Join us for this two-day virtual event for church leaders, ministry teams, pastors and pastors’ wives. Activities include panel discussions, a session for pastors’ wives and in-depth teaching.

Keynote speakers include Dr. Tony Evans (Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship​), Dr. Darrell Bock (Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary), and Pastor James T. Meeks (Senior Pastor and Founder of Salem Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois).

we have wandered away

from a value system that was established

by god for how

human beings were to live and act and

relate to one another

it is now time on a personal level and a

systemic level

that we reverse the course of history

that has brought us to this point

do you ever feel helpless by the

political and social conflicts of the


are you tired of the band-aid solutions

given on the news

social media or by politicians people

have often looked to worldly solutions

for cultural crisis

but we know as believers that a

spiritual war can only be one with

spiritual weapons

god has given us the strategy for these

spiritual weapons and dr tony evans

three-point plan

for community transformation this

approach calls on pastors

and spiritual leaders to come together

across racial denominational

and class lines in order to promote a

culture of equity

unity justice and personal


this is not a time for silence this is a

time for clarity

in love this powerful

and unique spiritual solution includes

three clear steps

assemble address and act

when we assemble across diverse groups

we strengthen relationships and better

understand each other’s needs

as we worship and plan together we seek

god’s guidance in reconciliation

next we address societal issues with the

unified and compassionate voice

through authentic conversation

relationship and mutual prayer

we broaden perspectives and increase

insights on how to work together for

cultural transformation

finally we must do more than talk by


we must walk by faith we must act in

order to make a societal impact


through well-planned and strategic

action we can bring about a collective

change in culture for good this is a

deciding moment

do we want to be one nation under god or

a divided nation

apart from him

it is absolutely needed right now that

there needs to be a reset

and this is the time to do it when it

has everyone’s attention

at the very same time it starts with an

individual it starts with you

find out more about how your church can

take part in this strategy

by downloading a kingdom strategy for

community transformation


the world says to man up but they’re

often talking about things you can see

money status what does god say

to be a man and rise up in society you

can’t leave god on the sidelines

to do so is the difference between good

and great

see greatness isn’t achieved it’s


every day a man leaves his legacy to a

million middle moments

done well it requires showing up being


standing up speaking truth in his

powerful and long-awaited sequel to the

instant bestseller kingdom man

tony evans kingdom men rising challenges

men to rise up for what they believe in

he inspires men to leave a legacy of

both impact

and influence get the much anticipated


kingdom men rising and get going seize

what’s yours

claim what’s ours for the collective

body of christ

time is ticking kingdom men we must rise

find out more at

when we understand the seasons of our

lives we are able to face the challenges

and appreciate the blessings

each day brings one thing is certain

the lord has promised that he has a

divine purpose and that he will be with


through each and every season

hi there my name is crystal hurst and

i’m priscilla shire

we are so excited that you are joining

us for the seasons of a woman’s life

bible study

and we got to tell you we’re excited

because this is the legacy of our very

own dear mother

she gave us so many time and tested true

principles from god’s word to help us

have the abundant life that god has

called us to particularly

god’s daughters that’s you that’s us

so we’re excited to be able to take you

through this in a brand new format

and we know that she would be excited

that you’re joining us too

thanks for joining us we’ll see you in

session one




well hello everybody this is dr tony

evans with the urban alternative

and i am so very very very did you hear

me say very excited

to welcome you to our first

virtual kingdom leaders summit 2021

we’ve combined our historical pastors

gathering with our leadership training

so that we can get all of our leaders

together to equip

inspire challenge and see god

transform us to make us useful during a

desperate time

that we have been called to minister so

i’m excited to be joined

by our special friend daryl bach of

dallas seminary

and james meek of salem church in


they’re going to be here for our general

sessions and then we’re going to have

some powerful workshops

to equip you in your area of interest

and needs

and then we’re going to have great times

of celebration and worship

my kids are here to support me and to be

used of god during our time together

there has never been a time

when the cry for spiritually based

leadership has been needed

more than it’s needed right now and that

means you

so sit back relax prepare your heart

your mind your spirit and your soul for


to use our time together to impact

you and then through you to impact those

you serve

well let’s get ready to enjoy the

presence of god through worship

my namesake anthony evans jr is going to

lead us into god’s presence

in praise

all right we want you to worship with us

we are so glad to be here

at this conference at the kingdom

leaders summit 2021

now worship with us come on i count on

one thing

the same god that never fails he won’t

fail me now

he won’t fail me now in the waiting

the same god who’s never late is working


things out he’s working off things out

yes i will lift you high

in the lowest valley yes i

will bless your name

yes i will sing for joy




the same god who’s never late is working

all things out

he’s working all things out

oh yes i will lift you

high in my lowest valley yes i

will bless your name

yes i will sing for joy

when my heart is heavy on my

day yes i will

yes i will i’ll leave you high

in my lowest valley yes i

will bless your name oh i will bless

your name

i will sing for joy when my heart is

happy on my

day yes i will

all my days yes

i will i


to just glorify the name of the

names that nothing can stand against

i choose to praise

to glorify glorify the name of all names

that nothing can stand against i choose


pray to glorify

glorify the name of our


that next can stand against i choose

to praise to glorify glorify

the name of all names

nothing can stand against come on say


i will lift you high in my lowest valley

yes i will bless your name

oh i will bless your name though

sing for joy when my heart is heavy

all my days yes

i will all my days

yes i will


yes i will


we make a decision every day

corporately i do and we have to

especially as leaders to make a decision

every day

in spite of our circumstance to worship

and that’s what we are doing

right in this very moment you know i


that on the days when it’s hard to make

those decisions i can cling to the fact

that god’s promises ring true

and one one of his promises that i

always need to hear is that there is

therefore now no condemnation

for those who are in christ jesus so as

we sing that promise over you

and corporately as we worship together

i want you to keep in mind that the

weight of

of life the weight of circumstance and

all the things that we face

internally when when dealing with

external circumstances and

our flesh that he does not condemn you


his desire is for us in this moment

to be close to him so let’s remember

this promise together

there is no condemnation

for those in christ jesus by

his blood i

have been made free

there is no condemnation

for those in christ jesus

by his blood i have been

redeemed y’all sing that with me come on


there is no condemnation

for those in christ jesus

by his blood i

