Service Date: 8.30.2015 – 11AM

if you weren’t here Wednesday night I

want to encourage you to watch the

message on YouTube it was called the

spiritual sweet spot we looked at

Solomon and the accountant first Kings

chapter 3 we got approaches Solomon at

Gibeon and he says the Solomon ask of me

and I will give it to you and Solomon

could have asked for anything I mean

anything if we were presented with that

proposition some of us would have asked

for a whole bunch of things too but

Solomon for some reason he is moved to

pause his move to take his time and he’s

moved to reflect upon firstly the one

who’s making this request of him to his

own life

three sb5 by the time this is done three

the history of God and then as he does

all of this assessing he was not quick

to answer he goes to this process you’ve

got to listen to that message he goes

through this process and he finally

comes down to not asking for riches not

asking for honor not asking for the

heads of his enemies but he ultimately

says God give me a wise and

understanding heart so that I might live

out ultimately my purpose in my destiny

all it was incredible right and as I

begin to to think about that message

even to a deeper place and I did

originally I thought about where he was

when God encountered him in such a way

because how many of us know geography is

everything God is so brilliant and

intelligent and he is so all-knowing and

all-seeing that everything about what he

does in your life what he does who was

around when he does it and where he does

it all those things are significant and

so I’m like we don’t Psalms in this

place I’m like I wonder if there was

something about Gibeon something about

God engaging Solomon at Gibeon that


him into this the spiritual place of

alignment that allowed him to respond to

God appropriately in such a way that it

pleased God and God blessed his socks

off literally he said God give me wisdom

and understanding and God gives him

first of all he makes him the wise as

ever and then because he didn’t ask for

the other things he gives him riches and

honor so this this is not just something

to read over this was like a powerful

moment where he was perfectly aligned

and I believe that his geography helped

him to come to the place of responding

to God the way that he responded to God

and securing the destiny that God had

had purpose for him and so I wanted to

do some research on Gibeon and I’m like

what was it about giving so so I did a

little bit of research on Gibby and a

little bit of research on Gibeon and I

found out that it was actually a place

we’re going to look at in just a second

in Joshua chapter 9 but it was actually

a place where in times past the children

of Israel made a big mistake

and so I want us to look at that as we

embark upon this brief but necessary

message called divine decision-making

because I can tell you right now that

God wants you to be of an excellent

spirit this guy named Daniel in

Scripture you got to study when you get

a chance one of the things that it says

of Daniel was that he was of an

excellent spirit he made right moves

mm-hmm and I believe that as we can’t

embrace a lifestyle and a paradigm of

really seeking God and making the right

moves we’re going to see our lives

accelerate we’re going to see just the

goodness of God take off in our lives in

unprecedented ways but we have to learn

and particularly we can learn this

lesson early how to make divine

decisions and not just decisions there

are good things and then there are God

things and so let’s look at this account

let’s look at the mistake and let’s

glean from the mistake I’m going to show

you four necessities that we must have

for divine decision-making we’re going

to pray and we’re going to be better

when we leave out here is that good

all right so here is the historical

backdrop the backdrop is that this the

children of Israel are under the

leadership of Joshua and Joshua is a

young leader he’s full of God the favor

of God is on his life the hand of God is

on his life and he is leading the

children of Israel into victory upon

victory upon victory to realize

everything that God had promised to

their forefathers right and so at this

time in the text they have conquered a

few cities and they are just I mean

they’re kicking butts and takin names

they are in alignment with God they are

in their purpose the promises of being

realized in their life they are on their

way it is happening it is rolling and

then this takes place it says and it

came to pass when all the kings these

kings were the kings that were left over

because they were conquering kings and

kingdoms in the name of the Lord getting

their inheritance and so now these kings

at our reference here Kings that are

left and they’re afraid here it goes and

it came to pass when all the kings who

were on this side of the Jordan in the

hills in the lowland

and all the coasts of the Great Sea

toward Lebanon the hid side the amorite

the Canaanite the perizzite the hivite

and the jebusite when all these kings of

these peoples heard about it that they

gathered together to fight with Joshua

and Israel with one Accord I want to

just point out some things as we walk

through this when you begin to get into

purpose when you begin to align yourself

with things of God and you start moving

