Tony Evans: Life is not easy. We all faces challenges. If you ever feel like giving up, today’s message is for you!. In this video, Dr. Tony Evans preaches on how we can have the strength to become an overcomer and what we can do when life gets hard!

and now father as we humbly come before

you through the word not only give us

ears to hear but wills to respond so

that this is not a wasted gathering

we’ve been in carriage we’ve been

inspired but we know what we really need

is to be transformed start with me but

encapsulate us all and we will give and

pay homage to the son in Jesus name we

pray amen when you audit a course in

college what you are saying is I want

the information without the

responsibility I want to learn whatever

the course is seeking to teach but don’t

give me homework and don’t give me exams

I don’t want the work of it I just want

the knowledge about it you may be able

to do that with college but you cannot

do that with the Christian life you

cannot audit it what many people do is

they come to church to hear the word to

be inspired by the word but who don’t

plan to do any of the work they don’t

want to incur any of the

responsibilities of it but they like the

learning about it well in college you

need to know that when you order the

course you don’t get credit for it

because you didn’t put in what the

course required and when you audit the

Christian life by coming to hear the

word to be inspired and encouraged by

the word but to not act on the word that

you’ve heard you may have more knowledge

and you may be more inspired but you

won’t be changed because the

transformation in the life through

word has to be activated by obedience

without that it becomes information with

no credits that is no transforming value

we’re now at the 6th church that the

Apostle John is written the church at

Philadelphia this is the first

Philadelphia the city of brotherly love

this Philadelphia in verse 7 of

Revelation 3 is located some 30 miles

southeast of Sardis a great commercial

city with a major trade route plagued

often with earthquakes that was the

nature of this city inside this city was

a small church a small gathering of

believers Philadelphia Bible fellowship

this small gathering of believers found

themselves in this pagan realm and Jesus

who is the spokesperson through the

Shepard of each one of these churches

speaks through this leader to the Saints

at Philadelphia Bible fellowship at the

church in Philadelphia and notice what

he says verse 7 he who is holy who is

true who has the key of David who opens

and no one will shut and who shuts and

no one opens says this so before we get

into all the idiosyncrasies of what he

has to say to this church he wants to

give another description of himself

which he has done in each of these

churches and he describes himself as he

who is holy and true holy means to be

set apart as unique special or

one-of-a-kind holy means you not be to

be put in a class with anything else I

describe holy often in using the

difference between dishes and the

dishes in the kitchen and dishes in the

dining room the dishes in the sink are

dirty they are dirty dishes that’s why

they’re in the sink the dishes in the

kitchen are common dishes you use that

for all of your meals but the dishes in

the den well they got their own room

they got their own glass case because

they are special they’re not integrated

with the common and they’re certainly

not integrated with the profane the

dirty no there and they that that’s

special they come out on special

occasions Jesus says don’t put me in a

room with anybody else don’t don’t make

me another one of the people you

recognize I’m not just a good person I’m

not just a great prophet I am holy

I am separate I’m one-of-a-kind I am

unique I’m in a class by myself in

Isaiah 40 verse 25 the Bible says God is

holy so when Jesus declares himself to

be holy he declares himself to be God so

we’re not just talking about another

name or one of the crowd he says I am

unique and therefore must be viewed and

treated uniquely I am not only holy I’m

also true truth has to do with ultimate

reality I’m the real deal anything that

contradicts me is false and is a lie and

cannot be trusted

so you are to measure everything by the

truth I am the way the truth and the

life so everything is to be measured by

its inconsistency and compatibility to

me and if it’s incompatible and

inconsistent with me is wrong no matter

who told it to you how long you believed

it and how well you know it I am

truth I am holy and true not only am I

unique and set apart not only am i

ultimate reality but now he gets to the

nitty-gritty he says I have the key of

David I have the key of David now to

appreciate what he’s talking about this

is drawn from Isaiah chapter 22 verses

15 to 25

in Isaiah chapter 22 verses 15 to 25 the

steward of the house of David the

kingdom house of David Davis was the

king of Israel it uses that to speak of

the kingdom the key belonged to this

steward but the steward did not do the

right job so he was fired and when he

was fired a new steward replaced him

this new steward was Alya Kim and Alya

Kim was given the key to the kingdom not

given a key he was given the key Jesus

says I possess the key of the king of

David of the kingdom of David that is I

have the kingdom key notice it’s a

single key because it’s a master key

