In regard to the phrase Lord Jesus Christ, if Jesus is His name and Christ is His appointment, then what does Lord mean? The word “Lord” actually comes from Yahweh in the Old Testament, which directly underlines His connection to His deity. In this lesson, Tony Evans will further discuss the significance of “Lord” and highlight the difference between simply believing and confessing His name.

dad i cannot believe where we’re

standing right now it’s not just in

israel but behind us is the sea of

galilee what it reminds me of is the

beauty and the grandeur of the fact that

the word became flesh when jesus invites

you on a journey you have no idea that

where he’s taking you to is something

that is beyond what you’re comprehending

at the time that you start out

he needed his friends often we discount

the strength of community in our journey

to jesus this is a church of the holy

sepulchre where we believe that

his greatest power was demonstrating the

power of sin and death i’ve never been

so excited to see nothing in all of my


i love it

that’s right the power of emptiness

right there

when the power of jesus helps you to

overcome what looks like is overcoming


last time we looked at the name christ

which is the anointed one

the one dubbed and designated by god to

fulfill the offices of prophet priest

and king for his people

today i want to look at the name


when the fullest expression of jesus is


it is given in this phrase the lord

jesus christ

jesus is his human name christ is his

office lord is his title

we’re told that if you confess with your

mouth verse 9

the lord jesus

and believe in your heart

that god has raised him from the dead

you will be saved

now something about that ought to catch

your attention

and that is that that verse says that

there are two things you need to get


it says you must confess with your mouth

and you must

believe in your heart

and when you do those two things you

will be saved

now what ought to capture your attention

about that

is that there is a dual requirement for


which goes against so many other


that do not give you a dual requirement

of salvation

for god so loved the world that he gave

his only begotten son that whosoever

believeth in him

should not perish but have eternal life

believe on the lord jesus christ and you

shall be


he that believeth

shall be converted

over and over again we’re only told

that to be saved you must place faith


in christ alone

for the forgiveness of sins and the gift

of eternal life

but in this passage we’re told you’ve

got to do two things

you’ve got to not only believe but you

must also confess if you’re going to be

saved which is it

must i do one thing or is there a dual


the word saved has three tenses to it

there’s salvation in the past from the

penalty of sin

there is salvation in the future from

the very presence of sin

and then there is salvation in the

present from the power of sin

but the word saved is used of all three

so when you see the word saved you’ve

got to ask which tense is he referring


it is an understanding what saved he’s

referring to that will help you to make

sense of the verse

in fact he helps us a little bit in

verse 10

when he says in verse 10


with the heart a person believes

resulting in righteousness

so you’re made righteous simply by

the belief but he says you’re not saved

until you confess

so i would like to submit to you

that he is not talking here about going

to heaven

he’s talking about bringing heaven to


he’s not talking about salvation past

from the penalty of sin or salvation

future from the presence of sin

he’s talking about salvation present

from the power

of sin and its agents the world the

flesh and the devil and the

circumstances that are the result of all


he’s speaking present tense because he’s

speaking to believers

not non-believers


by way of introduction this becomes a

staggering concept

because he says to be saved in the


not talking about going to heaven but

having heaven come to

you to be saved in history

to be delivered in history

to find victory in history

to be an overcomer in history

demands more than your faith in christ

it demands your confession of jesus as


so that brings up his name


acts 2 36 says


peter is preaching his sermon and he


that god hath made jesus

christ and


the word lord from the greek word kurios

is used in the septuagint the septuagint

is the greek translation of the old

testament as the word for yahweh and

yahweh is the old testament word for god

so when the word is attached to jesus

it is a reference to his deity

the fact that he is god

this got jesus in great trouble in

matthew 22

because in matthew 22 uh

he the pharisees are struggling with the

fact that they believed messiah was to

be a man but that was all they

understood so jesus comes to him and

says well if messiah is only a man then

why would david say his son was also his


psalm 110 verse 1

why would david said that the son who

would come from him would also be the

master over him

it says they didn’t know how to answer


but that’s what got him killed in

matthew chapter 26

verses 40 41 to 43 and verses 63 to 65

it says this man makes himself to be the

son of god


what crucified jesus was that his claim

to be lord yahweh of the old testament

so when the bible says that his name is

the lord jesus christ

it is bringing

his deity lord alongside of his humanity

jesus fulfilling the office of christ

so god lord

jesus man

christ office

anointed one prophet priest and king

he says

that jesus christ must be confessed as


supreme ruler


over and over again in scripture jesus

christ is proclaimed as lord of all

in ephesians chapter 1 verses 22 and 23

it says

everything is underneath christ

that he is lord

the bible declares over and over again

that all of life is to be defined

by jesus christ romans chapter 14 verses

8 and 9 whether we live we live unto the

lord when we die we die unto the lord

whether we live or die it’s always for

the lord

referring to jesus christ

so when you

say lord

you are saying

that he is

the son of god he is deity

and you are also recognizing

once you have accepted him as supreme


when thomas

doubting thomas in john 20 verse 28 fell

at his feet he says my lord my god

he recognized lord meant he was god

in human

flesh so when you have the name lord you

are giving recognition

of who he is

now you must believe him to be the lord

to be saved

but you must confess him

as the lord

for your salvation to work

there are many christians on their way

to heaven well if you’re christian

you’re on your way to heaven christians

who are on their way to heaven who have

to wait till they get there to see it

because while they have

trusted jesus christ

they have not confessed him

he says

that it is in the confession of jesus as


that you are saved

you get righteousness by your faith in

christ verse 10 says but you only get

delivered by your confession of christ

what is missing today in the church

and among


is to failure to recognize

and place themselves underneath

the lordship of jesus christ

to recognize his comprehensive supremacy

over all of life

there is no part of life that sits

outside of the lordship of jesus christ

colossians chapter 3 verse 17.

