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hey family i’m pastor torre

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for the lord i believe it’s going to

bless you

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hallelujah family is such a pleasure to

be with you today

you see for the past two sundays our

pastors started a series on

bridges and breakthrough and today i’m

going to be speaking to you about

being the bridge be the bridge be the

bridge be the bridge just put that in

the comments be

the bridge you see i believe that the

word that god has

for you today is so unique and is

certainly just for

you watching on the other side of this

you know to even come to this moment to

be able to share the word there were so

many things that had to take place in

very extreme measures

but before we get started let’s just say

a word of prayer together

heavenly father we thank you we thank

you lord god for your word we thank you

for who you

are we thank you lord god that you have

you are meeting us right here in this


the lord everyone that is watching on

the other side of this the lord you are

in their home with them

we thank you for your presence o god it

is your presence that guarantees

that we would be everything that you

have called us to be

and to holy spirit have your way in

jesus mighty name amen

amen you know family something very

unique happened while i was preparing

for this word and i’m going to share

with you

so i started studying you know and i’m

like god what is it that you have to say

to your people

because one thing if you have been

connected to this house for

any amount of time you would know that

we don’t just like

pick any just do like a you know any

money more with the bible and say

boom i’m going to talk about that we

really it’s it’s very

it’s a very serious thing to us about no

what is god saying

for right now what what is the word that

he wants you to listen to

because i recognize that you can be

distracted by so many things in this


so any moment that you would want to

tune into

a sermon or a message that it would be a

word that god has for you right where

you are

and right now and so i was just before

the lord and i’m asking them like god

was it what is it that you want to say

to your people and

it was just all this like you know

puzzle pieces like maybe 10

of the puzzle and so i’m like you know

what let me just step back let me step

away let me take a break

you know so i step away and i’m like

okay let me just chill out

and then right when i make a decision

i’m like okay lord i’m coming back in

what are you saying the whole power goes

out in my in my

in my apartment so i called a friend of

mine who lives in the same building and

i’m just trying to make sure it’s not my


because it’s supposed to not be my bill

so i’m like yo is the power out and so

she’s like no the whole the

the whole building the power is out and

some of the buildings next to us

and so at first i just felt like oh now

look at the devil

right now the power is out i was about

to go study now i can’t

so at first i’m just like waiting i’m

like okay lord when the power comes back

i’m gonna

get right back to it but there was a

moment something hit me and i’m like

wait i don’t

first of all i’m from nigeria you know

we didn’t always have constant power

but something hit me and i kept feeling

like god there is something that you’re

trying to communicate to me with this

power outage

i’m not sure what it is but the power

outage doesn’t stop me from

studying it doesn’t stop me from asking

you questions it was like for a moment

in time

i thought that the darkness that i’m

experiencing in the home

that it meant that everything had to be

stopped that there was no room for

progress in that moment but i’m like no


i mean we can still talk about the

message we need to talk about sunday

what are you talking about for the


and then all of a sudden he brings this

scripture to mind and it’s a

it’s something that david shared it’s in

psalms 139 verse 12 and it’s a

i’m gonna read it with you right now it

says but even darkness

is not dark for you and the night is as

bright as the day

darkness and light are the same to you

and the lord tells me write this down

and he said as you write it down the

power would come back

and so i write it down on a piece of

paper i’m like okay i was like the dark

is not dark to you

and i’m like okay this is what god wants

you know this is connected to sunday

before i could even write sunday the

power comes back on

so i called my friend again i said oh my

gosh look at what the lord is doing here

and i had to take a moment i said god

there’s something about this scripture

that is so critical to your people that

you will cause a whole power outage

just for me to understand the weight of

what you want to say

and so i began to seek the lord lord

what is it about what is it about the

the the even the dark is not dark to you

and so slowly but surely the lord began

to show me

you see darkness sometimes we find

ourselves feeling like we’re in a dark


or we feel like you know what based on

the circumstances of life i just feel

like this is just you know this is

this is not good for me but darkness in


you know you may have heard about this

that darkness is not really a thing

right that darkness is the absence of


so darkness is about something being


so for example we all know that 2020 has

been quite the year

and there are many people that have felt

this weight of either hopelessness

anxiety depression because they felt as


2020 brought them into this dark space

we find ourselves we know when you

experience something like loss you feel

like you’re in this

dark space because there is an absence

of something

when you experience the death of a loved

one you feel like it puts you in a dark

space because there is the absence of

that person

anytime we we find ourselves feeling

anything close to darkness there is an

absence of something but the truth is

that when you

look at it from the perspective of god

for example the death of a loved one

we know that even though they are not

absent in the body they are present with

the lord

and if i am with the lord if i am always

in the presence of god then i am close

to my loved ones

when we think about the loss of maybe

your job many have experienced that in

this season that we’re in right now

many will find themselves in this dark

place because they’re like man i just

lost this job but it’s the absence of

the knowledge of what god has for you

the absence of his promises concerning

your life

so you may feel like this placed me in a

dark place but god is like no no no

no you see darkness is not dark to the

lord because he is light

and whenever light shows up darkness is


so he doesn’t see things the way that we

may see things sometimes because he’s

like no i understand how all of this

serves you