have been made free

there is no condemnation

in christ jesus by his blood

i have been redeemed

because it is forgiveness i don’t have

to live with

shame anymore

because it is redemption no more

condemnation there’s no more

because of this forgiveness i don’t have

to live with

shame anymore because

it is redemption no more condemnation


no more one more time

because of this forgiveness i don’t have

to live with shame anymore

because of his redemption no more

condemnation there’s no more

there’s no more

there’s no more guilt there’s no more


oh there’s no



there’s no depth there’s no height

that can separate me

christ to die race alive

made a way for me

yes he did there’s no death

there’s no height that can separate me

from christ who died


that can separate me


there’s no height that can separate me

one more time if you believe it come on

slay crying to

die raise the lime made away

for he made


nothing can separate us from

his love


nothing can separate us from his

love no death no height

can separate us from his love

we give you praise jesus we give you one


we thank you god nothing can separate

us nothing can separate us from his love

there is no condemnation

for those in christ jesus

by his blood i

have been made free

come on one last time there’s no there

is no

condemnation for those

in christ jesus

by his blood i have been redeemed

oh we have been redeemed


anthony thank you so much for that

amazing worship experience

it is a reminder to us romans 8 tells us

therefore there is no condemnation to

those who are in christ

jesus my name is charles wilford and i

serve as the senior pastor of cross

point bible fellowship church

i’ve had the great pleasure of being a

part of dr tony evans ministry

k.a.p the kingdom agenda pastors for

well over 10 years

where we help build pastors we’re

excited that you will have an

opportunity to be a part

of four sessions four sessions that will

also have a segment

entitled kingdom builders where you will

be blessed by

kingdom building pastors this first

session will be led by jonathan evans

where he will have an opportunity

to interview the senior pastor of one

community church

conway edwards join us for this time



what’s going on everybody and i want to

welcome you to session one thank you

pastor wilford

i want to welcome you to session one of


builders okay we’re talking to a special

friend today a special friend of our

ministry a son of my dad’s ministry who

started as the singles pastor at oakley

bible fellowship and i’m telling you he

had the singles ministry

rocking and rolling so much so that my

dad was like hey man it’s time for you

to start a church it’s been great ever

since then and so i want to welcome

today conway edwards how you doing


doing fantastic man thank you so much

for having me

what an honor what a privilege and it’s

just fun to watch

your dad and you do minister together it

just excites me all over again

well it’s it’s good to be able to do it

and good to be able to just hang out

with you for a little bit i just wanted

to take a few minutes

and have you share your story you know

everybody just kind of wants to hear i

talked about how you started ocbf i mean

i’m sure you had some things going on

before that

but just talking about how you started

with you and uh

jada and kind of where you are now tell

us about your ministry

yeah uh so we started about 13 years ago

tony uh dr evans graciously

i was heading back to jamaica and he

graciously convinced me that i should

stay here

and um really long story short in order

to honor

what pastor was doing there i didn’t

think he could go anywhere near here

because that would be

you know what i call stealing sleep so i

said we gotta go far

far away so that somebody have to drive

and then i promise them this is


i promised them that um we’re not taking


but eight people showed him the eight

people and said these okay

we’re not doing anything unless you uh

sign off on it because i want to honor

you because you’ve been such a dad to me

and so it’s been a beautiful transition

we did that 13 years ago

and uh honestly jay we thought if we had

a hundred people that would be an

incredible opportunity to just love 100


and um i would never guess jada would

have never guessed none of our

leadership team would have ever guessed

what god would have done since then and

so basically man

uh today 13 years later after starting

after um heading out to north side

of town uh god’s just graciously blessed

us now and we have

a number of campuses and we can’t keep

up and i am honored

and humbled and terrified all at the

same time

yeah you talk about honored humbled and

terrified of me that’s what it is when

god calls you up and and things start

happening and you’re like man god hold

on a second

and it makes you totally depend on him

and so he keeps you in that dependent

uh place which is terrifying all the

time okay

but i get that and as you talk about

that talk to the people about that are

watching this about your greatest


in all of this i mean as god continues

to move and as god continues to do his

work through

you and jada’s ministry what what are

the challenges that you face and have

you dealt with those

yeah yeah let me give you perhaps three

of the big challenges that we’ll face

number one is um

what i call the people problem knowing

the right people having the right people

in the right position

and being secure enough to allow them to

fully soar even though they might do

a hundred things better than you can and

so just knowing your capacity

knowing that if you don’t if you don’t

create room for others

then they’re gonna hit a lid and then


how to discern who are the right leaders

with the right capacity

that has the right trajectory to take

the ministry

further than where you could take it by


so identifying critical key leaders and

then giving them room

to simply do the best they can for the

glory of god

has been the greatest challenge but jay

when you fix that

and you have the right leader soaring

for the glory of god

there is nothing else like it and


the higher up you go the easier your job


if you have the right people that you’re

cascading minister too

so one of the challenges i’ve always

shared with younger leaders is

making sure you have the right leaders

around you

and that’s hard a lot of times

especially for african americans

because if you don’t if you can’t trust

people and if you get real

insecure real quickly and if you’re

afraid of them

their gifts shining more than yours then

you’re going to hold that to ministry

because you’re going to think

that they will some in some sort of way

short circuit

what god might be doing they might


that’s exactly right come on man you

know that is you know that yeah yeah


and just i’m just a new model of

minister where you’re giving the

minister away

where you have number of people teaching

not just you alone

and where you’re giving them their areas

of ministry like you know we have

four campuses and when you give a campus

away you’re not there so you have no


what they’re doing but you trust them

and you’ve got a weekly meeting that you

meet with them

but but that trust has to be there and

they have to have the gifts and


to produce what they said they’re gonna

go they were going to go and produce

so that’s exhilarating and scary right

at the same time

yeah i can imagine especially with that

leadership now how do you run your

your campuses i mean do you do you type

in or do you allow those pastors to to

be the teachers at those campuses how do

you run those

yeah yeah so so for us right now the

model we’re choosing right now is

it’s all video driven so we’ve got four

teaching pastors

and of the four anybody anybody can

teach at any sunday

and it’s all driven in but all those

campus pastors

have to be able to teach if something

goes wrong with the video we have some

redundancies there

but they all have to be able to teach

and they all have to be able to have a


because if anything go wrong if they’re

up and they’ve got to finish the sermon

or they have to teach one that they