whether it’s in word or deed it must all

be done

to the lord

referring to jesus christ

and not only must you believe that

you must confess that

the word confess

is a word that means to

acknowledge something

it means to

let it be known

that you agree with this

to confess means to affirm something

he says if you want god

from heaven

to join you in history

there must not only be the belief in

jesus there must also be the confession

of jesus

in order to be


on the cross

jesus paid for your sins

but with the resurrection

he provides for your life

that’s why romans 10 says we are saved

by his life

everybody believes in the

substitutionary death but not everybody

understands the substitutionary life

that he says now that we are saved in

romans 5 10 he says now that we are

saved and justified we can now be


in life

the privilege that only christians have

but you only get it when you know the

name lord

and when you

affirm it


you can get saved in the traditional use

of the word go to heaven


in order for now your salvation to work

in history and not only guarantee your


there must be the confession and that


public agreement

to confess is to



association with

the lord

when you were baptized

as i hope all of us as believers have


that was supposed to be your


to your public proclamation

your baptism was supposed to inaugurate


that you are not a secret follower of


but a public associate of christ

you are to declare

by by life and lips

the fact

that you are identified with

associated with

and under the rulership of the lord

jesus christ because as lord he’s over


it says in john chapter 12 that

the jewish leaders who believed in him

verse 42 and 43 it says they believed in

him but they would not confess him


for fear of the jews

says they were saved they believed in


but they would not because they didn’t

know how other folk were going to react

and they were scared

about what would happen if they made it


that they belonged to christ and were

underneath the rulership of christ

the failure to confess

to publicly acknowledge

your association with

jesus christ

blocks you being delivered in history

let me put it another way

you can’t skip christ and get attention

from god

first john 5 23 says

if you deny the son you deny the father

the confession issue has to do with

public association public identification

and and


by jesus christ

see a lot of us as christians don’t want

jesus to overrule us

we don’t want him to be our commanding

officer our lord

we love the title

what we don’t like often

is the confession of it

that is the submitting to it the


jesus said in luke chapter six uh he

says why do you call me lord lord and do

not what i say

you’re using the terms you’re saying

lord but when i tell you something

you’re telling me

what you think

how you feel

how you were raised what your mom and

daddy said what the media said what your


said no the question is

am i your lord

am i your sovereign am i your ruler

confession means that if you are accused

of being a follower of christ there is

enough evidence to convict you

and you won’t be found innocent of all


it means there is no question

when the service is over and you’re not

in the christian convenient place

where nobody’s disagreeing with you

where everybody is

is with you

that out there they know where you stand

we live in a day where there’s no shame

they want you to

accept that which is outside of what is

acceptable to a holy god jesus says in

matthew chapter 10

he says if you deny me before men i will

deny you before my father

and if you confess me before men i will

confess you before my father

he says your confession or denial will

affect what my daddy does or does not do

if you are ashamed of me out there

then i’m gonna be ashamed of you

i’m good enough to take you to heaven

but you want to keep quiet about me on


i’m not talking about being bombastic

i’m not talking about you know you know

not working and and talking about jesus

when you’re supposed to be doing your

job at work what i’m talking about

is shying away from the identification

that’s what i’m talking about shying

away that i am what i am and i do what i

do because of my identification with

jesus christ which then qualifies me

watch this it qualifies me

to call on his name

you see that in the text he says in

romans chapter 10

whoever will call on the name

of the lord will be saved or delivered

will be saved or delivered

but he’s not talking about going to


that’s not the qualification for going

to heaven

he’s talking about being delivered in

history from the world the flesh the

devil and being able to over overcome

i love i love

revelation 12 11 revelations 12 11 says

and they overcame him by the word of

their testimony