past the hit and miss wins but you start

winning all the time right because

before you really get into alignment

when you’re learning your lessons that

you’re you’re making the majority of

your space sure you have victory over

here and then two failures over here but

there’s a place that you will get to

when you are seasoned and sensitive in

God where you start winning after

winning after winning you start having

victory after victory after victory and

when that happens you become a threat I

feel God on that there’s some people in

here right now

and you’re you’re coming to the end of a

season where you have deficit after

deficit and defeat after defeat you’re

coming to an end of that season all of

that was designed to teach you and train

you and make you hungry and thirsty and

desperate for God and you’re going to

move into a time where it is victory

after victory after victory you are

going to be hashtag we always win in

Jesus name it’s coming it’s coming it’s

coming it’s coming I promise you it’s

your inheritance it’s over your life but

when that happens you’ve got to know

that you winning means the Kingdom is

winning and if the Kingdom is winning

that means that the enemy is losing and

when enemy starts in losing he starts

getting desperate and he starts

galvanizing all of his resources

together against you and here’s what you

have to understand just because you’re

winning does not mean that you are

exempt of an enemy I need to say that


just because you are winning you must

not forget that you have an adversary

sometimes the good life makes you think

that everything in life is good and you

can never lose your consciousness and

your awareness that you are in a fight

and your success means his demise your

prosperity means his defeat you have to

understand that because it will keep you

on guard and so they’re winning and the

scriptures say that because they’re

winning now instead of them facing king

after king now what’s happening in a

realm that they cannot see is that all

the kings are coming together while for

heaven on this and now the strategy

against you this is for somebody this

mess is going to save your life the

strategy against you is getting more

complex and is getting more complicated

and is getting more sophisticated

because you have all these Kings each of

these Kings had wisdom and now they’re

galvanizing together and they are

strategizing now with their various

talents gives Shekinah Rees and now

they’re bringing them all to the

boardroom of all into the anti-you

boardroom that’s why the season of

prosperity is a dangerous

and that’s what you got to have your

switchblade out at all times I’m telling

you I pull it out who are you who are

you who sent you you can always put it

back but don’t be caught without it come

on somebody’s like Amex don’t be caught

without it and so so they gather

together to fight with Joshua in Israel

with one Accord whoo boy and it says but

when the inhabitants of Gibeah know here

we go gideon remember where did Solomon

get engaged by God Gibby and now here’s

Gideon again he says but when the

inhabitants of Gibeon heard what Joshua

had done to Jericho and I it says they

worked craftily now Gibeon was a land it

was literally next it was the next land

for them to conquer okay so they were

supposed to conquer give in when given

here is what they had done to Jericho

and what they had done the AI they

decide that since I can’t beat them I’ve

got to try to outsmart them and it says

that they worked craftily wouldn’t it be

so easy if the enemy was straight up I’m

the enemy I hate you I don’t like you

you’re stronger than me you can beat me

and all you have to do is keep going and

I’ll be defeated and you will prosper

don’t you wish the enemy will be

straight up but it isn’t he’s crafty he

has to be crafty right so the

inhabitants of Gibeon it says they

worked craftily and went and pretended

to be ambassadors and they took old

sacks on their donkeys old wineskins

torn and mended and and old and patch

sandals on their feet and old garments

on themselves and all the bread of their

provisions was dry and moldy and they

went to Joshua to the camp of Gilgal and

they said to him and to the men of

Israel we have come from a far country

and remember Gibeon was next they lied

and said we’ve come from a far country

now therefore look at what they say what

right away make a covenant with us so

what they’ve done here is they’re from

literally the neighboring city but

they’re pretending like they’re from a

far city right and

and they start they get old clothes and

they get old wineskins and they get old

moldy bread because they’re getting

ready to ultimately lie to the children

of Israel and notice that they are

trying to get them to make a covenant

trying to get them to make a decision

quickly then the men of Israel said to

the Hittites now who are the headlights

the Hittites were actually there is no

such thing as a Gibby tonight it’s kind

of strange but those who are in giving

our devices it’s kind of strange I mean

you would think they should be the

Gibeonites because it’s Gibeon but for

whatever reason they were he rights and

so the leave-me-alone just it is what it

is and just you know talk to God about

it if he you know you have an issue but

so then when the men of Israel set to