believe is best so

we use them in our morning devotionals

what morning devotional since we’ve gone


and each of them teach on a sunday on a

morning from

6 45 to 7 15 and then for men’s bible

study most of the guys teach as well and

then on the female side

we have female teachers teaching as well

well that’s great man you’re doing

you’re doing a great job and that

that’s an encouragement to me um you

know because my dad comes from a dif

a different way of doing things you know

my dad’s teaching

every sunday you know what i mean you

know he just he just has that way of

going about it i’m like man

you preaching 42 out of 52 sundays and


man you’re doing two different series

you’re doing one series on sunday

another totally different series on

wednesday then you’re writing a study


and another bible you got 100 books over


and and people are looking at me like

hey you’re next i’m like no i’m not

i’m not doing that i don’t know who does

that you know what i mean right

so just seeing how you’ve handled it and

um how you’ve uh

just empowered leaders uh in a different

way not not better or worse but in a

different way

in the way that god has called you has

been great what would you say your

greatest triumph is if you

as you look back and you look at um the

things that god has done to take you

from one level to the next level for his


where would you say you’ve seen him the

most in your mind uh

it really is in the development of all

the leaders so one of the things what i

love the most

is to develop leaders both in the

marketplace and

in the church and when i hear some of my

senior executive senior vps ceos

take the stuff that we teach and

leadership and take it to the to their

to their corporate environments

and when they can use it in that city

and their peers are asking we learn this

stuff from you learn this from harvard

you learn this from

mit and it’s a no we learn it in the

church house that and then they say

whichever church that is i gotta go see

what the heck’s going on there yeah

that’s the greatest um

for real no joke at all that’s my

greatest testimony and then number two

when you see younger guys come up in our

church and you see them develop their

gifts and abilities

and they get to thrive in ministry and

they get to

to develop their wings and soar dude i’m

just telling you

there is nothing like it and i have been

blessed with

your dad my my spiritual dad and for

other guys that that just built into me

and then allowed me to soar and to see

that happen

at multiple levels and then to see it

happen with the network of pastors

of about 50 network of pastors that we

that we either father or develop

to see them sore as well dude i’m just

telling you there is

there is no greater joy for me than to

see leaders

lead at their highest capacity and do it

in a healthy way

man that’s great that’s great because

ultimately that’s what we’re called to


and especially doing at the leadership

level go make disciples and make

disciples making good leaders who can go

out and do the same thing over and over


that’s where the impact is and so and

everybody who’s listening to this now

needs to remember that

by way of passion by way of purpose by

way of god’s provision by way of his


uh that we’re going to make disciples

and and building strong leaders not

trying to hold it to yourself

that’s it what i mean but but letting it

go you know god had an open hand and

that’s why we’re able to even receive


to go do what we’re called to do and so

letting it go i think that i think

that’s a

that’s a great word okay let’s let’s end

with this let’s end with this yes okay

all of the things that god has done what

is the future in conway’s mind like

cast a little vision what does conway

want to do

where’s the desire to go forward

all right so they’re they’re that’s a

multi-layered question so if you’re

talking about your church that’s one if

you’re talking about

uh uh the big c church so let me talk

about both of them real quick

to talk about the big c church my desire


is to see church leaders get better

at leading the people and especially in

the african-american community

i it is just my dream my prayer the

thing that i go to my closet over

is to see african-american leaders

lead their churches in healthier ways

and to see

african-american leaders lead larger


but jay if they’re going to lead a lot

of churches then they’re going to have

to have good relationships

with other pastors because you can’t do

it by yourself that’s right so it is


pastors realize how much they need other

people here we go now

and helping them see that what grows a

church is not preaching

what grows a church is leadership and if

you’re going to grow

your church you’ve got to be good at


you know all the five c’s chemistry


you’ve got to be good at making sure you

have good chemistry with everybody else

and so on and so forth right

and then on the orchard side what the or

desire is

um when we first started we just thought

god called us to

the north side of texas and just to just

dominate and saturate in the north side

with the gospel of jesus christ

now um because of covid a whole or

entire strategy has changed

and so now we’re trying to figure out

what does it look like to be a global


not just a national church but a global

church and how do you strategically

reach some of the larger populations for

example how do you reach

india that’s english the largest

english-speaking country in the world

how do you reach indians with the gospel

of jesus christ then

how do you reach africa with the gospel

of jesus christ

and all we’re trying to figure out now

is how do we do that

in such a way that we create this thing

called occ

global and what does that look like not

just to reach

um jerusalem and samara but literally

the uttermost part of the world

and that my friend is a daunting task

and a scary task

but that’s why you love leadership right

you love the challenges ahead of you

and asking god to give you the right

people to come alongside you to pull

this off for his glory

so on one side it’s occ global on the

other side

is how do we coach enough predominantly

african-american leaders

to transition their church into diverse

churches and

coach them into building larger

ministries and you can only do that

if you’ve got great people around you

man that is awesome

that is awesome and i know with the

vision that you have it may be

uh terrifying but we know who god is and

you know we believe that he can do it uh

through you and he’s already shown

himself you know we get fearful of stuff

that he’s already done

so we just have to keep putting one foot

in front of the other and uh so i hope

that was an encouragement to everybody

watching here uh

conway’s ministry we love you brother we

thank you for just sharing with us

and uh we’re gonna keep going next we

have christopher and so we’re gonna keep


and so we bless you and bless your

family we’re praying for you

and your church and we’re going to go

from here thank you guys for joining us

thank you


so excited to be with you here at the

kingdom leaders summit and it’s

exciting to be a part of this event it

was exciting to be a part of the last

session conway edwards is a great friend

of our families he’s been a great friend

of our ministry over the long haul

we’re friends with his wife jada too and

so it was really great to hear him share

this is an opportunity for all of us to

grow as kingdom

leaders because at the end of the day

it’s all about the kingdom of god and

it’s all about leading other people


jesus towards the word towards how god

wants to develop us and disciple us in

our lives

that’s why we’re so grateful for the

tony evans training center where

apart from events like this people can

in the in the comfort of their own homes

go to class

take notes learn and grow and another

opportunity for us to do that

uh is to allow you to grow because it’s

about the legacy of building god’s

kingdom it’s about the legacy

that we have as disciples of jesus as we

disciple other people

to spread the word of the gospel far and

wide and one of the resources that we

