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can y’all do me a favor the theme of

this conference is

recharge who needs a


recharge one of the things how y’all

doing over there I couldn’t see y’all on

the side

hey child listen the thing about a

recharge is most of the time when life

begins to get

expensive When Hope is

expensive When Faith is expensive when

peace is

expensive I don’t know if you’re like me

I start holding my

breath I’m waiting for the next phone

call the next headline the next text

message that drains me

completely and yet we’re in an

environment where our assignment is to

recharge so I want you to do me a favor

would you stand for me and put your

heart on your your

chest sometimes we want people to lay

hands on us but there’s something

powerful about us just touching

us and if you can for a moment I want

you to just close your eyes and take a


breath in through your nose and out

through your

mouth when you’re breathing out I want

you to imagine that you’re pushing out





doubt take a deep

breath and exhale push it

out and with your other free hand I want

you to touch the woman beside

you because there have been moments

throughout this year where she felt

alone moments throughout this year where

she couldn’t tell anybody what was going

on in her

heart and sometimes we think we’ll

recharge on our own but the reality is

sometimes the only way we can recharge

is through

connection and if you could pour

strength into that woman I want you to

put pressure on your hand on her

shoulder like I’m pouring strength into

you like I’m pouring courage into you

like I’m pouring power like I’m pouring

the power of my testimony into your

wounds like I’m pouring the power of

what I know God can do into your story

and yes I have a need but I also have

something to give because sometimes we

get so drained that we forget that we

too have something to give and you came

to hear who was speaking but God said I

set someone beside you who’s got

something to give you I want you to pour

hope into that woman I want you to pour

strength into that


thank you God for keeping

her thank you God for the days when she

didn’t think she would make it but you

sent a fresh

wind thank you God that her best days

are still ahead of her thank you God

that the Betrayal didn’t break her thank

you God that she cried but she got up

the next morning thank you God that that

weeping really did just endure for the

night I thank you God for Joy coming

back to that woman I thank you God for

peace coming back to that woman I thank

you God for strength coming back to that

woman I thank you God that more

anointing more grace I thank you God

that her cup is going to overflow and

because I’m sitting next to her when it

starts overflowing it’s going to touch

my Brokenness it’s going to touch my

emptiness it’s going to touch my shame

it’s going to chase a devil out of my

life I thank you God that when two or

three are gathered in your name that

something starts breaking in the

atmosphere I thank you God that we’re

about to shake up this city and it won’t

just be for a moment but I thank you God

for a generational shift I thank you God

for a generational breakthrough and I

thank you it’s going to start with this


woman God bless every woman in this

room bless her in the way she doesn’t

even know how to communicate yet God


this woman I’m sitting next to in front

of behind of

God send your angels to minister to

her send your spirit to comfort

her to break down her

walls to remind her that it is true you

will never leave her nor forsake

her and I ask God that you would give

every woman in this room


Courage the

vulnerability and the

sensitivity to serve Every Woman She’s


to that she would feel a little less

alone and a little more

recharged because she sat beside you in

Jesus name

amen you might as well tell that woman

she looks good turn turn to that woman

say girl you do look good I’ve been

waiting to tell you all night you smell

good girl you don’t look like what

you’ve been

through you look blessed where you get

your shoes

from where we going to eat after

this you are

beautiful you’re protected you’re going

to be okay baby girl tell her you going

to be okay don’t matter how old she is

she’s still baby girl to God tell her

you going to be okay I feel like we

could take 10 seconds and have a victory

dance cuz somebody just got a little

recharged just

by reminding themselves that I’m not in

this on my own I feel like we could take

10 seconds and just give God some praise

that he interrupted the program to see

about me I want to take 10


seconds sometimes All You Need is

Another Woman

if you don’t believe me ask Mary she

went to go see Elizabeth because

sometimes all you need is another woman

to help your baby

leap sometimes all you need is another

woman’s testimony to remind you that if

God did it for her then that same God