the Hittites perhaps you dwell among us

so how can we make it cover with you

so it’s interesting so so there was a

sensitivity in the children of Israel at

first to not believe them oh you guys

stay with me so sometimes when something

is not right God will put a knowing in

your knower you don’t understand why you

know you don’t understand how you know

you you just know that you don’t feel

quite comfortable that’s something not

quite right and they were so on it that

they said they literally perhaps you

dwell among those in other words perhaps

you’re from a land that’s closest and

they were right their senses were right

sometimes is how you feel at first but

you need to pay attention to so how can

we make a covenant with you right so

they were talking well at first but then

they said to Joshua we are your servants

and Joshua said to them he was like me

who are you and where do you come from

who sent you so they said to him and

they just lying they said to him from a

very far country your servants have come

because watch this because of the name

of the Lord your God for we have heard

of his fame and all that he did in Egypt

what they are doing now is they are

they’re trying to find Joshua’s weak


see the enemy is a crafty and he knows

ultimately that every person has a need

every person somewhere where the largest

small has a void has an opening and the

enemy will keep working until he can

find the part of you that is exploitable

that’s heavy you keep working try one

thing don’t work try nothing work what

moves you where are your buttons and let

me tell you something you have got to

know your buttons so that you can

protect them oh I wish I had time with

you and all that he did so he says

Joshua I’m here because I’ve heard of

the Lord and and all that he’s been

doing in your life flattery and all that

he did to the two kings of the Emirates

who were beyond the Jordan to sit on the

king of s-bahn and all the king of

Bashan who was at Astaroth in other

words I’m trying to pump you up is it

pride is your open-door pride is your

open door the need to be gassed up oh

wow and see what you have to understand

is we live in a culture and a society

that promotes the gas up that’s why we

grade ourselves sometimes on how many

likes we get on our photos

it got so quiet in here if I put a

passion about Jesus up there I’m not

going to get a whole lot of likes uh-huh

I won’t get a lot of likes but if I put

a passage with me all of a sudden my

lights go up so let me try it again

Jesus few likes many likes let me try it

again to make sure that it’s not some

sort of anomaly and then the next thing

you know if I need likes when I’m

feeling low I’m not gonna post about

Jesus I’m a post my six-pack but mighty


as real church because

because deep down we have a need to be

gassed up and it seems cute but you have

to understand that it is the very area

that the enemy will exploit to crowd you

so that when a key decision needs to be

made you make a decision from the cloud

and not God

can I have real talk and we have real


route search we’re gonna get to an

excellent spirit we’re gonna get there

so he’s gassing him a man I heard you to

stop man the way you demand way you took

down Jericho man you have to fight do

you just opened your mouth and it fell

your the stuff likes can’t be desperate

for likes you can’t trust them so you

mean to tell me you like it when I

devalue myself I’m trusting your likes

when you don’t like it when I talk about

how encouraged I am by the Lord how

excited I am about walking with God in

my new life you mean to tell me you only

like it when I put my my butt out and

I’m supposed to rely on your like when

I’m blazed up turned up Trump buck

Wallach that’s what you like but when I

talk about the goodness of Jesus when I

talk about purpose and destiny you

withhold your life get your life keep

your life

keep your life keep it keep it and

that’s still lying look at this

therefore our elders and all the

inhabitants of our country spoke to us

saying take provisions with you for the

journey and go to meet them and say to

them we are your servants

now therefore make a covenant with us

you notice there’s trying to get

agreement the bread of ours we took hot

for our provision from our houses on the

day that we departed to come to you but

now look it’s dry and mouldy and you

know what’s crazy about this is see see

sometimes when people lie they are so

creative with their lives that you just

have to assume that they can’t be that

creative with the line it must be the

truth but what you don’t realize is

liars are called Liars because they are

good at what they do they have an

anointing to lie sometimes they hit you

with so much I mean it’s such an

elaborate story my god and then they

have proof they got the bread and it’s

motive and you feel like maybe I’m crazy

watch out for people that make you think

you’re crazy you are not crazy you are

trusting and God you see what you see

you’ve been pressing in you’ve been

reading you’ve been praying you ain’t


maybe just maybe they are liars and

professionals at it how you thinking you


I’m for you crazy

I mean look at this elaborate scheme

they hot bread and it’s not hot in its

mood and all this watch this and all

this went into tricking you who must you

