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hey family i’m pt pastor toray roberts

i’m the lead pastor of the potter’s

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hallelujah well god bless you family

it’s time to

get into the word i’m excited about this


uh this is not a deep profound message

but i believe it’s gonna be just what


need in this moment the season that

we’re in and so i want us to just jump

right into it

i want to draw your attention to a

passage of scripture it is

um it’s a well-known passage if you’ve

been a part of our movement for any

length of time

you have heard me quote this i believe

in this scripture

and and i just want to read it and then

we’ll move forward it’s in jeremiah

chapter 29

and verse 11. i’ll be reading out of the

new international version of this

and it goes for i know the plans i have

for you declares the lord

plans to prosper you and not to harm you

plans to give you a future

and a hope such a powerful passage of


i want to point out some things quickly

we’re going to pray and then we’ll get

into the message i want to point out

very quickly

what god is not saying in jeremiah 29

11. he’s not saying i

want to bring things into your life

because we look at that and it says he

says for i know the plans i have for you

plans to prosper you and not to harm you

to give you a future and a hope

and sometimes we get excited we’re like

yes the range rover

i want to prosper you or yes you know

the the the book deal or

yes the role or yes the new job and

granted god will allow those things to

happen to you

but that’s not really what he’s talking

about right there in fact

the context of jeremiah 29 11 is god is

building up a people who are getting

ready to go into captivity

and he’s basically saying that the

trouble that that i’m

allowing you to go into is actually

going to

prosper you so he’s not saying prosper

you in the sense that he brings things

into your life although god will do

those things in fact

i don’t even think that god has to do it

i think it’s who you become that

attracts it

to be honest with you and the truth of

the matter is you can work hard and

bring things into your life

if that weren’t the case but what god is

saying is

i want to prosper you

i want to practice what he’s saying for

i know the plans that i have for you

plans to

prosper you look at how many times he

says you

god says for i know the plans i have for


declares the lord plans to prosper you

and not to harm you plans to give

you a future and the hope

so this is actually about what god wants

to do

to you what he wants to do in you

and i want to talk today about building


building you and uh and it’s interesting

really quickly i’m going to pray but i

just want to say something really

quickly while we’re on that passage

when he talks about building that word

prosper the root word there for prosper

that was translated prosper you

was safe and and i think that somebody

needs to know maybe it’s you who are

watching maybe it’s you are listening

but somebody needs to know

that even if you’re in this process

of god prospering you it’s safe

it may not feel safe sometimes god puts

you in situations that are uncomfortable

sometimes god puts you in situations

that are not you know because for us i’m

not talking about like dangerous

dangerous like you know sometimes

he’ll send you into environments

overseas or whatever or

or you know you might have a ministry to

the streets where there is real danger


and and i’ll say to that point the

safest place to

any of us can ever be is in the will of

god no matter where the will of god

sends you

you know but sometimes safe for us is


we associate being comfortable with us

being safe

i know where this is coming from i know

where this provision is coming from

i know this person but oftentimes god

will move you into places that are


and you have to recognize that if it’s

god and if it’s perfect

purpose it’s safe and so i just wanted

to point that out

all right let’s let’s pray let’s get

into this because we got a lot to talk

about today

i’m going to be professor i’m be the

teacher to ray today

i’m not going to preach now i’m not

going to do any of that i’m just going

to teach

and you don’t believe me if you don’t

believe me just put in the feed i don’t

believe you pc i don’t

we’re gonna fix that we’re gonna fix

that uh but let’s pray

god thank you so much

for your rich and radical love

for each of us it’s rich i thank you for

all who are watching god literally

from all around the world

all those who are listening right now

god and we want to touch from you you

know what we need to hear

you know what we need to know you know

what we need to understand

and so spirit of the living god breathe

on us

may all of us come out of this moment


wiser stronger in jesus name

amen amen so again i want to talk to you

today about

about building you and i was thinking

this morning

about how it’s really by nothing other

than the grace of god that i was able to


a big global church like our church


millions of people in in over 100

nations close to 200 nations it’s just


and the reason why it’s a miracle i know

it’s by god’s grace is because i didn’t

set out to do it

like seriously i had no uh

desire you know i wanted to do two

things the two things that were

important to me

was to pursue my purp my personal

calling my personal purpose

you know and to build big people i

learned i had a mentor

early on as i was being shaped as a

pastor who said

don’t build big buildings

build big people and i didn’t understand

that because he had a big building

you know what i mean he had in fact he

had several buildings but he meant that

he wasn’t being

ingenuity and now i understand because

if you build big people you’ll have big


and so with that way of thinking i


that through building big people like

really being focused on building big

people including myself

that god could build a big life on top

of me and on top of others

and so it was never about hey go build


right and you’re gonna do that we’re

builders so we’re gonna build things but

it was never about that

it was always about build big people

because if you build big people god can

do big things

you know in fact when he was talking to


and he made that promise to peter he

said on you i will build

my church ooh i didn’t even know that i

didn’t catch him when i studied

look at what he said he tells peter he


upon you i’ll build my church

in other words if you don’t become who

you need to be

he can’t build on you and the very gates

of hell

this is revelation right here in front

of everybody right

he says if if i get you together right

and he calls him rock

if i build you if you become something

then you will be so reliable that i can

build my very

church on you so much so

that the gates of hell themselves cannot

and will not prevail against you see i

can’t give you

that i can make you that

and so what what troubles me oftentimes

is i see

so many people trying to build their


and be build their romance story and

you know and even build quote unquote

their ministry

and build all this and how many times

are you hearing people encourage you you

need to build get out there hustle go

get it build some builds and build some

who’s telling you to build you

and in the very passage of scripture

that we all claim all these blessings on

is god

saying i am not going to give you

something i’m going to make you


yeah and sometimes that making

happens through difficult situations

and so and so if you’re taking notes i

want you to write this thought down

the bedrock for building you

is belief i’m gonna say it again

the bedrock for building you