could do it for

me sometimes you need another woman to

remind you that you still have value

that you still have




y’all might as well stay standing for

the reading of the

word God gave me a

text it’s in John 11

I’m going to skip through a little bit

but I’m going to start in verse

three I’m going to do verse 3 through

six and then I’m going to drop down to


20 it’s not an unfamiliar

text you guys have been fed so well that

I know you’ve heard

it but for those of you unfamiliar this

is a moment where two sisters have lost

their brother named Lazarus

and they are friends with Jesus it’s not

very often throughout scripture where we

see moments where Jesus had

interpersonal relationship with people

and yet he is friends with Martha Mary


Lazarus Lazarus has died and the two

sisters sent for

Jesus they sent to him saying Lord

behold he whom you

love is sick

and when Jesus heard that he said this

sickness is not unto death but for the

glory of God that the Son of God may be

glorified through it now Jesus loved

Martha and her sister and Lazarus so

when he heard that he was sick he

dropped everything and went


no so when he heard that he was sick he

stayed two more

days in the place where he

was verse 20 picks up it says now Jesus

had finally made his way towards them

and it says now Martha as soon as she

heard that Jesus was coming went and met

him but Mary was sitting in the

house now Martha said to Jesus Lord if

you had been here my brother would not


died but even now I know that whatever

you ask of God God will give

you and Jesus said to her your brother

will rise again Martha said to him I

know that he will rise again in the

resurrection at the last day and Jesus

said to her I am the resurrection and

the life he who believes in

me though he may die he shall

live and whoever lives and Believes In

Me shall never die do you believe

this and she said to him yes Lord I

believe that you are the Christ the son

of God who was coming into the world

Spirit of the Living

God no one can do this but

you and so God I lay this moment these

women this

opportunity at your feet and I say have


way I’ve studied I’ve prepared but none

of that means anything nothing if you

don’t breathe in this room and so God

I’m praying for the gift of wisdom

Insight prophecy God that you would

withhold nothing to the extent that

their lives may be touched changed and

transformed forever more and I thank you

God that this is already what you want

to see happen in heaven and you are a

covenant keeping God so we say yes Lord

have your way in Jesus name amen amen

I don’t think that any of us have anyone

who’s on social media has missed these

moments where there’s this like breaking

news about a new chemical or a new

danger that we should be afraid of child

we can’t be vegan we can’t eat

meat we can’t drink juice we can’t have

chocolate I

mean every time I look on social media

there’s something something new that we

should be warned about I mean if you’re

not praying over your food anymore you

have a

real issue or anointing I don’t know you

have a real trust cuz I pray over my

food cuz Lord I don’t know what’s in it

but I am going to eat it one thing about

me it’s going to get done in

so I have to tell you though in the

world where all of these different news

alerts are coming up about what we

should be worried about and what we

should or should not be eating I will

never forget forg get in the early 2000s

when it became prevalent the dangers of

carbon monoxide

poisoning I don’t know what was

happening in the 80s or the 90s maybe we

weren’t just as aware maybe it wasn’t as

much of an issue but I remember this

carbon monoxide poison that that kept

saying that you have to be careful

because carbon monoxide is this chemical

that is odorless and it is colorless and

you cannot tell when it’s in your


and there were people who were dying in

their sleep people who were sitting in

their cars passing away because the

carbon monoxide could not be

detected and I think it stuck with me

because I couldn’t fathom how could

something so subtle be so

dangerous how is it that it could go

undetected and yet be so lethal and

grateful that technology advanced in

such a way that we have carbon monoxide

detectors and there there’s even

regulations about building homes without

carbon monoxide detectors but I have to

tell you I wish that internally I had

some type of detector for my spirit when

there is something subtly lethal that


invaded my

spirit I’ll be honest with you most of

the time I don’t figure out there’s

something wrong with me until there’s

something wrong with

me when I recognize that I’m no longer

feeling like

myself and usually when I begin doing

the work if I can afford to do the work

and take the time to process I realized

that it wasn’t just something that

happened in the day that it was

something that maybe happened a week ago