and so as i began to look into this i

said god but what is this connected to

what exactly do you want me to

communicate to your people

you see like i said we’ve been talking

about being a bridge builder

and one of the things that our pastor

talked about about what it means to be a

bridge is that bridges are created to


problems and as we’re looking into a new


2021 the truth is i can’t really tell

you that 2021 is going to be

a year that makes you think that 2020

was just an accident it was a mistake a


something has started something has


and the circumstances of life i don’t i

can’t tell you that it may

it may get better the way that you the

idea that you have of better

i’m not going to be here and tell you

that you know what wow

everything is just going to stop or

whatever i’m not here to tell you that i

don’t have the authority to say that

but the one thing that the lord began to

show me was connected to your calling

you see that in order to be the bridge

in order to be the bridge that he has

called you to be

that there are things in your life there

are certain obstacles there are certain

circumstances that you may feel like

this cannot allow me to go forward there

are certainly things that may look like

darkness but the ultimate light

is to know that the presence of god is

with you

you see when the lord was speaking to me

in my home because funny enough i had

put the candles on

and he told me to blow it out and i’m

like okay lord this actually just


a darker space in my home he began to

talk to me about his presence he said

stephanie i am right here with you

i am with you i was with you when the

lights were on

and i am with you when the lights are

out you don’t need the lights to study

you don’t need the lights to call upon

me there was something about that that

he was not trying to communicate to me

and understanding

not just about the natural darkness

but when sometimes in life you feel like

there’s an opposition against you

to recognize that because the presence

of god is with you

that you have nothing to fear and in a

very unique way he started

talking to me about certain people in

the bible

you see when we think of someone like

elijah we would be reminded about how


jesus would talk about the spirit of


because there are anointings behind


so it’s not about the person but it’s

about the anointing that they carry to

fulfill the very purpose of god on the


and the lord showed me there were eight

key people that i want to talk to you

about from the bible

because this eight people actually would

represent a lot of you if not all of you

some of you may identify yourself with

one of them or maybe two of them

and i’m going to talk to you about the

very things that could be an obstacle in

your in

there were obstacles in their lives but

in recognizing that the presence of god

is with you

you would know that i can overcome this


there is a demand that god has placed

upon your life for the earth

in 2021 he’s asking he’s saying hey hey

what i invested in you it needs to come


what i invested in you it’s time for it

to come out

and i’m going to take you on a journey

here and i’m going to start with a man

that is not

unfamiliar to many a man named jeremiah

you see jeremiah was a man who he was

young when he was called by god

but jeremiah actually represents change


you see when the lord encountered

jeremiah jeremiah’s like no lord i am i

am young i’m not the one i

i don’t even know how to talk but let me

read something about their

their interaction here in jeremiah

chapter one from verse four to ten

it says then the word of the lord came

to me saying

before i formed you i knew you

and before you were born i sanctified


i ordained you a prophet to the nations

then said i ah lord god behold i cannot


for i am only by the youth but the lord

said to me do not say i am a youth for

you shall go to whom i send you

and whatever i command you you shall

speak do not be afraid of their faces

for i am with you to deliver you says

the lord

then the lord put forth his hand and

touched my mouth and the lord said to me

behold i have put my words in your mouth


i have this day set you over the nations

and over the kingdoms

to root out and to pull down to destroy

and to throw down to build and to plant

when the lord showed me about jeremiah

he began talking to me about this notion

of change

agents you see what the enemy wants you

to believe is that because you are young

and young doesn’t have to it’s not just

about age it also has to do with


that sometimes there are places that the

lord will send you to their fields their

industries that the lord will call you


and you have no experience in those


but yet god has called you to that place

so when he when when he talks about only

your youth it’s not just about the age

there’s some of you that you feel

you will connect with the story of

jeremiah and you could be in your 50s

because it also speaks to experience but

the lord showed me this notion of change

agents you see when god is calling you

to be a changed agent he doesn’t need

you to be experienced in the old

he doesn’t need you to be experiencing

the very thing that he’s calling to be


but what the enemy does is to give you

this idea that who do you think you are

to just come into this industry with big

ideas and big goals and big visions

where did you come from

do you even know our lingo do you know

the language of this industry do you

know the language of this people

who do you think you are and god says

that is the advantage

because i don’t need you to know their


i’m calling you to change it so jeremiah

is thinking that hey i am only but a kid

i have no experience in this place

and god says that is the advantage

because many

many of the people that have had an


of what they thought was my word that

maybe they started holding it

that i would tell them to do certain

things and they will start questioning


maybe they had they had things that was

based on the generational way of doing


you see right now we’re in a pandemic

right and one of the hardest things

to pivot even as a the not our church

but the big church

is this idea from going into from you

know gathering

as as a family to going online

there was so much debate about it no

this is the devil the devil is trying to

shut down the church

but you know the people that we’re not

debating the people that don’t even have

an experience of what we’re talking


they said don’t know we’re we’re ready

let’s go online this is going to be

graceless i’m on fire for

god the people that were debating about


and it’s not to say that there is that

the lord is not in the gathering that’s

not what i’m talking about

but i’m saying that one of the biggest

obstacles to growth

is what you knew before one of the

biggest obstacles to growth is on


when we have an experience of certain

things all of a sudden that becomes the

obstacle for what god is saying is next

