listen i wanted to sound the alarm right

now in second chronicles 7 14 it says if

my people who are called by my name

will humble themselves pray and turn

from their wicked ways then i will heal

from heaven and i’ll be able to forgive

their sins and heal their land

so if we want a healing to come to our

land it’s all about god’s people who are

called by his name

and if we’re called by his name that

means we don’t take anybody else’s name

we have too many christians right now

who are adding to the disunity they’re

adding to the dysfunction in our culture

because they’re choosing size they’re

saying i’m a republican i’m a democrat

and they always want to know hey who is

the evans family endorsing who is the

evans family voting for and we’re not

giving anybody the satisfaction of

knowing that we’re on their team

or a dissatisfaction of people thinking

we’re not on their team we’re not

joining anybody’s team

we’re kingdom independents we represent

the kingdom of god so when i go into the

voting booth i vote as a kingdom

independent when i leave the voting

booth i just voted as a kingdom

independent and i know you’re thinking

jonathan you have to vote for somebody

i do have to vote for somebody but i

don’t have to give my allegiance to any

one person i give my allegiance to the


and every christian should be giving

their allegiance to the king so you’ll

never see me i’m sorry with a trump or

pin sign in my yard

you’ll never see me with the biden or

cumberland hair sign in my yard

i’m not hating on what you’re doing but

as for me and my house the only sign

you’ll see in my yard

is that we will serve the lord because

jesus prayed in john chapter 17

i pray that they will be one as we are

one and how can we ever be one as the

church of jesus christ

if we’re more committed to our political

party than we are our heavenly king

jesus says all authority has been given

to me both in heaven and on earth

so why in the world if he has all

authority would i give my allegiance to

something that doesn’t have the

authority of my father

we must not know who our daddy is he

said in matthew 16

i will build my church and the gates of

hell will not prevail against

it he did not say i will build my

government and the gates of hell will

not prevail against it

that means the opponent of hell is the

church and until we

decide to only align with jesus christ

even if our vote

goes in different directions we come out

of the booth thinking about the kingdom

of god we all believe that we’re

pro-life we all believe that we believe

in family we all believe in justice we

all believe in equality we all believe

in in dignity we all believe in love joy

peace patience kindness goodness

faithfulness gentleness self-control so

why do i have to worry about and

everybody thinking about what size we’re


instead of just aligning with the

kingdom of god and uniting with that

it reminds me of joshua chapter five

when the angel of the lord came and

joshua he said

whose side are you on joshua wanted to

know whose side are you on you would

have thought he would have said

joshua you’re the man of god i’m on your

side that’s not what he said

he said i’m not on your side neither am

i on their side

i’m the captain of the lord’s army in

other words he came not to take sides

he came to take over and until

christians realized government is

supposed to have to deal with us

it’s not us waiting to figure out how

we’re gonna deal with the government

i know you have to vote one way or the

other i know i have to vote

one way or the other but when are we

gonna answer jesus’s prayer

let them be one as we are one and i know

many christians have taken sides on the

field instead of being the referees that

god has put in histories

to govern the entire game all you have

to do is look at the comments

all you have to do is look at the hate

and then when you go look at their


you see immediately that they’re a

christian who loves jesus christ

we have that contradiction because

they’ve joined teams on the field

instead of aligning themselves with one

king i want to make sure you know

god does not ride the back of donkeys or


he is the king of all kings lord of all

lord president of all presidents

governor of our governor mayors of all

mayors so if you want to know who the

evans family is voting for and whom i’m

voting for

let me go ahead and settle this for you

once and for all right now i’m voting

for the candidate that’s already won

jesus i’m jonathan evans and i approve

this message

i agree