is belief belief belief belief is

powerful and talk about

belief is both the material

as well as the building blocks to

building yourself

belief oh we’re going to get into it

today belief belief

you are only as good as what you believe

you can never go further than what you


you can never do we we are comprised of

and we live through the power

of what we believe you are made up of

what you believe

your composition right now that creates

your disposition

is all about what you are believing

that’s why the bible talks about by

faith this by faith that bite all these


what are you somebody saying by belief

all these

things all these these great things that

men and women of god did

they didn’t do because they had skill

they did because they had belief belief


up all of the resources of god there’s

things that god wants to do for us that

he can’t do because we haven’t released

them because we don’t believe

belief is everything what you believe

is what holds everything together in

your life or

is the reason why things fall apart

what you believe this is why there will

always be i feel the holy ghost on this

there will

always be a war over your belief

there will always be a war over what you


as a man thinks so

is he wow that’s heavy

shouldn’t it be as a man thinks that’s

what he’ll get or as a man

thinks you know that’s what he will

attract and all the i mean all those

things are true but it doesn’t say that

it says as a man thinks so he is in

other words my reality

my potential my everything all comes


not to my skill but to my belief

because if i believe it i feel the holy

ghost i feel like i’m tapping into


if i believe right the skill will come

supernaturally if it doesn’t come



if i believe it right i i was in i


uh you know we have a farsi speaking

church in woodland hills california it’s


and it’s all farsi speaking it’s amazing

and and pastor iman

and and binazz they they they run they

we planted this church

and i remember i was having a meeting

with with a a leader who was going to be

a part of that church and he was from


and i don’t know farsi at all right and

we they sat down they brought us


and iman and binaz and nazi were there

to kind of interpret

you know to to interpret uh english and


to one another so we can communicate

because we’re getting ready to do

something for god and i sat down there

and he starts speaking in farsi and i

start writing

because even though i’ve never learned


i understood what he was saying in the


i didn’t even need them to translate

they didn’t even translate

i said i was like and then i wrote it


and i turned it around and like what in

the world just happened

that’s how powerful belief is belief

will allow you to tap into abilities

and resources that you didn’t even know

you existed because you are

more than what you think you’re more

than what you think i feel the holy


there’s a passage of scripture in in


verse 8 and 4 and it is a powerful

passage of scripture

and and the writer says what is man that

you are

mindful of him and the son of man that

you visit him so first of all

he is watch this because a lot of times

we we people teach us that

that if we believe in ourselves too much

we’re arrogant no no no

look at what this says it says what is

man that you are mindful and first of

all it’s like whoa

what is man it’s not this self-degrading

thing the self-degrading thing it’s not


he’s saying man what is man that you’re

mindful of him

what is men the son of man that you

visit him watch this and he says that

you make him lower than now

o king james and even new king james

messed this up it says you make him

lower than

elohim if you study that hebrew word

that was translated to angels where it

says it makes you

lower than the angels

that’s not the word study it that word

is literally

elohim you make him lower you make him


a little lower than elohim

and i don’t know i guess maybe the

translators didn’t they weren’t ready

for that

they’re like we’re going we’re not gonna

do that we just know we don’t want to be

blasphemous we’re not gonna mess with


you know we’re just we’re gonna put the

angels in there no tell the truth

that’s not angels that’s elohim you made

him lower

than elohim just a little lower

that’s what he’s saying what is man

that’s why he’s like who am i

and that’s why you cannot

leave this planet you cannot leave this


until you’re able to scratch the surface

concerning the question who am i yeah

because you wouldn’t be here taking up


knowing jesus growing in the things of


the way that you’re growing in the

things of god if there was not

more to you than you think and

every morning you ought to get in the

mirror and look in the mirror and stare

at yourself

and say what am i

who am i why am i breathing right now

why am i breathing in these times

in these crazy times why am i

alive i am a solution i

am here to fill some sort of void that


i can feel and if i don’t get my head in

the game

if i don’t believe right i will be

robbed of that reality

just put it in the feed right there help

my unbelief help my unbelief

help my unbelief what did i get that

from where did you get that from

professor toray

it was a vulnerable moment that the

disciples of jesus were having

it’s a vulnerable moment where they had

seen miracles

and and god was calling them and the

lord was calling them to step into

moving miracles

and they were like i believe helped my

unbelief i believe

that’s not my issue i do believe on a

certain level

i feel the spirit so strong i do believe

on a certain level

but they also recognize that it wasn’t

the belief that there was was their


it was their unbelief that was


them being built up in god

help my uh man i gotta just let me flow

man let me maybe i’ll be profit terrain


but just just let me flow it’s not it’s


that you don’t have faith but there is

and i don’t know who i’m talking to but

but there’s a a dimension of unbelief

connected to a certain thing

so you can have belief in one thing and

you can whoa you got that down you ain’t

got to worry about that i got that down

but over here

i’ve got unbelief and and

and the issue is it’s time for me to

face that giant

that i’m afraid of and that’s what the

disciples were saying they were like i

believe but

but help my unbelief because wherever i

have unbelief i am stuck

i cannot prosper i cannot grow i feel

the holy ghost

i cannot prosper i cannot grow in the

place where i am

stuck by unbelief because unbelief

immobilizes me

belief mobilizes me when i believe

that something is so i move toward it

because it’s there

when i believe that something is is so i

live in it right it’s who i am belief

i believe are my batteries

that keep me charged and functioning and

moving when i don’t have belief it’s

like having something that has no

battery or the batteries run out it

can’t do what it’s supposed to do

my my cell phone when it the battery is

charged will do

what it’s supposed to do and it does all

kind of things and i’m still

learning about things that it does i

didn’t even know and then there are

updates right come on because we get

updates we get upgrades in the spirit

and it gets updates and all that kind of

stuff and now i can do new things but

that same

wonderful glorious tool is

nothing to me can do nothing for me when

that little battery drains out

and it’s the most frustrating thing why

because i know that it can do so much

more than give me a black screen

and that’s how unbelief is it’s our

battery it’s our juice it’s it’s what

allows us to function

right and so i want to talk about

as it relates to building you i want to

talk about

three things three beliefs

