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Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually.

one way God gives you new Strength is by

swooping into your situation grabbing

you and lifting you out of it it’s when

God supernaturally intervenes and blows

your mind by turning something around

and that’s when you get your praise on

cuz he came out of nowhere and with

eagles wings lifted you out of

it is anybody here right now where life

has caved in on you

recently lot of you what do you do how

do you how do you

move in this

scenario he tells you he helps you

out he says at the beginning of verse

31 yet those who wait for the Lord will

gain new

stength he

says when life caves in my way is hidden

from the

Lord the Justice the

fairness do me this is not

fair what happened it’s not fair this

happened now it’s not fair I’m going

through this it’s not

fair he says what I want you to

do is wait on the Lord

now the question is what does that

mean the Hebrew word for weight is


picturesque all of you ladies know it

because the word weight means to Plat


hair did it it was to Plat the

hair when women or men plat the

hair they

intertwine sections of hair so that they

are tied together in a tight way when

you straighten your

hair it’s loose and hanging down when

you plat your

hair it has been inter coagulated and

tightly tied together so that it is no

longer subject to the blowing

wind because it has been tightened

together by plat it was used of a rope

where the strands were intertwined to

make a stronger

rope so when he says wait on the

Lord he’s not talking about passively

sitting down doing nothing he’s talking

about platting your

life intertwining all of your life so

that everything is wrapped and

intertwined with

him so that there isn’t church and the

rest of my

week it’s God I got started on Sunday

morning but my stuff is so messed up my

situation is so deep I’m going to Plat


circumstances plat my decisions plot my

goals and intertwine them with you

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Saturday and back again on Sunday I’m