be if the enemy has schemes and shiki

nuri and tricks and backdoors stuff and

molded bread it means you were something

means you valuable means there’s

something on your life and means if

you’ve not wearied and you’re well doing

and due season you’re going to reap if

you don’t get distracted and you don’t

give up it means that there’s something

on you and this message is coming now

but some of you because you got

decisions to make and now is not the

time to be lazy with your

decision-making come on we got to get

through this and these wines can still

lie that’s just how relentless the enemy

is and these wines against which we have

filled which we feel were new and see

they are torn yeah they’re torn cuz you

poor man but anyway and these are

garments and these are garments and our

sandals have become old because of the

very long journey I mean they are

working this thing there’s stroking this

thing in verse 14 let’s go and see what

it says it says then oh my god oh my god

oh my god see wouldn’t it be awesome if

the men of Israel had this text prior to

the making their decision wouldn’t it be

awesome but they didn’t so here’s what

happens it says then the men of Israel

took some of their provisions but they

did not ask here it is family the great

sin of not asking God we’re all sinners

aren’t we you thought saying was I do

this I do that I’m a freaking out of

this idea but what if

what if the greatest sin is this right

here not asking counsel of the Lord

that’s that was that greatest sin let’s

see what happens so Joshua aw come on

somebody say let me know Joshua no no

judge would know I’m seeing it unfold

right before my eyes but all of us have

been Josh it was some times so Joshua

made peace with him not even knowing he

made peace with his enemies because they

were crafty and because quite possibly

he was blinded by his own need for

affirmation his own need to feel like

mr. big stuff right so Joshua made peace

with them and made it I feel that

somebody people know your weakness a lot

of times you put your weakness right on

Instagram you put your weakness on

social media for the enemy to see I feel

someone that I want to lay in it but I

pressed for time I’ll say this though

sometimes your weakness is right on

display you make it easy for the enemy

to trick you because you show him the

chinks in your armor

so Joshua made peace with them and made

a covenant with them to let them live

they’re supposed to die and let them

live right and the rulers of the

congregation swore to them Wow I was

crazy now this is crazy this is crazy it

says and it happened at the end of three

days after they had made a covenant with

them that they heard that they were

their neighbors who dwelt near them they

were just three days away if they could

have held out for three days go back to

that verse

fill this with somebody

and it happened at the end of three days

after they made a covenant with them

that they heard that they were neighbors

and not those who are far off this is


that means it watch this if they would

have just held out for a minute

notice the pressure to make a decision

notice the pressure to make the Covenant

notice the pressure to make the

agreement notice the pressure when the

reality of it is in just three short

days three is the number of God who

represents God Father Son Holy Spirit

and you look in the scripture blood word

and spirit and water it’s a number that

represents God 3 God 3-dimensional 3rd

eyes spirituality right so number 4 God

if they had waited for God he would have

shown them that what they thought was

was not in the three days and then it

says the children of Israel journeyed

and came to the cities on the third day

now the cities were given their cities

were given is already theirs chipra be

rough whatever I didn’t study Hebrew I

Kirchhoff and the other one you know but

the children of Israel did not attack

them because the rulers of the

congregation had sworn to them by the

Lord their God of Israel

so the previous mistake now hinder them

from doing the right thing later

when they needed to make a move in order

to progress they could not because

they’ve been held back by a decision

that they made in and of themselves

because they did not consult the Lord

it’s usually never what you’re being

tempted with it’s what that connection

is going to keep you from two or three

steps down the road and that’s why the

old notion it doesn’t look so bad

doesn’t seem so bad yeah but you don’t

know what life is you don’t know what’s

out there

mmm I get through this but the children

Reiser said do not attack them because

of the rules of the cognition that’s

warranted in by the Lord God of Israel

and all the congregation complained

against the rule is of course they did

they’re like fools why did you make a

covenant then all the rulers said to all

the congregation we have sworn to them

by the Lord God of Israel

therefore we may not touch them all men

hands are tied by their own

decision-making they have the power to

do something but could not use that

power because they gave power away when

they covered it outside the Council of

God it says this we will do to them we

will let them live let’s rap be upon us

because of the oath which we swore to

them and then it says and the ruler said

to them let them live but let them be

