Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts travels to Tampa, FL to speak at Trinity Church at their Girlfriends Conference and delivers a powerful message entitled, “Breaking Point.”

did you all know you guys know this

because you know everything that the

most important part of an apple is

really not the part that we eat and

enjoy but it’s the part that we end up

throwing away the core the core is

defined as the part of the fruit that

holds several small seeds and is

surrounded by a tough membrane

the membrane is encased in an edible

layer of flesh and so the most important

part of this fruit is not the part that

everyone gets to see and enjoy it is the

core that most of us throw away but the

truth is that it’s not important to us

but if we were responsible for producing

apples then the core would be more

important to us because we would

recognize that in order for us to

produce more apples that we would need

to make sure that we protected the core

I’m one of those people who believe that

what we see in the natural is a

reflection and a clue about us as humans

and so when I look at this notion I

realize that it is also true that the

most important parts of us is not the

part that people get to see and enjoy

but it’s really our core and it’s

important for us to know that because we

will be so glad that we’ve met someone

and that we’ve been in their presence

that we never stop to ask what’s

underneath them what’s who are they at

their core and we are the only creation

that has the ability to change our core

an apple tree doesn’t get to decide that

it’s going to become an orange an orange

doesn’t get to decide that it will

become a pear but yet us as humans us as

beings we get to decide that we can

change our core there are people in this

room who were once so fearful and

insecure but I got in this situation and

it forced me to get into alignment with

God him when I got into alignment with

God I went from being afraid of public

speaking to being the first one to stand

up in the meeting because something

happened in my core you got to know that

you can change your core I don’t always

have to be this way I don’t always have

to think this way I don’t just have to

accept that because everyone else in my

family acted a certain way that I have


act that way too I can change my core I

may have been born in this community but

I don’t have to look like this community

I can change my core and if you are not

intentional about changing your core you

will revert to your default setting

changing your core takes intention

because we all have a default setting my

default setting showed up on me when I

was driving I said Lord I thought I was

more safe than this she’s trying to make

a left turn traffic is building up okay

but you’re supposed to leave a little

space so that a car can still make a

left turn even if you’re at a red light

okay two lanes of traffic trying to make

a left turn alright here I go

first lane stops gives me a little space

second lane the girl pulls up and blocks

my little space and she’s at a red light

and she could back up if she wanted to

and she just stood there and looked

straight ahead I had not had breakfast

and I had not had my vitamins and my

default setting tried to creep up on me

and I just laid on the horn for a really

long time I started to open up the door

and just go cuz you had a red light and

I don’t have a number time an

opportunity anyway since you want to

block the lane I had somewhere to go but

now you want to block the lane so you

Morenci that was the default setting she

came up right here and I had to make a

decision in that moment to not let

someone else’s experience and let

someone else his personality and let

someone else’s decision change who I was

at my core you have to know that

protecting your core is necessary so you

don’t fall back into a default setting

so when we meet Peter and John in this

text they’re working with the new core

when Jesus first met them they were


and they’ve walked with Jesus as

disciples and now Jesus is gone and they

have his Holy Spirit but they have made

a decision that I’m not going to revert

back to who I was before I had this

encounter so now I have to fight for my

new court got a fight for this new court

because I had this default setting I

receive a word and the word stretched in

my mind and it stretched in my faith and

in that moment I didn’t have depression

and in that moment I thought I could

create and in that moment I thought I

could forgive and in that moment I

thought that I could love

unconditionally and so now I have to

fight for the core that I received when

I stepped into this newness and so when

we begin this text Peter and John are

learning to navigate their new

connection with Jesus they once had him

physically but now they have him in the

spirit and their conscious of protecting

the court the only way that they can

protect their core is that they produce

from that core because they have to make

sure that they don’t go back to who they

used to be and the only way I can make

sure that I don’t go back to who I used

to be as if I make a demand that I

produce from this Court

I’ve got to say that the way of selling

I can’t let the old me make decisions

anymore because I’m trying to protect

this change that I experienced in my

core I can’t let the old me just speak

anymore because I’m trying to change my

Court and the only way I can change it

is if I start producing from it because

the core is what holds the seeds and the

seeds will reveal the next version of

Who I am and I cannot expect a harvest

from somewhere I have not watered and so

I have to produce from this new core I

have to produce from this new mentality

I have to produce from this new

spirituality and you have to be

conscious of that because when you are

used to producing from your old core

when you step into your new core it

feels a little uncomfortable

Peter and John are producing from this

new core because they realized that they

have a destiny my default setting was a

fisherman but jesus said he would make

me a Fisher of men and now Jesus is gone

but he’s given me the spirit so that I

can reach other people and so I have to

produce from this court do you know that

your default setting and your destiny

may not be in alignment that’s why you

can’t trust your default setting that’s

why you have to be willing to change

your core I’ll give you a practical

example your default setting may be a

strong independent woman but now you’re

married I’m not speaking my life I’m

just talking about somebody else and if

you aren’t careful you’ll bring your

default setting into your new destiny

you’re shy but God has called you to

speak your default setting could

sabotage your destiny if you aren’t

careful and so they have made a decision

to not let this default setting you will

no longer trust your initial reaction

when you realize I can’t trust my

default setting my initial reaction will

likely be wrong because it is what I am

most used to doing and so before I act

and before I speak I have to qualify

what I’m doing with who I’ve been called

to be because my default setting and my

destiny don’t always align yeah

so Peter and John has been working in

producing from their core and what

happens to them is what will happen to

all of us is they’ve gone from speaking

and preaching and now it’s time for them

to actually start doing and they heal

the lame man and when they healed the

lame man it begins to create a problem

with the Sanhedrin Council because no

one had a problem when they were just

speaking about Jesus and no one had a

problem when they were just talking

about it