because we’re like god no it can’t be

this is what we’ve always known this is

what we’ve always done

it is the reason why even the israelites

when moses

went came to set them free it wasn’t the

very same people that moses set free

that got into the promised land

it was a new generation that was born in

the wilderness

because the people that moses set free

they had the experience of bondage

they didn’t know what it meant to just

to go and be warriors they were in

bondage for over like for about 400

years that is what they’ve known

but the next generation the generation

that joshua led

they didn’t know that they only knew it

based on stories

they didn’t have the experience of that

so a man named joshua would have the


to command the son to stand still for

the war to continue

because this he he wasn’t he wasn’t


by the experience of bondage

the point of this is that when god is

calling you

into a new space a new field the

jeremiah’s the change

agents do not take on the narrative of

the enemy

that says who do you think you are

you you don’t know this space and you

have to look you have to look in the

mirror and say

exactly i am god’s advantage

in this very field he needs me here

because of this very thing that you

think is actually working against you

you see my brother for example when my

mother was pregnant with my brother my

older brother

first of all he didn’t want to come out


my mother

mentioned how she she carried him for 11

months i mean that is you know it’s

pretty long

i don’t know how possible that is but my

mother got to a point right

where she was exhausted she said this

child needs to come out right now about

today so she goes to the she calls her


you know she said if anyone can bring

out this baby

it’s going to be the lord she calls her

pastor she says hey

this child needs to come out of me she

goes to her pastor

the pastor anoints her belly and starts

praying for her

and when when he was praying for her he

said something to my mother funny enough

he she

actually gave birth that day but she

said something to my mother and you’re

like that this child you’re karen this

was my brother right

you’re like he is going to be a minister

of the lord

and he’s going to have a sister and

they’re going to do ministry together

she gives birth to him after him you

know my mother gets pregnant and here i


but my brother is not in ministry not


but my brother is not also someone who

is really concerned about the church and

anything he’s just like hey you know

what me and jesus were cool like you


but because he doesn’t have any like he

has never cared about church culture

none of that i grew up i encountered god

early so i was always excited to just

go to church and understand what’s going

on but when i would have conversations

with him because when i talk to him i’m

like you know i’ll call him apostle even

though he can’t stand it

but we would talk about god and we will

talk about jesus and we’ll talk about

church and all kinds of things

there is a perspective that he has that

i am so inspired by

we would have conversations and his

insight would actually give me a

perspective that i’m like wow this is


but it’s a perspective that comes from

the advantage of fresh

eyes he doesn’t have the experience of

okay what is church culture what is this

what is that he doesn’t have any of that

so he has a way of seeing things that

the lord says okay there is something

unique i can do with you

that you don’t even understand yet we

were talking one time and he was like

you know what if

he started telling me about what would

happen if he ever opens a church but

he’s like but that’s not me now i’m not

really a church guy i said that’s

that’s exactly is the point if god calls

you to do that

and you feel like you know what this is

not my thing it is because you have the

advantage of fresh

eyes are you a jeremiah listening to


are you called as a change agent i want

you to understand that

your inexperience is not your darkness

it is actually your light

god is with you in that thing and he

looks at you

as his advantage the second person that

the lord

um just had me look at was

elijah you see elijah

points to the reformers and the


elijah was a man i want you to read this

story if you’re if you feel connected to


in first kings 18 and 19 read both


elijah was a man that killed the

prophets of baal

now his story i find very fascinating

because when elijah when it when it came

down to like you know shutting the

you know elijah prayed the bible tells

us about how he prayed and there was no


and when he was trying to show the

people that you know the lord is

god and all that stuff how god sent fire

from heaven

so there are all these things that god

does but when it came down to

executing the prophets god could have

literally just sent fire

from heaven to kill the prophets of

bowel but elijah himself took on that


took on that that calling to kill the

prophets of bow now the prophets of bow

they represent spiritual injustice

and spiritual injustice any type of

injustice always starts in the spirit


so when we’re talking about spiritual

injustice it’s not just spiritual but

it’s natural

because the prophets of baal these were

the people that were leading israel


they were leading them to do things that

were against the call of god on their

lives and even against their own selves

because baal was that was a god that was

worship it’s a it’s a false god but it’s

a principality at the same time

so elijah the anointing on elijah’s life

is to bring an

end to injustice whether natural or

spiritual you may feel this call of god

in your life to be an

activist to be a reformer

and sometimes you may feel this

opposition you see the

the interesting thing about elijah’s

story there’s a woman named jezebel

elijah does all this stuff right when

you read the when you read

these two chapters and probably just

read first kings they will bless your


elijah does all this stuff jezebel hears

about it and jezebel is like you know

she’s the person in charge behind the

scenes jezebel hears about this

and jezebel threatens elijah’s life

and she’s telling him you know what if i

don’t kill you by this time tomorrow

she even puts a time to it all of a

sudden the threat on elijah

causes him to run away you see being an

activist is not an easy thing there is

always the threat that your life might

be at danger

because there are things that god has

put in your heart to go against he’s

he’s put things in your heart to bring

an end to

but the truth of the matter is that no

matter the threats of jezebel it was not

going to work because god was with

elijah her threat was only going to

reveal to elijah that you have

allies in other places you see when

elijah ran away the lord encountered him

and when the lord encountered him he

gave him strategy

he tells him to anoint a king a certain

king named jehu

