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Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #Praise

when your your team scores a touchdown

folk are jumping up and shouting and

waving their hands in the air like they

just don’t care they say to other folk

did you see what he did why cuz it was

so awesome you couldn’t keep it to

yourself even if they lose they will

decide it’s worthy I know somebody that

doesn’t lose and therefore is always

worthy of our praise praise is adoration

expressed praise means to give

adoration to

boast to express

superlatives with regard

to something or

someone when we praise we’re extoling we

are we are advertising we are

promoting the goodness and the

greatness of this person or this thing

that we adore and

adorn with our


praise is worship

expressed you can worship silently in

your heart yeah yeah and say nothing but

still have a Heart of Worship yeah but

you can’t pra silently yes praise is the

expression yes it is of

worship it is saying I want you to know

publicly how I feel privately praise God

I want you to I want you to hear me talk

about it speak about it sing about it

advertise about it brag about it declare

about it cuz it’s so good and so much I

just can’t keep it to myself

praise is worship that is

expressed it is the

visible and

vocal Declaration of the value of who

God is what God has done and what we are

trusting him to do God praise is the

vocal and visible expression yes of the

value of God for who he is for what he

has already done and for what we are

trusting him yet to do right right and

because we know who he

is we got to talk about it because of

what he’s already done I can’t keep it


myself and because of the uncertainty of

tomorrow and the needs I know that are

yet to be addressed

I still have to talk about him because I

needed him to go in front of me do some

stuff so when I arrive there is already

been taken care of Praise is the visible

and verbal expression of the value of

who God is for what he has done and for

what we are trusting him to do

amen we all have an address we can give

the address of where we live live yeah

we can say I live on this number on this

street and that is my home that’s where

I live God has an address because

according to Psalm chapter 22 verse

three it says the Lord dwells in the

Praises of his people so if you want to

know where you can locate God it’s at a

street called Praise And if you want to


him you got to hang out in the

environment of praise cuz that is where

he dwells in the midst of his people I

call it Kingdom praise because


146 puts it this

way the psalmist and the Psalms are

where we find the most concentrated

expressions of Praise some some 145

rather says this it says I will extol

you my God O King I will bless your name

Forever and Ever every day I will bless

you and I will praise your name forever

and ever great is the Lord and highly to


praised and his greatness is

unsociable but Psalm 145 continues by

making it a kingdom issue yeah because

he says in

verse 12 to make known to the sons of

men your Mighty acts and the glory of

the M Majesty of your kingdom your

kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom and

your Dominion endures throughout all

generations he calls him a king who runs

the kingdom and he says and you ought to

be praised he said not only says that

you are be praised he says you ought to

be praised every day that there should

not be one day out of

365 that you don’t get praised so that

means he not talking about Sunday in

church if you’re doing it every day in

other words praise is supposed to be a

lifestyle and not an event it’s not a

place you go it’s an attitude that you

possess in fact if you just roll just

from that chapter forward look at the

beginning of each chapter Psalm 146

praise the Lord praise the Lord oh my

soul I will praise the Lord while I live

I will sing praises to my God while I

have my being he then says in Psalm 147

what praise the Lord for it is good to

sing praises to our God for it is

pleasant and Praises is becoming he says

in 148 praise the Lord praise the Lord

from the heavens Praise Him in the

Heights Praise Him among his angels

Praise Him in the host Praise Him sun

and moon Praise Him stars of light

Praise Him Heaven uh highest Heavens he

comes to Psalm 149 praise the Lord sing

to the Lord a new Psalm and his Praises

in the congregation of The Godly one and

then of course we all know Psalm 150

praise the Lord Praise Him in the

sanctuary Praise Him in the mighty


praise his mighty Deeds praise His

excellent goodness praise with the

trumpet praise with the harp praise with

the liar praise with the temple praise

with dancing praise with string

instruments pra with loud symbols pra

with resounding symbols let

everything that have breath praise the

Lord so if you can do

this you got a reason to praise him

because you got breath to declare your


