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Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #Prayer

the goal of prayer is to draw from

Heaven into history to get eternity to

make a statement in time it is to make

Heaven visible on Earth it is to get God

to touch Humanity the goal of prayer is

that up there might do something fix

something or change something down here

before a major sporting event

they will often play the national anthem

now the national anthem has absolutely

nothing to do with what’s getting ready

to happen on the field

it doesn’t affect the football game it

doesn’t affect the baseball game it

doesn’t affect

points scored in the basketball game but

it is put there as a place of National


but totally unrelated to what you came

there for

you don’t go there for the national

anthem that’s an add-on

for many of us

prayer is light the national anthem

before a sporting event

it gets it started but has absolutely no


to what’s happening in our lives

we do it because it’s tradition

we’re supposed to

it’s paying homage

while being totally disconnected

from the field of play of Our Lives

and yet

it is one of the dominant themes of


and as you saw when I read each verse In

this passage

it is the dominant theme of James

in verses 13 through 18 you see the word

pray or prayer in every verse

so for James this is a big deal

I hope to explain to us today why

God has a conditional will

and an unconditional will

God’s will is what he determines to


but it can happen in one of two ways

it can happen unconditionally or


God’s unconditional will

is when he determines what will happen

irrespective of what anybody else does

that is it’s not conditioned on us or

anybody else because he’s going to

decide that it happens and he’s going to

cause it to happen without any human


that is his unconditional will it’s not

conditioned on our actions or

non-actions because he’s The Sovereign

he sovereignly decided to make it come

to pass all by himself that is his

unconditional will

but God’s conditional will is different

there are many things he’s decided to

not let happen until he gets cooperation

from Earth

there are many things that he’s decided

he will not bring from Heaven into

history unless there is human

cooperation with his desire and design

for example

the Bible says God desires all men to be


yet men only get saved when they believe

on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation

so he has a will but it’s tied to a


many things in your life in my life are

tied to God’s conditional will

so things happen or don’t happen based

not on God’s decision but on our

cooperation or lack thereof

one of the primary mechanisms

that God has established

to determine much of what he does on


and in your life and in my life is

conditioned by the absence or presence

of Prayer

James says in chapter 1 verses 1 Chapter

4 verses one to three you have not

because you ask not

or when you ask you ask with wrong


he says I wanted to give it to you but

you never came to me for it so you don’t

have it

it wasn’t because I didn’t want to give

it it was because you didn’t cooperate

with getting it

because it was part of my conditional


prayer is relational communication with


and the goal of Prayer

is to draw from heaven

into history the gold of prayer is to

get eternity to make a statement in time

it is to make heaven

visible on Earth it is to get God to

touch Humanity the gold of prayer is

that up there might do something fix

something or change something down here

when God makes a big deal about prayer

which he does throughout all of


we are asking God to release

his will

from Heaven to Earth

we’re giving him an okay because we’re


because it is part of his conditional


now the problem is you don’t always know

what’s conditional and what’s


some things are clear but other things

you’re not sure

that’s why Paul says in first

Thessalonians 5 17 you better pray

without a ceasing

you better bring it all to God so you’ll

miss nothing

because all the time it’s not clear

which way God is operating from

in the mind of the Bible prayer is a

lifestyle and not merely an event

if I were to say to you breathe without


you would understand what I meant

because if you cease breathing you’d


so if I said breathe without ceasing you

know that’s just got to be how you roll

that’s got to be how you roll so when

Paul says pray without ceasing he’s

talking about this is how you roll

this is how you wrote that it is a

lifestyle not merely an event

when you go into another country

they’re going to ask you to show a


the passport gives you permission

to go into this new realm this new

locality this new country it is


God has given every believer a toll-free

number you got an 800 number

it’s toll-free

and it is designed to give you


to leave Earth and into the sphere of

Heaven through the mechanism of Prayer

so prayer is not just saying some word

it’s changing locations

When you pray as we will describe in a

moment you leave the physical and you

have now entered the spiritual

without prayer you become limited to the


but the only reason you pray is to get

the spiritual God to enter into the

physical the passport to leave the

physical and into the spiritual

is in one word in Scripture

and that word is



let me explain

prayer does not get God to do something

he doesn’t want to do

because you can’t make God do something

but what prayer does

is access what he already wants to do

that he has conditioned on your

participation and mine

I love Isaiah 65 verse 24.

Isaiah 65 24 says before you call I have


oh did you follow that before you prayed

I have already answered the prayer

so you are not praying to get God to do

something but to pull down something

he’s already predetermined to do

because if he’s already done it before

you ask for it then why don’t I have it

because it has to be pulled down

pull from Heaven into history and that

is done

through prayer

this concept of Prayer

is Distributing

eternity in the time you remember when

the disciples were asked by Jesus how

are we going to feed five thousand men

not counting women and children 15 to 20

000 people and they said we don’t know

but they found a little boy with

two fish

five barley loaves of bread they brought

him to Jesus

because there’s a problem how we gonna

feed all these people

the Bible says Jesus looked up to heaven

and he prayed

and he invited God into the problem

when everybody opened up their eyes Moby

Dick is laying on the beach

or could a killer whale somehow there

was Supernatural Vision so that the

scripture says everybody ate till then

until they were full and there were 12

baskets filled

12 baskets filled with leftovers for


and the disciples distributed the food

to all that were gathered

Jesus Christ

Got Heaven to enter history

but he prayed for that to take place

which answered the problem

and all men did was distribute what the

supernatural had provided

so help me out

if Jesus had to pray

to get his Heavenly Father

to do something up there to change

something down here how much do you and

I need to pray to get God to do

something up there that we need him to

do down here