a month ago six months

ago that didn’t just hurt me it changed

me I love in Romans 121 and2 where we

talk about presenting our bodies as a

Living Sacrifice and being trans

transformed by the renewing of our mind

and I will be honest that sometimes I

spend so much time focused on the

transformation part of that text that I

never really look at that renewing

part for the sake of our discussion I

looked up the actual definition of

renewing and I was surprised to see that

renewing is not making something new

again renewing actually means it is an

instance of resuming an activity or

state after an

interruption sometimes we use this

scripture as if we’re going to be

transformed and then our mind is going

to be completely transformed into

something that it never was but that

renewal stood out in my mind because

it’s talking about resuming an activity

or state after an interruption so

therefore it would read do not be

conformed to this world but be

transformed by the resuming of a state

after an

interruption when we look at Genesis 3

what we see when the serpent offers the

fruit to the woman and then the woman

offers it to the man is him actually

interrupting a state that God set in

motion and he recognizes that if I can

interrupt this state that I set in

motion then I can interrupt their

identity we think to ourselves the

devil’s trying to take me out out it’s

not true the devil is trying to

interrupt your

identity when we look at what has

happened in our lives what made what

happened in our lives so lethal is not

just what occurred but it is the fourth

the it’s the aftertaste of who we

thought we were as a result of what took


wow I thought I was this I thought I

could do that I thought I could build

the business I thought I could open open

my heart again I thought that I could

raise these children I had a state that

allowed me to begin to move in the

direction of what God Said of what God

promised of who God said I could be but

then the interruption kept me from

believing that

again so don’t be conformed to what

happened in your world but be

transformed by the activation by the

renewal by re-engaging with the state

that you were in before the world tried

to conform you I wish I could say that

the way I feel it in my head but I think

you have to understand that there is an

assignment to interrupt you from your

destiny and as long as you think the

enemy is trying to take you out then you

will think that because there was an

interruption that he has now ended what

God set in motion but what we have to

understand is what God sets in motion

cannot be undone that means that no

matter what happens along the way I can

make all things work together for my

good says the Lord not because

everything is good but because even if

there is an interruption I know how to

take the interruption and still get you

to good because that’s the kind of God

you serve if I was at my church I would

take 5 seconds and thank God for the

interruptions that should have thrown me

off track but some kind of way I’m still

in position to receive the promise it’s

not because I did everything the right

way it’s not because I didn’t have low

self-esteem it’s not because I wasn’t

insecure it’s not because I wasn’t

depressed it’s not because I didn’t have

suicidal thoughts it’s just

interruptions are not the end it just

means that the divorce was not the end

it just means that the pregnancy was not

the end if you talk about me and say I

don’t deserve to be in position you

talking right I don’t deserve to be here

cuz I had some interruptions along the

way but because of the grace of God I am

who I am and the interruption didn’t

stop it’s just just an interruption I

don’t know who needs to hear this but

it’s just an interruption it’s just an

interruption it’s just an interruption

yes it’s a heartbreak but it’s an

interruption yes it’s a detour but it’s

really an interruption yes you got to go

back to work but it’s just an

interruption yes they let you go but

it’s just an interruption God didn’t

change his mind just because you changed

your mind that’s why God says you don’t

have to be renewed by me changing my

mind you have to be renewed by you

changing your mind because everything I

spoke over you I still believe it’s

possible for you but if you don’t

believe it I can’t do nothing with you

the greatest threat to your destiny is

what’s happening in your own



what poison got in your

head what lie did you receive is

truth that has interrupted you and made

you conform to the shape of your misery

made you conform to the shape of your

grief maybe on the outside you don’t

look like what you’ve been

through but when I tell you that you’re

fearfully and wonderfully made do you

believe it or do you resist

it cuz maybe on the inside you do look

like what you’ve been

through and it’s hard for me to believe

that your promises are yes and amen