want to share with you

is this resource you may have heard of

it it is this big old thick book called

theology you can count on and my dad is

known for and has been known for some

time of taking very difficult spiritual


and making them easy to understand and

if you as you seek to build

your legacy in in the lord as a leader

if you need a resource

this is a great one to grab it’s 50

percent off right now and you can take a

snapshot of the qr code that’s on the


or go to the link below so that you can

put this resource in your library as you

build legacy

for the lord jesus christ in your

ministry we are excited about the

opportunity to grow with our minds

that’s what

studying the word of god to show

yourself approved is all about

but it’s not just about a mental

understanding a mental belief

a mental journey it is a heart journey

it’s a relational journey

and one of the biggest ways that we can

engage in relationship with god

is through prayer and this would not be

an event about leadership this would not

be an event about legacy

if we didn’t actually make time to

connect with god in prayer so

excited about this next part of our

session it’s the prayer experience

let’s pray together morning everyone my

sister crystal was right when she talked


the importance of prayer and how

important it is and we need it right now

i don’t know if you know it or not and

i’m sure you do

that we need prayer we need prayer in

our ministries we need prayer for our


we need prayer and the things that are

going on with the chaos and the multiple


that we’re experiencing i know in our

family we needed a lot of prayer and

still do

with all of the trials and tribulations

that have been coming our way

and so that’s what we want to do right

now we want to take the opportunity

to just be still and pray take the


to just talk to the lord and give him

time to talk back to us

and we don’t want to just say that we

believe prayer works without

working in prayer we want to give god

everything we have during this time

before we move on to say lord we want to

hear from you

because we actually need you and i just

want to go over three categories of


starting first with our ministries we

know right now we’re in a difficult

season right now we’re in a season where

things are changing uh finances have


our membership has been scattered

locally with the pandemic

that we’ve been experiencing there’s all

of these different things that


are experiencing and and trials that

they’re going through

but the church needs to hold strong

jesus said in matthew 16

he said i will build my church and the

gates of hell will not prevail against


that means the opponent of hell is the

church and we want the church to be

strong we want your church to be strong

and so we want to pray about that right

now so i want to give

you a moment and i’ll close i want to

give you a moment

to just say a prayer for your ministry


the ministry the global church of jesus

christ right now

that god will continue to gird it up

strong and god’s people will understand

the importance

of assembling together and going ye

therefore and making disciples

with the calling that we have let’s take

a moment right now just with you by

yourself or with your family or with

uh your church leaders or your staff

let’s take a moment right now

to seek the lord in prayer for our

church ministries

heavenly father we love you and we thank

you we give you the glory

lord we know lord that you’re going to

walk through the church

so we pray now with all of the hardships

lord that we would

heavenly father lord i just lift up

right now our church

all the church ministries out there all

of the pastors all of the

the deacons all of the the congregants

lord all of the people who are part of

the local bodies all over

not even just this country but all over

the world we know that you said you will


through the church house before you ever

fix the white house we know that things

are going to change

because you have decided to use the

church as your conduit

to make that change so we pray lord that

you would intervene

help us to be flexible help us to see

help us to grow help us to learn

so that we can achieve everything that

you have for the body of christ it is

not about

our local ministry it is about our local

ministry advancing your kingdom

help us to never lose sight of that help

us to not be

uh concerned about being the salt in the

shaker but the salt that leaves the

shaker so we can actually preserve the

meat of the culture lord

and maybe you’ve allowed all of these

things to happen in our churches so that

the salt would leave the shaker so that

we would be

pushed out of our comfort zone so that

we can move

forward lord on your team and not in


even if it’s opposition subconsciously

we want to be the church that you’ve

called us to be and right now

you’ve called us to be decentralized to

take your centralized truth

your word but do it in a decentralized

way go ye therefore make disciples lord

was something you have called us to do

and in order to do it we have to go and

be aggressive about it bless our


not so that we can be blessed only but

so that we can use that blessing

to go be a blessing for you we love you

and we honor you today

in jesus name amen

listen our churches god is looking at

our churches

and we’re looking at him and he’s

looking at us and he’s saying i’m going

to work through the church to do what

i’m going to do

in the culture and so a lot of times we

think we’re waiting on god and god is

saying uh

i’m waiting on you i need you to see

that i’m doing a new thing

he says in the book of isaiah can you

tell when i’m doing a new thing

and we have to be flexible for what god

is doing but i also

want to take some time in our our prayer

moment today

just to seek the lord for our marriages

to seek the lord for our families listen


established marriage and family

way back when in genesis chapter 2 when

he said the man and the woman shall


one flesh and what the lord has brought

together let no man

separate we have an attack on our

families we have a 50

divorce rate not just in the culture but


in the church where our families are

being split

children are being wounded and not being

able to make a comeback from that

setback and my dad always told me

the saga of a nation is only the saga of

its families written large

and so we have to really take time to

seek the lord

for our families if you’re struggling in

your family or you have wayward children

or you’re struggling

in your marriage that’s what this time

is for so we want you to pray i’m going

to pray for you

but i want you to take the time to pray

for yourself your family

your children and maybe some others in

the sphere of your influence who you


may be struggling a little bit let us

let’s seek the lord

for our families because that is a

covenant that god

multiplies himself through

and he multiplies his image through our

family so let’s pray

i want to give you a moment let’s pray

for our families and the strength of

those families

right now

heavenly father lord continuing in

prayer lord we pray for the marriages

and the families

help us to not lose sight through the

trials and struggles that we have in our

family i know we’ve had

a lot of trials and struggles in our

family but we’ve decided to hold strong

and continue to press forward to take

hold of the upward call

of god in christ jesus help these

families to think

bigger than the issues no matter how big

they are

help the wayward children that have gone

left to turn right and go from the world

back to the word help all of us in our

marriages to recognize what the word

tells us to do

not simply what our history and our

experiences tell us to do

and especially what the culture tells us

to do help us to not feel

comfortable in things that your word is

not comfortable with

help us lord to submit ourselves to you

help husbands to love their wives

like christ loved the church help wives

to respect their husbands

in everything not because we feel it but

because we faith it

and help us to also recognize what the

enemy is trying to do