and if you nurture these three beliefs

in three areas

you’re gonna build a you

that i believe is greater than you can

ever imagine because there’s more to you

than you think just put it right there

in the feed

there’s more to me there’s more to me

there’s more

come on there’s more there’s more

there’s more to me there’s more to me

there’s more i keep saying it because

somebody needs to hear it

and believe it and know it there’s more

to me there’s more

to me there’s somebody in you and you

were kind of at the end of your rope and

you feel

stuck right and you’re frustrated for

some reason and i hear god saying

there’s more to

you there’s more to you but i want you

to put it in the feed i want you to

speak it i want you to tell the whole


there’s more to me there’s more there’s

more there’s

more to me i’m just getting started


more to me if that’s your word just put

it right there there’s more to me and i

want you to say it out loud

putting it in the feed is cute but i

want you to open your mouth and say it

like you believe it

say it like you don’t have an ounce of

unbelief in your spirit there is more to

me there’s more

to me there’s more there’s more there’s

more come on do it in fact take about

five seconds

stop what you’re doing and give god a

shout of

glory for the more that he’s gonna bring

you into

it’s true there’s more to you there’s

more to you and he loves you and he’s

into you and i’m trying to go through my

notes and stuff like that

but god wanted you to know because he’s

gonna break something he’s gonna break


because somebody spoke a word curse over

you and maybe you even spoke a word

curse over yourself and you said this is

all i got or or this is all i can do or

this is as far as i can go

and you’re even seeing other people

moving and doing in the things that god

told you you can do what i hear

god’s saying i’m going to break

something today i’m gonna break

something off of your mind you know what

i’m gonna break

i’m gonna break your unbelief today

you came here to get the unbelief broken

up in your life and that’s what’s

getting ready to happen

if that’s your word say i’m claiming

that pt i’m claiming it

right now because it’s going to happen

it’s going to happen by your belief

it’s going to happen by your belief i

promise you i feel the spirit of god

i feel the spirit of god everybody that

god dealt with

all of his servants everybody that he

moved through he had to work on their


oh god i feel the lord he had to work on

abraham’s unbelief he had to work on

sarah’s unbelief he had to work on

gideon’s unbelief

he had to work on esther’s unbelief and

once he worked out

their unbelief they begin to shake the

world i believe i’m talking to some

world shakers right now and god is

getting ready

to deal with your unbelief because he’s

going to build you and you’re going to

build great things

unto his glory and it’s going to affect

your children and it’s going to affect

your children’s children i see your

children blessed

i see your grandchildren blessed i see

your great great friends

children blessed i feel god up in this


hallelujah he is for you

he is for you i i just want i got to be

prophet to rey i got my notes and

but i just want to flow he is for you

and he’s going to break something

that is going to happen by your belief

so there are three areas that as it

relates to building us because i just

see people

i see people and it just troubles me

because i see good people with good


building watch this their life but not

building themselves

and they’re after it and they’re on the

right rat wheel

and they’re just running and they’re

like hamsters on the wheel when they’re

in the rat race and it’s just

you know and it’s just going and it’s

just gone and just going and i get it

and i get the hustle and i get the grind

but what about you

what would it profit a man if he gains

the whole world watch this

and loses his soul that greek word

literally means himself

what will it profit a man if all

that he is can only be measured by

what’s outside of him

you know what it will crush you

that’s why god said again back to peter

he said upon you

peter rock built up strong i’mma build

my church i’mma build

and the gates of hell will not prevail

in other words you won’t collapse under

the weight

of the heaviest thing in the universe

it’s heavy because of the weight of the

glory of god that’s the church

and he’s saying i can build it on you

and guess what peter went through some


he went through some stuff peter denied

peter you know jumped out of a boat

naked i won’t get into that

but he did it peter was cussing by the


with sitting with the enemies he was you

know disloyal all that kind of stuff

but when god got finished with peter

i could catch you see peter standing on

the day of pentecost preaching man

powerfully the same one who was afraid

and he had 3 000

potentially enemies because they were

talking some other stuff they weren’t

talking to

you know they were talking to some some

new revelation potentially to be stoned

because the same people who stoned and

killed jesus

were in that crowd and he boldly the

same one who denied

jesus for for fear of retaliation or

association with jesus

stands up boldly and preaches under a

cloud anointing and 3 000 and a mega

church was sprung up overnight

right there on the spot and it never


it’s because god built them i don’t want

you to

yes i want you to to to move forward

towards everything that god has called

you to move toward

yes i do i want you to work hard and you

will but please

please please please don’t forget to

build you

build you first

it’s about sequence and prioritization

so i’m going to give you three things


three beliefs that i believe that all of

us have to nurture in order

to build the best us

and the best and the best the bar for

best continues

to rise it’s crazy you want to get to a


where you’re looking at you

and the world is looking at the fruit of


i need to say that better i didn’t say

that better and he said it better he

said it better

you want to get to a place where where

you have been working on you

and everybody’s marveling at what you

did but if they only knew

that you only did what you did because

you became who you became

you know what i’m saying like like like

like being something that’s

where you want to live i just i just i’m

trying to move on but i just i just

that’s where you you want you want that

thing you you want that thing

all right so those three things those

three things those three areas of belief

that we all

must nurture this one is somewhat

elementary but i’m gonna say it anyway

uh the first one is is belief in god

like like like belief in god you might

be saying pastor i i got that

i got that and i understand that but not

everyone does

and the way that you you flow the way

that you live your life will determine

if you

really really believe god and and um

i was there’s just some scriptures that

were coming to me when i was thinking

about this

um and i’ll get to them in just a second

but i think that

like building your relationship with god

like building that

i think that’s vital like like working

on it not just

you know not just a one-time little

thing and you know i’m saving i’m going

to heaven

but but really nurturing that

relationship building it

you know for me i think that they’re

pretty much like three

areas that that make up my relationship

with god three areas three things if you

write these out you can write down for


it starts for me with reverence

like i have a deep respect for god

the bible calls it the fear of the lord

right and that word fear means the awe

of god and i know that you know

