Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually.

with so many competing and even

contradictory voices and opinions

swirling around us today

it can be a challenge to know just what

you should do when it comes to voting

how should a christian vote after all

tony evans answers this question and

many more

get informed on kingdom voting


when my son jonathan played

with the buffalo bills

the team called and asked me to do a

chapel for them

they asked me to speak to the team


their game with the washington redskins

i had concurred and agreed to do that

a couple of days later the coach

for the washington redskins called me

and asked me to speak to the team

before their game with the buffalo bills

so my son is with the bills

they want me to speak they were in

competition and in conflict in the

upcoming game with the washington

redskins and they wanted me to speak

now to be honest

i’m leaning to the bills because that’s

my son’s team i kind of want them to win

but this other team calls me because

they want an

injection of god

on their side as well

so i spoke to both teams

but even though i had a personal


because of my relationship with my son

i gave the same message at different


to each team because when it came

to my role and my responsibility

i couldn’t take sides even though i did

have a personal preference

and a personal leaning you see in the

chapel service i had to represent heaven

even though i was dealing with a

conflict between two teams

for which i had a preference that was

taking place

on earth see we’ve been talking about

kingdom voting and what we’re doing is

we’re trying to challenge christians

to think heavenly even though they have

earthly preferences

that in spite of the conflict

when an election comes up and is in our

face and we’re being hit

by both sides we still have to speak

and declare in terms of the kingdom of


we’re challenging you to be a kingdom


that’s a christian who

accepts the opportunity of

responsibility to partner with god

for the advancement of his rule in


through the institution of civil


and regardless of where you lean

democrat or republican

you take your messaging and you take

your stand

with heaven with the king

and that becomes the dominant influencer

of your belief system and your


but i do not want to be insensitive to

the problem

of different people having different

preferences how do you

navigate for whom to vote

no matter which election you’re talking

about locally

statewide or nationally congressionally

how do you decide particularly when

nothing is definitive you could perhaps

have an argument

one way or the other person versus

policy policy

versus personality for whom do you vote

how do you vote well let me

cast the answer to this question

in a theological reality

proverbs chapter 16

verse 33 says men

men cast lots but god decides the

outcome did you hear that

men cast lots men vote

but god decides how this thing is going

to come out

when you do not understand the


you vote god decides

then you will become confused by all the

voices that you hear

in fact you may want to stay home and

not vote at all

in fact i’m sure some are asking well

if god’s going to decide why vote

because it’s a partnership and god wants

his kingdom men and his kingdom women

to partner with him so let’s talk a

little theology god

decides the outcome that’s that’s god’s


in other words god is always the final

decision maker

i need to give you some scriptures here

because i don’t want you to miss

the biblical doctrine of sovereignty

which simply says god rules

and he over rules for example

job 23 verse 13 god is unique

who can turn him and what his soul


that he does job 42

2 i know that you can do all things and

that no purpose

of yours can be thwarted

psalm 135 verse

6 whatever the lord pleases he does

in heaven and on earth

in the seas and in all the deeps

proverbs 16 verse 4 the lord has made

everything for his own purpose

isaiah 43 13.

