mailman

male person because their job is to


when heaven opens up something heaven

wants to do

down in history that history can see

because you’re going to see it

so you have a male person whose job it


to respond to you on earth from

heaven but you only get to see that

when heaven opens

so if heaven is closed it’s like a

holiday you don’t get the mail

heaven has to be open for you to see

what your angel is supposed to deliver

to you and take from you back up to


because they’re descending and ascending

they’re going down and up

oh wait a minute he just shifted


nathanael said you are the son of god he

said because you recognize i’m the son

of god

if you take that belief and move with it

you’re going to see the angels come on

the son of man

son of god is jesus’s deity son of man

is jesus’s humanity

we call it the hypostatic union two


in one person unmixed forever he’s god

and man he’s god so he creates

he’s man so he was born he’s god

because he can feed five thousand he’s


because he can get hungry he’s man

because he can walk on water

man because he’d get thirsty he’s god

because he can walk on water

he’s man he can die he’s god he can

raise the dead

so you got son of man son of god in one


he says because you recognize i’m son of


you’re gonna watch me be son of man

because you recognize i’m from up there

you’re gonna be seeing me do some stuff

down here where human beings live

and the angels will be going up and down

the ladder of the son of man

now he just told

nathanael what he was thinking you see

he’s under the fig tree he’s a man with

no deceit

and he’s going to see angels going up

and down

well that comes straight out of genesis

chapter 28

when jacob was running from his brother

esau terrified he was going to get

killed by his brother

he finally comes to a place where he’s

too tired to go any further

he lays down puts his head on the rock

and the bible says

jacob had a dream and jacob had a dream

and he saw a ladder going from earth to

heaven and heaven to earth and he saw

angels going

up and down the ladder and when he saw

the angels going up and down the ladder

god said to him i’m going to be with you

i’m going to take care of you i’m going

to provide for you

i’m going to fulfill my covenant with

you and even though your life is

messed up right now heaven has got an

answer for the mess

you have put yourself in

so nathaniel you under the fig tree

jacob is called the man full of guile

you’re a man of no guile the seat means


that’s cause you’re up there meditating

on how am i gonna get connected to


you’re gonna get connected to heaven the

same way the one you were thinking about

got connected to heaven on a ladder

but it won’t be a ladder with rungs in

it it’ll be a son of man ladder

in other words jesus christ is your link

to experiencing the supernatural from

heaven to earth

or as the scripture says we have one


between god and man and that is the man


jesus so it is your operating

faith in christ not your intellectual

faith not your emotional faith

it will be as you’ll see in a second

you’re operating faith in christ

where you get to see heaven move

okay so we have a question on the floor

when am i going to see this where am i

going to see this man come on jesus

okay well first of all it’s contingent


your belief and your willingness to


okay you must believe enough to act on

what he says

and to confess identification with him

he confesses jesus to be the son of god

so let me tell you now how to keep

heaven closed

be embarrassed to be identified with


okay heaven will shut up on you

because god is glorifying his son so if

you’re a secret agent christian

spiritual cia representative and covert


uh don’t expect heaven to open heaven

will stay

totally closed if you’re embarrassed

about being a christian

i’m not talking about believing in god

no i’m talking about identification

with jesus christ the bible says in

matthew chapter 10

if you deny me before men i will deny

you before my father who is in heaven

so you asking for this miracle but you


association with me i will deny you

before my father

heaven will stay closed and angels will


come down the ladder they will be on


so there must be the identification and

confession of christ

for you to see it with

operating faith because he’s already

expressed faith but jesus raised the

question now do you believe

do you believe enough to operate and

follow me

now three days later

so this story is continuing

there was a wedding in cana of galilee

and the mother of jesus was there

and both jesus and his disciples were

invited to the wedding

so when he went to the wedding when the


ran out verse 3 the mother of jesus says

there they have no

wine we don’t have enough juice

wine has run out

in other words jesus what you’re going

to do about it you were invited to the


wink wink i know who you are jesus said

to her

woman what does that have to do

with us my hour has not yet come you

want me to

solve your problem apart from my purpose

and woman you’re my mother i love you


but i don’t operate apart from the will

of god

so watch this when god does the


he does it in accordance to his will

based on his timeline

my hour that’s time has not yet come

so when you are expecting because you’re

operating in faith and confessing him if

you’re not doing those things

two things you can’t expect the

supernatural but if you’re doing those

two things

you have to understand he operates

according to his will and

based on his timeline it’s got to agree

with his hour

and his by got to be consistent with his