wood cutters look at this compromise

let them be wood cutters and water

carriers for all the congregation as the

rulers had promised them so here’s the

deal so they make the mistake and now

ultimately they have to live with a

birdie and I just have to make the best

of it okay we can’t kill them we got to

keep us with me now we got more drama on

our back more so at least let’s try to

make them woodcutters let’s try to make

them servants right it costs them all

because they did not seek counsel from

the Lord right I want to give you four

necessities for divine decision-making

because I believe that we’re entering

into a time as levers where we cannot

necessarily go by what we see I believe

that if we’re beginning to prosper if

we’re beginning to always win that we’re

going to have to even be more careful

and pay more attention to the

opportunities that come our way be it a

relationship or whatever well I’m so

guarded right now hos that you yeah but

I come bearing goodies and money I don’t

care who sent you what do you want

what’s in your heart what’s your agenda

for things quickly for necessities for

divine decision-making the first one is

this the obvious one is the need to

consult God one of the things that I

love about God and I appreciate about

God is that God has eternal perspective

he sees it all sometimes you’re not

talking about talked about in my book

purpose awakening sometimes there’ll be

a check in your spirit and you’ll be it

could be a relationship or a business

opportunity or whatever and there’s some

check in your spirit and you don’t

understand why because on paper it all

makes sense hello somebody it’s the

perfect opportunity on paper is to


relationship on paper but for some

reason there is a check in your spirit

wait for that check to be clear because

a lot of times what you don’t realize is

that God is seeing something a little

further down the road sometimes the

person is right on paper today but put

them in the right situation or the wrong

situation and they’re going to become

your worst nightmare although they check

out on paper you have to wait I believe

I believe let me tell you some I believe

in the Four Seasons rule I’ll talk about

that in the book as well I believe you

need to know people for Four Seasons

everybody looks good in the summer

six-pack come on somebody everything is

tight in the summer everybody’s happy in

the summer especially in California

everybody’s cool and positive who are

you in the winter though how do you look

after the holidays you find out what I’m

saying like what who are you for real

the Four Seasons sometimes you know you

can’t really determine a fruit I’m not

talking about judging people and time up

being a fruit inspector sometimes you

know fruit only grows in certain seasons

so you need to go the full cycle to see

what type of fruit they are somebody

could sell you an orange tree in an


and all you’ve got is their word but

when it’s circle when the harvest time

comes around you really see that that

was a doggone lemon and you paid orange

tree price for a lemon tree that you

didn’t need so so the reason why we have

to consult God is that God is factoring

in not just who a person is but who a

person will be not just what a deal is

but what that deal will ultimately

become that father I told you about

in hindsight I’m sure that that deal

that he and his daughter engaged in

looked amazing I mean the opportunities

were endless it was with a huge studio

the money was great there were all these

sort of multimedia opportunities but he

says now in hindsight which is 20/20

that the thing that destroyed his family

was that one

show that means that he made a decision

without consulting God because they

would if it would have consulted God God

who sees in the long run would have said

I know it feels good but that ain’t the

one it’s going to cost you your family

what does it profit what will it profit

a man if he gains the whole world and

loses himself and now you have to live

in that reality that your decision

procured for you you have to consult God

that’s the first thing the second thing

is your need the need to be patient the

children of Israel family were only

three days away from clarity there were

only three days away from truth watch

out for things that try to speed you

into things I promise you as I look at

the history of my life all the things

that were worth something were spaced

out in enough way to have confirmation

upon confirmation watch out for things

that say if you don’t do it now the only

way that you can fully pull the trigger

and do anything quickly is if the Lord

has spoken to you it even the Lord says

out of the mouth of two or three

witnesses let every word be established

he gives you space for confirmation

watch out for pressure hearing you go to

buy a car it’s their job not to let you

get out of there and you know why is

their job you know what they they’re

paid to not let you get out of there and

I’m generalizing oh we may have some

salespeople in here

oh whatever I think you’re you have

integrity but you’re in train your train

because they know that if you get out of

the environment if you get out of the

oxygen of the new car smell and you’re

able to breathe in some clear air you

will probably realize that it is not the

