Jonathan Evans speaks about God’s continuing work at the No More Excuses Men’s Conference.

I always appreciate you know you’re my

dad just giving me the opportunity just

being willing to pass the ball to me you

know that means something as a son when

your dad’s willing to pass the ball to

you so I really appreciate that and it’s

just the way he works he works real fast

so he’s moving real fast all the time

and Monday actually it was Tuesday I’m

sitting in the office upstairs Tuesday’s

his big meeting day and he comes into

the office and he’s like hey son men’s

conference on Saturday you’re aware I

said yeah of course I’m aware he said

well you’ve got 20 minutes and then he

closed the door and walked out and I was

like but that’s how dad I’ll do you if

they throw you throw you in that fire

but I appreciate that he’s willing to do

that 2006 I’m with the San Diego

Chargers in training camp and a week

goes by in training camp and after that

week you’ve already been through 16

practices and you’re tired weary beaten

bruised bandaged up at that time a

training camp where you can’t see the

light at the end of the tunnel because

you still have another week before you

play your first preseason game so you’re

hitting the same people and you know you

have another 16 practices before you get

to show off on the field so we’re kind

of down and that’s the point of training

camp where guys started talking about

retirement and the whole deal it’s time

for me to get out of here but we also

had one of the most motivating coaches

of all time and I remember one morning

after a week went by we were in meetings

7 a.m. and training camp you start at 6

a.m. you don’t get back to your room

till about 9:00 p.m. with two practices

and meetings in the middle but I

remember this one early-morning meeting

we were mumbling with each other just

kind of talking and just kind of down

and tired just making it and then the

head coach enters the room all goes

quiet because the elephant has just

into the room he goes by the name of

Marty Schottenheimer one of the greatest

motivating coaches of all time a genius

and this day he came into the meeting

and he just began to pace up and down

for about three minutes he just walked

and he looked and he had a grimace on

his face as to look right through us

just to see what we were thinking he was

just kind of measuring us up and he just

stared any pace then he stared and he

paced and then he began to speak he said

men I did not just cast the net and hope

that the good players that I need would

fall into it to help me win a Super Bowl

this season you have been hand-selected

hand-picked cherry-picked chosen to be

here by none other than myself and I’m

Marty Schottenheimer I don’t make

mistakes with who I choose you have been

chosen for a specific position because

you have a specific skill that I think

will help us win a championship and get

to our destiny in 2006 there’s no better

time than right now here with the San

Diego Chargers but in order to do that

even though I’ve constructed everything

for success you have to maintain the

integrity of the uniform that you wear

if you don’t maintain the integrity of

that uniform it doesn’t matter that I’m

Marty Schottenheimer and I’ve given you

all these coaches and I’ve given you

this playbook for success all is null

and void if you don’t go out on the

field and maintain your uniforms

integrity that’s what you have to do the

time is right now for greatness and

there’s no other time than right now

because I’ve constructed it for your

success now what you need to do is stand

up go to the locker room and put on your

helmet strap on your pads and meet me on

the 50-yard line because the time is

right now I’m feeling that right now

don’t nobody walk on this stage right

now you might get hit


but one of the things that I thought

about years later that’s a speech that

you never forget but one of the things

that I thought about years later is

hasn’t God said the same thing to me he

said I for knew you and predestined you

to be conformed to the image of my son

so that he may be the firstborn of many

brethren those who have been predestined

have also been called those who have

been called have also been justified

those who have been justified have also

been glorified so then what then can you

say of God is for you who can be against


and I realized at that moment that I

have been called and you have been

called and your sons have been called to

be great and God called us for a

specific position because he gave each

and everyone one of us a specific skill

for success and he’s God he doesn’t make

mistakes on who he chooses he did not

just cast the net he chose specifically

but we have to maintain the integrity of

the uniform that he gave us if we don’t

maintain the integrity of that uniform

it doesn’t matter that he’s constructed

greatness we won’t see it it says in

Genesis 17 chapter 17 verse 1 God was

talking to Abraham at the age of 99

years old and he told Abraham I want to

see you walk blameless before me and

then I will establish my covenant my

covenant is there I will establish it

but I want to watch you first a lot of

us are waiting on God and God is saying

wait a minute I’m waiting on you I want

to see you maintain the uniforms

integrity first and then we can talk

about moving forward to greatness how

many of us have the uniform of salvation

but we never get on the field of

sanctification moving forward and

becoming all that God has called us to

become and all that he has created us to


greatness ensues and the time is now

that sounds good the speech was good

I’ll never forget what Marty said and

the Holy Spirit turned it into something

that spoke into my life but for me

greatness and destiny and all of those

different things sometimes I’m scared of

it and I fear it me personally if I can

be real for a second this very stage

scares me because it’s his stage and I’m

a son and it’s an intimidating thing to

stand on this stage being my dad son

from the outside looking in Tony Evans

in the family the great Kingdom life and

all of that kind of stuff is sometimes

that stuff is scary sometimes I have a

fear that rolls on the inside that I

no was the enemy but I still feel it

because I’m human and that fear isn’t

you know some people have started to

walk to me and tell me hey you know I

feel it in my spirit I’m telling you

you’re going to be the next pastor of

this church and I say what church you

have lost your mind keep that to


it’s Tony Evans Church to me you know

that comparison is like Michael Jordan’s

son is about to try out for the Bulls


that doesn’t quite work it doesn’t quite

work you know some of the things that

make Tony Evans great you know some of