sometimes we can get a little turnt

and we make fear about you know being

afraid that god’s gonna you know and

i got a little bit of that not a whole

lot of that you know because he loves me

but but you know you know it i i don’t

want i don’t want to get on his bad side

you know what i mean but but really what

it’s more about is

about a deep reverence a deep uh i

respect god

and let me tell you something the fear

of the lord will go a long way i know

drug dealers i don’t know them i know of

drug dealers or people who former drug


okay can you watch i don’t know guilt my

association but but but

but i i’ve been i’ve been connected with


who didn’t have the most uh uh

righteous lifestyle but they feared god

they had a deep red they couldn’t quote

no scripture they couldn’t do none of

that stuff they couldn’t they

couldn’t tell you no worship song they

don’t know hillsong no they never heard

of travis screen

nothing ain’t got none of that going on

right maverick city and none of that


right but but they have this respect for


and god protects them that there’s

something about

and you can find people in the scripture

there was one guy in the book of acts i

believe his name was cornelius

and and he feared god you know he said

he gave alms he took care of the poor

and he feared god

it didn’t say that he was a religious

man at all i just said that he had a

reverence for god and god blessed him

it says that his works literally went to

heaven and came to

it is send it to heaven and so so for me

it starts with like a real

like deep respect for god i don’t think

that we should step into our day without

taking a minute

and praying and saying god give us this

day our daily bread

you know i taught on the model prayer i

believe but i just i reverenced

god so much i almost believe it’s


to step into a day that you and i have

never stepped into before

needing the grace of god in that day the

provision of god in that day the

protection of god anything can happen

driving over here right pulling up your

phone someone

people we had a whole community of

people who were sleeping in their their

condominium in florida

and many can’t be found and of course

we’re praying for them and trying to

figure out a way to help those who can’t


you know as a result of that thing but

what i’m saying is it is arrogance to

get in your car and say i’m gonna get

there there ain’t gonna be no trouble


die every single day and so

so respect for god and reverence for god

and and honoring the fact that god

you know walks with us daily for me is

hey lord give me this day my daily bread

i don’t want to get too far into this


with this this this mentality that i

don’t need you i respect god so for me

as it relates to my belief in god my

relationship with god how i build in god

is one reverence to its trust i trust

god like it ain’t nobody’s business and

let me tell you why trusting god is so

important there’s a passage of scripture

that talks about

um trusting in man brings a snare

right but he who trusts in god is safe

in other words here’s the thing

if you don’t trust god you’re going to

trust something

you will trust something you will trust

the celebration or the provision of man

you will trust yourself you’re going to

trust something we were wired

to trust something right and and and the

the fear of man that’s what it says the

fear of man

brings a snare but he who trusts in god

will be saved the fear of man brings a

snare why because if you put too much on


man’s gonna find a way to put too much

on you

right anything that that you

you give too much of yourself of your

worship to

is going to control you it’s going to

rule you so so it’s built on

respect reverence is built on trust and

then for me it’s built on service

right so my relationship with god and

see if you think about all those touch

points reverence

trust and service you got a relationship

with god

right i i revere you right i i i honor

you daily

okay i trust you i put my trust in you

i’m very careful if i might just pause

for a moment

i i am very careful

to make certain that i don’t begin

to trust in the things

that i once trusted god to bring to me

i need to say that again let me say it

again this is very important

because what happens is it god it puts

god in a very tricky situation

because i trust god to produce things in

my life

and then when the god who i trusted and


produced those things or gave me the

resource to produce those things

when those things show up now we’re

trusting in

it and not god

so the predicament that god it puts god

in is god

i want to bless you but i don’t want to

lose you

because some can’t i i’m digressing but

this is obviously for somebody

it’s it’s i’m very careful

about what i’m trusting in i do like

trust tax

am i trusting in my my revenues am i

trusting in my family

am i trusting in my spouse am i trusting

it all these other things are important

because these things are blessing but

watch this you’re not supposed to trust

in the blessing

you’re supposed to trust in the in the


are you tracking with me and so i do

trust texts

all the time there’s certain times where

you know um

there’s certain states where it’s legal


to bear you know the

the second amendment is going strong and


and and is completely legit and legal to

to bear

bear arms and uh and so

uh i have arms and uh and legs

torso i got what you need you know

and but but sometimes god you know he’ll

he’ll check me say are you trusting me


those things you know and i have to be

real about if you study some of the

kings in scripture can i be professor


if you study some of the kings and strip


they didn’t do crazy things what got

them in trouble is they stopped trusting

in god

they got to a certain place in

prosperity they got

to a certain place in influence and and

instead of calling on god for help when

they got into trouble they were calling

other kings

and so it puts god in predicament i want

to bless you

i want to prosper you but will you trust

me or will you start trusting it i want

it to somebody watching me right now

and the reason why you’re frustrated is

because you put your trust in a thing

and here is the thing the thing can’t

help you

there’s no i i watch this it’s a created


why would you trade off trusting the


for the created thing but it happens to

us all the time and so

if we are reverent

if we are filled with trust as it

relates to our relationship with god i’m

talking about how we build ourselves


and if we serve and i’m going to talk

about serving in just a second

that keeps the relationship fresh now

what i

love about serving is the promises

that go along with serving it’s a trip


like somehow you can get to a place

where being called

a servant uh is almost like a derogatory

thing right

that’s my servant over there you know

but let me tell you something

jesus was a servant he said i’m the

chief he said

the one you’ve heard of before those who

will be great

must serve greatly what i love about


a servant of god is the assurance

the assurances that go along with being

a servant of god let’s talk about it

real quick

like for me being a servant when you’re

a servant

you get insight oh i feel the holy ghost

like like even on a practical level like

like like i’ve got

you know a great team of people that

that that serve the vision

uh some are on staff where they’re paid

salaries some are not

you know but but we’re all together

we’re building and we’re serving


and there are things that they know and

they get to experience

that the average bear does not they have

access to things that not everybody has

access to because they serve their way

into this place of insights i i love