best decision for you to buy the doggone

thing right then and they

afford to have you clear well I got

stories for anybody bought a lemon well

I bought a lemon bar back 1993 bar

buttons five year old Toyota Supra man

they rushed me out there boy I want to I

was on a date that night and I’m looking

in the rearview mirror and I see smoke

in the back of the car I’m like

somebody’s car is really smoking but it

wouldn’t go away you know I’m like wow

everybody smoked that look it was me

first date car up on the tow truck it

was embarrassing and I bet and I just

bet if I would have taken my time and

done a little more research and waited

on God I wouldn’t have been embarrassed

I mean I thought I was cool the car was

all clean it was smelling good shoed he

was on a tow truck by the end of the

night got to be patient they were three

days away there’s some of you I feel it

so strongly and you’re about to close

something today I dare you I challenge

you to wait three days and pray and say

God if this is you you have no problem

speaking to me you have no problem

confirming it to me if it is you go I’m

not going to do it based on what I feel

I’m sorry but feelings just aren’t good

enough it’s not a good enough reason

that you felt that God I need you to

speak to me because you have divine

insight you’ve got revelation and I want

to make this choice count and matter the

second thing is the need to be patient

the third thing and this is powerful is

the need to qualify your motivation

what’s really driving me my next book is

going to be about knowing yourself

literally the eleventh commandment thou

shalt know thyself because a lot of

times we are God aware but we’re not

self aware and you’ve got to know what’s

driving you because if you look at it if

you discover the why behind what you are

after you’ll realize that it’s an

unworthy pursuit the last thing you want

to do is go after something because you

need it for you

got to qualify your motivation God is

this you or is this me

why do I want it and lastly I think is

really important is the need to curb

your lust you got to get you in check

you got to get your lust in check

somebody choked a little bit on that

that’s okay I get it

get your lesson Oh huh you got to

learn to curb your lust we all have lust

the Bible says that every man is tempted

when he is drawn away of his own lust

and enticed and then it says when lust

has conceived as James chapter one it

says when lust has conceived it brings

forth sin and when sin is finished it

brings forth deaths but we all are

tempted the scripture says we all

attempted to start off by saying I

talked about this in the book it says

blessed is the man who endures

temptation right blesses them in other

words there’s a blessing in controlling

your lust not in denying that it exists

because it’s there if you human you got

lust it is what it is right but you have

to learn how to control it blesses the

man who endures temptation right so you

got to curb your lust and if you

understand if you can see lust as a

passing season because it is if you can

see there’s something that comes on you

real strong trying to get you to act and

trying to get you to make a decision in

the moment that is on you if you can see

it as something to weather and get past

it just get through it

you find I’m saying I used to like

growing up wait we got to go the next

service about to start but I used to I

used to like the werewolf my favorite

monster growing up was the werewolf

right because the werewolf was you know

he was a monster but he normally would

be a really nice guy are you guys not

old enough to remember the like the

werewolf and he he’d be a nice guy you

know what I mean

and he’d be telling his girlfriend stuff

like that like look you don’t you don’t

know me

I have another side to me and I and he’d

be trying to protect her and stuff like

that but he really loved her it is and

she’s like boy what are you talking

about you’re amazing he’s like you don’t

understand and the werewolf would like

he’d become this werewolf and he would

he would you know he’d go out and you

know he would have these seen these

episodes where he’d become a werewolf

and you know and then you’d find him out

in the woods naked you know clothes are

ripped and blood all over him and dead

you know animals and stuff like that he

leave a trail of blood behind him right

knee wake up like I like it what God

what happened what I do and so he would

get smart and the werewolf ago and he

would chained himself up because he knew

what was in him and it would tie himself

up Lee knew the full moon was coming

because he’s like I cannot let the B

style I think the reason why I like the

werewolf because it’s because I realized

that we all have beasts in us and we got

to learn to tie that beast up and just

weather the storm if I can just get

through the night I won’t make a

decision during the night that cost me

the rest of my life and a tip for you

particularly if you are one who

struggles with lesson you know it you

wake up and you come out of a situation

like man I did it again right right you

have to get quiet you’re right right

okay then what you have to do is check

this out you can’t it is impossible for

you to starve if you’re full you can’t

be starving and full at the same time so