because on the

inside there’s this odorless C colorless

poison of

Doubt of

Shame and you know what’s crazy about

most of us in this

room is that that poison didn’t just

enter when that thing happened six

months ago it didn’t just enter when I

just went through that breakthrough for

most of us in this room that poison

entered when we were little girls

and now everything that has happened to

us since then just affirms the poison

that was inserted when we were a little

girl that maybe we don’t have what it

takes maybe we aren’t smart enough maybe

we aren’t worthy maybe we aren’t

valuable that poison that is within us

the only way that we can properly get it

out as if we come back into agreement

about what state we we are supposed to


in because when you come into agreement

with your condition you make your

condition your

identity you’ve never heard anyone say I


cancer they say I have cancer but I am

not my

condition but when we are ashamed when

we are depressed when we are anxious we

allow that condition to become our

identity I think one of the most

powerful things I ever heard a therapist

say is to say I am feeling whatever that

is fill in the blank instead of saying I

am it because just that little bit of

Separation helps me to understand that

this is something I am passing through

it helps me to not be conformed to

what’s happening in my world and it

helps me to more easily say I may have a

depression but I am the righteousness of

God and because of who I am this

condition cannot dictate or Define me

for the rest of my life I am going

through something but I am not what I am

going through because my identity is

rooted in who I am in Jesus I’m sorry

but I am the righteousness of God yes I

may be going through a divorce but the

divorce is the condition it is not my

identity I am who God says I am and I

can do what God says I can do and I can

be whoever God puts me in position to be

not by my might not by my power but it

is by his spirit and if his spirit is in

Me Greater is he who is in me than he

who was in the world and that means that

even if it is in the world it doesn’t

have to get inside of

me this is just an

interruption I was going down this

Rabbit Trail once I recognized that that

renewal was about resuming a

state and I had to look up the

difference between an interruption and A

disruption an

interruption I’ll give you an example is

you know I gentle paren

is my heart posture is to Gentle parent


reflex you know what I

mean I’m the only one no don’t do

that you know and as a gentle parent

that’s my idea idty you see I own

that speak those things that are not I’m

reaching for it all right as a gentle

parent when my kids interrupt me I’m

like you know what I know that’s

important to

you but if you don’t take

no and then I can go back to

speaking because it was just an

interruption But A

disruption is if they were to come into

what ever was happening and not just say

that they need my intention but start

slamming things down and acting crazy

cuz now see A disruption means I can’t

just go back to speaking the way I was

once speaking I’ve shifted into somebody

else now cuz now I got to say excuse me

for a minute and then you got to five I

like a five finger


amen and pull you into another room and

just help you to remember that I’m new

to this I’m not true to this and if you


ever an interruption means you can just

pick up where you left off but A

disruption changes the

trajectory and I recognize that part of

the task of the enemy is to allow for

interruptions to look like

disruptions this interrupt ition is

disguised as a

disruption and that is where we are when

we find Martha in the

text Martha is in the midst of an

interruption disguised as a

disruption she doesn’t exactly know how

she ended up in this

situation but one thing she knows for

sure is that life as she knew it


over so you have to understand that

Martha didn’t just lose what she was


for she lost what was a part of her

identity Martha Mary Lazareth they were

this Trio of siblings and they we see

them eating together and connected and

even having the same friends and there

are some losses in our life that are not

so easy to release because they are a

part of our


that’s why people wonder often like why

can’t you just get over it’s because in

order to get over it I would have to

release that part of me that is

connected to that job to that

child to this

role this Interruption disguised as a

disruption has overwhelmed her so much

that she has now gotten bent out of

shape you have to understand that Martha

is a girl who is into

protocol she’s so into protocol that

when Mary was sitting down worshiping

she said she needs to get up and start

serving she’s very by the book but she

goes and chases after Jesus before Jesus

could even get to her that’s how we know

that whatever she went through has her