against our families help us to see it

because our fight is not against flesh

and blood

we love you lord we pray that you take

care of our families that you

that you heal broken hearts that you


the discipline for us to recognize your

word as it relates to

forgiveness lord so that we can move

forward and be that conduit that you

want to

work through we love you and we honor

you today bless

us again so that we can bless you

in jesus name amen i want to

close our prayer time just have an

opportunity to pray

for our leaders to have an opportunity

to pray for you guys

to pray for all of the leaders out there

who are leading the way in this

tumultuous season where it’s been

been difficult and hard for god’s people

during this time

to lead to be innovators in this new

time to push forward in the new things

that god is calling us to do and we know

leadership is hard we know leadership is

a strain we know leadership takes a lot

of time

we know leadership is hard to balance

and so we want to take that time to pray

for you

but we also want you to think about

praying for another leader

praying for another leader we are not in

competition we’re all on the same team

and so i want you to take time to pray

for your leadership

and the leadership of your team but also

want you to take a moment

to choose another leader that you can

pray for maybe unity

working together so we want to take time

to pray for our leadership and we want

to do that

right now let’s pray together

heavenly father lord we come to you

again just thanking you for the

opportunity that we have to come to you

that we have reconciliation that has

been given to us through the work

the death and sacrifice of christ jesus

your word says in mark 11 lord that if

we pray believing

that we will receive and we recognize

what matthew 21 31 says lord that this

is the house of prayer and we are

praying fervently for our leaders

for all of the leaders that you’ve put

in place to

to to to shepherd your flock and to

carry out your plan and to give

vision we pray that they would run and

not grow weary

we know this is a time of hurt harm and

sacrifice that has been coming to


it’s been coming to the church the enemy

has been attacking

but lord we pray that we do not grow

weary of doing good

and the reason why you have that verse

in galatians is because it’s easy

to grow weary in these times from doing

good but we pray lord that you will

gird us up that we will mount up with

wings like eagles that we will run and

not grow weary

and we’ll be able to recognize and see

the new vision and the new things and

the new ways

that you want to accomplish through your

people and especially

your leaders thank you for giving us

this time help us to look for you

to see you as we continue to search for


with all of our hearts we give you the


in jesus name amen thank you for taking

the opportunity to spend some time

in prayer with the lord and i want you

to be have confidence

because we prayed according to his will

so keep your eyes open because he’s

going to show you

a new thing and now i’m excited because

my dad is going to keep us going from


is he’s going to open us up with a great

message so get attentive

get your ears perked up because it’s

time to go into god’s work

well i want to thank my youngest child

jonathan evans

for leading us through that prayer


well i’ve got some nah bad news

the church of jesus christ is now the

visiting team

when a football team goes and plays

against another team

on their home field they go at a deficit


the crowd is not on their side when

they’re playing at home

that means the crowd is with them when

they’re praying away

that means the crowd and the other team

is against them

there was a time in our culture when the

church of jesus christ had

home field advantage where the culture

supported a judeo-christian

ethic and world view there was a time


the schools and the politicians

and even though it wasn’t perfect the

christian worldview was at least

respected churches were valued

and not marginalized this is not the

case today

we’re in a post-modern era

where god jesus christ and the bible sit

on the sidelines

and so does his church because we’re

being booed by the culture

no longer is it accepted that

the bible should be consulted as a


by which decisions are to be made on the


of life and family and even how a nation

is to function we are the visiting team

now a visiting team is still expected to

win they don’t

they don’t succumb to the reality

of being in enemy territory

but when the team decides it’s going to


to the environment that it is in it can

expect to lose

we’re living in a time when the church

of jesus christ

is losing and we’re losing on all fronts


was sent a few days ago

something where a congressperson

from from florida congressman from new


quoted me on the issue of morality and

on the issue of

the definition of humanity is male and

female and they quoted me

and said that in their presentation in

that congressional meeting

when he finished the head of the meeting

in congress stood up and said

there is no place for god’s will

in this chamber that that hit

me as another illustration of the

marginalization of god

and god’s way and god’s will

in our secular society

now the problem with all of this

is that the church of jesus christ has

been a co-conspirator

in the demise of the culture we have

made it

easy for the society to reject

our worldview to reject the bible the

god and the church

institution because we have failed to be

what god has called us to be which has

opened up

the opportunity for the systems of this

world order

to become the home field advantage for


and make us the visiting team

that drew my attention to

ezekiel 37. now if you’re familiar with

your bibles at all you know about

ezekiel 37 the valley of dry

bones israel

was the visiting team in babylon

because of their failure to give god the

worship that he deserved

because of their compromise with


god allowed the babylonians to become

the home team and they found themselves

incarcerated in a culture

that rejected them and that rejected

their god we find in ezekiel 37

that the spirit of the lord leads the


to a valley now valley is a low place

it’s between two hills or two mountains

and it’s very low

and it was full of bones it was


we’re told that these bones in verse two

were very dry

what do we mean by drive verse 11 tells

us it says

our bones are dried up and our hope has


and we are completely cut off you know

what dry bones means

a hopeless situation and the more i go

around the more i listen to ministers

and ministries

i hear hopelessness what are we going to


with the world going left like it is

infiltrating all of our institutions

what are we going to do because we are

disconnected ourselves

and how can a disconnected church

make a difference in a disconnected


he says we are in a desperate situation

and if you haven’t looked closely these

days it ought to be

inextricably clear these are desperate

times requiring

desperate measures we’re in a time when

people have stopped going to church

people have stopped respecting the


people have marginalized the church

and they want god for invocations and


as long as he stays out of the meat in

the middle

they don’t want his decisions they just

want to

pay respectful homage to him and even


has gotten on shaky grounds

the valley of dry bones was referring to

god’s people

in a secular society the new testament

equal to that is the church

just as israel was god’s kingdom people

in the old covenant the old testament

the church of jesus christ represents

god’s presence

in the new testament just as

israel was expected to be a light to the


god expects believers the church to be a

light to a broken world so if the light

is not on then the world is going to

live in darkness

so we can’t complain about how dark the

world is when there’s no

light in the sanctuary when the church

of jesus christ

is full of dry bones he speaks to this


through the prophet through

the prophet who raises

a statement that ought to blow your mind