anybody who possesses a master key can

get any in any door all the doors are

available to him because he has a master

key so when the Bible speaks of the key

it speaks of two things access and

authority so Jesus claims access to any

door and authority over every door let

me say that again Jesus the one with the

key the master key has access to every

door which is what a master key gives

you an authority over every door which

is why he says he can open the doors he

wants to open and lock the doors he

wants to stay locked because he is in

charge now if you and I don’t get that

we don’t think people are in charged

we’re gonna think power brokers are in

charge we gonna think folk with money

are in charge we’re going to think folk

with clothes are in charge they may have

our key but they don’t have the master

key they may have a key to our door they

don’t have a key to every door Jesus

says I control the kingdom because I

have control of the master key or as he

says in Matthew 28 verse 19 he says all


has been given to me not only in the

sweet by and by but in the nasty here

and now he says all authority is given

to me in heaven and on earth to put it

in everyday language I got the key so

I’m in charge I run the show now in

Matthew chapter 16 he says I’m going to

build my church and I will give my

church the keys to the kingdom

watch this now Jesus says I have the

master key that’s one key that can

unlock any door but I’m going to give to

my people the church I’m going to give

them the keys plural to the kingdom so

what he’s given us is multiple keys to

multiple doors while he possesses the

master key to every door so he has the

key we have the keys how does it work

when you use the right key he’ll back it


with the master key but when you use the

wrong key

the master key can’t back you up because

the master key can only be consistent

with the keys that he’s given us let me

put it another way if you skip God’s way

to get it done whatever it is you’re

trying to get done then don’t just call

on God to use his master key when you’ve

ignored the key he gave you he does not

want you to skip the responsibility he’s

giving you and simply call on him cuz he

got the master key he wants to know your

keys are consistent with his key I will

give you the keys to the kingdom well

what is that its authority I’m going to

share my authority with you when you are

consistent with me Authority Kingdom

means to rule so God wants to rule not

only in heaven but in history through

the person of Jesus Christ and he

possesses the key see the reason why we

are not seeing more of the master key is

because God is not seeing more of the

use of us using the right

see we go and use the world’s key to

unlock heaven those keys don’t fit in

that lock I share with you before how I

was in New York and I was at the

Marriott hotel and I checked out caught

a plane to Chicago got into the Hilton

Hotel went up 35 floors in the dead of

winter with my luggage freezing outside

I put my key in the lock click click red

light click click red light click click

red light so I’m a little ticked off now

because I didn’t go on up 35 floors cold

outside I catch the elevator down I go

to the registration desk I say excuse me

this key doesn’t work he said cuz that

key doesn’t go to this hotel I’ve

forgotten to throw away my Marriott key

and was using a Marriott key in a Hilton

lock and those kingdoms don’t fit those

those those kingdoms although those keys

don’t fit when you mix and kingdoms and

what Christians do is they mix kingdoms

and wonder why heaven’s door won’t open

cuz God won’t use the King key if you

won’t use Hill key your key must be

consistent with his master key and he

says when God moves when Jesus moves

specifically he opens and closes doors

and he says when he moves with his key

that is with His divine authority he

says when he does that nobody can shut

it ok this ought to do something to you

gets it right there right there right

there let me tell you what I’ll do what

you get it what this means is when

you’re using God’s Keys people do not

have the last say so

mmm see that see we get all shook up

about people oh he got the power to let

me in or to lock me out he got the power

to raise me or to put me down he’s got

the power she’s got the power to fire me

or hire me they got the power they got

all the power

jesus said but I got the master key and

when I opened the door I don’t care who

they are where they come from how much

they have what degrees they possess when

I have the key if I decide to open that

door nobody go shut the door I open and

if I decide to lock them up they not

gonna be able to get back in cuz I’m in

charge here I’ve got the key to the

kingdom see we fear the wrong folk we

fear folk cuz they got a name we fear

folk cuz they got some money we fear

folk because they got some power but you

are related to the one who’s got the key

of David ultimate authority final say-so

so ease you know you ever been into a

prison two for one reason or another

you know they got these pods now these

elevated pods whether the gods sit and

they got all these keys to let folk in

or to block folks out the world wants to

hold you hostage and Jesus says but I

got the key to every cell I got the key

to every door so it’s the one with the

key who determines it in it if you don’t

get that and if I don’t get that