acting out of character cuz no longer is

she waiting for Jesus to come to her but

she’s gotten so been out of shape that

she’s running up on Jesus telling Jesus

had you been here this would have never

happened to me she’s gone to confront

Jesus and some of us are so churchy and

so afraid of re rection and abandonment

because we’ve been rejected and

abandoned by other people that we don’t

just run up on Jesus and say this is

what you could have done should have

done because we don’t feel like we have

the right to say this is what I expected

from you and yet Martha shows us that

sometimes the greatest gift that you can

give yourself is to get out of character

so that you can take Jesus Your Truth

there is coming a time where those who

worship Him must worship Him in spirit

and in truth and some of us have Spirit

mastered but truth not so much and so we

bring him who we think we are supposed

to be instead of saying God I wanted you

to save that child God I thought that

you would give me that job God I thought

that things would work out differently

God says I need to hear your

truth worship is when we create a space

for his presence and your truth to come

together what is the truth that you

won’t even utter to

yourself what is the truth that makes

you distance yourself from Jesus cuz I

don’t want them to know that I’m

disappointed and I feel like I’ll be

less of a Christian but the truth is

that Jesus already knows what’s

happening inside of you but there is

something powerful about the word of

your testimony hitting his

presence so that he can tell you what’s

on his mind too oh

God what I learned in this exchange

between Martha Marth and Jesus is that

while Martha was giving Jesus a piece of

her mind that Jesus gives her a piece of


mind Jesus helped me to say it the way

you gave it to

me if Jesus would have shown up when

Martha wanted him to it would have

protected her from the state and

condition that she was in but because he

had an ultimate plan for him to get the

glory out of what happened o

he had to show up at a time that would

allow both of them to experience Glory

oh God sometimes we’re praying for God

to show up in a way that will make us

feel like God you got the glory but we

don’t know the definition of what is

glory in God’s eyes and sometimes what

is our gain is not God’s glory and so

God has to allow you to experience loss

not so that you can stay devastated but

so that you can stay in the tension long

enough to see see that I have a plan

that still ends in glory and it may not

be in the way that you anticipated but

when you experience my glory you’ll be

able to say God I didn’t see how you

were going to do it that way I thought

it was too far gone I thought it would

never happen for me but God now that I

see your glory is better than my gain

I’m glad you made me wait for it I’m

glad you made me sit back I’m glad you

got to show me a version of you that I

never knew existed she knew Jesus as

friend but she was about to see him as

one who could resurrect after 4 days oh

God help me I feel like preaching in

this place Martha thought she knew who

God was but something was about to

happen in her life that was going to

make her know without a shadow of a

doubt who God is I hear God saying there

are some women in this room and you have

been thinking about who God is I think

you are a Healer I think you are a way

maker I think you are a provider God

says oh but if you stay in this tension

what you thinking is about to be become

what you know cuz I’m about to show up

in your life in such a way that you know

for sure I am a Healer oh no I’m not

talking about something I heard I know

for sure that you take broken pieces and

turn them into Ministry I know for sure

that nothing’s too far God I know for

sure I once thought it but now I know

for sure I once heard someone else talk

about it but now I know for sure my

great grandmother said it but now I know

for myself God doesn’t have any

grandchildren God says there’s a new

knowing I want to bring you to I thought

that you could do something with the

second half of my life but now I know

for sure that the second half can really

be better than the first half I thought

for a minute that I could maybe get this

degree but now I know for sure that you

have gone ahead of me I hear the bank

saying that I was waiting for you to

walk into this room because I thought

that you were going to start a business

but God says I’m going to make it sure

for you that I’ve already gone ahead of

you and the business is is already set

up with your name on it I hear God

saying that I’m already going ahead so

that you know what you’ve been

contemplating oh I wish I could say that

real good cuz if I could say that real

good we would move into a posture of

assurance that even when it looks like

it is the end I trust that it is only an

interruption I don’t know about you but