he tells him to anoint someone that

would be his kind of like

his spiritual son actually his spiritual

son named elisha

and he says to elijah what you don’t

kill jehu will kill

and what jehu doesn’t kill elisha would

kill it was a legacy

it was that you elisha elijah rather you

have help in places that you do not even


of there are people that have been

preparing behind the scenes

that whenever you need help that they

would be ready to accompany you

you see there is going to be some

resistance that you’re going to

experience in 2021

there’s going to be some resistance

you’re going to experience for the very

things that god has put in your heart to

do as an activist

but i want to encourage you right now

let me

send this word into your future that for

those watching this

and in your heart even as i’m speaking

my prayer was that

every time i would talk about somebody

that if it is for you that you will just

feel this

fire on your chest that you would know

that lord

something is i feel i feel a bit

restless because god is trying to

communicate something to you

this word is a word i’m sending now but

it’s going into your future

the ones that god has anointed as

activists there are some things that are

going to come against you but this is to

remind you

that god is with you the opposition is

not going to bring you to a dark place

because the lord

is with you and be a person of prayer

because every injustice starts in the

spiritual realm

you see this woman jezebel that caused

elijah to panic a little bit

her background is very interesting

because first of all jezebel by herself

we see her name

coming up in different places in the

bible jezebel

is a person in the old testament but

then in the new testament we hear about


i mean in the new testament in

revelation we hear about jezebel again

we hear about the lord telling a certain

church that they need to cast

out jezebel and you’re like which

jezebel is this

because it’s not about the person it was

about the spirit behind her

you see jezebel had a father his name

was very very unique and interesting to

me his name was ethbau

and it meant like unto bow his very name

pointed to the god that he worshipped

and so when if he would name if his

parents would name him

according to their god then it made me

understand that even jezebel was named

according to something

according to a certain principality

and so when you are someone that god has


to bring an end to injustice

you have to be a person of prayer just

like elijah

there are things that you have to

understand that you have to war in the


and show up in the natural you can’t be

lacks about your spiritual life

there are things that you have to

because you see it was words

that caused elijah to run but what

happens in prayer

we are also declaring words

there are things that you can declare to

bring down the very principalities and


that are causing that are behind the

systems and structures

that are causing injustice in our world


maybe that’s you maybe you’re the one

that god has called as a reformer as an

activist and this is to remind you

that whatever comes against you whatever

threat upon your life

to know that god is with you and there


help in places that you know not of you

have help in places of influence and

places of authority

you have help in places that are hidden

but known to god

and all you ever have to do in that time

would be to call on the name of the lord

lord this is what you have assigned me

to do

and i need you to send whoever are my

helpers send them

make them known to me oh god do not

panic and do not be in fear

now the third person or the third group

now this i found very interesting the

lord highlighted shadrach

meshach and i’m not gonna do it a bad


some people say a bad negro i did it

okay so shadrach meshach and abednego

now these three people are very

fascinating because

when we when we when we hear about their

stories we

always hear about them you know as a as

a group

and the lord began to show me that these

are seeds of movements

you know one of the things that he

highlighted was like the metoo movement

you see shadrach meshach and abednego

there was something so interesting that

happened i want you to study

this if this you if you connect with

this study daniel chapter two to chapter


there was a moment that the very king

they were

they were they served a king rather you

know they had been taken into captivity

by this king but

they served under this king


and when they served under this king

what was so interesting is that one

moment he promotes them

as a result of you know a dream being

revealed that’s another story

he promotes them but the very same king

that promoted them

in one moment the next moment he says he

has a statue made of himself in gold

and he makes a command right that

everyone who sees this should bow down

and all this stuff there’s this whole


read this we don’t read the whole bible

but read daniel two to three

but shadrach meshach and abednego they

were like no we’re not gonna bow down to

your statute because we only

bow down to the lord when the king heard

about this he was like

okay what are y’all talking about and

they told him to his face we’re not

gonna do it we only serve the lord and

the king was like let me know which god

will deliver you

from what i’m about to do to you so he

tells his servants to heat up this


like to just you know go crazy with it

and to put shadrach meshach

and abednego in the furnace and they

were like look

our god is able to deliver us but even

if he doesn’t that’s why we will still

not serve your god

they throw them in the furnace all

together as a group

and all of a sudden the king notices he

says wait

well first of all the people that threw

them in the furnace died

and they were in the furnace having a

party because all of a sudden the king

says there’s someone else in the fire

with them

and it was the presence of god he says

there’s a fourth person in the fire

and the people are not bound anymore

they’re walking around they’re having a

good time

and as i saw this i’m like god what are

you showing me you see as a result of

what took place in this story

first of all the king tells them hey

bring them out and he honors he says you

know what your

god is truly god and i want you to see

something he said before i explained


in your own terms in daniel 3 from verse

28 to 30

it says nebuchadnezzar spoke saying

blessed be the god of shadrach meshach

and abednego

who sent his angel and delivered his

servants who trusted in him

and they and they have frustrated the

king’s word he’s talking about himself

and you they’re their bodies that they

should not serve

nor worship any god except their own god

therefore i make a decree that any


nation or language this is the king this

is very fascinating to me

i make a decree that any people national


which speaks anything amiss against the

