A powerful message from Sarah Jakes Roberts leading into the second week of “Getting Back to Love” Series with Pastor Touré Roberts

you mean to tell me you need a praise

team to worship Him

you mean to tell me when they stop

singing that you forgotten one every now

and then we need a reminder of where we

come from in the midst of this world

where we spend more time talking

ourselves out of our dreams and our

destiny than actually living them

we need a reminder of the cloth that

were cut from that we are the chosen

righteous people of God that he breathes

his own breath into us every breath we

take is a breath of God and we so

foolishly give it away to negative

thoughts and negative opinions and fears

and insecurities that every now and then

we have to come into the house of God

and remember who gave us this breath who

gave us this life and instead of

allowing our ambition to be the center

of who we are and our potential to be

the center of who we are to just

remember that Jesus you’re you’re making

it all go around that even when things

are out of my control that they’re in

your control and so I’m trusting in the


who knows what’s on the other side of

this mountain I’m trusting on the one

who knows what’s on the other side of

this pain and on the other side of this

this insecurity I’m trusting and the one

who is who he is that he is faithful

even when we give up how many times have

we cheated on the lover of our souls and

so when we come into worship we realign

ourselves with the original idea he had

when he created us we opened our hearts

and our minds and our souls and we we

give up our right to be right that that

maybe maybe you really do know a little

bit of something I mean I know you you

created the earth and and I know that

you created this world and I know you

know my beginning from my end and I know

somewhere along the way I took back

control but when I am worshiping I said

God have your way and my life is your

life worship not music not singing when

you leave this place do you live a life

of worship

I don’t want us to be so self-involved

that we forget the opportunity to be God

conscious that we miss the opportunity

to really let go of our idea of who we

have to be and give him full permission

to mold our lives into whatever he

desires even when we think we can’t

handle it sometimes we don’t want to let

guy have control because he played too

much and he make us do stuff that we are

really sure we can stand up to his god

don’t play with y’all like he played

with me sometimes God requires something

of me that I’m just not sure I can give

I’m just not sure I can be that

committed and so instead of walking out

on water I stayed in the comfort of my

own boat and look at others who have

managed to step out on faith and wish I

had the courage but when we live a life

of worship our life becomes courage

living a life of worship means that on

my own I am NOT capable so that

inadequacy I feel is correct because I

need you to do this with me and if your

walk doesn’t require that you lean on

the faithfulness of God you are going

down the wrong path I promise you by

your own strength you cannot do it

leaning and depending on others will not

get the job done

you have to be willing to stand even if

that means standing on your own that

there is nothing you aren’t willing to

sacrifice for the righteousness of God

because ultimately he has called us to

do great exploits and we can’t do great

exploits and stay comfortable at the

same time so when we worship he’s

expanding our insides so that we have

the capacity to fulfill all that he’s

called us to do I’m grateful for the

stretching that I’m going through right


and it’s not always easy to be grateful

for stretching because you got to get in

uncomfortable positions and you have to

find out what’s hurting and where there

are knots and where things are still

bound inside of you

but the stretching means that those

things that once had you bound are going

to have to let go

every stronghold must come down every

chain must be broken and I will worship

until there is release and I will give

you the glory even when I don’t

understand what’s going on because your

name will be made great and I can

withstand what it takes to walk with you

surely if you can send your son and hang

him on a cross if you would humble

yourself to come to my level and say I

understand what it’s like to be you but

it’s still possible that through your

pain there is a purpose you are a

miracle your life is a miracle and until

you see the grace of your life being a


you will always question while you’re on

this earth the hand of God has been

hovering on your life since the moment

you were formed in your mother’s womb

even when your mother didn’t want you

the hand of God was on your life even

when your father hand into the hand of

God was on your life

that means your validation doesn’t come

from acceptance it comes from standing

in the reality that this breath is a

promise that I have purpose

and as long as I’m breathing I can’t

promise I have all the answers I cannot

promise that I will always get it right

but I promise I will sacrifice every

desire every accursed thing in my life

and any blessing that I think I have to

hold on to for your ultimate wheel we

don’t have to handcuff ourselves to a

blessing because we’re afraid that

another one isn’t coming he’s that good

to that if you would release the limits

on your own mind he could do exceedingly

and abundantly don’t put a limit on what

God can do in your life he’s not

finished with you yet there was yet more

for you

don’t forget that you are legacy you are

legacy you are legacy legacy we are the

children of God and I’m going to hurry

up because I know PT has to preach I

just want to say one thing that’s been

most of my life under the mental being

TD jakes daughter I don’t know if you

all know who he is in the church world

people do know him our church has 35,000

members and I spent most of my life

trying to disconnect myself from my last

name because I didn’t feel worthy of the

weight that comes with being TD jakes

daughter and the moment that I realized

that I was legacy whether I chose to

live in it or not

if I didn’t find myself in the heart of

Hollywood at some crazy church on the

brand Melrose here to tell you don’t

forget where you came from that you are

legacy and when we come into this room

we are brothers and sisters reminding

one another that there is legacy yet on

our lives