that there’s a passage of scripture

in proverbs 25 and 14 i don’t know psalm

25 and 14

it says the secrets of the lord are with

those who fear him

and he will show them his covenant oh


see god will show you things there’s

another path of scripture i’m moving

through this quickly

but um where it was when um

god was getting ready to destroy destroy

sodom and gomorrah and god comes to


and or the angel sends the angels down

and and the angels have a dialogue with


and and the angel said should we uh

conceal this thing

from that we’re getting ready to do from

abraham you’ve got to study says in


it’s in genesis okay think somewhere


just in genesis um but

there was a question should we hide this

thing that we’re getting ready to do

from abraham and god was like no

because he’s faithful he’s a faithful

servant and he will lead

his family after me and so abraham now

has insight

and he’s i feel the spirit he’s able to

pivot and get his whole family out of a


and out of trouble and out of harm’s way

why because he was a servant

servants get insight right i want to

know before stuff happens

the prophetic comes to servants insight

even as it relates to insight with

business do this

don’t do this well this looks great on

paper yeah

but in your gut it looks terrible it

feels terrible don’t do this right

i feel the lord i don’t know who this is

for god’s trying to move you

from from believer from

churchgoer from christian if that’s what

you call yourself

to a servant because a servant sir

is next level a servant gets to hang out

in the master’s house

a servant gets to to drive the master’s


a servant gets to go in the master’s

closet they’re they’re cleaning

but they’re in there feeling all that

fine get put it on every once in a while

let me

and dream a little bit no no servants

i’m telling you and you can be i’m a

king and i’m a servant

i’m both king and servant and i believe

that believers are supposed to be king

queen and servant in fact it is your


that positions your crown squarely on

your head and watch this

because you serve god he put that crown

on your head

no man can take it off your head i feel

that i feel that

a crown but we got to keep going we got

to keep going i’m digressing but

i told you this is what this is what

we’re working with today

they get insight servants get protection

you know that scripture that we quote

uh in isaiah 54 and 17 it says no weapon

that is formed against you shall prosper

we stop right there

but it finishes it says this is the


of the servants of the lord

so because i know i’m a servant so you

got people claiming that promise are you

a servant

are you god’s servant right i serve god


which means that i can really boldly say

no weapon formed against me she’ll

probably put that gun away

put that knife away put that in it won’t

process you might pull it out

it doesn’t say no weapons before when i

was 16 years old a weapon was formed and

fired at me

but it didn’t prosper right and so but

this is the

inheritance of the serpents the servants

of god

right we have insight we have protection

and for me i just like the fact that

knowing that god hears my prayers

i’m not like this fair weather prayer i

just get in trouble and that’s when i

pray now listen it used to be like that

and god came through

but but like when i pray now i’ll be

like hey hey it’s me


hey lord it’s uh you know the one you

really love

it’s me no no sometimes it’s really like


like there’ll be i’ll have people that i

know that’ll be in really

like tough spots and tough situations

and and they’d be struggling with

something and i’m like god now like

like i i need to solid on this like i

know that they’re crazy

and i know that they deserve everything

that they’re getting right now because

of you know how they just have turned

their back on you but god

god like i need i need this solid

like and i’ve seen that happen i heard

there’s a guy who

did the crime you know and got arrested

and uh and he was in jail like and all

the evidence was against him all that

was in court

and i just went to god like yo god

like i know that you know he was wrong

i said but i just think he’s a good kid

and lord i just believe

that that if you give him this testimony

you know he’s going to turn his life


just a few months got out some crazy


he gets out of jail and he turned his

life around

and so and i just i’m just crazy enough

to believe it’s because i’m like

hey god it’s me

you ain’t got to tell nobody you know

what i mean but this

is what servants have it’s access

it’s it’s it’s believing in god i know

we have to move on but believing in god

doesn’t work against you it’s not some

uh limiting sort of consciousness

that puts you in a box and makes you

a guilt written restricted

shamed being who lied to you

no it’s just the opposite i’ve got the


of heaven and earth and all of the


on my side he is with me and for me this

is where life begins

because here is another thing i’m

created in god’s image

which means that if i don’t have belief

in god

i haven’t even begun to unpack who i am

because i am of the essence of god so to

not know god is to not know me

you understand what i’m saying it

doesn’t work against you that the enemy

has done a phenomenal job

of making it seem like no just don’t

trust god trust yourself trust this

trust the universe that’s all

no i trust god who made the universe

everything that is in the universe that

is assigned to me who put it there

the one who created it all so i can’t

get to me

without going through god

i was created in the image of god

right and in his likeness which means

that in order to see me

i need to see god

because when i see god god reflects back

to me

who i am like nobody or nothing else can


i was formed and created in his image

believing in god doesn’t work against me

it works for me

and that’s why that is the first thing

that you and i have to nurture if we’re

going to build ourselves we have to


our belief in god the second thing is we

have to nurture

our belief in ourselves

in ourselves i believe that

that that building when you talk about

building you you and i

have to grow in the area of self-love

and self-belief when when jesus was

asked what the greatest commandment was

you know what you know what he said he

said love the lord your god with all

your heart with all your mind with all

your soul with all your strength that’s

what jesus says right

love god with all of that stuff and then

he says love your neighbor

as you love yourself so jesus

was is the biggest promoter of self-love

and when you think about self-hatred

what does that come from as i talked

about a few weeks ago when we talk about

the four levels of spiritual warfare if

you hate yourself you got to know

that there is an intruder involved

somewhere because when did you become


how did you get to be against yourself

so self-hatred doesn’t even come from


it comes from outside of you and so

and so he says he says you know love

your neighbor as you love yourself in

other words my relationship my external

relationships will be born

out of how i treat and take care of and


believe in me and one of the things that

i’ve learned is that god can do

very little with you if you don’t

believe in yourself

that’s true i’m saying again yeah

god can do very little with you if you

don’t believe in yourself that’s why he


working on abraham sarah

esther david gideon all these people

started work jeremiah

all these great people struggle with

believing in themselves

oh god i feel the lord yeah

all these great jeremiah god said listen

to this beautiful listen to this

dialogue that god has with jeremiah in

jeremiah chapter 1.