god he doesn’t even serve their god

anyone who speaks against the god of

shadrach meshach and abednego shall be


in pieces and their houses shall be made

an ash heap because there is no other

god who can deliver

like this and then the king who promoted


then demoted them all of a sudden then

the king

promoted shadrach meshach and abednego

once more

now here is what it looks like for you

there are people the lord began to show


industries and there’s some of you that


you have like almost like you work you

have like your friends and you guys come

together and they’re things that you

discuss about the certain injustice

that takes place within your industry

and just like the metoo movement that

happened with a group of women

that are now that started speaking up

and they were speaking up about the very

industry that opened doors for them

but they opened doors for them with


you see the open doors that were

conditional to you being subject of

whatever happens to you

being subject of of being violated being


of an injustice the very thing with

shadrach meshach and abednego yes they

were promoted by the king

but they were their promotion is

conditional as long as you do the things

that are that i require even though it’s


what you believe in you will keep your

promotion but shedrick said look first

of all

all authority comes from the lord so you

can have your promotion if you want to

throw us in the fire we are not

worshiping your god

there are some of you the very industry

that opened doors for you

the very industry that puts you on a


and it is not for you to turn a blind

eye to the things that you know that are


there are some of you that you feel that

there’s a weight that god is calling you

the things that he has called you to

speak about

and your fear is that if i speak about

this this is going to throw me

in the fire in our own you know in

society we call we call it canceled

culture whatever

but people think i’m crazy would this

burn me in the end

because there are things that you’re

called to speak about that goes against

the very place that you have been


in because the lord is saying look i’m

not done with exposing

i’m not our pastor called this year

the year of revealing and when he said

that he said look this message

about the year of revealing could be for

a year it could be for a decade

there are many things that the lord is

not finished with

but there are people assigned to that

and some of you you feel a resistance

and the lord drew you to this message

there are things that you have seen and

you know and you have been a victim of

and he says my son and my daughter you

have a group

there there you you you have people that

you work with and and all of you have

been talking about this very same thing

and he said this is the seeds of


just like shadrach meshach and abednego

you all are gonna come together

and you’re gonna say you know what we’re

gonna stand for what’s right that’s what

they did

they stood for their faith and they said

if we go down then so be it

they didn’t care that yes king you open

the door for us but you can have it if

you think you’re the one who has the

authority to promote us

all of a sudden when they threw them in

the fire

the fire was actually the very thing

that caused

everyone around them to know who their

god truly is

and not just the people around them to

the point that the king

who did not even serve their god makes a


that anyone that speaks against the god


shadrach meshach and abednego they

should be cut in pieces i mean that is a

bit extreme but

the point of the point of this is that

the fear that you have that you feel

like no this is going to put me in a

dark place

this is going to oh my gosh this is

going to end my career

god says i would be with you in the fire

the fire is not going to consume you

because god

is known as the all-consuming fire he

would consume whatever tries to consume


he says i would be with you yes they’re

going to throw you in

but i will be the one to restore you and

i will be the one to make it known

that i am the one who validates you and

i will confirm the very things i’ve

called you to do

do not be afraid about what god has

called you to do in

in your industry because just like

shadrach meshach and abednego no

he’s gonna be with you now the next

the next person that the lord showed me

was david david

and this actually speaks to the


that’s a very popular term in culture

you see david was a man

it’s so interesting because david was

king right

but david really embodied what in

revelation there’s a

there’s a scripture that talks about how

the lord has made us

you know um king and priest unto the


right i’m paraphrasing but basically it

says that we have been made as

king and priest there’s another version

in the old testament that talks about

a kingdom of priests but um there are

multiple versions

that gives us this idea that we are

called as kings and priests

so your kingship has to do with your


position of dominion but your priesthood

has to do with your spiritual position

of authority

now david is one that was called by god

to be

king over the people in israel david you

know god gives the anointing all of this

stuff david used to be a shepherd boy

and all of a sudden now and he was not

just one that was a king he had the

influ he had influence amongst the


because even before he became a king

they were singing songs about him

they were singing songs in a manner that

praised him above the current king

because there was a favor on his life

that caused an attraction that caused

him to

to reign even before he started reigning

so david becomes king but david is also

one who

functions in his priesthood david

never played about the presence of god

when you read the psalms that he wrote

he always talks about the one thing that

i will seek after

is to be in the house of the lord and

there was not that there was actually

a structure of the structure or a temple

he was talking about the presence of god

david understood that the everything

what makes me who i

am it is my access to god’s presence

that is priesthood he understood that

the authority that i even have what

people are looking at

is as a result of my anointing so david

lived in this balance of kingship

and priesthood but there was a certain

time that something happened

right david’s men go out to war

and david is on his balcony and he sees

a woman that he

you know he admired i guess and he calls

for her

he sleeps with her she gets pregnant

when the news came to david that this

woman is pregnant

he plans how her husband who is in his

army should be killed

now i really i asked the lord about i

was like okay what

is it you’re showing me about this you

see when david

killed this man because i’m like why is

he killing the man you know maybe he

could just take the woman as his wife

all of it is wrong

first of all you know not co-signing