god says to him in verse three son of


can these bones live

is it too late are we too disconnected


broken for too long is it possible that


desperate situation in the church which

has facilitated a pagan culture

can these bones live again

and the prophet gives an answer he says

oh lord god you know

translation i don’t have a slightest

idea this stuff looks so bad

for so long that i don’t think

it’s reversible unless you do something


unless you come down in this hot mess

we’re in

and turn this thing around i don’t see

it only you can answer that question

because when i look out the prophet says

only you know

cause i don’t know i don’t see an answer

to this mess apart from a miracle

and so that’s the situation he was in

that’s the situation we are in

you’ve heard me say it before let me say

it again god

will not skip the church house to fix

the white house

ephesians 3 10 says that god checks with

the church

before he deals with the principalities

and powers ephesians chapter 1 verses 22

and 23

all things have been handed over to

christ but christ has only been handed

over to the church

and the church is to infiltrate all

things on behalf of christ

so the failure in our schools the

failure in our government the failure in

our families affair in our communities

can be tied to the faith of the church

the failing race relations the failure

in class relations

the failure and cultural relations the

failure in political relations

can be tied to the church we’ve been

more racial than biblical we’ve been

more cultural than biblical

we’ve been more secular than biblical

while calling on the name of jesus

and until we understand that we are the

valley of dry bones

don’t expect babylon to get much better

only the church the church is the final

firewall for the preservation

of any semblance of an orderly society

and if that firewall breaks down

there is no hope left if the dry bones

stay dry

then all hope is gone

now i haven’t given you some bad news

and i know you see it in the news you

see it in your communities

you see it because the churches are

being attacked

even by its own members who don’t want

to hear from god and sometimes

even that is promoted by the leaders

he’s given instruction in a desperate


again he said to me prophesy

over these bones and say to them

oh dry bones hear the word

of the lord he says i want you to talk


the bones yep the dry ones the ones in

the low place and didn’t have any hope

and he couldn’t see any any turnaround

he says i want you to prophesy

now for all you preachers and teachers

and spiritual leaders

when he says prophesy he’s saying more

than teach the bible

to prophesy to give a prophetic word

was to take god’s truth

and apply it to a specific situation

prophets didn’t come with vague verses

they came with specific relevant rhema

word to specific relevant

people in a specific relevant time

who are facing a specific relevant


so this is not just general bible

teaching now there is a place

for people to learn the bible that’s a

good thing

but a prophetic word comes usually in

the bible in a desperate situation

it comes in a situation where stuff is

on collapse

okay so god will send a prophet with a

prophetic word that’s why

the new testament says despise not


don’t reject a prophetic word that may

come through preaching

it may come through teaching but it’s

not a general

it’s not a general word it’s a

definitive word

for desperate times he says speak to the

bones now

these bones in disarray don’t have skin

muscles not intact uh they disunified

they scattered all over the place

it was a bad situation he says but i

want you to talk to him

and i want you to tell the bones he says

the word of the lord not human opinion

see we’ve got

cultural christians racial christians

political christians

what we need are some kingdom biblical


okay some christians who take the word

of god

not like it’s the word of man with a

little god sprinkled on it

the bible is the voice of god in print

it is not one word to be put alongside


all words the bible says let god be true

and every man a liar

that means whoever disagrees with god is


no matter how much you like them okay no

matter how much you appreciate them go

ahead and like them and appreciate them

but they wrong when they disagree with

the word of the lord so

you prophesy my words

to the dry bones don’t give them

political strategy

don’t give them social strategy don’t

give them

uh of various theories you tell them

what i said but

relevantly based on my word

to their broken dry dead

non-productive situation so he says

prophesy to these dry bones

he comes and then he says

when you do that i will cause breath to

enter you

that you may come to life he gives a


he says i know you don’t know how to fix

this problem but i know how to breathe

life into a lifeless situation

i know how to resurrect stuff that looks

like it’s died

i know how to bring hope to a hopeless


we desperately need the dry bones of the


to become alive again vibrant again

potent again a non-compromising church

full of love and full of compassion but

equally full of clarity

today we live in a day when too many

churches are giving an uncertain sound

where they’re trying to mimic the

culture but sprinkle enough

of god on it so it looks and sounds and

feels legitimate

that’s not what we need we need a

prophetic word today

a definitive word a non-compromising


and so he says if you want life you

better speak

my word to this difficult situation

because god checks with the church first

so when he does that he says i

looked after i proclaimed god’s word i

looked and see news were on them and

flesh grew

and the skin covered them he says i saw

something happening

when i proclaimed the prophetic word

there was a movement taking place

muscles coming together bones coming


skin i saw some shifting occurred

when the prophetic word was being


but there was still a problem because


to verse 7 and excuse me according to

verse 8

there was no breath in them

in other words like franklin


frankenstein was anatomically correct

but until he got a a jolt of lightning

it had no life the parts were there

but it still had no life so you can have


and still no impact you can set up your


you can set up your staff and you can be


anatomically impeccable

but still dry dead

hopeless helpless and non-impactful

but your structure is in place because

you’ve heard and

and listened to the word of god that’s

not enough

and this is where we get a curveball

it’s a big curveball

but it’s a critical curveball look

at what he says in verse 9. then he said

to me

the lord said to him prophesy to the


prophesy son of man and say to the


thus says the lord god

come from the four winds o breath

and breathe on the slain

that they come to life

he says prophesy to the breath wait a


he had said earlier prophesied to the


and why were the bones in the valley

because they have been whipped

it says to these who are slain they’ve

been beaten into submission

by the new home team

guess what the church has been slain

we’ve been beaten into submission by the


the culture has said we don’t buy what

you say we don’t apprec we don’t value

what you think

we don’t care what your god says what

your bible says

or we don’t care what you say and we

going whip you

we gonna run over you and we gonna leave


out there as a dead church full of dry

bones it says

they were slain

we’ve been whipped now we’ve been

talking a good game we’ve been talking

about the power of god the sufficiency

of god

we’ve been talking about you know you

saw how you can’t get over so low you

can’t get under

so why you can’t get ready that’s

talking a good game

but it says they were slain they were


we’ve been whipped in our schools we’ve

been whipped in our neighborhoods

we’ve been whipped in our politics we’ve

been whipped

full of dry bones but now they got some

skin on because they didn’t heard some


heard some words but he says listen to


prophesy to the breath

now the breath is the holy spirit from

the four winds

that’s the complete earth the holy


hovered over the earth in creation and

brought order