that means that you got to stay full of

God you got to find a way to stay full

the spirit I mean if you have a morsel

of God if you have an opportunity you

might just need to be in church five or

six or seven or eight or nine or ten

days a week you got it but you got to

curb the beast and it’s a passing thing

all we got to go it’s a passing thing

it’s a passing thing and if you can just

whether I’m telling you it’s an amazing

thing has anybody ever withstood

temptation it took everything in your

pockets first of all the Bible says that

with every temptation gun makes a way of

escape so the reality of it is I know

you think is bigger than you but it’s

actually not there is a door there’s a

trap door

to the right if you are willing to be

right hello somebody there’s a trap door

you got to get out and I can talk about

trap doors but I want to get in your

business but there’s always a trap door

phone ring something won’t be working

there’s always a door but lot of times

we’re so into what we’re into

we don’t care nothing about the door

like the doors closing doors closing but

we’re so here and so we have to fight

that battle because we don’t want to

make a decision that’s going to cost us

and have you ever withstood it don’t it

feel good when you come out of it like I

was in it but I withstood it that’s why

it says blessed is the man that endures

temptation because there’s this sort of

peace and is sort of like I beat this

thing and it’s worth everything and you

can confident you feel good and you’re

like this thing that once has me now is

under my feet I promise that can be a

reality but you got to call it what it

is and fight and fight here’s what I

want to say about Gibeon because I don’t

want to misrepresent or communicate to

you in any way that Gibeon has to remain

the place of your mistake although

Gibeon was the place of the mistake for

the children of Israel pre Solomon

Solomon remixed it and it became the

place of the right choice see here’s one

of the things that I’ve learned family

you’ve heard message upon message about

letting go your past forgiving yourself

and moving on but sometimes let’s be

honest sometimes we can’t shake that

thing you may not be able to shake your

past but you can spin it and redefine it

in my past Gibeon may have represented

my mistake but now it represents my

testimony to get it right from here all

and there is no mistake that anybody in

here has made that has disqualified them

for their destiny the moment that you

are disqualified is the moment you die

and last I checked there’s not a dead

person in this room there’s not a dead

person watching this thing via

livestream which means that now you have

to now repurpose your past and it cannot

it can’t any longer be a place of I

shoulda woulda coulda or I wish a hata

your past now has to be a place of your

new well of wisdom and because of what I

experienced no longer will I go I’ll

never go back there again

but there’s some lessons for me I

believe that a Solomon sat there after

he was engaged by God and asked God for

this one shot I believe that he thought

about the mistakes that his forefathers

had experienced at Gibeon and said you

know what not me

Gibeon has taught me I’m wiser because

of giving and I’m going to use Gideon as

an opportunity to move forward I want to

pray for you I can’t go any further

it was so overdue come on stand with me

if you would if you’re here and you know

and you know that you know that you know

that God was talking to you your season

has been described your season has been

defined and you know it you had a time

in your life but the Holy Spirit is high

the cost of making decisions outside of

its council and you say pastor that word

is for me and I want to be of an

excellent spirit and I want to be one

who makes divine decision I want to be a

divine decision maker and I haven’t been

I want you to come meet me here at this

altar if you know God sent you here

today for this message God’s going to

make you of an excellent spirit I

promise you because we cannot be a

people move by anything other than God’s

voice anything other than God’s

confirmation in God’s affirmation and he

will lead you I promise he will lead you

he will guide you and he won’t lead you

wrong you’re young you’re not so young

too young at heart you get a full life

in front of you and if you can get this

lesson now it will accelerate the only

issue with the children of Israel was

simple they didn’t consult the Lord and

they were so close to making the right

decision in just three short days

revelation was on its way I feel that if

you can curb your desperation if you can

allow that that feeling another thing

that gets in your chest when you want

what you want and it tries to override

sometimes common sense it tries to

override that little thing in your

stomach that says I probably shouldn’t

do it if you can learn to weather that

and develop the habit of weathering that

draw then you’re going to come out

stronger and more powerful and you’re

going to enter into a proverbs 10:22

season which says the blessing of the

Lord it makes

and he adds no sorrow with it I

hear the Lord saying wait on it wait

wait for me don’t get ahead of me if you

hear and you have a Gibeon that you’re

ashamed of you have a Gibeon experience