they had they had to speak the word of

that they had to testify about their

association and identification

and those who call on the name of the

lord because they’ve confessed the name

of the lord will find deliverance in


you cannot be ashamed of him out there

but then call on him out there

to turn this around to overcome this in

your life to beat back the satanic

attack one of the reasons we have so

little deliverance is that we have so

little confession

that is public association with jesus

christ and submission to his authority

you must confess in order to be free to

call but he that calls on the name of

the lord because they have confessed the

name of the lord the promises he will

not be disappointed

he says god will break in so there is no

area of your life to which he cannot

speak into there’s no area of your life

your work your finances your

relationship your attitude there is no

area he can’t speak into and overrule

and until the lordship question is


heaven will stay a long way away

and his divine presence

intervention transformation deliverance

healing that you could have and should

have will be denied you he will say no

because he doesn’t want to help you to

deny his son further

but he who calls on the name of the lord

let me let me just read this to you

colossians one you

you need to hear

it because here’s the problem

for a lot of christians jesus is

he’s uh what shall i say he’s

he’s prominent

but not yet preeminent

so let me read your chapter one just a

few verses of colossians

where paul writes these words about


he says

in verse 15 for he jesus is the image of

the invisible god

the firstborn of all creation

for by him all things were created both

in the heavens and on earth visible and

invisible whether thrones dominions

rulers and authorities all things have

been created through him

and for him let me say that again all

things have been created through him and

for him

he is before all things

and in him all things hold together

he is also the head of the body the


and he is the beginning the firstborn

from the dead so that he himself

will come to have

first place



there is nothing that is to sit outside

of him

there is no subject matter

no education


accomplishment no business

that belongs in the hands of a christian

to which he is to be excluded

because when that business goes left

you’re going to call on him

when that relationship goes left you’re

going to call on him

when that health goes left you’re going

to call on him and he’s going to want to

know when you called on him did you

confess him cause everything is to be

attached to him

and when you come under the lordship of

jesus christ and i understand we do not

do it perfectly in our humanity but you

have got to accept to do it

progressively to grow in your knowledge

of the lordship of jesus christ and that

leads to the concluding verse in

philippians chapter 2 where he says in

verse 9 for this reason god hath highly

exalted him and bestowed on him the name

which is above every name

so that at the name of jesus every knee

will bow of those who are in heaven of

those who are on earth of those who are

underneath the earth and every tongue

will confess

that jesus is


god just doesn’t want you to confess

jesus he just doesn’t want you to

confess jesus christ he wants you to

confess that jesus is lord

why to the glory of the father which

means god gets excited when he sees you

recognize the lordship of jesus christ

he gets discouraged when he sees us as

believers deny the lordship the

rulership and fail to confess the

ownership of jesus christ but when we do

that we begin to honor and glorify the

father which gives him our undivided

attention if you’re here today and god

has saved you

if you’ve been forgiven for all of your

sins and you have eternity waiting for


god has delivered you

from certain death

so it ought not be that hard it’s the

law of the kingdom

for you to bring your life your dreams

your hopes your desires your

relationships and lay them at the cross

and say i’m here to serve you and i’m

not going to apologize to my peeps i’m

not going to apologize to my homeboys

girls co-workers that i belong to you

cause they didn’t save my life they

didn’t deliver me they didn’t forgive me

they didn’t give me heaven you did that

and so you own me

that is the law

of our response

because his name is lord


jesus is lord

as lord he’s


he’s deity

and he

demands our surrender

if you call him lord if you confess him

as lord you need to treat him like lord

all of god’s people

who named jesus christ as savior

should be following his sovereign rule

as lord

and giving all of your life

to his control all of life

must be surrendered to the lordship of

jesus christ in order to see god’s work



your life