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thank you lord

two weeks ago i’m very excited for what

the lord is going to do today

and even as i’m standing it’s all making

sense to me the flow of

the this what what the holy spirit is


two weeks ago i had this encounter with

the lord in my dream

so there are some times when before like

a message or before i’m even aware of

like okay you know to to prepare for a


sometimes the lord would encounter me

and begin to speak to me about what he

wants me to speak on

and so two weeks ago i had this

encounter with the lord and he began to

speak to me about deception

and he showed me that i want you this is

what i want you to teach

and speak to my people on

and i believe there are some parts of

this message that are very critical to

your life


your freedom

i believe that the presence of god is so

strong in this house because there is

freedom in this house

i believe that god is going to set us

free from every trap of deception

there were

there were two key areas that the lord

began to highlight to me very very

specific things he wanted me to speak on

and what i prayed

is that we will all be open

to what the lord is doing not just what

you’re hearing

but what is a conviction in your heart

and that we would not go another day

holding on to the deception of the enemy

you see deception is very interesting

one of the things that the lord you know

and if as you’re taking notes my message

is exposing deception

because one of the things the lord said

to me and i found this intriguing he

said the seed of deception isn’t planted

it’s exposed and uprooted

and i found that so

intriguing because then does that mean

it’s in every one of us

it all depends on what type of

fertile ground that we give it

do we water it do we give life to it and

are we seduced by it

because when you think about deception

you know just think of a kid

i have a niece and a nephew

my niece is in her teenager so she’s

more advanced in how she moves

but my nephew does not realize that we

see it the manipulation

not too long ago i remember

the my i was on the phone with my

brother so we’re on facetime

and my nephew wanted to do something

with you knows from things with from his

mom and his mama you know the mom was

asleep my sister-in-law

and he’s telling my brother he’s like

you know daddy daddy can i play with it

and my brother is like you know mommy

said you should not have it

and he said but mommy is asleep

i said what in the world

why is it that kids nobody taught them


but kids can be so manipulative

and deceptive

you see many of you you’ve heard the

saying that we were all born in sin


but what does that actually mean how is

it that we were born in sin

i’m going to do a lot of teaching today

because i really want you to understand

the message behind this so there’s going

to be a couple scriptures but i believe

god is going to do something so


you see one of the first scriptures is

genesis 1 27 right and check this out

the bible says

so god created man in his own image

in the image of god he created him

male and female he created them

so in the beginning we see how god

created man in his image and the image

of god is not flesh and blood it was not

about a physical attribute

it was about a

spiritual attribute

that we were created to bear the image

of his nature

of his ways

how he thinks how he moves his rulership

his dominion that’s why when matt when

god created man he talks to man about

having dominion

so we were supposed to reflect the image

of god

and god was watching the whole time

there was a moment when you know god

called adam to name all the animals

and the bible says he was watching

to see what he will call them

and then the bible says whatever adam

called them that was its name

adam was moving in the mind of god

but then when the fall of man happened

man no longer beard

the image of god

because god would never listen to satan

man was always supposed to reflect

who god is to creation

that is why god because sometimes you

wonder why is it that even the enemy had

access in the garden because man was

supposed to reflect the image of god

god knows that yet the enemy could be

around doesn’t mean he will have he will

listen to him it doesn’t mean he will

submit to his ways it doesn’t mean he

will be deceived by him because even

after satan has been kicked out of

heaven the bible still gives us a count

where satan will show up the

conversation about job happened in


so god is not intimidated by the

presence of the enemy

and as image bearers you are not

supposed to be intimidated by his


so god allowed satan to have access on

the earth

the same way he has access in the

heavens but none of it is his home his

home is hell he just hasn’t been sent

there yet

but it was never about this fear or

intimidation because god says you have

my image

you have my rulership my authority but

when the fall of man happened

man began to reflect the image of a

fallen man

the image of one who gives in to the

desires of the flesh and this is what

happened as a result if we go to adam i

mean genesis 5 verse 3 the bible then


and adam


130 years and begat a son

in his likeness

and after

his image

and named him seth

you see no longer

was adam