we’ll run around like chickens with our

heads cut off trying to get folk to do

what folk may or may not be willing to

do when you suppose another one who’s

got the master key to any door that you

have to deal with yeah we got to

understand who we dealing with here he

says I possess the keys so what’s the

problem he says in verse eight I know

your deeds behold I have put before you

an open door which no one can shut

because you have little power and have

kept my word and have not denied my name

Oh watch it in order for his key to work

for you for me and for his church he

says you must have kept my word obeyed

me and not denied my name

so one of the reasons many believers are

not seeing God come through is because

they do not keep his word they click on

the church and hear it

but they do not keep his word and or

they deny his name they don’t want to be

publicly associated with him he says to

them you have little power that means

this is a small church that doesn’t have

big names doesn’t have notoriety people

doesn’t have highly educated folk

doesn’t have a bunch of rich rich Saints

sitting in the sanctuary he says you

have little power you not all added a

bag of chips people don’t know who you

are they don’t appreciate who you are

they don’t respect who you are you don’t

have what people view as substantive

significant and worth applauding

but he says I have set before you an

open door

even though folks say you are nothing

and a nobody I have set before you an

open door and when I open this bad boy

up for you the folk with the name with

the money with the power will not be

able to shut it but the way I will open

the door and the reason I will open the

door for you your life your world in

your ministry is because you have obeyed

my word and have not denied my name

see we got folk what in the God opened

doors when they while they disobey him

we got one guard to open doors

while they are ashamed to bear his name

notice you can’t deny his name you can

talk about God all you want you can talk

about God this and God that that’s not

his name his name is the Lord Jesus

Christ the second person of the Trinity

not this generic God no no yeah God is

there but God has bequeathed or

delegated everything to his son it is at

the name of Jesus every knee bow and

every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord

to the glory of the Father

so if folk don’t know your relationship

to Jesus you have denied his name even

though you may be talking about God

bless you all day long you ever did not

denied my name

Jesus says when you deny me on earth I

will deny you before my father who is in

heaven when you confess me on earth I

will confess you before my father who is

in heaven so if you are ashamed of Jesus

Christ and don’t want to be publicly

associated with him forget open doors

you can open your own door

and that’s why we get so messed up cuz

we round here trying to get folk to open

up the door create the opportunity make

their connection give us the money and

we do it all this to open up doors and

Jesus is sitting there with a master key

and and if you’ve never seen God give

you an open door to see you to miss

something if you’ve never seen God swing

something open it look like it was

closed and see if you’ve never seen him

come through when there was no way Jose

if you’ve never seen him intervene in

your circumstances then you have not

experienced the authority of Christ to

overrule particularly if you were of

little power now you didn’t have the

wherewithal you didn’t have the context

you didn’t have the money you didn’t

have the education you didn’t have the

notoriety but you had him sometimes

around the church people I don’t know

will be around and and maybe the

custodial staff is not around and they

need to get in to someplace legitimately

and they’re running to me I don’t I

don’t I don’t I don’t know their name

I’m not familiar with them for just

because of the number of people and

they’ll say well pastor can I get can I

get in this room to do something

legitimate whatever it is well I got a

master key I got a master key

and even though they’re unknown they

know me

so even though they unknown and it’s

legitimate and they know me because I

got a master key I can open up a door

when either folk on around I can open up

a good Jesus says folk may not know who

you are but you know him you confess him

you obey him he got a master key and

nothing will make the Lord more real to


then he when he opens things up you were

too powerless to open up on your own

because you had little power little

notoriety little name recognition season

that’s why the the greatest people in

our congregation are not necessarily the

people with masters and Doctorate

degrees not necessarily the folks with

Mercedes and Benzes and and Lincoln’s

and what-have-you they said no it’s not

necessarily the folk who who got the

six-figure plus incomes nothing wrong

with any of those things in and of

themselves but but you have to need to

know the most powerful people are people

of little power who know him and who

advertise his name because they have

access to a master key now the upscale

folk can do that too but he says you of

little power but you have access to me

that’s why I would suggest from me and

for us no matter what position you hold

money you have or influence you will

keep yourself small