even from eternity i am he god says and

there is none who can deliver out of my


i act and who can reverse it

isaiah 45 verse 7 the one forming light

and causing darkness causing well-being

creating calamity i am the lord

who does all these things ephesians 1 11

also we have obtained an inheritance

having been predestined

according to his purposes who works all

things after the council

of his will romans 11 36

for from him and through him and to him

are all things to him be glory

forever revelation 19 verse 6

it concludes with the lord our god

the almighty reigns

or we could go to daniel

chapter 2 verse 21

god bestows authority on whoever he


or john 19 verses 10 and 11 when pilate


jesus don’t you know i’ve got the

authority he’s the government

i’ve got the authority to crucify you

don’t you know who you’re dealing with

jesus jesus says uh uh

not the only authority you have

is the authority my daddy gives you

he’s in charge up in here

we quoted for you proverbs 21 1

the heart of the king is in the hand of

the lord

and he meanders it moves it wherever he


or second chronicles 20 verse 6

no one can stand against his sovereignty

okay is that enough you get the point

god’s going to decide the outcome

god’s going to decide what happens you

think these things that pop up at the

last minute

for one person or the other person about

chance or

luck no no no he is sovereign

but it’s a partnership he

takes into consideration our choices

your choice matters

again in a football game you have


and you have gold lines they are

sovereign lines those are

immovable lines and they cannot be


but within those lines you can call a

whole bunch of different plays

and the play you call matters it doesn’t

matter to the sideline because the

sideline not moving

but it matters to whether you go forward

or backwards

god has a conditional will

these are the things he decides to do in


with whether we do what we’re supposed

to do or not

but he has a sovereign unconditional


those are the things he’s going to do

regardless of whether you do your part

or not

that’s why you pray you pray because

certain things he’s only going to do if

you meet the condition of prayer

that’s why you obey because certain

things he’s only going to do if you meet

the condition

of obedience so

you can delay things or even deny

yourself things

that god would have given you but it was

predicated on

the condition one of the conditions is


if you don’t vote god will take that

into consideration

and still accomplish his sovereign plan

because if you don’t vote

but he wants that person to win he’ll

wake up somebody that never voted

tell him this year is the year for you

to vote in order to override

your refusal to vote see god has got

this thing

down to a theological science

so let me be clear

your vote matters but god is still

in charge so that raises the question

how do i make a decision

i go back and forth i don’t know how

much to weigh one issue of another issue

well what we are seeing today

especially among christians

is us building walls against one another

because of government

we’ve allowed government to divide the


and that is an agenda from hell

we have established from romans 13 verse


that god created government but notice

chapter 13 verse 5 therefore it is

necessary to be in subjection

that is to government not only because

of wrath

but also for conscience sake

ah there’s our word for

conscience sake you see what i want to

explain to you is the role of your


in your decision for for whom you should


within the boundaries of god you are

free to vote your

conscience and everybody’s conscience

won’t vote the same way when you’ve got

two legitimate or two illegitimate

forces at work now if it’s biblically


all the way then of course

that makes it easy but what happens when

there’s some right

some wrong some wrong some right which

way do you go

well the bible says you go based on your

conscience and everybody’s conscience

won’t be equal when the issue

is not perfectly biblically clear

what is your conscience your conscience

is your heart

regulator it is the thing that regulates

between right and wrong good and bad

up and down it’s the beeper that goes

off when somebody comes into your house

and the front door goes beep it’s

letting you know something has come in

or something has gone out

it is the light that flashes that lets

you know to pay attention

it is the signal that god has built into

every human being

to govern and guide them if the


has been properly informed now

the bible says the heart is deceitfully

wicked so you can have

uninformed consciences that make

uninformed decisions but they’re still


on wrong consciences that’s why it is

critical that your conscience

gets the right data in order to make the

wisest possible decision

but everybody’s consciences won’t


equally to every circumstance because

every christian is not at the same

spiritual level

that’s where romans 14 comes in and i

hope you

read the chapter in full he says in


14 verse 1 except

the one who is weak in faith but not for

the purpose of passing judgment

on his opinion one person has

faith that he may eat all things but he

who is weak

eats vegetables only chapter 15 verse 7


therefore accept one another just as

christ also accepted us

to the glory of god when your

political vote causes you to reject

demean ridicule

curse cuss

others who differ from you but are

not abandoning scripture to do so they


have a different set of priorities

vegetables versus meat

vegetables are legitimate meat is


but everybody may not feel the same

about vegetables and meat and everybody

may not feel the same about democrats

and republicans or this candidate

versus that candidate but he says

don’t let that issue get in the way

of your fellowship in the

program of god it is embarrassing

i mean downright embarrassing

to read social media and see the vitriol

the hatred the evil

the down right hellishness

of christians going at each other

we have become more pagan than the

non-christian world and how we talk to

one another

just because people are disagreeing


when you can have good on both sides and

bad on both sides

he says you do not disregard

one another because to do that

is an embarrassment to god as you’ll see

we have used our tongues or our fingers

on social media to say the most hideous

and hatred things about other christians


they’re going in a different direction

because they have a different set of


they’re more vegetable oriented they’re


than meat-oriented and christians are