and it haunts you it haunts you to this

day and you try to think positively

about it and you try to put it under the

blood and all that stuff but it just

haunts you and haunt you and haunt you

God wants to repurpose that Gibeon God

is saying to you that that your Gibeon

he wants to shift for you he was to

change your perspective he wants to have

you reprocess the pain of that mistake

and he’s going to use that mistake now

to no longer condemn you into not trying

or condemn you into a sense of

disqualification but he’s going to use

that to bring you into this this grace

filled wisdom that ensures that you will

never miss God again and if that’s you

and you need to have your Gibeon season

repurposed I want to pray for you to I

want you to come and meet me here at

this altar there’s something in your

life is a mistake that you made at a

point in time in your life that has just

been robbing life out of you I see you

God bless you

so in robbing life out of you and and

optimism from you and you’re afraid to

go because you think it disqualified you

no siree no siree God’s not finished

with you if you here and you want to

know God for real you’ve been hearing

his voice has been touching you you’ve

been coming and you’re like that’s got

to be God because there’s no way that

dude doesn’t know me there’s no way that

he can be in my life the ways in my life

unless God was speaking to me through

him through him God was speaking to you

through him and through those who who

viewed themselves it means that God is

talking to you it means that God is

touching you is not the church is not

touching you I’m not touching

God is touching you and if you have been

touched enough and now you want to open

up to experience your own touch no

longer touch through people but touched

by the master himself because of

relationship if that’s you I want you to

come and meet me here at this altar as

well I want you to know his voice I want

you to experience him for yourself

because we’re not going to be here with

you when you need to make a divine

decision and if that’s you and you’re

here you say you know what I surrender I

want God I want to know him I want you

to come and meet me here at this altar I

see you just come just come and meet me

here I want to pray for you gonna meet

me here this all to the last pointless

invitation oh my god is if you here and

you know the Lord but you fallen away

and it’s time to come home it is it is

so not a time to not be in alignment

with God I’m telling you the kingdom is

winning we are winning in an

unprecedented way and you know what

happens when we win the strategies get a

lot slicker and they get a lot craftier

and it gets even more difficult to

discern truth from error and so we have

to hide in God if you’re here and you’ve

been away and it’s time for you to align

yourself I want you to come and meet me

as well this is not about shaming this

is about an acknowledgment that God has

spoken to me and I want to go all the

way with the God who is who has spoken

to me if that’s you I want you to come

and meet us here at this altar that

should just come let’s pray father thank

you so much for this time with you this

time in your presence thank you for the

lessons in your word thank you for the

truth that you speak

thank you for inspiration thank you for

revelation thank you for empowerment

thank you for restoration thank you god

there’s not a Gibeon experience that any

of us have encountered that you cannot

ultimately work for our good father I

pray for those who are struggling with

mistakes of the past and they they have

this this I wish I would have I should I

would have been the enemy is lying and

speaking of finality concerning those

things when we know Lord that you

a God of restoration you make all things

new and I pray God that there would be a

healing in the minds of your sons and

daughters Lord God what they would no

longer see their mistake as an

irreversible failure but that they will

see it as an opportunity to trust you in

new ways moving forward that there would

be a new rhythm of seeking you out and

seeking your counsel and as a result of

that not only prospering but

experiencing acceleration and

restoration the father for those who say

I want to know you I thank you God that

it’s just a matter of surrender I thank

you for the grace in their hearts even

the surrender that they have

demonstrated by coming down this altar

here in your voice that you are meeting

each and every one of them those who are

recommitting your meeting them and

you’re opening things up God you’re

showing them the path you’re showing

them the way and you’re giving them the

strength and the understanding and the

tools and the resources to walk out that

would you touch them for bless them god

I just want you to repeat after me

Heavenly Father I thank you for your

love I thank you for your goodness and I

thank you for your grace I thank you for

Jesus thank you for making him who had

no sin to become all of mine all of my

mistakes you placed in his body nailed

it to the cross

and put it to death but just like Jesus

was raised up I too AM raised up above

my path and into my future

holy spirit fill me up give me strength

to weather the storms give me the

ability to see through the cloud and to

choose well I love you in Jesus name