folk maybe whispering in your Hill you

all that and a bag of chips don’t

believe it

you better keep yourself small in the

eyes of God pride coming before the fall

you better keep yourself small don’t

don’t think you all that cuz cuz pride

cometh before the fall and and you need

to understand that humility is a big

deal to God that you are you don’t view

yourself that way now other folk maybe

write you out but but but but how you

think about you you better keep yourself

small because Jesus says even though you

have little power I’m gonna open up a

door for you

because you have obeyed me and you have

not denied my name

if God has blessed you praise God if God

has given you a great job bless God if

God has given you a big house bless God

that God has given you a nice car plants

car God has given you a great clothes

bless God just so long as you know you

know better than the widow on fixed

income because God will open doors for

those with little power so it’s okay if

we’re blessed just don’t become elite

now become gonna become big-headed

think think you all that know uh on our

best day when we’ve been blessed the

best you are sinner saved by grace

that’s all your best day I’m a sinner

saved by grace

on my best day don’t you ever forget

that because if you never forget that

then you don’t look down on people who

don’t have your education your money

your job your career your house you

don’t look down on anybody

cuz you may be looking down on somebody

who has access to a master key so you

have little power but I have opened up a

door and I’ve opened up a door for two

reasons you obey me and you don’t deny

me see cuz cuz when you when you get a

lot of power then you get

self-sufficient you know we have this

tendency we all do to get

self-sufficient I can make it on my own

I got V then MasterCard American Express

I can I can make it on my own

I know people okay if you know Jesus

Christ you know somebody you know people

and he says and I open the door and

nobody will shut the door I open I don’t

care what the name is and how much power

they wheel and how much money they have

he says in verse nine behold I you have

kept the word of my perseverance and I

will also keep you from the hour of

testing the hour that is about to come

upon the whole world he told him verse

nine behold I’ve caused those in the

sanction synagogue of Satan who say

there are Jews and are not but lie I

will make them come and bow down at your

feet and make them know that I have

loved you whoa he said all those false

folk out there synagogue of Satan they

go to church synagogue but they love the

devil because just don’t discuss you in

church synagogue doesn’t mean you love

the Lord

there is a synagogue of satan all right

so so the religious talk doesn’t mean a

thing he says but i’ma let them know

that I have loved you even though you

got a little power imma let them know

you got more power than you look like

you have maybe you remember the story

about a big dog and little puppy German

Shepherd in a poodle German Shepherd of

the poodle was standing at a door

standing at the door and big dog the

Shepherd looked at the pewter poodle and

say you you little puppy you can’t you

can’t do much look how small you are

look how short you are you know you got

that little little little little girl

Bob I’m big dog big dog say look at this

door I wonder how long it would take you

to get open this door cuz I could open

this door I can open this door quickly

because I’m big and I can reach the knob

you can’t even reach the knob

in fact let’s have a contest let’s see

who can open the door the quickest

little puppy said okay you go first big

dog big dog you go first German Shepherd

jumped up on the door got his mouth

around the novel and put his foot his

put his mouth all around the knob and

started twisting at the knob and after

about two and a half minutes of working

the knob he got the door open then he

pulled his shutting he said beat that a

little puppy cuz big dog then shown you

you can’t even reach the knob yo turn

little puppy came up to the door gave a

small box

scratch the door the man on the inside

came and opened

cuz see when you know who’s on the

inside you ain’t got to go through all

that screw around so don’t don’t let it

bother you if you’re a little puppy cuz

if you know the law he’s got the key and

he can open up what the big dogs can’t

help you with say you got you got the

synagogue of Satan and they messing with

you they calling you holier than thou

they think they think they they they say

oh you wanted him Bible people and you

you you got you bring up Jesus all the

time and you got you wanted in the end

they can make you feel bad he says in

the synagogue of Satan it’s making it

tough for you but I can keep watches I

can keep you from the hour of testing

he calls it you and a test watch this so

if you in a situation and the door has

not yet opened he says consider it a

test and he says and I’m gonna walk you

through the test until I reverse it he

says I’m gonna make your enemies your

footstool who nothing makes God real

than when he reverses the irreversible

nothing makes God more real than when he

flips something and look unflappable

nothing made God so powerful to you when

there was no way out you were trapped

the devil was looked like he was running

the whole show and then he reverses it

