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Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #Parables

the more money you spend on a project

the more concerned you are about how

well that project is done you want the

Excellence to reflect what you are

building you don’t want a high price for

cheap effort and when it comes to your

and my salvation he paid the ultimate

price to give us the gift of Salvation

Jesus Paid top


dollar but question on the floor is with

the stuff I gave you with the time I

allotted to you with the talents that I

loan you with the treasures that I

entrusted to you show me what you

got show me what you got what what what


got with my stuff see but if it ain’t


stuff then you’re not concerned about

what he got you concerned about what you

got cuz it was never his stuff

his time talents or Treasures he says

I’m coming back and I want to know what

business did you

do for me what do you have to show for

what I gave you what I loaned

you anybody here ever been audited by


IRS where they want to do an

analysis of your

situation this is a


well the first guy

appears master your minor has made 10


more I invested what you gave me for

your benefit because it was yours

remember he says your Menor it was

yours so I utilized it for your benefit

and I double the effect of what you gave

me I I went to work and I got busy I

took care of business and look what I

have to show you upon your

return He said to him verse 17 well

done good

slave because you have been faithful in

a very little thing you will be in

authority over 10

cities so let’s get this straight in

heaven you’re not see sitting on the

cloud playing a harp singing Praise

songs eternity as we’ll see when we get

to heaven uh discussion of Eternity is a

busy busy

place because we will have bodies like

his which his body stepped on a cloud

went up to heaven you and I will be able

to be able to be transported from the

New Jerusalem from Heaven back down to

earth and back again to carry out our

responsibilities given to us based on

how much business business we did while

he was

absent so I’m going to put you over 10

cities you gonna be over Dallas Fort

Worth Mid

Cities we we going we GNA give you we

GNA give because you took seriously what

I loaned you this is my reward well

done Verse 18 the second one came saying

your men master has made five

minners you gave me 10 and I I did


increase with the use of my time my

talents and my

treasures and he said to him also and

you are to be over five cities well wait

a minute

now he gave the first one 10 he doubled

it he made

10 well done 10

cities the second

one five cities but no well

done there no well done to the second

one because he was half

stepping now it’s not that he did

nothing that’s right but there is no


condemnation because he only gave half

effort and therefore there was

recognition for the part he did but

there was not celebration because of the

part he did not

do no well done no

commendations but a

recognition that half effort was placed

says I gave 10 you made five in

increasing your influence and impact for

me my name and my

kingdom there will be

Christians who will stand before the

Lord who gave it

all they will stand before the

Lord and he says they were consistent in

their commitment to him in the use of

their time their talents and their

Treasures they were all in yes in their

commitment to Jesus

Christ and what he had Steed them to

handle on his

behalf then there will be those

Christians who are half


they they did some stuff they gave some

time some talent and some treasures and

half of their commitment was there but

the other half just wasn’t there they

weren’t all in they were half in and

that does bring benefit but it also

brings the recognition that something is

missing oh but now we come to the next

guy another came verse

20 saying

Master here is your

Menner which I kept put away in a

handkerchief cuz I was scarred

verse 21 I was afraid of you because you

are an exacting man you take up what you

did not lay down you reap what you did


sow he said look you you you you you you

you a hard person to work

for you are an exacting man you you have

all these high

standards and you want Excellence all

the time and you you just you just have

these high standards and I was scared

that I couldn’t meet your standards so

rather than risk losing your

Menor I was too scared I put it in a

handkerchief he said to him by your own

words I’ll judge you okay I’m an

exacting man I have high standards major

requirements so let’s use your words for


judgment you worthless

slave you no good

Christian you shucking and jiving

Saint says you’re

worthless you no good worthless you no


Christian cuz remember all of these guys

are servants that’s right he’s not

talking about servants versus non-s

servants all of them are called servants

all of them receive the gift all of them

but in number three he is no

good it is possible to be saved than be

a no- good

Christian having no value to God or his

kingdom having accepted Jesus Christ as

Savior but have been no

useful been useless to

him when it comes to representing what

he’s given you for his

benefit these are Christians who want to

be blessed these are Christians who want

to be highly

favored these are Christians who talk

about God is good all the time time and

all the time God is good but when you

look at what they’ve done for his name

his glory and his

kingdom is in a

handkerchief he says you worthless

servant worthless

Christian you you knew I have a stand

you to you just told me that in fact I

heard you say Amen at church

I heard you hear the sermon and agree I

heard you see the word of God and you

commiserated with it I heard you affirm

it so you

knew it wasn’t a

secret so what you did was agree with

what you heard and done the

opposite he

says did you know that I am an exacting

man taking up what I did not lay down

and reaping what I did not sow high

standards then why did you not put my

money in the

bank and having come I would have

collected it with

interest you are so

lazy you wouldn’t even go to Wells Fargo

Bank of America you you would you you