purposes okay

my hour has not come

so mother backs off

mother says to the servants whatever he


to you do it

now when she backs off

and gives jesus the freedom to do it his

way and not

demand that he does it her way

jesus says it says in verse 6

there were six stone water pots each one

could hold

30 uh 20 to 30 gallons each and he said

to them fill the water parts with water

so they are filled up to the brim

now before you get to that verse

it sounded like jesus was going to do

nothing because he says

woman why are you asking me to do that

my hour has not yet not yet come

so it sounds like he’s telling her

forget it

i ain’t trying to do do that when she

backs off

and he says to her he says to the folks

okay now here’s what i want you to do

and i’ll tell you why in a moment

as we close he says i want you to fill

these water pots up with water

so the servants went and they fill these


uh 20 to 30 gallon pots six of them

they fill it up with water when they

fill it up with water

he said to them draw some out now and

take it to the head waiter

so they took it to him when the

headwaiter tasted the water

which had become wine watch this damn

and did not know where it came from

but the servants who had joined the

water knew the headwaiter called the

bride’s groom and said him

every man serves the good wine first and

when the people are drunk freely

then he serves the poor wine but you

have kept the good wine

until now this beginning of jus

the signs jesus did in cain of galilee

manifested his glory

and the disciples believed in him whoa

let me tell you about something when god

does a supernatural thing whatever that

is because you confess

and you operate in faith

even though things may look empty right


the parts were empty even though it

looks like

there’s nothing there even though

it looks like there’s no hope

even though it’s empty whatever he says

to you

even in your emptiness do

i don’t feel like it i’m tired i’m worn


i’m depleted i’m empty in in spite of

the emptiness

in the bible wine was a symbol of joy

whenever whenever wine is used it was a

joyful occasions typically

he says fill it up to the brim because

even though it’s empty when i get

finished doing my thing

oh they’re gonna be all the joy you can

handle up in here

even though it’s empty not only that but

he goes on to say

he saved the best for last

it may not be the best right now but you

haven’t come to the last

because sometimes god waits till the

last second

to pull off what he wants to do

sometimes he waits

till there’s no other option to pull off

what he wants to do

sometimes he waits till you don’t think

you can make it any further

to pull off what he wants to do why

would you take your time

when my pot is empty jesus it says

because his disciples believed in him

but wait a minute

they had already believed in him how do

you say they’re believing in me now

when they’ve already believed in me

before well when you see the


injuring to the natural that’s a whole

other level of belief

you may believe in him in church but

when he breaks through for you

oh that’s another level of belief you’re

going to believe like you never

believed before your confidence will be


because you will see his glory now you

know why

he did not tell he he did not let his

mother’s request

go through upfront he did not let his

mother’s request

go through upfront because this miracle

wasn’t for the crowd

it was for the disciples he wasn’t ready

it says the bridegroom didn’t know how

it happened

the headmaster didn’t know how it

happened because god wasn’t trying to do

it for everybody else

he was trying to do it for his followers


why was he trying to do it for his


because when his followers got the


about the glory of jesus christ he would

have no problem

having representatives out there in the


because now his reps are going to tell

what jesus

was able to do one of the reasons

god can’t get his church folk to be his


is they have not yet seen his glory but

if you ever see his glory

you won’t be able to keep your mouth

shut if you ever see his glory

you won’t be able to keep it to yourself

if you’ve ever seen his glory

you won’t be able to hold it in because

you will have seen

what god can do when he breaks through


and turns your water in the wine


history was never

installed to operate separate from


earth was never created to operate

independently of heaven

time was never made

to be distinct from eternity

you see the way god created

our life and our world was to be


and directly connected to him

the moment that cord is cut

and earth seeks to run on its own

independently of god

then it’s going to fly off the handle in

every aspect of our lives

and we’ll fly off the handle with it god

wants to be

dynamically involved if your life

is going to be ordered if it’s going to

make sense

if our world is going to operate like it

was created to operate

but the further we push eternity away

the further we keep heaven from invading

earth the further we

negate the lord’s prayer thy kingdom

come thy will be done

on earth as it is in heaven the moment

we begin to function with that mindset

no matter what our words are then

don’t expect anything other than

chaos confusion discombobulation

we’ve got to reconnect we got to go back

to the

outlet and plug earth back into heaven

our lives back into god and his word

so that we can see what the electricity

looks like

when it flows from up there down here

empowering us to be what we were created

to be down here

because we’re pulling from the life up