going at each other what do you think

the world thinks

when they see the hatred in the body of


as though one candidate came from heaven

and another candidate came from hell

one party came from heaven and another

party came from hell

when if you look at them down the line

you can find some of god and some of the

devil all the way down the line

you know the bible says in james chapter


he says how can out of your mouth

or with your finger come blessing and


verse 9. he says he says how can you do

that how can you talk about

i’m a christian i love the lord praise

the lord

but then you turn around and you use the


vowel kind of communication putting down

kicking to the curb negating

others in the body of christ and even

doing that to non-christians

showing you a terrible christianity

oh it’s not wrong to disagree it’s not

wrong to vote differently

it is wrong he says

to be contemptuous verse 3 the one who

eats is not to regard with contempt

the one who does not eat and the one who

does not eat

is not to judge the one who eats for god

has accepted him

democrats you’re going to have to accept


republicans you’re going to have to

accept democrats because god has

accepted them

so when you attack another person in the

family of god

because they voted differently you have


god so this is no small thing

when it comes to this issue you know you

go to the zoo

and you see a cage that cages the house

an animal

and behind that in that cage or behind

the the cage

they’re bars they’re bars to keep the

animal from escaping

inside a cage guess what god did he put

your tongue

in a cage called your mouth behind some

bars called your teeth

because he doesn’t want it running loose

and far too many christians have let

their tongues break out of the cage

and show their carnality

their ungodliness their evil hearts

because the bible says

that the mouth reflects the heart so if

you got a cussing mouth that’s because

you got a cussing heart

if you got a curse in mouth because you

have a cursing heart

if you have an evil tongue it’s because

you have an evil heart

so the way you know how christian you

are is not about how you wave your hand

or how you praise the lord or how you

flip a pew or how you sing a song

but what comes out of your mouth when

you’re not in church

when you’re on social media he says how

dare you regard

in contempt because they

can do what they do for conscience

sake for their conscience sake he says

you must accept them and not

force them to violate a legitimate


now the bible is to set the boundaries

for your conscience

you know if you disregard a direct

command or precept of god

because of your conscience your

conscience is wrong not the word of god

but if you’re within biblical boundaries

god allows you to play calls why or make

your own

play call because every christian

doesn’t start in the same place

he calls some people weak and some

people strong

some christians vote the way they vote

because of the experiences they’ve had

they’ve had negative experiences painful


unjust experiences and that has colored

how they perceive things others

are based on their perception of

of life and that perception which is

biblically founded

like the other one is has colored their


both are legitimate but because of their


some families were taught one way

another family was taught another way

and maybe they haven’t had enough bible

study to catch up yet and so they’re

operating off of their

upbringing and so that causes them to

lead in a particular direction

you can’t cut them down scripture says

you can’t disregard them i love james 4


it says do not slander

and speak harmfully against one another

or ephesians chapter 4 verse 29

let no unwholesome speech come out of

your mouth

what he is saying is you must allow for


within the boundaries of scripture when

there is room for those differences

because there is not a perfect word

in one direction or another if there was

perfect words

it’d be one vote that’s why christians

need to get together

christians need to come together

democrats and republicans

and libertarians all all christians

whatever we need to come together and


this is our platform and y’all

gonna have to come to us because we’re

not adjusting we’re dealing with the

whole counsel of god because we’re not

going to let y’all divide us anymore oh

yeah we may vote differently but we will

not be divided

you got to come to find out what we say

because what we say

is going to be the whole council of god

not those partial councils

that y’all deal with in the secular


it is until believers align themselves

together recognizing

that god accepts different conscience


you know when you get on a plane you

find all kind of bags

people get on play with you know leather


pleather bags you know plastic bags you


tiny bags briefcases and they either put

it under the seat or they put it up in

the in the uh

in the bag section but when you get on

the plane

they have a standard for the size bag

you can take on the plane they gotta

stand it

they will let all kind of plain bags on

the plane in the cabin as long as you

meet that standard

if you don’t meet that standard they

tell you to check in

right now they’re gonna have to put it

underneath the plane because it’s too


for the standard so if it doesn’t fit

the standard

it can’t come in the cabin but if it

fits the standard we’ll take any kind of


okay because there’s flexibility with

the kind of bag

because it met the standard look

if it doesn’t meet the standard we

shouldn’t consider it no matter what our

conscience says

but once it meets the standard god can

take a black christian a white christian

he can take a poor christian and a rich


he can take a christian from this

culture and that culture he can take

somebody out of this background and that


he can bring them all together into the

same house because it fits the standard

god can deal with the differences and we

need to learn to deal with the


while raising people to god’s standard

see that’s the problem we’re not raising

people to god’s standard

so people are living with weak

consciences because if their consciences


then their decisions might change or how


view the other side might be adjusted

how do you share the gospel with

confidence what’s god’s plan for our


why does the old testament matter to

your faith today

those are just a few of the questions

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the tony evans training center

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so you grow the conscience but you don’t