not going to just straighten my hair on

Sunday and let stuff blow it all week

long I’m going to plant this thing so

that it is no longer subject to the

circumstances I am going to wrap up tie

up and Tangle up my life because when

things get get bad enough the problem

won’t leave you alone so I don’t need

what happened on Sunday I need to be

tied up with the god I met on Sunday all

week long to wait on the

Lord is a hookup that you don’t

want to be disconnected

from in addition it means to not go

outside of God to fix

it because the

Temptation when you’re in a

crisis that is knocking you down is to

look for other options when you don’t

think God is doing

anything they said my way is hidden from


Lord maybe we don’t see God doing

anything because we haven’t platted our

lives around him we

just we just paid him a visit on Sunday

and therefore the

waiting is waiting without his presence

being experienced in our pain and I know

we don’t like the weight the red

lights we don’t want to wait at the


office but when you look at

scripture Sarah had to wait for a

baby Noah had the way for a

flood Joseph had the wait longer in

prison Martha and Mary had to wait for

Resurrection the disciples had to wait

for the Holy Spirit we’re waiting for

the return of Christ Hannah had to wait

for a Baby Ruth had to wait for her

husband you find people but when the

thing happened that God wanted to

happened those people were

connected only when that connection was

there when they had planted

themselves did they experience whatever

God was was going to do in their

situation how do you know that you’re

waiting on God this

way because the majority of your time

you spend in worshiping not


complaining you spend your time

worshiping and not complaining why

because God inhabits the worship and

praise and Adoration of his

people Psalm 130: 5 and 6

says you wait on the Lord with his

word if you’re hurting today and life

has collapsed you read Isaiah 40 you

read Psalm 42 you read the Psalms are

great thing because it has so many

different scenarios but you you you go

over God remind me of who you are I need

your character I need your presence I’m

looking to you I’m wrapped up in you

because my circumstances have wrapped me

up Lamentations chapter 3 verse 25 and

26 talks about how good it

is to wait on

God for his divine

intervention however he chooses to do do

that and if you wait this way you’re not

passively sitting down doing nothing

you’re just not going outside of God to

fix it and you’re entangling yourself

you’re platting

yourself with him you’re not

straightening your hair so that the

circumstances blow it you are platting

it so that it is

tight because that’s how desperate You

Are by the way

it’s sometimes

difficult to decide to go to God when

you’re in

it you need to have the practice of

platting before you get in it so that

when you’re in it you’re ready for it

see some folk want to get close to God

cuz they’re in a crisis the idea is to

get to close to God before you hit the

crisis so you’re already prepared for

the crisis when it

hit what will God

do in your questions not questioning but

questions when you don’t cross that line

he says those who wait for the

Lord will gain new

Strength new strength that means

strength you don’t currently


because as you know when you’re in a

crisis strength drains from

you crises send us to

bed make us not want to get

up wakes you up in the middle of the

night it sucks your energy when it’s a

deep one or a series of one that won’t

leave you alone it just like an illness

it just drains you but he says if you

wait on

me I will give you new

Strength we all have charges for our

phone that’s cuz they lose

strength they run

down the power

leaves so what we do is we got to take

it and put it on the charger to get new

strength as the phone sucks in the

electrical power it becomes new

again the phone works but it can’t work

without the

power but because of Life all day it


power but when you let it wait on the

charger it got to wait it’s got to it’s

got to sit there and wait when you let

it hang out hooked up with the power it

gets new


strength and when God gives new

Strength you’ll see it in one of three

ways he tells you in verse

31 they will Mount up with

wings like eagles yeah the first way

that God gives new Strength is his

divine intervention

when an eagle kicks out an eaglet the

first time a baby eagle it’s trying to

learn to

fly usually the first time it can’t fly

because it hasn’t doesn’t know yet how

to fly so it’s just flailing trying to

make it yeah anybody flailing trying to


it but what the eagle will do when it

sees the eaglet falling and it’s not

going to make it the eagle swoops down

opens its wings and catches the eaglet

on the wing and lifts it back up to the

nest one way God gives you new Strength

is by swooping into your situation

grabbing you and lifting you out of it

it’s when God supernaturally intervenes

and blows your mind by turning something

around by switching something by

reversing something and that’s when you

get your praise on that’s when you say

isn’t God good all the time all the time

God is good cuz he came out of nowhere

and with Eagle’s Wings lifted you out of

it that’s one way that God gives new

Strength there’s a second way God gives

new strength they will

run and not get tired

God gives new Strength

when he doesn’t swoop down and take you

out of it he lets you run through it he

says you going to

run you’re going to run but I will give

you a second win so you can keep

going I’m going to let you run I’m not

going to swoop down and make it

disappear but I’m going to let you run

run through it all of you who get on a

treadmill knows what it is to

run and you know what it is and one of

the ways you can run longer when you’re

on a treadmill than you would normally

run is if you’re watching

TV I always turn on the news when I’m on

the treadmill why because by focusing on

the news I can go longer with the

breathing if I’m just there and I don’t

have another Focus I’m thinking about

running and so when I get tired of

running I give up but with the news on

with the focus on it allows me to run

longer than I would normally run and I

get a second when he says if you focus

on me even though you’re running I will

give you a second wind so you can go

further with this situation further with

this pain further with this problem than

you thought you could go cuz I’mma give

you a second

win then there’s a third way he gives

you new Strength it

says and they will

walk and not become

weary the first way is he swoops down

and just takes you out of

it the second way he doesn’t swoop down

he lets you go through the process of

running but he gives you the ability to

keep going that’s right that’s right the

Third third

way you can no longer

run he says they are walking they’re

walking on the Third Way yeah when

you’re on the

treadmill and you’re

running and you finish

running they’ll tell you don’t jump

off they’ll say you have to

walk you have to walk in order for

things to settle

down you have to

walk for the benefit of the heart

slowing down because if you just jump

off with the heart beating you haven’t

giving it a chance to make the

adjustment on the

pace you see

sometimes life gets so hard you can’t

run and you’ve been left to

walk the first way is God’s divine

intervention the second way is God’s

enablement to keep

going but the third way when you can’t

run anymore because you are now too

tired you’re left to

walk that’s Divine

encouragement that’s when God doesn’t

change the situation he changes you in


problem you doesn’t he doesn’t fix it he

doesn’t turn it around like you

prayed but he does something in you that

that no longer

matters that that no longer is the

situation he’ll bring a person in your

life to give you an encouraging

word he’ll bring a song song on the

radio to inspire you there’ll be a

sermon that you thought was prepared

with only you in mind that’s when all

he’s doing is just encouraging you

nothing has

Chang except

you because sometimes God puts us in a

position to accept something he doesn’t

intend to

change and so all you can do is walk

because your running ability is over but

in all three ways he’s given new

strength strength you don’t I would love

to say he only does the eagle thing but

that’s not

true that plenty of times he doesn’t

swoop down and just switch it overnight

I would love to say that boy he’s going

to give you something to focus on so he

going to get you through and you going

to have the wind to run but sometimes

life just gets

tired and you your you get up and go

it’s gotten up and gone but what he

wants to do is let you know I am there

with you and what you’re going

through they that wait upon the Lord

will get new