god says before i formed you in the

belly i knew you

and i ordained you and and and i set you


and i made you and i’m going to make you

a prophet to the nations i endanger you

i sanctified you

i will make your profit to the nations

right i would be like yes lord i receive


and i would have fallen out like in

church you know

you know what jeremiah does he says

behold i cannot speak

i am a child i cannot speak every

great person will have to overcome

unbelief in self now he goes on to do

great things

right get in we talked about him briefly

last week

same thing you might god comes him you

mighty man of battle we’re about to

kick butt and take names for god’s glory

and gideon’s like

who me i am of the least of the tribes

of israel

and i’m the least in all the tribes

we all will have to not just get our

belief in god together

but our belief in self can we talk about

a little further can we go deeper

he can only do only very little he can

he can see see when we don’t believe in

ourselves if we believe in god i know


who believe in god but don’t believe in

themselves and they always stay at a

certain level

they’re going to heaven they’re

wonderful human beings

but they don’t believe that that god can


what he says he can do in their life

they don’t believe in them

i believe in me let me tell you

something you know i ride motorcycles

and people are always saying ooh be


and i get that they love me there’s

nothing wrong with it but and i tell

them oftentimes

oh don’t worry i love me you ain’t gonna

tell me to be careful trust me i

love torrey roberts

i’m gonna take care you know what i mean

i listen and there’s nothing wrong with


it’s not arrogance i straight up love me

and i’ma take care of me and so so i get


so we have to do that and god can’t do


for you if you don’t believe right about



you are who he says you are

ain’t nothing you can do about it you

can’t even you you can’t even cancel


you’ll just be living in a lie but you

can’t cancel who you are

and you have to make up your mind belief

is a decision

you got to make up your mind and say god

if you said it

i believe it i don’t care if everything

around me

looks completely different looks the

exact opposite of what you said

i believe i am the me that you call me

so what is god calling you what has god

called you and is it consistent with

what you call yourself

i was talking to my son the other day

and he is uh

you know extremely talented in a lot of

ways i really believe the same way i

believe about you

that that whatever god has anointed you

to do you can do

and i truly believe i believe in that

philippians 4 13 i can do

all things through christ who

strengthens me which strengthens me i i

believe that

and uh and we had a meeting in one of

the areas of his gifts

last night i brought him in on a meeting

uh with with uh

some people that are very successful in

that space uh

and uh and they you know he played some

of his stuff and they were

they were uh really impressed because it

is really good not that old

yeah my boys it was good no it’s like

really really good actually

you know and uh because i would i don’t

i don’t give compliments if it’s not the


you know i word it differently oh man

you’re really on to something there

yeah you you really keep going you know

that watch out for the keep going

because keep going sometimes be a

low-key keep going don’t stop here

don’t stop just keep it

but um i’m sorry i digress but but the

point that i’m making

is it it was great that they

enjoyed it you know particularly the

people of their caliber

uh in the space they enjoyed it but but

we were talking today and

and you know i told him i said listen

and this is a word for somebody

you have to allow outside

compliments watch this to be

confirmation not affirmation

it’s about what you say to you first


that matters i’ma say it again

let outside compliments be confirmation

not affirmation you’ve got to love

yourself so much

and believe in yourself so much and

speak to yourself so much

that by the time somebody recognizes

what you already knew

it ain’t nothing but confirmation baby

are you tracking with me

that’s that’s how it has to be

confirmation when he was he was a child


and we used to go into to auditions i

talk about this in one of my books i

think it’s wholeness

but we used to go into auditions and you

know he’s young you know he started

acting when he was three

and he’s young and and so he was going

into these auditions and i’m like now

listen son come here i looked him right

in his eye

i said listen listen isaiah i said you

don’t need

anything from this room i said you’re


you’re beautiful you’re talented i said

what god has for you is for you

and if this part is for you great if

it’s not

it’s a waste of time and we want to get

out there as soon as possible

right i said so so you don’t need

anything from the room i said you’re


to give to the room i feel that

oh god i feel that for somebody i don’t

know who this is for let me be prophet

terry again for a minute we’re almost


i don’t know who this is for but you are

going to have to come

to a place where you accept you

where you accept you

and not allow who you are

your value you’ve heard this before but

i want to take it deeper your value

uh you’re special to be predicated

by what’s outside of you because watch


most of the people that are praising

people were late to the party about

their special anyway

that’s right

they’re saying where did you come from

i’ve been me all my life yeah

that’s right and so and so i’m not going


uh allow someone whose eyes

have been blinded to me

to define me because either you see me

or you don’t jesus told the disciples he

said listen

he said when you go into a city when you

go into a house

he said let your peace come upon it in

other words release something

you’re not there to get something you’re

there to release something

right he says release it he says if that

place is not worthy

then let your peace come right back to

you and you step

into a worthy place what is a place that

is worthy

a place that is worthy is a place that

recognizes i feel the spirit

of god you are trying to get affirmation

and validation from places and people

and groups that are not worthy if god

has not opened their eyes

to your special then you need to take

your piece back you need to take your

confidence back

you need to take your faith back you

need to take your vision back you take


dream back and you need to move on and

find a people

a place a person a community that

recognizes what god is placing you i

feel it because for

every place that rejected you there’s

another place that’s going to accept you

i don’t know who in the world i am

talking to today

but i believe liberty is coming to your

house if that’s your word

put it right there in the thief i hear

you pt i hear you pt

oh god i feel it let me tell you

something can i testify and

we gotta land this plane cause i’m way

over time you know but let me tell you


i ain’t gonna lie when i first started

preaching in the