I Fe for God’s glory so even in the

midst of Devastation I’m thinking to

myself Lord how are you going to get the

glory out of this cuz one thing I know

for sure is he will not rest until he

gets the glory he will not rest until it

is known without a shadow of a

doubt that my hands were all over that

girl that my hands were all over that

child I don’t know where you’re

struggling in this room but I want you

to understand that if it ain’t Glory it

ain’t finished if it ain’t Glory it’s

not done if it ain’t Glory don’t stop

pressing if it ain’t Glory don’t stop

reaching because God says I want to

allow it to

end there’s going to be glory after this

touch your neighbor and say there’s

going to be glory after this shake your

neighbor and tell her there’s going to

be glory after this there’s going to be

glory tell her you ain’t seen nothing

yet you ain’t seen nothing yet there’s

going to be glory after this buckle up

baby girl there’s going to be glory

after this keep crying your tears your

tears are watering the seeds of Glory

you got to know there’s going to be

glory after this I know you’re scared

but there’s going to be glory after this

I know you’re worried but there’s going


be Glory Glory Glory Glory I’m sorry I’m

a Church Girl and there would be some

moments in the church service where you

couldn’t say nothing at all and you

would hear somebody in the back saying

Glory Glory Glory Glory Glory Glory

Glory Glory Glory God glory over my

house Glory over my finances Glory over

my health Glory over my business I’m not

telling you how to do it I’m just asking

For Your

Glory Glory Glory Glory Glory Glory over

this heartbreak Glory over this grief

glory on top of depression glory on top

of anxiety glory on type of Doubt glory

on top of worry Glory Glory Glory Glory

Glory Glory Glory Glory

Glory his glory not my glory not their

Glory I want the glory of the


Lord the

recharge is in the glory the recharge is

in a fresh revelation of what’s possible

over your

situation what we see Martha receiving

her exchange with Jesus is not exactly

what she wanted I could read on and tell

you how Lazarus was raised from the dead

but I enjoy this text so

much because God gives her a fresh

revelation if we aren’t careful we will

think the recharge is in when I get what

I ask

for the ultimate

recharge is when I get a fresh

revelation of who God

is Martha said had you been here my

brother would not have died he said I

didn’t come so he did die but now you’re

about to see me as the resurrector I

could have been the Healer but I decided

and said to be the resurrector I could

to save the child but I got to bring a

Ministry out of that child so now you’re

about to see how I make a way out of

nowhere I could have gave you what you

asked for but you would have been

praising what you got instead of

recognizing who gave it to you so maybe

what you really need is a fresh wind of

the Holy Spirit May maybe what you

really need is a fresh revelation of who

God is maybe what you really

need it’s not an answered prayer but a

prayer answering God God I started

reducing you down to Performance and

when I reduced God to Performance when

he didn’t perform the way I wanted him

to I had to back away from him but there

are some of us who have decided I’m

going to be in relationship with God

which means I’m I’m going to see why you

said no I’m going to see why you think

I’m strong enough to stand up to this

room to stand up to this

heartbreak cuz God knows something about

this that you don’t

know God knows something about this next

stage of your

life that you don’t

know and there’s nothing scarier than


knowing some of us are drained from

things that haven’t even happened

yet I’m drained playing out

outcomes of what could

happen instead of being present enough

in the

moment to release our need for


I am

convinced that I’m entering into my

church mother era and I don’t know how


happened I’m too young to be in my

church mother

era but there are certain things that

they used to say when I was growing up

that’s just making more and more

sense they used to say anyway you bless


Lord I’ll be

Satisfied I don’t know how this is going

to play

out I don’t know what I’m going to do

with the finances I don’t know what I’m

going to do with the family I don’t know

what I’m going to do with the business I

don’t know what I’m going to do with

that the job I don’t know what I’m going

to do without this part of my identity

but anyway you bless me

Lord if you just bless me with enough

strength to stand up to it

tomorrow bless me with enough peace to


through this

pain I’ll be honest with you see

sometimes I want the big blessing I

think to myself the recharge will come

with the big

blessing I’ll be recharged if I close

that deal I’ll be recharged if this

child finally gets it together that’s

when I’ll be recharged but sometimes the


comes in those small

