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Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #JudgmentDay

God’s got a lot of children who show up

for special days they’ll come for the

big programs of special things but we

don’t want that in our lives we don’t

want people working with us who you

can’t depend on you want something that

you can count on something that you can

depend on and so he says I should be

able to count on you you should

be a Dependable person your word should


matter the Bible says in first

Corinthians 10:31 whether you eat or

drink or whatever you do do all to the

glory of God God wants to be involved in

all the idiosyncratic elements of your

existence he wants to be involved in all

the decisions he wants to be involved in

all the choices and all the directions

and all the relationship he wants to be

involved in the whole thing so that it

has Eternal value attached to it so that

it has the value of gold silver precious

stones which is

indestructible he is saying you remember

the story The Three Little Pigs Don’t

you it was all about the material that

they used to build a house the big bad

wolf came and one is straw one is wood

the other is Brick the first two went

down only the third one stood because of

the material they used the moment you

attach God two life decisions on the

foundation of Jesus Christ you’ve now

established value in your existence one

of the reasons why so many people even

Christians live lives without values is

they’re operating with the wrong

material they are

Earthbound and once you Earthbound that

is you have no spiritual Eternal

perspective attached then you are

operating on that which will not stand

the test on the day at the Judgment seat

of Christ

at the Judgment seat of Christ when he

rolls my tape and rolls your tape he’s

going to discuss with you and me four

things four things the first thing he’s

going to discuss are our works the Deeds

that we

did he talks about the works each man’s

work verse 13 each man’s work those are

the Deeds you perform whether the acts

that you did did were of value to

Eternity or they were only

Earthbound they were temporal they had

no Eternal attachment to it God wasn’t

attached to it your faith wasn’t

attached to it what God Said based on

his word wasn’t attached to it it was

just how you thought how you felt what

you want there was no work done that had

Eternal value attached to it he says of

those things he’s going to look at your


not only he’s going to look at your

Deeds but he’s going to look at them


smally that is he’s going to look at

them in minute detail according to

Matthew chap 10 verse 42 it says he will

not even miss a cup of cold water given

in his name so if you offer a person a

cup of cold water and attach God to the

cup he says that is a rewardable work so

he is not going to miss details of

things done to which he was attached

okay so he is going to look at Works

done or works not done that should have

been done when he rose your tape the

second thing that he’s going to look at

are your desires and your

thoughts I know how you

feel Romans chap

2 verse 16

says on the day when according to my

gospel God will judge the secrets of of


thoughts through Christ Jesus he’s not

only going to judge what you did but

what you were

thinking what you were

thinking this judgment is so precise so

intense Luke chap 12 verses 2 and three

puts it this

way but there is nothing covered that

will not be revealed and hidden that

will not be known that’s right

accordingly whatever you have said in

the dark will be heard in the light and

whatever you whispered in the inner

rooms will be proclaimed upon the

rooftops so there will be no hidden

desires the people you wish were

dead I mean all of those will be part of

the father of the Judgment it will

include the secrets of the Heart Another

thing that will be J judged on that day

are our

declarations that is what we actually

said Matthew

12 verse

26 puts it this

way he

says M Matthew chapter 12: 36 excuse me

but I tell you that every careless word

that people

speak they shall give an accounting for

it in the day of

judgment for by your words you will be

justified and by your words you will be

condemned so every cuss word

and Every curse word two different

things c c us SS profanity curse c r s e

wishing evil upon people he says every

one of those have been

recorded and on the day of judgment he

says every careless word will be brought

forth this is a scary

situation tell the truth and shame the

devil make you want to SW your mouth and

never utter a mumbling word Jesus Christ

then is a part of every

conversation everybody time you talk to

somebody it’s not just the somebody

you’re talking to it’s God taping the

conversation and it is part of the

Judgment I know some of you are mad you

even came to church today cuz you just I

don’t need to hear this he’s going to

judge your Deeds he’s going to judge

desires he’s going to judge

declarations and then he’s going to


dependability 1 Corinthians 4:2 says

it’s accounted unto a steward to be

faithful could he depend on you you know

some some some of you are married to

people and they only remember you on

special days they got you on your

birthday they got you for Christmas they

got you for your anniversary

but in between those special days you

don’t hear much from them you don’t get

much niceness from them but they going

to show up for the special

days God’s got a lot of children who

show up for special days they’ll come

for the big programs of special things

but in terms of consistently walking

with him loving him serving him they’ll

they they’ll they’ll they’ll serve in a

Ministry this month they’ll skip 6

months pop back up another month cuz

they weren’t faithful they weren’t

Dependable but we don’t want that in our

lives we don’t want people working with

us who you can’t depend on showing up

but not showing up you don’t your your

boss doesn’t want that if you’re an

employer you don’t want that you want

something that you can count on

something that you can depend

on and so he says it’s accounted unto a

steward to be depend I should be able to

count on you you should

be a Dependable person your word should

matter he says it’s on

tape it shows up at the Judgment seat of

Christ on that day he says and it will


revealed revealed means to turn it

inside out to see the real

deal on that day he will know whether it

was gold or

goldplated because if it’s goldplated

people can think it’s

gold when only it’s

camouflaged and it shows up not to be

gold he will be able to demonstrate

whether it was diamond or cut

glass cuz cut glass can kind of look

like diamonds if it shined up real nice

and you could think it with diamond when

it was just glass made to appear like

diamonds on they it will be revealed

whether it was leather or

plea if you go to New York to Louis

Vuitton you walk in that store you’ll

see ladies purses for


$3,000 lady purses with Louis Vuitton’s

name on it and

insignia you walk right outside the door

on the corner they Louis Vuitton

knockoffs they look like

Louie they may even have a Louie

feel but to the eye of a Discerning

woman now to me it don’t

matter actually to me it does matter

let’s get the knock off and save the

money it look close enough to the real

deal but to the Discerning Eye of a

woman who knows

quality she will let you know that’s not

real that’s fake that that that’s an

image God has got a lot of fake

Christians who look christianese on the

outside but on that day when he turns it


out it will be Christian knockoff

not the real deal the real deal on

Sunday in church but not the real deal

as a lifestyle with their works and

their words and their

consistency and

so he says on that day it will reveal

it he wants to know did you value gold

silver precious stones the free gift of