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and my mom will give me the money to go

pay I’m 16 years old she’s still paying

for my guitar lessons like she did when

I was 10 but I wouldn’t practice so I


I know a little bit about a guitar I

probably know enough to say if you just

heard me go uh boom

oh man


oh man I wasn’t that clean but

if we just sat here for a minute you

think I no but my knowledge would run

out so you know

for years when I was in a songwriting

situation I would think of myself as

like the least musically knowledgeable

person in the room

and I usually am

as far as Theory

you know I only really can play this one

instrument and what I know about it is



I have been able to work with great


who know things I don’t know

and bring the gift that I do have

as a musician I have an instinct that’s

unique to me

I have a way of phrasing things like one

creative put it each personality is a

prism in the Life light shines through

US differently than it will anybody else

so when I get in there and see myself as

a prism

rather than putting myself in the prison

of what I don’t know what I can’t do

how much better they are how much better

they sound no sometimes the fact that I

only know so many chords helps me

do something simple


that’s the chords to a song called

Graves into Gardens

that song has gone around the world it’s


one of the most powerful songs that I’ve

ever been a part of writing with the

people I wrote it with and I was just


this guitar is Out Of Tune by the way

the simplest riff you can imagine

with my left hand

so you can’t see the right hand the

right hand is strumming down here

but the left hand is fretting


just that

sus Court

set the tone for

you turn morning to dance


you give Beauty for Ashes

you turn shame into Glory


you use left-handed people now I’m


but my left hand is fretting

your left hand has a job too

in your weakness he is made strong


look for the unlock

in the left hand


not only your strengths to God

which are awesome you know as I said I

spent my strength in man but the Lord

said I have hidden

certain gifts

in weaknesses

not as an excuse not to practice your

guitar just to realize that your

limitations sometimes

are what God uses to unlock his power

you can see this over and over again in

scripture can’t you

you can see God using an apparent


to unlock a miracle to unlock a

collaboration to unlock a blessing to


a healing you know to the crippled man

with the crippled in he said stretch out

your hand

that’s a limitation if you’re if your

hand is shriveled and you can’t stretch

it out

and I really don’t know which hand it

was that was shriveled I don’t know if

the Bible says or not I haven’t looked

at that passage in a few months

but I think it’s relevant to our

discussion today

to look for the blessings in the left


son of my right hand that means blessing

but sometimes God blesses you on the

left hand

and sometimes we’re caught up on people

who have left us

sometimes we’re caught up on things that

have left us

that we don’t see

what God has for us

in our lives

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