ignore the conscience that’s why

he says in verse 22 the faith which you


have in your own conviction before god

happy is the one who does not condemn


in what he approves don’t go

do something against yourself as long as

you’re not violating the lord

because you still have to live with you

you don’t have to live with all the

mother people you got to live with you

verse 23 says but he who doubts is


if he eats that’s the vegetable meat

thing because his eating is not from

faith whatever is not from faith is sin

he’s asking you to trust god with your


trust god with your decision and feel

good that you’re trusting god

get all the information and then trust


but everybody’s not starting in the same

place everybody won’t vote the same way

but you should be consistent with your

biblically informed

conscience don’t keep it uninformed

but don’t ignore it by passing either

now there’s another theological

principle here

he brings it up in verses 8

and 9. for if we live we live for the


or if we die we die for the lord

therefore whatever where whether we live

or die

we are the lords for to this end christ

died and lived again

that he might be lord both of the dead

and of the living okay you know the


we don’t have enough uh christocrats

we don’t have enough christocracy in

other words

we don’t have enough christians who have

made jesus lord and you hear it

you can hear it all over them i mean you

can hear it all over them because

they’ll talk about

this candidate that candidate and the

lord never comes up

what the lord says never comes up how

the lord feels never comes up

but they’ll wax eloquent about what they

read in the newspaper what they read


not what they read in the word jesus

wants to be lord

whether you live or whether you’re dead

he says

he says god’s goal is that

he might be lord of everything

you don’t get to vote without the lord

you don’t get to go into the voting

booth and leave god

outside you don’t get to go and and

and and cast your ballot and say jesus

you have nothing to do with this this is

this is this is government so you stay

out there i’ll pick you up on sunday

ah he’s lord of all

and that’s why christians who vote


should still be unified because he says


he’s lord of all god has accepted him

in spite of their political differences

and until we do that god won’t work he

won’t bring an end to all this chaos

we’re seeing

because we’ve we’ve made government god

or made it bigger than god

because it can do something god wouldn’t

do let me tell you how how interesting


is in luke chapter 6

jesus comes down for prayer

and in verse 13 he brings his disciples

it goes and and hangs out with his


now in one of those boring sections of

scripture you know the kind you skip


when you’re reading the bible because it

doesn’t you know doesn’t seem to me

meaning anything

the bible says no scripture is wasted

when he names the disciples

in chapter 6

he comes and he begins to name

matthew verse 15 and 16

and simon

but when he names simon he throws up a

word he says

simon the zealot did you hear me

sign he doesn’t just say simon those

other guys that just give their names

but when it comes to simon he says simon

is the zealot

now let me tell you the zealot the

zealot was the revolutionaries of the


like like uh when when jesus was on the


they say who you want us to crucify who

you want us to uh

uh uh to set free and they set free the


they set free the revolutionary and

crucified christ

simon was a revolutionary he roamed the

hills the judean hills

looking to overthrow the government

matthew is a tax collector matthew is

part of the establishment

matthew is part of the swamp

matthew would have been one that simon

was after

because simon was a zealot and matthew

was a benedict arnold he was a turncoat

he worked for the system

and yet when jesus comes down from


and he comes down from the mountain he

says come here simon

come here matthew we got some kingdom

business to do

he could take a zealot and a man in the


two different sides of the political uh

divide and bring them together why

because they brought them together under

the lordship of jesus christ

so don’t tell me of democrat king

sitting next to a republican

and everybody loving the lord and loving

each other and serving the lord although

their consciences

cause them to vote differently why

because like simon

and like matthew they all belong to the


and they submit to the lord and until we

get that kind of radical

acceptance in the church that’s why they

got upset in acts chapter

17 verse 7 because they said these


there’s this group of people out here