but the fact that david will kill this

man you see this was an

honorable man in david’s army and i

begin to wonder could it be

that david in trying to protect his


does not want to make himself look

dishonorable even though he just

committed something that was of dishonor

you slept with a man in your army his


now she’s pregnant is it that david was

was so concerned about

losing the influence of the people that

what will be said about him david you

got this

you got her pregnant come on man you the

husband is someone who is for you

could it be that david was so concerned

about losing influence with the people

because you can have authority and you

and the people may not like you

could it be that david was so concerned

that he’s like okay how do i cover this


and then he kills the man and he’s going

about his business

no conviction nothing then the lord


a certain prophet named nathan to

rebuke david basically to show david

to show him himself when that happened

the next thing that david says he has

this whole

psalms where it’s literally like a

prayer of repentance

but there was something in that

particular psalm and this is in psalm


now in verse 11 he says something he


do not cast me away from your presence

and do not take your holy spirit from me

david in this moment realized i have

put my kingship above my priesthood

i was so concerned about protecting my


that i was actually living in a manner

that is not worthy of who you’ve called

me to be as a priest

we are all called as kings and priests

but the mistake of culture because right

now everybody’s so concerned with the


with influencing with with all these

things with numbers all this stuff it’s


all of this but we’re so concerned about

it how many people watch my story today

how many people liked it how many people

watched the video how many people said


was so concerned about having

like uh having influence amongst the

people in culture

that are we putting our kingship

above our priesthood

because the moment we begin to put

kingship above priesthood we are walking

in darkness

and calling it light

because the very reason that god will

give you a platform

it’s not because of your it’s not for us

there is a purpose we are called to


the platform serves as a vehicle

the platform is not the reward it is a


to do the very thing that god has called

you to do

and sometimes there are things that may

feel like hey

you know what it could cost you the

platform but

as long as the presence of god is with

you whatever he needs you to be on

platforms can come and platforms can go

whatever it is that god has assigned for


he knows how to get it to you and i’m

saying this not just to influence us but

in particular there are mistakes and

there are things that you have been

your there is a depression i i saw you

so clearly

you see yourself as an influencer but

there are things about your life

that you are covering up and it’s

killing you

there are things you have done there are

mistakes you have made and

and every single time all you’re so

concerned about

is how to cover up the cover-up and it’s

killing you and the only reason it’s

killing you is because you are so

scared of what the truth will do

when david got bathsheba pregnant

there was no need he he never intended


have bathsheba because that’s why it was

never when he saw her if it was about

making bad she bought his wife

that could have been a that could have

been a discussion in the beginning

it was never the intention of bathsheba

to be his wife it was just to satisfy

his flesh

but when bathsheba was pregnant the

fruit of his sin was revealed

david’s concern was now how do i cover


up how how do i hide this

and in trying to hide it it was costing

him his priesthood

all to keep his influence you see there

are many of you and you’re watching this

and the lord is saying the truth is what

will set you free

it’s not you trying to hide the truth

will set you free i gave you the

platform i’m not saying me stephanie you


i’m not that important the lord gave you

the platform

the lord said something to david in the

scripture he said david

i am the one who took you from being a

shepherd boy

to being king over my people it was a

reminder that david

this was not because of your good looks

it was not because of the things you did

it’s not because you’re a man of war

because all of this is actually by my


and there are many of you and you have

forgotten how you got to where you are

and you got there because of the hand of


upon your life and it is your priesthood

that actually keeps you there

and if you keep trying to cover things

up because

especially now in a coveted

life where everything is online you’re

like oh

dead people have so much time on their

hands what are they going to do with

this information

but the lord is saying to you that the

truth will set

you free the truth will set

you free stop trying to hide it

because nothing stays hidden for two for

too long

and the cost of you trying to hide it

actually the the consequence is much


because you see as a result of david

killing this man

the the consequence was that the the

child that she was pregnant with would


and now this is known to everyone so

what you’ve been trying to hide all


is still known but now it comes at a

heavier price

are you the davids and for some of you

maybe you haven’t there there are so

many things that you may have not even

made a mistake yet

but i want to encourage you we’re all

we’re we i mean we

error is is is a given okay

whatever mistakes you make in your life

whatever mistakes you have made or might

make in your life

don’t be so consumed with trying to hide


that it ends up costing you everything

the truth is what will set you free it

is your priesthood

that actually keeps your kingship

your kingship should serve your

priesthood not the other way around

let’s not be so distracted with

influence that we forget the very

purpose of it

the next thing i want to talk about the

next person i want to talk about

is a woman named esther and just for


this is not about sex it’s not about

male or female

when i’m saying david’s again it’s about

an anointing it’s about a grace it’s

about a calling

you could be i’m i could be talking

about david and as a woman you’re

connecting to that

i could talk about esther and as a man

you’re connecting to that

and so esther’s first of all you know

you want to read the whole book

of esther it’s amazing to really


and and really the the weight of her

story but you see esther

is is this almost like this hidden


power because esther she came from


to now you are the the wife of the king

esther’s are the people that have the

ear of the king

they have the ear of the ceos they have

the ear to the executives they have the


they’re the people that influence behind

the scene

and what the lord began to show me

because when you studied the book of