so as you can see just from a just from

a small template of the Psalms why David

is called a man after God’s Own Heart

cuz he when you ran into him you ran

into praise he was forever praising God

who is worthy to be praised so praise is

an emphasis of scripture it is where God

lives yes indeed yes indeed limited

prayer praise means you possess a


relationship if praise only comes now

and then or in church on Sunday it’s cuz

you got a now and then

relationship because people who know

their God make praise a

lifestyle they make praise a way of

being praise is like a thermometer it

gives you the reading of your spiritual

temperature and if your thermometer is

set on low is because you have a cold

relationship but if your praise is high

and mighty it’s because you’re hot for

God so I want to you to look at your

thermometer now and tell me what the

thermostat is reading on your praise

because God lives in the environment of

Praise amen and you know when a person

is in the environment of Praise Psalm

100 says Shout

yeah he says shout joyfully to the Lord

he says you can’t you you can’t hold it

in when when when when when your your

team scores a touchdown you don’t sit

there and say that’s

nice you don’t sit that said that’s all

right I’m glad we finally got over folk

are jumping up and shouting and waving

their hands in the air like they just

don’t care they say the other folk did

you see that yeah did you see we did why

cuz it was so awesome so great you

couldn’t keep it to yourself praise is a


expressed now when it comes to what

people will do

today they’ll go before the altar of the

television yeah yeah yeah they’ll sit in

the sanctuary of the den and they’ll set

in the Pew of their easy chair and for 3


they will get their worship on they will

celebrate their team whether they’re

winning or

losing and then they may go another 3

hours for a second game okay because

praise for one game wasn’t enough then

they may keep it on for a night game cuz

they want some praise in the evening 3

hours for game one 3 hours for game two

3 hours for game three

and they won’t say Church went too

long they won’t say the service was too

long because they will have decided it’s

worthy of my undivided attention even if

they lose they will decide it’s worthy I

know somebody that doesn’t lose and

therefore is always worthy of our

praise praise is

adoration expressed he say shall Joy

joyfully to the

Lord the higher your praise goes the

more value you are giving to our great

king and our great God so there is a

expectation of Praise there is a request

of Praise And Then There is a

requirement of Praise if you want to

stay connected to God on the highest

possible level now let’s don’t get it

twisted God is not asking for pray

because he needs

it let don’t get it

twisted long before there was ever a

creation he was operating in Praise

because when the father needed praise

the Son and the spirit would give it to

him when the son needed praise or wanted

praise the father and the spirit would

give it to him when the spirit wanted

praise the father and the son would give

it to them cuz they be praising each

other all the time

then God said well why don’t we create

some other folks to give us praise and

he created angels and the Bible says 24

hours a day they do praise it says with

six wings in Isaiah chapter 6 they do

praise it says that his train filled the

temple and they said holy holy holy is

the Lord of hosts and the Earth is full

of his glory so he created an archangel

called Lucifer

and Ezekiel 28 says and Lucifer had

pipes cuz he was the choir leader by the

way that’s why he can’t handle praise it

reminds him of his old job he was fired

from because praise is what God created

us for Revelation 4:1 says you and I

were created for his pleasure Ephesians

1:6 says we were created for the praise

of his glory of his grace so the reason

why he wants praise was he created you

for praise so whenever you’re not

praising you’re not fulfilling why you

were made in the first place now we want

people to praise us because we like the

feeling of being recognized well God is

giving you a little bit of what he

automatically deserves and that is

adoration and exclamation for who he is

what he is done and what you and I are

trusting him to do not because he needs

it he enjoys it he enjoys the Praises of

his people it gets him excited it gets

him Juiced it gets him amped not because

of a need but because of a joy and the

joy of the Lord in other words that’s

why the Bible says the joy of the Lord

gives you strength cuz you making him so


at the excitement you have over him that

he wants to react to it so what I’m

trying to tell you today is that praise

is why you’re here and therefore the

more you give the more you are

experiencing the reason for your

existence cuz now you’re connecting with

the one who put you here for that very