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what’s up free chapel can i hear you

make some noise for jesus

can i hear you make some noise for our


did anybody come for transformation

did anybody come because they need to

hear from god

can i hear the sound of expectation in

this room


i am so excited

to be in georgia can you help me just

acknowledge the incredible leadership of

the divine conference with the entire

franklin prescott family i honor you

so much i thank you for who you are in

the kingdom i do not take it lightly

that you have entrusted me with this

incredible body of women i’ve been

studying and i’ve been praying i believe

that god has a word for us did anybody

come forward

this is not the kind of conference you

come to if you want to be entertained

when you invest in a conference like

this it’s because you know that you know

that you know that you need to hear from

god that your world is depending on the

touch from god is anybody crazy like

that where they will invest in a

conference and take off a word because

i’m just that desperate to hear from my

savior i’m just that hungry my marriage

needs to break

and that’s why we’re here

because we want to tap into the divine

i’m going to jump into the word

i’m going to be reading out of luke 8


i love you child

i paid her to do that

i’m going to be in luke 8 and 47. can

you all just help me my best friend is

here and i just happened to be married

to him can you just help me love on my

husband who’s supporting on me

today i love you baby

that’s my boo thing okay

focus all right luke 8

verse 47.

i’m gonna read either the new king james

version and my text begins it says

now when the woman saw that she was not

hidden she came from oh i lied i lied in

verse 49.

it’s all right guys

god knows my heart luke 8 and 49

okay says while he was still speaking

someone came from the ruler of the

synagogue’s house saying to him

your daughter is dead

do not trouble the teacher

but when jesus heard it he answered him

saying do not be afraid only believe

and she will be made well

when he came into the house he permitted

no one to go in except peter

james and john

and the father and the mother of the


now all wept and mourned for her but he

said do not weep

she is not dead but sleeping

and they ridiculed him knowing that she

was dead but he put them all outside

took her by the head and called saying

little girl


then her spirit returned and she arose

immediately and he commanded that she be

given something to eat

and her parents were astonished but he

charged them to tell no one

what had happened

my subject for those of you who like to

take notes is girl get up

girl get up

spirit of the living god we just invite

you into every corner

of this environment

god we ask that your spirit would

permeate our excuses that it would tear

down our walls that it would see past

our facade and that it would touch the

innermost core of our being god we came

because we must hear from you we’re

trying to tap into our divinity when

humanity tells us that we’re less than

god we are divine we believe that we are

fearfully and wonderfully made so god

i’m asking that you would allow for this

word to be a reflection of your


that they would hear something in this

message that unlocks who you’ve called

them to be

that you would stir up the gifts and

allow fresh oil creativity and strategy

that they may leave this place and win

again and breathe again and have peace

again because that’s the kind of god

that i serve and that’s what he does

when he steps in a room and so as for me

god i asked that there would be no

nerves no anxiety just your spirit your

oil standing tall on the inside of me in

jesus name amen

amen you all can be seated and

get comfortable

and pray for my feet

and that i can hold my stomach in

because i forgot my spanx so this is

going to be

short and sweet amen amen

this message

girl get up

is kind of near and dear to my heart and

not just because it’s how i wake my

daughter up around april in the school


i don’t know if you’re like me but like

when school starts in august i am like

that mom i pack the snacks before night

i make breakfast in the morning like a

full-on breakfast like eggs bacon

pancakes anything you want by april

she’s gotten on my nerves and i’m like

girl get up you’ve rolled over so many

times it’s time for you to get out of

the bed i like to call that version of

myself eve

it’s all right guys um eve

feeds her children cereal for dinner

not for breakfast for dinner


oh yeah she’s really she’s really a

shaky individual that eve that’s down on

the inside of me um she’s not pleasant

when she goes to the gym when she sees

the girl who’s back there running and

her ponytails are swinging and she’s

having a full-on conversation while i

can barely get past three on the

treadmill eve eve down in me rolls her

eyes at her she’s really

sketchy god is still working on me and

he’s working on me in such a way that he

has even made me become more comfortable

with this idea of eve i don’t know if

you are like me but even i we’ve had it

we’ve had a struggled a strained


um i love ruth i love esther

i love mary um but eve

even now we struggled for a long time

because eve just had one


we were all vegan i’m sure we had six

packs and god just told eve

to do one thing