denominational environment that i was

preaching in

i’ll be honest with you i wasn’t

accepted really

because i was different and i loved this

denomination i thank god

i got my roots there but i wasn’t a


and that custom they hoop and that’s


to each his own there’s nothing wrong

with it but they hoop

and and some of you you non blacks don’t

know what i’m talking about

but you you you’ve heard it you’ve heard

it before but it’s

and it’s beautiful when the organ comes

in it’s really a one it’s a beautiful

thing it makes sense if you understand


i didn’t have that i’m from corporate

you did not hoop

in corporate america i gave speeches i


talks i closed deals i did that i did

not hope

i didn’t have the hoop so i didn’t learn

the hoop i didn’t know and i tried it

once i’ll be honest with you i don’t


i tried to hoop and i couldn’t i sounded

like an old beat up car

look at your hook it was terrible

and because that’s what they were used


i was different and you know what i did

i took my old different self

and i started a different church

yes yes yes and i went to a different


and i went to a different city same

person went to a different environment

and god rocked

the church that he planted me in god

just it was just

crazy what god did and my voice that

voice that i didn’t like that that hope

and style that i didn’t have and i felt

like it wasn’t nothing

it went all around the world touching


and saving people what if i would have

said well

i guess i need to hoop because there’s

some of you and you wouldn’t understand

what i was saying if i hoped you’d be

mad you wouldn’t be watching right now

if i was

some of you wouldn’t that’s wonderful

what i am saying is you

have got to be you and there will always

be a people

there will always be a place there will

always be an opportunity

for you just

the way that god made you

you got to believe in yourself i’m going

to say this we got to move on we’ve got

to move on got to move on i’ll keep

saying this

one of the biggest mistakes i’ve made in

the last five years

is not believing in myself your pastor

not believing in myself and sometimes

it just and i’ll tell you

the breakdown to believing in myself


when i began to question myself

oh god i feel it i started questioning


am i enough i never felt that

but it was an attack on

who i am i said it before there will

always be a war

on your belief

somebody is getting ready to start


in themselves again in your uniqueness

i started trying okay where do i fit in

how do i do

right and see when you compromise

anytime you compromise

you start giving pieces of yourself away

oh god and what is compromise you


when you stop being you to try to fit

into something

oh i feel the holy ghost you stop being


there you you compromise in negotiations

but you do not compromise when it comes

to identity that’s right

oh that’s a word for somebody that’s a

word that’s a word it’s a word that’s a


you compromise in marriage oh i i i i

you wanted pink i wanted

burgundy we compromise

sacrifices is a word we use in church

you know and so i have to sacrifice

yeah you sacrifice everything but you

you can sacrifice money you can even

sacrifice time

but what you can’t sacrifice is you

because when you sacrifice you you’ve

crossed the line

watch out for any relationship any

situation that makes you

want to sacrifice or makes a demand

that you sacrifice you watch out for any

job or

any business opportunity any

entertainment opportunity

any relationship anything that tries to


you know you just got to sacrifice yes

everything but me

i’m not sacrificing toray i’ll sacrifice


i’ll sacrifice time why because those


i can well i can’t get time back but

those things don’t have anything to do

with me

what i cannot i’m trying to build me

i’m trying to know me discover me

evolve me i can’t become

if i am compromised if i’m giving away

pieces of me trying to please you

no no no no no no no no no

are you tracking with me very very very

very important so so so we build

ourselves by

by our belief we talked about this a

belief in god

belief in self and then the last thing

and this is easy and we’re done we’re


belief in what you and god can do

i’m together thinking i’m done i’m done

i was just thinking about

all the moments where god says put some

speck on my name

maybe he didn’t say that but i remember

remember when when god was talking to


her name was sarai at the time because

sarah would answer right

i gotta sarah oh but

he was he was telling her that she was

gonna have

a child and she laughed you remember


she laughed and the guy said are you

laughing at me she said i didn’t laugh

he said not

look i would know you laughed

and then he said something powerful he

says god says

he speaks he starts speaking in third

person he says is there anything

too hard for the lord

for the lord for the lord with abraham

with abraham when abraham was struggling

about the promise

and he was ready to just he’s ready to


god takes abraham outside and he says

abraham come come

i know you’re struggling with believing

and whether or not i can do what i say

i’m going to do but

let’s let’s do something real quick i

want you to go outside i want you to

look at all those stars

he said can you count them tell me if

you can count them

and he tells them ultimately that that

the number of your descendants will be

more plenteous than the stars but the

point that he was making was he was

taking him watch this outside of his


because your environment shapes your

belief wow

he takes them come on out of there come

on come on out the house because you

need to see you you’re forgetting

who i am right now if we all loaded up

jumped in the van

drove to the beach right now our

perspective would shift

if we just stood there if i had the same

message the same conversation we’re all

having right now if all of you watching


listening to the podcast if we all just

wrote down all thousands of ideas we

just we just rolled down

to the beach right now and i had the

same message

some of you would just whoa

it would take it to a whole nother level

so god takes abraham out

he says let me pull you out of your

environment oh god i feel

i’m trying to stop because i’m way over


but but who who is god who am i talking

to that god is trying to pull you out of

an environment of limiting belief

who who am i talking to because

sometimes the reason why you can’t see

is not because of you

it’s because of the toxicity the

toxicity of unbelief it’s because of the


of unbelief that’s around you

and sometimes you got to shift sometimes

it’s temporary sometimes you just got to

step away for a minute

because sometimes god calls you to work

in crazy environments i get it i know

all about that

but sometimes for you for your sake you

got to come out of it

get you some air where are your altars

that remind you of who god is and what

he’s done

mine is a rock in malibu mine is a

mountain near my home

mine is i have things that remind me

when i need to see god

afresh i go and i find something