out of the chaotic environment

so that order took place where the water

was mixed with the land

and and uh uh where where things were


shaped properly it says the spirit of

god came

over it and brought harmony

in the middle of it that’s what we got


he says prophesied to the breath so

watch this

preaching the word is not enough he told

him to prophesy

the word of the lord and he prophesied

the word of the lord

now it was foundational it was critical

it was substantive it was meaningful but

it was insufficient

he says until you prophesied to the


there will be no life let me put it

another way until the holy spirit is

engaged with the word the word will not

produce the life

that the word has been set up to produce

we need preachers and teachers spiritual

leaders if you will

who are tenaciously committed to the

inherent word of god

we need people who are not ashamed to

say thus saith the lord

with love and compassion and clarity

to the dry bones but we

also need preachers and teachers and

spiritual leaders

who prophesy to the spirit that is

who bring the holy spirit’s presence

alongside of the word because it’s the

spirit the scripture says

that gives life the bible is

a living book but the holy spirit

activates the book to produce the life

in the dry bones of the church that’s

been overrun by the secularism of the


so he says prophesy to the breath

in other words the word of god i told

you to speak to the people

take that same word and speak it to the


connect you know the bible calls the

holy spirit

the spirit of truth did you know the

word it’s the word and spirit

and they must operate together if you

have the word without the spirit you


truth without life if you have the


without the word then you don’t have

the information necessary for the spirit

to work

to give life it must be

the spirit so look at this he says

prophesy to the bones

that’s the people who are slain but then

prophesy to the spirit

prophesy in the valley that’s earth

prophesy up in the

up in heaven because that’s the spirit

of god

the spirit of truth when brought


the word of god begins to transfer

bones in the valley that look like they

could never

be transformed information

you know jesus says in john chapter 5 he

says you search the scriptures

because in them you think you have

eternal life

but you don’t come to me in other words

you’re doing bible study and you’re

doing preaching and you’re teaching your

sunday school class

in your small group but you don’t have

the relationship

that’s needed for the bible to come


and to produce life that’s why even in

bible teaching churches we aren’t seeing

people change

they’re hearing the word they’re

amending the word they’re agreeing with

the word

so they got some skin on they got some

muscles but they still don’t have life

because things aren’t changing and the

way you know you’re growing is you’re


that is you’re being more conformed to

jesus christ we’ll talk about that in

our next session

but what he says is that i want you to

prophesy to the spirit

when you go to a restaurant

you go there to eat they give you a

written menu

that menu gives all that’s available to

you from that particular

establishment sometimes you can salivate

over the menu i mean the stuff looks

good that looks good

this looks good that looks good because

you’re excited about the menu

then comes a waiter or waitress and what

do they do they explain the menu to you

they will even say do you have any


so they interact with what you read

so you read it and then they

proclaim it the way to a waitress they

tell you about it they explain it

but i bet after you’ve read it

after they’ve explained it i bet you

don’t get up and leave

because that’s not why you came you

didn’t come to read a menu

or just to have somebody preach it to


you came to eat in other words

you came to experience what the men you

talked about

we got a lot of christians who go to

church to eat

but are satisfied with reading the menu

and hearing from the waiter

behind the pulpit rather than engaging

with the holy spirit

in the old testament god the father was

a superstar

and jesus and the holy spirit are


in the gospel jesus is the superstar and

the holy spirit

and the father are mentioned in the


age the holy spirit is the superstar

because jesus says i’m leaving but i’m

going to send you the spirit

and when you get the spirit you’ll get

life and you’ll get power

and he will glorify me

unless there is through worship prayer

and spiritual engagement with the holy


the prophetic word won’t be enough

now it is foundational it is critical

it is necessary but it won’t be

sufficient to bring life

to a lifeless church

throughout the bible god waits on his


before he moves you’ll see this over and

over again

he doesn’t just tell you what he’s going

to do he tells you what i want you to do

prior to me doing what i said i’m going

to do why because he wants to see faith

he wants to see that you take him at his

word he wants to see

you lead the way to demonstrate you have

confidence in god

we are a dry church in a hopeless

situation surrounded

by a decaying culture but if the

prophetic word

and our relationship with the holy

spirit is ever

activated when we don’t just show up for

bible study but we’re there for worship

we’re there to engage god in the process

something will happen and so he says

as i prophesied as he commanded me verse


and the breath came into them

and they came to life and stood on their

feet an exceedingly great army

it’s time to stand on your feet it’s

time for pastors to stand on their feet

it’s time for deacons and elders and

deaconesses to stand on their feet

it’s time for congregations to stand on

their feet it’s time to get up

because we we we land we we

we laying down as a valley of dry bones

talking a good game but seeing no

impact because we’re being controlled by

babylon now

because that’s exactly where we’re

living in an idolatrous secular culture

because of the idolatry of the church

but when the spirit of god engaged them

it was an

awesome army i like that it wasn’t just

an army

it was a show enough army it was a he

says it was a great

and awesome army now what do wamis do

last time i checked they fight last time

i checked they protect

last time i checked they helped things

to be governed properly

our fight is gone we’ve acquiesced to

the culture we’re like a team

that’s uh on foreign soil on enemy


laying down so the enemy team can just

run up and down the field at will

you’ve seen games like that where the

other team is just giving up

we like that army we we’re driving we we

we’ve thrown in the towel

and i know we’ve thrown in the towel

because we’ve acquiesced to the culture

you see preachers changing their sermons

changing the biblical

view you see them acquiescing to popular


rather than standing lovingly

compassionately but clearly

on the revealed word of god

and as a result we’ve got

pastors in the valley pastoring

people in the valley and everybody drive

from the pulpit to the pew

and from the pool pew back to the pulpit


we need is a great army and a great army

is driven by a prophetic word

based on the written word but it is a

relevant word

consistent with the biblical word but

engages the holy spirit

i had a problem in my home

where the igniter in my um

in my heater went out so i was cold the

heat wasn’t coming in the house

i thought i needed me a new unit so i

called the

heating and air conditioning guy over he

looked at it he said no no you don’t

need a new unit

your igniter is not working that’s a

little teeny piece

but it sends the message for the pilot

to light

so the fire could come on so that the

heat could blow

but because the igniter wasn’t


all of the parts weren’t working

although they were there

the prophetic word puts the parts


the holy spirit called the igniter lets

the pilot come on

so the fire is lit that’s why one of the

names for the holy spirit

is fire because he’s the igniter he

he brings life to a difficult situation

so when the word and the spirit comes


something happened so look at what

happens verse 11.