esther was someone that when when she

got the ear to the king

he was ready he said you know what babe

what do you want you want the kingdom

i got you you having the ear

to those in authority the mistake

is to cause it to serve you

is to make it about you what can this

person do

for me there are certain relationships

that god has placed in your life

there’s a certain type of favor that you

have in your work environment

and it’s not about you but it’s about

the things that is connected to you

and what i mean is it’s not about your

selfish you know ambition or whatever

but what is connected to you in regards

to the kingdom of god

the things that god wants to establish

through you

but it is going to be through you as a

result of the relationships that he has

placed in your life

because you see there are certain people

that they don’t have an ear to god

but they they will listen to you

they don’t have a personal relationship

with god

but they look at you and they’re like

you know whatever whatever you tell me

there’s a

there’s an influence you have on their

lives that can cause them to do the very

things that god is trying to get to

their attention but they cannot perceive


if god could get the king’s attention

because it’s never about if

god spoke if god didn’t speak there’s a

word when the lord said behold i do a

new thing do you not perceive it

so god is always trying to communicate


but the problem is our ability or

inability to perceive

so there are some relationships that god

has placed in your life

and there are certain things that the

lord will require you to to ask of

and it has nothing to do with you and

your hesitation

is ah i don’t know what this is gonna

look like ah

you know maybe this could actually cost

me the relationship

because if esther said the wrong thing

maybe the king would have treated her

like he did his ex-wife like you know

what you are banished from this kingdom

and esther is like look i came up you

know i was

an orphan now i’m queen like i’m just

trying to keep you know keep the good

life here

maybe she didn’t say it like that but

the point

is the reason that of your relationships

is that god is trying to get a word

out and if they would not perceive it

from him directly

then they will perceive it from you

it’s not just about you it’s not about

you saying this is who i know and

and oh have you seen my contact list

there is a purpose

for those relationships there is a

strategy behind the relationship

and if you see it right then you will

walk and manifest the very thing

connected to your call

as i’m speaking whenever you feel

connected to whoever just put that in

the chat right now

if you feel like god you have positioned

you like an esther

put her name in the chat if you feel

like god has positioned you like a david

i’m so intrigued i want to know what god

is also speaking to you

relationships you have but those

relationships they have a strategy of

god and you have to

see it right you see we have entered

a new era and

there is something that will be

discussed at a different on a different

time but

the lord showed me something about this

year that is very fascinating not even

just this year

almost this season in the book of

revelation this is not even in my notes

but i feel led to share this in the book

of revelation

there’s a moment where it talks about

different seals

there are seven seals and each one being


one at a time the first seal that was

broken had to do with

the lord conquering and the other seals

uh some of them are a bit extreme but we

are in um we there’s something has


something has and i mean it’s not even

about like

don’t miss it you know making it about

conspiracy theories and covert and other


something has started that is going to

cause the lord to establish his kingdom

and he establishes his kingdom the the

lord that reveals himself as the one who


he does it through you

and so when god is positioning you in

certain places and positioning with

certain people

there is a strategy behind it

and if you see it right then you’re

going to walk

in the very manner that god has called

you to

now the next one there’s just two more i

want to just briefly talk about

is job now this is a difficult one

because this has to do there is an

anointing for affliction unfortunately

because you see with job you know many

of you

may have lost a lot of people not just

this year i’m talking about back to back

to back to back

it almost feels like every year you’re

burying somebody

it almost feels like it’s one thing

after the other one lost

after the other you see with job he

couldn’t understand it it was just

back to back to back and we don’t really

understand even the

the time span it just happened like one

two three

and for some of you that may have felt

like this past seven years

the past 10 years it just feels like if

it’s not this

is the next thing and it’s that thing

and it’s this then it’s that thing

but you see the interesting thing about

job you want to study the whole book of

job i’m sure you’re aware

about his story because job was the one

who the enemy was like hey

first of all the enemy is having a party

walking around the earth he comes

he comes to the father and the lord is

like hey you know satan you know where

have you been and satan is like i’ve

been you know checking out the earth

looking for who to

devour you know like he satan is but

that just offended me but the lord

literally god himself appoints he he

he’s over here nominating job he’s like

have you have you seen my servant job

have you seen job

if you’re looking for somebody check job

he will prove me to be true

but basically job suffers one loss after

the other

another and another and then another one

if another one

from dj khaled couldn’t sound more

horrible it happened in the life of joe

he’s like i don’t want to hear dj khaled


in my life if dj khaled existed in the

time of job

but back to the focus but the thing

about job is

the bible tells us that job was a man of


and the story of job has such an

emphasis on his friends

that his friends or this whole thing

about you know his friends being around

the friends talking

the literally the book of job you have

job talking you have god talking you

have his friends talking

there was such an emphasis and the lord

showed me something i never paid

attention to until today

that when it came to job’s friends it

was not just about

these particular friends it was about

the fact that job was a man of influence

like the bible tells us

and so it was about what the people were


you see the anointing of job it’s a it’s

a heavy one it’s when the lord can trust

you with a burden

we always want the lord to trust us with

a blessing

but the lord can is also looking for

those he can trust with a burden

because when we talk about the scripture

that says you know um

we overcome by the word of our testimony