and when i get there i believe again i

believe that me plus

god i believe in what me and god can


is there anything too hard

for the lord oh god i want to pray for


i feel like god wants to adjust your


he wants to adjust your sight and he

wants to touch your heart

i feel it so strongly i feel like god

wants to build you

he wants to build you and he’s going to

build you by building your belief

you are what you believe oh god

and you can only and you can’t move past

we can’t get around unbelief wouldn’t it

be something that you can’t buy belief

would it be something you hit the belief

lotto you know what i mean there’s a

little scratcher oh yes

no no but it’s easier than you think

because at the end of the day it’s a


it is it is you just make up your mind i

choose you got people to choose to


crazy stuff right and it’s their reality

you know what i mean the sky is

green look at that green sky it’s blue

but whatever but they believe it

they believe it and then some scientific

person leave a comment that’s fine god

bless you

it’s about a point it’s a point that i’m

making you know what i mean because this

guy is actually clear

isn’t that interesting it’s not really

but anyway that’s all anyway

that digress you see me but the point

that i’m making is that

and what i’m saying is that god’s going

to shift something you’re going to share

something in your sight

belief is everything wow and it is a


and once you make it and you stick to it

because belief is always going to be

pushed up against it’s always going to

be challenged

there’s always going to be an

opportunity the enemy is right there


to snatch up your belief and you know

what you do you double down

when an enemy comes and he brings it out

double down

on what you believe if god spoke it

is trustworthy you could take it to the

bank i want to wrap this thing up family

and i want to wrap it up by praying for


i know that the world tells us to build

just build this and build that but if

you don’t build you

it’s in vain psalm 127 and 1 is one of

my favorite passages it says

except the lord build the house they

labor in vain

that build it unless the lord keeps the

city the watchman is waiting in vain

something to that effect you want god to

build you

to build you up i believe that the

answer to some of the things that you

might be struggling with or some of the

things that

you perceive as lack in your life has to

do with you

not prioritizing building you you’re too


i i see you you you’re

too busy trying to build everything but


you’re too busy helping and it’s good to


a helper it’s good to be a servant but

but you’ve got to know

when let me i’ll put it to you this way

when helping you begins to hurt me

i stop helping you because god wouldn’t

call me

to help you if it hurts me are you

tracking with me

you have to have boundaries and you have

to set boundaries and you have to love

yourself enough

not to give yourself away

trying to please somebody else and

typically a lot of times there’s some

brokenness in there

because sometimes people need to be

needed it’s almost like a drug it’s


i need to i need you to need me

you know and so to keep you need me i do

more for you

at the expense of me and we’re not going

to do that but i want to pray for you

and i want you to build you it’s it’s

it’s the summer

yeah well i don’t know when you’re

watching this but i preach this in the


and um and it’s a good opportunity to

take time for you

and pray and really think about where

you are

in belief believe in god

nurture it it’s fun it’s it’s

actually fun it’s wonderful when you

don’t see him as this dictator

with his thumb on you trying to squash

you but but

but your partner one who loves you who

gets you better than you get yourself

and who can handle you god can handle

you he can handle

every aspect of you and then nurturing

belief in yourself

you can do all things to christ who

strengthens you you are

more than what you think and your

uniqueness and your special

they used to laugh at my voice when i

was a little when i was a little boy

they said you sound like michael jackson

you know what i mean and the same voice

going around the world changing lives

that same same voice it’d be the same

it’d be

it’d be the same let me say it

for all my hood people it be the same


that you despise that god uses

in your life you got to see it right

right and you got to believe in what you

and god can do together

because you plus god will always be the

majority i want to pray for you

if you are watching this right now and

you say i’m ready

i’m ready to open up my heart to god i’m

ready to

to believe in god i you know i haven’t


you know reverenced the lord or

you know i just i’ve been away and i

need to come back home

i need to you said so many things pt

that just

that just hit me in the chest and i need

to i need to come back home i need to

open up i need to

i want to discover who i truly am i want

that insurance you talked about

that servants have i used to serve but

man i got distracted whatever your

testimony is

if you’re coming home i just want you to

put it right there in the feed i’m

coming home

whether you’re coming home for the first

time right because in god is home

and that’s where it all started god is

our origin he is

alpha and omega and he’s everything in


and so if you say i’m coming home i want

to come home i want to come back home

however you were to just put it right

there in the feed

we’re praying for you we are for you let

me tell you something i embraced

god you know 21 years ago 21

yeah 2000 21 years ago and i have never

looked back and i’m telling you like

it’s almost like finding the fountain of

youth there’s been so much restoration

there’s been so many things that that i

couldn’t have dreamed for i

literally i’m living a dream

i’m living a dream literally because

it doesn’t make sense to have this much

grace and this much favor

but it was always mine i just needed my

eyes open

i needed to connect with the god who

made me

and that’s going to be your testimony so

if that’s you just say i’m coming home

i’m coming home

and i want to pray for you father thank

you for this

this conversation that we’ve had and i

pray god that um

that the seeds that you’ve sown today


will produce much fruit god you never

told me to build a big ministry

you never told me to build a big church

but now nearly 600

000 subscribers on youtube over 100

million views

god you you never said do any of that

you just said

be big be a big person and build big


and here we are father i pray there

there’s some right now that think that

the way

to the top is grind

well that might be the way to the top

but it’s not the way to stay

it’s not the way to endure it’s not the

way to become

and so father i pray that there would be

just a paradigm

shift and that we would build ourselves

that we would seek first your kingdom

that we would seek

ways to grow in you and when we do that

god we would open our eyes and literally


that our life changed the world we thank


we love you in jesus name we pray