know chase you wouldn’t you are so

trifling that you wouldn’t even put it

in the back I know they not giv much

interest but you wouldn’t even do

that so the question

is why wouldn’t he at least least go to


bank why would he why would he use a

handkerchief you know what what is it

about the bank that he wouldn’t go to

bank but he would go to the

handkerchief Banks keep

records see Banks see Banks you got they

know who put it in put it out they sign

keep keep record this guy did not want a

record C

why does he not want a record

kept because he’s doing like a lot of

Christians today he’s playing the end

against the

middle see he he he he working this

thing here here’s what he saying he’s

saying now now look I am not about to

spend a lot of my

time I am not about to spend a lot of my

talent I am not about to spend a lot of

my treasure on this Kingdom stuff I’m

going to heaven when I die that’s good

enough for me I ain’t doing all that I

ain’t doing all that I ain’t going I

ain’t I ain’t I ain’t going to do all

that and I don’t even want a record kep

of what I’m doing and not doing so what

I’mma do is I’mma get my

handkerchief and the way I’mma work this

thing is if he comes

back I have his

Menner if he don’t come

back I got his Menor and ain’t had to do


work ain’t had to do no business so if

he comes back I’m not worse off and if

he don’t come back I got a little

something I can keep and I ain’t got

broke out no sweat have to deal with no

church have to serve in no Ministry have

to give no ties I don’t have to do none


that I to do none of that so I’mma let

I’m I’mma let them other folk do all

that I’m I’m just going I’m just going

to hang out here and I’m just going to

work this thing to my

convenience you worthless trifling

servant he

says you

know most of us have seen the original

version of Lilies of the

Field with Sydney portier Sydney porier

he’s building this building this Chapel

for these

nuns and there’s his

businessman and he wants the businessman

to help out you know to get this thing

funded and get this little chapel built

and one day Sydney p8 comes out

there because the guy the business guy

really wasn’t interested but after a

while they got it Go and the guy is

working on the

chapel and Sydney porier said well you

don’t even believe in God why you out


working and the businessman said just in

case just in case there’s a God I want a

little something God’s got a lot of just

in case

Christians just in case Christianity is

real just in case the Bible is true just

in case Jesus is coming back just in

case heaven is real I want to at least

have a little something in the

handkerchief so for a lot of folk this

is handkerchief

Church a lot of folk do handkerchief

giving a lot of folk do handkerchief

serving cuz they want a little something

in a handkerchief but they ain’t about

to take a trip to the

bank cuz they ain’t going to be that

committed ain’t going to be all in like

that but let me just remind you says he

returned that’s the Judgment seat of

Christ he he came back and he said show

me what you got how have I benefited

because of what I gave

you how is my kingdom benefited how has

my name been Advanced because of what I


you see this the thir guy he he was on

his own agenda he had his own



24 then he said to the bystanders take

the men away from him and give it to the

one who has the 10

minutes one of the questions I was asked

here recently by a person who when they

first heard me start the series on J SE


crisis will anybody be witnessing our


is it like a private thing

or me and Jesus in the cubical just me


him or other folk going to see all my

stuff well the verse says the

bystanders for the third

guy for the god who had nothing to

show except a

handkerchief with unused effort unused

service unused

sacrifice he says and the bystander said


giving you’re giving his one to the one

who got 10 so the one who got 10 now has

11 because God God gave he made 10 so he

was put over 10 cities so now he takes

from the one and he gives it to the one

who make

10 how would you feel if you went to the

bank and they told you well your money

we just gave it

to money in your account your account

empty empty we gave it to your

neighbor you wouldn’t like that would

you that that would affect

you we just took you your money out of

your account and gave it to your

neighbor that’s exactly what Jesus says

we took what we gave you and we gave it

to your neighbor we gave it to the one

who was all

in and so even the little you thought

you have you don’t

have because you didn’t

care you didn’t care you didn’t care

about me you didn’t care about my gift

you didn’t care about my sacrifice you


care about what I’ve done for

you and that’s when he says the sumon

statement in verse 26 I tell you that

everyone who has more shall be

given but from the one who does not have

nothing to show even what he does have

shall be taken

away he’s not talking about eternal life

you can’t lose eternal life eternal life

is eternal it’s forever he’s talking

about the reward that comes at the

Judgment seat of Christ and the loss

that will be felt by believers who have

little or nothing to show for the time

that they were

saved they went through the motions he

went through the motions he had the one

minute there it was hidden in a

handkerchief but he wasn’t planning to

do any business for God he wasn’t

planning to do any business for the

king look the more money you spend on a

project the more what concerned you are

about how well that project is

done if you spending a lot of money

building a house you don’t want nobody

give you some cheap material and cutting

Corners cuz if you paying that much

money you want the Excellence to

reflect what you are

building you don’t want a high price for

cheap effort a high price for cheap

material and when it comes to your and

my salvation Jesus Paid

dollar when it comes to you and I

eternal life he paid the ultimate price

of dying on the cross to give us the

gift of Salvation And he says you going

to treat me

cheap yes I’mma give it to you I’m not

going to take it away but I’m sure going

to evaluate how you viewed

it and how you used it or how you