running around talking about jesus is


not caesar that was ticking folk off

caesar’s the government

you mean the government not king no

jesus is king

the problem is we don’t have the

lordship of jesus christ we got the

lordship of political parties

we got the lordship of government like

the lordship of jesus christ

because if we had the lordship of jesus

christ you wouldn’t find christians

acting a fool online

you wouldn’t find christians being

illegitimately divided online

you wouldn’t find christians

embarrassing the kingdom of god

online the bible says in first peter 3


sanctify the lord god in your heart in

other words

let’s get this lordship thing straight

is jesus lord or is your political party


no your conscience should govern your


you inform it with the word of god

and then you vote for god’s definition

of government

okay here it is again god’s definition

of civil government

is to maintain a safe just

righteous and compassionately


environment for freedom to flourish let

me say that again

god’s definition of civil government is

to maintain a safe

just righteous and compassionately

responsible environment

for freedom to flourish now

big picture that’s what you’re voting

for who’s gonna best achieve that

which party which platform which

policies will achieve

that now because people are coming at


with different backgrounds and different


some people are going to vote with an

emphasis on safe

others are going to vote with an

emphasis on just some are going to vote

with an emphasis on righteous

everybody should be voting for an

emphasis on freedom okay

but some are going to pick nuances

because of their backgrounds history


you know teachings and all of that

but that’s what you’re going for

because that’s what the kingdom of


that god established goes for

so let’s not be foolish christians and

ignorant saints let’s not be

dividers of the kingdom of god

but let’s make sure we inform ourselves

of what

god expects god expects you to be a

kingdom voter

not a cultural voter

when somebody asks you our dear democrat

republican your answer should be

which issue you talking about because

on some issues i’m a democrat on other

issues i’m a republican and i’m going

i’m going to go through the process the

way but it all depends on which issue

because i’m a kingdomite

i’m a christocrat

i’m under the lordship of jesus christ

and that governs my vote even if it

means i vote differently

than another brother who i’m called to


you see for many african-american


because of history has created a

an extra sensitivity about injustice and


sensitivity about about

the meaning of life and the dignity of


and that may cause many not to be able

to jump to the other side

even though they agree with it because

the sensitivity

has softened their conscience in that


for many anglo-christians

the moral agenda

that they’ve concerned is contaminating


kids that is that is that they

they’re worried about what their kids

are gonna be taught in school

they’re worried about that and so that


the dominant thing that’s covering their


neither is wrong both are right but

they’ve been

affected differently so what do you do

you have blacks and whites sitting next

to each other

in the same church having voted


but under the lordship of jesus christ

that’s what you do

and he says you don’t look down on one


because we belong to another king and

another kingdom

so how do you decide on who you vote for

what’s the profile of a kingdom voter

one a kingdom voter votes

let’s start with that kingdom voter

doesn’t stay home

two a kingdom voter prays about their


they don’t just talk to man they talk to

god god give me wisdom give me


show me the direction you want me to go


next a kingdom voter examines

the issues based on the word of god

they’ll skip

what god has to say and keep reading

what the news media says

god what do you say about life what do

you say about justice what do you say


nations in globalization what do you say

about immigration what do you say about


what do you say because guess what he

talks about all that what do you say

about family

morality what do you say they they


what scripture says a kingdom voter

seeks unity not division they don’t they

don’t use

this voting thing to create division a

kingdom voter looks at policy

and personality character and

competence they don’t divide the two

they put both on the table

and yeah they’ve got to weigh it but

they don’t ignore it

a kingdom voter looks not only at


and how voting will benefit them

but they’re part of something bigger

they we we have to look at

how will my decision affect others as

well as me