but you may say but but I don’t see him

doing anything oh yeah well look at the

next verse he says you going through

this test and I’m gonna keep you through

this hour but I am coming quickly oh

fast what you have so that nun no one

will take your crown oh I love this word

I am coming quickly

that means suddenly that means


that means out of nowhere see when God

is silent that doesn’t mean he’s still

I know you don’t see him doing anything

I know it looks like you just waiting

for nothing but God likes to come in


he likes to break in when you didn’t

expect it when you didn’t think there

was any way that this thing could ever

get better that this trial could ever

end he loves to do something suddenly

and the reason why you like to do things

quickly or suddenly and so that when it

happens there is no debate on who caused

it to take place cuz it it came out of

nowhere quickly you wonder where did

that come from and it becomes

inextricably clear that this was heaven

invading history because God wants to

join a favorite R&B group so that when

you have seen him come through suddenly

you can start singing that song didn’t

blow your mind this time didn’t I

he wants to blow your mind and so boom

he comes through suddenly he says and I

will come quickly so don’t worry about

it if you don’t have all the degrees and

if you don’t have all the money you

don’t have all the prestige and you have

all the power and people don’t applaud

you when you walk into the room don’t

worry about it

just obey Him don’t deny his name and

then wait for the Lord I say wait upon

the Lord because he comes suddenly and

once you have this perspective you’re

free because you know them people don’t

have the last say they have a say they

don’t have the say they look like they

run in the show until God swoops in on

them and changes them or changes their

mind or changes you or changes the

circumstances it’s like it’s like that

time the folks we were getting our

church the folks told us we couldn’t

meet in the school anymore

we didn’t have a place to go they were

going to vote whether they want to let

us stay or to put us out God calls there

to be an accident on the freeway so the

people who are going to vote against

those who arrive in the same car

couldn’t get off the off-ramp and when

the council couldn’t wait for them any


they voted without them we won five to

four soon as the vote was over they came

rushing in it was too late

because god over over over turn that

thing and if you if you’ve never seen

God do that if you don’t know what God

can do then you then you just live in

the you’re just living with base on what

man can do and then you not have the

final say-so that’s why that’s why you

free you free your free people don’t get

the final word cuz they don’t have a

master key to your life to your world to

your family they don’t they don’t

control it he says I have the master key

that must be your perspective

perspective is everything it’s like the

Tanna Montana put out a thing for

catching wolves and they were they were

gonna pay $5,000 for any trapper who

caught it with $5,000 per wolf

Sam and Jed decided to go wolf hunting

in because that’s five thousand dollars

of work so they went wolf hunting in

Montana they put up their tent they got

in their tent because the next day they

were going home for some wolves to get

five thousand dollars a wolf

they go to sleep Jed wakes up first in

the morning when Jed wakes up there are

50 wolves hungry wolves

surrounding their tent with blood-red

eyes with with saliva dripping down the

side of their mouth with them growling

and no sharp key 50/50 wolves right

there at their tent hungry wolves

Jeb woke up Sam said Sam Sam get up Sam

say what Jeb said we’re rich see it all

depends on your perspective it it all

depends on how you see things

I know the devil may be nipping at you

the synagogue of Satan may be nipping at

you but when you’ve got God’s

perspective it changes what you’re

looking at so I’m coming quickly i’ma

come suddenly so what did he tell you to

do in verse 11 hold fast

hold fast don’t I know you want to give

up I know you want to quit I know you’re

tired he says how fast make sure you’re

obeying and not denying you do you hold

fast to your obedience and non denial

and at his time suddenly don’t let him

take your crown that’s the right to rule

even small folk had been called a rule

and now he gives us his final statement

he who overcomes overcomes what the

tendency to give up he who overcomes

the tendencies to stop obeying and to

stop denying he who overcomes that and

says God as the old folks say I’m a hold

on to my change come you know as ruff is

tough but I believe you and not my

circumstances as the final arbiter of my


he says you hold on he who overcomes

look at this I will make him a pillar in

the temple of my god he will not go out

from it any more I will write on him the

name of my god and the name of the city

of my god the New Jerusalem which comes

down out of heaven from my god and my

new name you see the word dead with name

name name name name first of all he says

I’m gonna make you a pillow a pillow it

holds a building up I’ll make you a

pillar in my temple a temple is God’s

house the pillars are located in God’s

house Galatians 2:9 says that Peter

James John with a pillar of the church

they were they were holding up the

