Tony Evans celebrated his 71st birthday with family, friends and a special “Birthday Parade” organized by Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Enjoy this video highlighting this special time!



happy 71st birthday to you dad oh my


uh this year this 71st year has been

cray-cray on a million different levels

but i can’t tell you

how happy i am that you are still here

and i still get to talk to you call you

in the morning drive you crazy

i’m grateful for your 79 years and i’m



happy birthday to you pastor you’re the

best friend that i got i think

and you’re the man that blessed me the

most thank you for all you put in my


i really appreciate you thank you happy

birthday today

you’re 70. guess what i got one on you



happy birthday papi we love you 71 years

old you an

old man but i love you we love you the

family loves you and we wish you a happy

birthday all right blessings

i was homeless i had nothing

man i’m blessed man i needed a place to

stay pastor evan said no


leave my house a little man but i didn’t


oh no i stayed in the bushes

while he was asleep i broke in

every birthday pops i love you you are

my hero

but you already know


happy birthday daddy listen i i don’t

even know

there were no words basically i was

about to start saying things and they

all sound small in my head before they

come out

when it comes to what you mean to me the

impact you’ve had on my life

being your namesake is an honor and a

privilege and

and your faithfulness to us as your

nuclear family

keeping us making us so important to you

and even though there’s so much else

going on

what an honor to be able to be your

firstborn son

you only have one that’s me but happy

birthday daddy love you so much

puppy hope your birthday is amazing

and hopefully hopefully you saved me a

slice of kids

because i’m hungry but happy birthday we

love you we love you

hello everybody i want to thank you so

much for making my

71st birthday special it was good seeing

all the cars drive through greeting

people the gifts

thank you thank you thank you i want to

thank the events committee for putting

us together

our leaders who are out there and it

just felt good being at the house of the

lord even though

we weren’t here for worshiping so

every day we’re getting closer to

getting back together again i’m looking

forward to that

in the meantime let’s love one another

let’s stay close to the lord and let’s

fight through

all that we have to fight through to

make his name great and to give him the


but you have made my day in this season

a special

day for which i will forever be grateful

god bless you

and thank you again