you don’t vote selfishly you vote


and when you’ve done that you take the


you draw a line down the center of a

piece of paper

and then you put the issues based on the

different parties

and in fact you have three columns the

word of god democrats republican or


ones you want to come compare this is

what the word of god says

this is what these groups say then you

prioritize them what’s most important

because everything

won’t be equally important in the same

order to everybody else except the top

which is god okay that biblical

definition of government

and then you go down the list based on

the priorities

accompanied by the word of god and then

you invite your conscience to make a


it’s okay god says after you’ve done

your work

you’ve set your conscience at peace that

even though i can see both ways even

though they’re good and bad

i can take a deep breath and say okay

okay this is the way i’ma go

maybe different than my neighbor

different than my coworker but this is

where god gives me

gives me peace i’ve talked to so many of

members of our church

people in the community who can argue

strongly and biblically from one side to

the other

and i accept them and love them both

because guess what

god has accepted them

the story of the boys who wanted to

trick their

professor he was a mr know-it-all he had

answers for everything

they said we’re gonna fool a professor

we’re gonna catch a little bird that

he can’t see and we’re going to ask him

is this bird dead or alive and we’re

going to hold it in our hand

if he says the bird is dead we’re going

to open our hands let it fly away

if he says the bird is alive we’re going

to squeeze it in our hand crush it

and we’ll show him a dead bird either

way old prophet’s gonna be wrong we got

him this time

the boys walked up with the bird in hand

and held it out to the professor

and said professor vote

is he dead that’s one vote or is he

alive that’s another vote

but you got to vote professor professor

looked at the hand

stared at it and said young man

i think the answer is in your hand

so i’m not here to tell you who to vote


i’m simply want to tell you vote

cause the answer is in your conscience

as we look at the election

as we look at elections to come

there’s a bigger vote

the biggest vote of all and that is will

you vote for jesus as your savior

will you stop trying to save yourself

will you stop trying to vote for your

church to save you

will you stop trying to vote for your

mother and father to save you will you

stop trying to vote for your baptism to

save you

none of that can save you only casting a

single ballad

for a single savior can deliver you

to an eternity in heaven and an exit

from hell

and that’s if you come to jesus christ

trusting him alone for the forgiveness

of your sins and the gift of eternal


acknowledging you are a sinner and you

can’t save yourself

but you’re willing to cast your ballot

for him to be your eternal substitute

if you will come to christ now and trust

him alone for salvation

he will enter your life forgive you of

your sins start your life all over again

that’s why it’s called being born again

so that you can grow in your conscience

to respond to the word of god would you

invite him into your life right now

if you’re a non-christian simply say

lord come in i invite you because i

trust you died for me

arose for me want to save me i want you

to save me

i’m trusting in the lord jesus christ

right now

do that it’s free for you christians

make jesus lord not not just savior if

you’re a christian he is your savior but

make him lord

lord not only of your vote he says i

want to be the lord and the living and

the dead he wants

he wants 24 7 365 days

12 months 10 years in the decade

10 decades in the century he wants the


kit and caboodle

and now would you just talk to him

and say jesus be lord

show me the decisions i need to make

enable me to make them

for your glory and for your name

may god continue to give you a

spiritual perspective not only on voting

but on living

and as you look at elections go to god

and pray individually as families

even as churches god you’re sovereign

you’re going to call a shot

but we’re going to cast out a lot

because we’re partnering with you

be glorified as we give you the glory

and as we

become kingdom citizens regardless of

which way

an election goes god bless you until we

connect again next week with so many

competing and even contradictory voices

and opinions swirling around us today

it can be a challenge to know just what

you should do when it comes to voting

how should a christian vote after all

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