church in other words he speaks of these

people who overcome that the propensity

to give up as being in closest proximity

to God and he says for these folk who

are overcomers and who are in close

proximity to God they will have a name

and it keeps in neatly name name name

name name name in that in verse in verse

12 over and over again it keeps on a

name of this and name of that name it is

a name of that he says you will have a

name in the New Jerusalem let’s get

something straight everybody is not

equal in heaven okay let’s get this

straight okay you can have a 40-watt

bulb a 60 watt bulb or a 75 watt bulb in

your house 100 watt bulb in your house

150 watt bulb in your house now all of

them are bulbs and all of them will

light to their capacity but everybody’s

capacity isn’t the same a 40 watt can’t

give you 100 watts because it’s not

established to be able to produce like

that well all Christians are Christians

but they don’t have the same watts and

so they don’t exude the same

experience because they don’t have the

same relationship jesus said in Saint

John chapter 2 verses 23 to 25 it says

many believed on him many believed on

him but he would not commit himself to

them because he knew what was in them

they got saved but they had not yet got

committed they were on their way to

heaven but he couldn’t use him on earth

they were forgiven for their sins

but they didn’t want folk to know that

they were Christians they went to church

but they wouldn’t obey the word so they

believed in him but he would make no

commitment to them there are a lot of

Christians who Jesus is just not deeply

committed to in a practical way because

they want to be 40 white Christians

expecting a hundred white blessing and

it doesn’t work that way he wants to

know that you’re all in that you’re a

full-time Christian not a part-time

Saint he wants to know that you do will

not deny him and that you will obey what

he has commanded and he says to that one

I will give him a name you know when you

when people go to the cowboy game and

they go to the cowboy game that folks

who are sitting in the stands we don’t

know their name now they’re in the

location but we don’t know their name in

fact that’s the majority of the folk who

are in the building the majority of the

folk in the building are in the stands

and they’re just part of the crowd and

we don’t know their names now when it

comes to the players we know their names

kind of sorta because if I were to ask

you to name the name of the right god

many of you couldn’t do that if I asked

you to name the name of the punter many

of you couldn’t do that because even

though they have a name cuz they’re on

the team you may not know the name

because of the position that they play

but now when we upgrade and start

talking about wide receivers and

quarterbacks and running backs well you

know those names because those names

have achieved a greater name implicitly

because of the role they play on the

team but then now

only do you have the folk in the crowd

and the folks on the team some more

nameless than others some with a higher

name you got the Ring of Honor in the

ring honor those are folk who made a

name you see the players come and go but

the folks in the Ring of Honor stay


cuz overtime they held fast overtime

they played the game overtime they

didn’t quit when they were injured

overtime they stay committed to the task

in fact that name is not only in the

ring honor that name is in Canton Ohio

in a bust in the Canton Hall of Fame so

they generation after generation will

know who that name was God has a lot of

Christians in fact Oh cliff has a lot of

Christians that are in the stands they

just show up to watch the game all they

want to see is what the choir is singing

and what the preacher is preaching and

they just come for the show now folk in

the crowd don’t get dirty don’t incur

responsibility don’t get knocked down

don’t get blocked don’t get tackled cuz

they’re not there to participate they’re

just there to watch the show but then

there are some folk in the kingdom of

God and it Oh cliff who don’t want to

just stay in the stands they want to get

on the field they serve in ministry they

help other people they give to the

Advancement of the cause of the Lord and

then you got some superstars those are

the Ring of Honor’s oh it’s not just the

focus people who you know their name its

folk who are the unknown folk but you

can count on them you can depend on them

because they are forever

holding their role loving the Lord

serving the saints giving to the Lord

and giving glory in their witness for

the Lord so I want to challenge you

today if you want God to put you in the

Ring of Honor if you want when he hears

you and sees you to say well done my

good and faithful servant if you want

him to call you out of the crowd

and that all of heaven know you’re one

of his choices servants I challenge you

to leave the stands to come on the field

now I want to tell you the truth you’re

gonna get blocked a little bit on the

field you will get tackled a little bit

on the field but when they start handing

out Super Bowl rings you’re gonna get a

Super Bowl ring cuz you were a Super

Bowl safe so let’s get busy glorifying

the Lord obeying the Lord not denying

the Lord because if you are an obedient

safe who does not deny him you are and

over come on let’s stand to our feet