but before the testimony is a burden

and so the anointing of job comes from

the place of

when god first of all because there’s

something in it for you

it is first attracted to when god wants

to reveal to you

who he truly is outside of the things

that he does for humanity

but who he is the person of jesus the

person that is a comforter

the person that is a friend the person

that is for you because at the end of

the day family

everything we have in life we are not

owners of

we are only stewards our relationships

our businesses our children whatever

it is we don’t own anything we are only

stewards over it so whenever god wants

to call it back

he has the right to but god

wants to reveal himself in a way because

many many people that that

even this thing about job it is drawn to

those who

have a fake relationship with god and

what i mean by that

is your relationship with god is by the

way of what you’ve heard

it’s by the way of your pastor your

grandmother your mother

this minister is by the way of your

neighbor but you’ve never

met the lord so all you know about god

is what others have said

and when it doesn’t look like what

others said you begin to question

does god really exist and so all of a


when god begins to strip you of the

things that other people said that this

is what it looks like to walk with god

he says because it’s not about the

things you don’t even own it

my relationship with you is personal to

you that is why the very the only thing

that the lord said to satan do not touch

his life

because this is where me and him connect

it’s not

i don’t reveal myself just because of

how i bless you

i reveal myself to you that my person

is the gift what i give to you

is just you know the extras

so when god wants to reveal the

authentic nature of his relationship

and that through you others will be


about who who is god for real

it is a heavy burden but i want to

encourage you

some of you even feel like is it

witchcraft what is happening in my


because i’m sure job would have thought

the same thing that was this witchcraft

what is this but it was god approved it

we’re only stewards and there is an

authentic relationship that god desires

to have with you

he would restore you he would establish

you just like he did for job

but through your relationship with god

it’s going to also there are people

watching you

and that is the bridge you’re building

because there were people

watching job there were people around


that could testify to the way he acted

the words he spoke

there were people that were looking at

him and there are many people

that unknown to you are going to be

inspired by your story

and so don’t give up don’t think that

because this is happening the lord is

not with me no

the lord is actually with you and lastly

i’m going to talk about

abraham you see the lord began to show

me those that have been building they

have built

empires and there is this attack on your


that makes you feel as though it’s not

worth it

because i don’t even have the person

that is going to take over this when i


your mind is already going that i’m

getting older

and i don’t see who is going to be my

heir to this empire that i have built

but you see abraham it was not just

about him having an

air and the lord told me that there he

would there are things you don’t even

have to worry about

but keep building don’t stop building

now don’t feel like you want to pull

back because now you’re wondering what

who’s going to take after this keep


because abraham’s life was not just

about his

his um his natural son the bible tells


that because of abraham in abraham all

the nations of the world will be blessed

based on what the lineage of abraham

produced which also involves our lord


all the nations will be blessed the

bridge you’re building

is for generational it’s generations to


they’re things that people would be able

to do easier in their calling because of

what you built

god would establish the the worries you

have he’s going to take care of that

but you have to understand that what god

is calling you to build is beyond your

family name

it’s beyond a child of yours being able

to take over it

it is that you’re establishing something

on the earth

that generations down the line would

acknowledge and honor who you are

that because of you what god also called

me to do was made easy

you see family

i believe that there are many things

that god is doing in this time

but one thing that i know for a fact is

that he’s established in his kingdom

and the only thing that would slow you

down is this idea that he is not with


is this idea that when calamity hits

when it feels like there’s a

circumstance when it feels like there is


that he is not with you because in his


we are we have the validation that we

are going to see the other side of

it moses said to the lord when when the

lord instructed him to take the people

into the promised land he said we’re not

going anywhere unless your presence goes

with us

if you are with me then i am fine

and i am here to tell you that even in

what would look like darkness that god

is with you

that you are not alone in this this is a

word that i want that you would

end up coming back to it is a word that

has been

sent into your future and into your now

because there are things that the lord

is going to require of you

and there are things that will stand as

an opposition to it but you have to

remember these very words

and the things that the lord will reveal

to you in your quiet time in your

devotional time

the presence of god is with you and he

is with you to establish what he has

called you to do

you see family maybe you’re even

watching this and you feel

drawn to some of the people that i have

mentioned but you have not yet given

your life to the one whose presence you


and if you want to open up your heart to

jesus today

just put in the comments here i am here

i am

here i am what is coming family

the only way that we would thrive

the only way that we would have joy the

only way with that we would know

freedom and liberty is to know the

presence of god

and to know that his presence is with us

and so for those of you that are saying

jesus i want to know you

i want you to just say this prayer with

me heavenly father

come into my heart and make

my heart your home lord jesus

i confess with my mouth as i have

received in my heart

that you are my savior you are my

lord and you are god

you died on the cross for my sins

and when you were raised up i was raised

up to

i was raised up free with power

and with authority lord have your way in


i want to be everything you’ve called me

to be

and on this day i surrender my life to


thank you jesus family we love you

there’s many things to unpack through

this message but take it

and spend some personal time with the


whatever spoke to you study about it

because it will be an anchor in times to


god bless you