those things I just don’t have as a son

in a scary cuz I watch him every day but

I can’t force myself to have those

things because I’m not him one of those

things is he’s an intellectual he’s mean

he’s up here go check his library out

you’ll fall out he reads a book a week

non-stop a book a week from cover to

cover next book he’s read most of the

books that are in his library I read two

pages in my eyes are watering

I don’t have that I’m not a formal

learner he’s in meetings all day making

something out of nothing on Tuesdays

he’s four he’s in meetings from 9:00

a.m. to 9:00 p.m. all day just meeting

with people staying attentive going and

going and going and going and going I’m

in a meeting five minutes and I’m

thinking about Puff the Magic Dragon I

just don’t have some of those same

things that made him great but the word

of the Lord stays the same for me too

and that that’s what I have to believe

through my fear that the word of the

Lord stays the same for every individual

in this room to Sprite despite your fear

in your past and all those other things

that you may be dealing with the word of

the Lord is for you too and it’s

something that we have to believe every

day I just keep putting one foot out in

front of the other and when I look down

sometimes all I see is an abyss I don’t

know what this foot is going to land on

but because I’m trying to walk in his

will it just seems like the Lord slides

something solid for me to land on it’s

called walking by faith the assurance of

things hoped for and the conviction of

things not seen even through my fear you

know sometimes God will allow you to

walk on the very things that hold you in

bondage to get to your destiny and

that’s what I’m learning right now in my

life as a son as a 30 year old who’s

still trying to figure it out and trying

to stand on his word knowing his word

because you were fed it every night for


but truly being able to apply the word

in spite of your feelings we’re going to

leave here today is Kingdom men feeling

it and ready to apply it but you know

the time has come for you to apply it

when you feel like not applying it

that’s the time when the game has begun

one of my favorite movies is x-men

one of my favorite characters in x-men

is a character by the name of magneto I

like villains he could take metal and

manipulate it and do whatever he wants

with it but in this one movie he was in

a jail cell that was hovering over

nothingness because he can float and do

all these other things and so they had

him in a jail cell that was hovering

over a deep dark abyss and then a

hundred yards from the jail cell was the

mainland when one of his colleagues came

to save him and tried to break him out

and all of those different things and he

was able to open the door but then he

looked down and realized that if he took

another step he was going to fall but he

saw his destination which was the

mainland so what he did was take iron

from the jail that was holding him

captive and putting it underneath his

feet and he would step on it and he

would take more iron and step on it and

take more iron and Stefan it until he

got to his destiny he was using the very

thing that held him captive to get to

his destination and sometimes with our

fear sometimes with our past sometimes

without having a father sometimes

without having a blueprint if we just

believe the word and start applying that

God can put those very things that are

holding us in our jail sail underneath

our feet so that we can walk towards our

destination and these are just personal

things these are just things that I’m

learning as I read the Bible and the

Holy Spirit draw stuff off the page for

me as I just walked this walk in my

personal life in Genesis 18:19 the Lord

is talking to Abraham and he said you

have been chosen to lead your family

after me so that I can fulfill my

promise what was the promise to Abraham

I’m going to make a great nation well

that comes through a family so he’s

telling Abraham to

leave your family after me so that I can

do what I said I was going to do but you

have to start by leading your family one

of the things that’s great that God has

blessed me with is a father that leads

his family we sit around the table every

single night every single night we sat

around that table and he would just feed

us a plate of wisdom and even though we

were missing the Cosby Show because of

that plate of wisdom I realized now that

I’m older how much that means to have a

dad that sits with his sons and

daughters and he gives him what he

learned from his dad you see I don’t see

to daddy a lot we call him to daddy my

dad’s dead I don’t see to daddy a lot

but my mind is just like his because to

dad had created a disciple and my dad

created a disciple and now I hold that

baton tight so that I can hand it to my


what – daddy had to do was pick it up

off the ground though because he was the

first his father was around but he

wasn’t saved he got saved at the end of

his life so my dad grew up in a

non-christian home two guys that I never

met witness to – daddy that I’ll never

see I don’t know if they’re here I don’t

know if they’re they’re not alive

anymore I don’t know where they are but

those two guys that I never knew and

never will know those Kingdom men that

witness to my father I wish they could

see what doing one thing that God tells

you to do how that can change the course

of generations

and now to that is getting older 83

years old it’s hard for me to see him

walk with a cane now and not good around

the same as I’ve always been able to see

and now you know what hurts me they they

talked to they talked to me just

yesterday in a meeting and they said as

I watched that and then watch my father

they said Jonathan what is the the most

exciting thing for you right now as it

relates to working with your father and

ministry I said I feel sorry for my

siblings because I get to spend more

time with them than they do

I love being by his side in eating off

his plate I love it and I’m glad that I

had the opportunity to do it and then

they said what is the worst thing about

working with your father in ministry I

said I really don’t like it when he says

son this is my last third of ministry

I’m 62 years old now and at some point

it has to come to a close

and then that’s when the Holy Spirit

told me it’s not coming to a close

because you bear his name and you’re

just getting started


those who he foreknew he also

predestined to be conformed into the

image of his son so that he may be the

firstborn of many brethren those that he

predestined he also called those that he

called he also justified and those that

he justified he also glorified

so what then can you say if God is for

you who can be against you


is what beast