moments where God says make your way to


Central you may not live

leave knowing what’s going to happen in

your body you may not leave knowing

what’s going to happen with that

child but if you can leave with a fresh


wind a fresh wind of the Holy

Spirit to comfort

you to give you strength to give you

peace to clear the

haze that doubt and worry and grief has

had you living

in I was reading baby they say the only

way to get rid of carbon monoxide in the

house is to open up windows and doors to

let ventilation


in a fresh wind to get the

poison that has crippled you in your

spirit I’m sure my time is up

but I just want to

say that a fresh wind doesn’t come just

because you came to a

conference you can get a fresh wind in

the car you can catch a fresh wind and

an Uber I feel sorry for about 10 to 15

Uber drivers who come to faithful

Central cuz you’re not just picking up a

woman you picking up a fresh wind a

fresh wind is when we open ourselves up

to God no matter where we are no no

matter who we’re with when we open up

our hearts to God and we say God I need

you God had you been here I don’t think

I would have been in this torment but

still I

believe still I believe that you are the

resurrection and the life still I

believe that if you speak a word things

can change

god what the women in this room need

more than

anything is a fresh revelation of who

you are if that’s you will you stand

with me


closing I’m

closing oh just for a minute can I ask

for no

music there’s something

powerful about

hearing somebody pressing towards a


wind I want to take 30

seconds and give you space

to create your own

wind some of you don’t have big gust of


anymore some of you your hearts are

broken but you got to enough wind to get

in this

room even if all you can say is God I


you I don’t even know what happened to


God I’m

scared I’m a little

worried Jesus this grief is so heavy on

me but I still lift you

up I’m opening my heart to you

God you see wind is contagious

and when one woman breaks


open it gives another woman permission

to do the

same just for a minute no

clapping Holy Spirit she needs

you I just hear powered by

wind somebody’s been powered by

doubt powered by fear of repeating a


curse powered by work work work work

work so I don’t have to sit in this

misery powered by anxiety but right now

holy spirit

we invite your

rest God you don’t want who we pretend



those who worship

you must worship you in spirit and in

truth the truth is many of us are

entering into a stage of life we didn’t

want or don’t know how to

handle and yet you promised that you

would never leave us nor forsake

us so we make room for your

wind we make room for for your

presence to not just push

us but to heal

us to comfort

us to call us your

own broken and we’re still

yours touched but we’re still

yours riddled with wounds and yet we’re


yours and holy spirit when you sit with

these women

it is my prayer that they would come to


Jesus Jesus as a

friend Jesus as a savior Jesus as a

companion and as they begin to know you

Jesus I also pray that they would begin

to know

themselves that you would reintroduce

them to who they

were before the


that version of themselves that you knew

before you formed them in their mother’s

womb that you would bring them back into

that knowledge and I thank you God that

that version of them she’s

confident that version of them she is

Anointed that version of

them generational blessings are all that

she knows that version of them knows you

as father and Mer mother that version of

them only needs

you I thank you

God that the interruption was not a

disruption and that your promise over

their life and the anointing that is

over them is still

present help them to tap into that

anointing help them to tap into that

identity and to never let it

go and as they hold on on to it God I

thank you that they’re going to teach

generations to do the

same I thank you for the

intergenerational blessing of this

church serving as a sign that the

generation can have anointing after

anointing after

anointing and that these women are

opening up the floodgates of Glory over

their family over their bloodline over


community and that’s why that

Interruption had to come because the

interruption was trying to keep them out

of the game but I thank you that because

we received a recharge that we have been

renewed and because we have been renewed

we can be released and when we are

released we will not do it in our own

wind but we will have the wind of the

Holy Ghost pushing us and I thank you

God for that wind pushing them all 2023

and pushing them all 2024 and pushing

them for Generation after generation

after generation I thank you God that my

great great great great great

grandchildren are going to ride on this

wind so it is in your name Jesus so it

is in your name Jesus we dedicate this

moment to you in jesus’ name