then he said to me son of man these

bones are the whole house of israel

behold they say our bones are dried up

our hope is perished

we are completely cut off therefore

prophesy and say to them thus saith the

lord god

behold i will open your graves and cause

you to come up

out of your graves my people and i will

bring you into the land of israel

then you will know that i am the lord

when i have opened your graves and

caused you to come up

out of your graves my people i will put

my spirit within you

and you will come to life and i will


you on your own land then you will know

that i am the lord who has spoken and

done it declares the lord so watch this

god has let us dry up

god has let stuff get worse i call this

the passive wrath of god when he let

stuff get worse it’s worse

one pandemic on top of another pandemic

that another pandemic and then a variant

of them pandemic and

just one thing on top of another and god

let it happen

to show us how weak we are independent

of him he let it

happen and he let it get so bad that we

were without hope don’t have any answers

and then he says if you will do it my


based on the prophetic word and engaging

the holy spirit

through worship prayer fasting he says

i’m going to open the grave

because you know the bones become just

bones in the grave

i will open the grave and i will give

you life and then he says

and then you will know that i

the lord have done this so let me tell

you how god does this he lets things get

so bad

that only he can fix it he’ll let things

get so desperate

that only he can change it but he will

only do that on his terms

so that’s what we’re committed to we’re

committed to the unadulterated

uncompromising said in a loving and

compassionate way

but we are committed to the word of god


not as an end in itself because we need

the spirit of god to

activate it and set it on fire in the

hearts of spiritual leaders first and

then through them

to the people that they serve

now i hope that this is your commitment

i hope that this is your desire

and this is what this conference is all

about trying to encourage

strengthen and ignite you in your


to a different level of passion fire

desire goal not to the culture but

through the christ

not to the stands where they’re booing

and cheering

no but to the kingdom of god

based on his word when i was growing up

in baltimore maryland

we had duck pin bowling

now for those of you because that

doesn’t that’s not around much anymore

duck pin bowling was a small bowling


that you used not the big one where you

put your fingers in it

and you rolled it and knocked down the


back then the technology was very weak

wasn’t anything impressive so when the

when the entity came down

to pick up the pins it often would

leave pins behind it wouldn’t get them


because it was antiquated system in the

middle of that

you would regularly see the foot steps

of a person

behind the lanes going

up and down to pick up pins that had

been knocked over

and set them up straight again because

the equipment just didn’t

didn’t get the job done now you never

saw this guy’s face

he only saw his feet but his job he only

had one job

setting up pins that had been knocked

over well

the church has been knocked over it’s

been knocked over

by the bowling ball of the culture

that’s decimated our impact and

influence while we carry on with


but there is an unseen person

who knows how to move from lane to lane

life to life

family to family church to church and

set up pens

that have been knocked over we don’t see

his face

but we can see his work when the pen

starts standing up again showing life

the world is waiting on the church and

don’t even know it

god is waiting on the church and he

tells us

he’s ready to set us up straight again

from being knocked over

in our valley of dry bones if he can

ever find

a church a group of churches that’s why

we’re initiating through the urban

alternative our three-point plan

to call churches together in every

community to get the dry bones working


so that the life of god can be seen


because this is not a day for secret

aging christians

in every community led by the church


they don’t know that their last hope is

the church

if we’re going to save the culture if

christ be not come

i hope you will recommit yourself to the

prophetic word

to the engagement of the holy spirit so


we can see the transformation and


and impact in a culture that is under

judgment because the dry bones

are still located in the valley may we


that renewal and revival now

let’s pray and let’s ask god to lead us

in that direction father i thank you so

much for

your word which reveals to us what’s

wrong forgive me

and forgive us for where we have allowed

the culture and its idolatry to define

our belief system and where we have


the the guts

to lovingly and compassionately but with


bring truth to a decaying society

we love you and we need you and i invite

your spirit

through your word to activate your truth

to your people and then through your

people to a world

in desperate need we ask this in jesus


amen okay dr evans thank you so much for

that amazing message

pastors i hope you all are being blessed

like i am this is an amazing time

for leaders just to be blessed and

receive the word of god

from dr tony evans i now want to share

with you this amazing opportunity

to share in this ministry to support the

urban alternative

dr evans has been blessing us for years

pouring into pastors and this is our

opportunity to make sure that we support

this ministry

i want to share just how important this

ministry has been to me

personally the things that i have been

able to glean from being a son

of dr tony evans in the ministry of

oakland bible fellowship church and the

urban alternative

as i have shared with you i pastor here

locally in dallas

and as a launch to my ministry being a

part of the k.a.p

pastors has really pole vaulted my

ministry with the resources that i’ve

been receiving

being a part of the sessions i also use

these sessions to bless my

associate pastors my worship leaders i

know how much this ministry means to me

and i can only imagine that if you

continue to receive these resources

how much it will be a blessing to your

ministry and to all of your leaders

let’s take this opportunity just to

share and to give and also the benefits

that you will receive from being able to

be a giver to this ministry

i want to let you know that a gift of

any amount during this time

these are the resources that you receive

a gift of any amount first

from the kingdom agendas pastors library

a gift of any amount will give you

our witness to the world and the

centrality of the church

you will also receive kingdom leaders


notebook for a gift of 75 or more

you will also receive those gifts but in

addition to that we will also bless you

with the tony evans bible commentary

in the tony evans book of illustrations

i want to encourage you again

please give and give with a generous

heart god tells us

in the word of god to give hilariously

and let’s do that to be able to bless

this ministry

now don’t forget that you have an

opportunity to join us for breakout

sessions later on today

we look forward to seeing you in our

second session god bless you real good

we look forward to seeing you again


god is not going to bless a country or


that comes up with his own rules and ask

him to bless it

we need more than a protest we need a


tony has that plan for community

transformation through his unique

kingdom strategy

while many of us are waiting on god to

fix what’s wrong

he is waiting on us to step up as men

and women of faith

and do what’s right


this three-part plan gives us a path for


that we can all create a symbol a

and act when we assemble as a unified

sacred gathering

we develop a heart that cares for others

because we’re

all created in the image of god

god has spoken about all these subjects

in crisis

but what we do unfortunately is pick and

choose what we obey

we have failed to follow the whole

council of god

by coming together we can address our

congregations and community

with a unified compassionate voice and

continue to learn

and grow through the power of authentic




once we have laid this foundation we can


in such ways that bring about a unified

social impact

it’s time to take a stand not only in

what we say but also in what we do

it’s time for action it’s a defining

moment for us as citizens to decide

whether we want to be one nation under


or a divided nation apart from god and

if we don’t answer that question right

and if we don’t answer it quickly we

won’t be much of a nation at all

here’s what people don’t know about a

pastor’s to-do list

it can give you a thumb cramp

she just knows i’m her ride to practice

and i’m gonna be a while

or maybe not



time to plan that ephesians series



whoops easter sunday

better pause the series maybe i’ll use

some of that sermon i preached at the




i know what you’re thinking you’re a

pastor you only work on sundays


emergencies don’t stick to a schedule

when i get a call for help i’m prepared

with biblical



time to write that sermon

let’s do this

i need the facts

i need the big picture

i need the details and i need them

all in one place

because when it’s time to preach you

gotta be



so sure i stay busy but i always

focus on what matters

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