give it his children it was not about

how seth bear the image of god

now he’s bearing the image

of the fallen man

and so now

all of reproduction is bearing the image

of the first adam that’s what the bible

talks about the first adam and the

second adam who actually has a better


because it is through jesus

that we were reconciled

to bear the image of god again

that is why

even when satan came against eve because

when you bear the image of god you are

not at war your flesh and your spirit is

not at war with each other

and so the tactic of satan you see satan

did not come against eve with something


because if he wanted to really attack

her flesh he would have said eve come on


if you eat this fruit

you will be the ruler overall

if you would not submit to nobody

so if you would just be sitting down and

adam will be feeding your grapes

it would have been something that

enticed the woman

you said say what say then all right now

but satan was so you know deceitful

that he attacked the very thing that was

a spiritual desire

they were created in the image of god

and satan brother deception and says

there’s a deficit in your image

he says if if you don’t eat of this


then you and you’re not fully like god

but if you eat of the fruit you would be

like god

knowing good and evil

so eve is like wait

the more she was listening to him

she starts thinking oh there’s a deficit

in my image there is something wrong

with me

and you see the interesting thing about

that moment you see sometimes you’re

wondering why is it that the enemy was

after eve

and the whole time eve is the bible says

and adam was right there

why was it that he approached eve and

not adam

what was it about eve there are many

things that the lord has been teaching

me about the woman

one of it is that the woman is a gateway

but that’ll be another message

but another thing is that the woman came

second in the natural

and you see many times the enemy is

always looking

for what is it like the moments the

things that you feel like you missed out


to use against you

when people are telling you you see

maybe you know for me i didn’t grow up

with a father my father was murdered as

a baby

the enemy would come and start looking

for deficits in your life

not and you don’t even realize all along

god was right there

i didn’t miss out on anything

the enemy attacks eve because he


eve has not even though she has been

here since the beginning but she was


adam was the one who was naming the


adam was having conversations with god

you never really see any account in the

bible up until the fall of man that eve

is having a conversation with god

so in the in the idea he’s looking what

is a loophole

who has a loophole what what can i use

against her

well she wasn’t really there

when he gave the command adam maybe told


she wasn’t really there when he named

the animals maybe she’s already


maybe she’s wondering and this is a

thing with the enemy

right before the moment you’re about to

press in and perhaps ask god a question

he shows up

and that is why when we talk about how

the counterfeit always shows up before

the real thing you have to check that in

your life

right before god is about to bring you

the answer

the deal the partner counterfeits just

start popping up everywhere

and they look good i had a counterfeit

in my life that i was dating one time

i said

you know he looked like sunrise


but he was the absolute counterfeit

nothing about our lives made sense

but the enemy is looking for this


he says right before god does the real

thing let me see if i can get you in the

moment where you doubt

let me see if i can get you in the

moment where you’re lacking confidence

let me see if i can get you because the

reality is that god says cast all your


before me

cast everything for i care for you when

we cast it before god he gives us


but on the way of you carrying your

burdens to the lord

the enemy watches your posture he

watches your head held down and he says

this is the moment to attack you have to

be very careful

when the math is not mattering in your


when something you have always desired

and wanted something that the lord not

enough sex is in an obsessive way

because we’re going to talk about that

but when something the lord has promised


shows up but it’s missing some key


do not be so quick to settle

because that is the counterfeit

approaching before the real thing shows


because the interesting thing family

there were two trees in the garden

there was a tree of life and the tree of

the knowledge of good and evil

when they ate of the tree of the

knowledge of good and evil they had to

be cast out of the garden of eden

because the lord said if they eat of the

tree of life they would live forever we

cannot have this so what would he have

meant if they ate of the tree of life


could it be that they were just one


and one right fruit away

from actually stepping into the fullness

of everything god had from them from a

pure place not a perverted place

so the enemy

finds eve

in a place of vulnerability

and he attacks

the spiritual thing her image

and that is why the same technique he

used against jesus

he says if you are the son of god

you know then hey let’s see what you’re


but jesus already knew the game by then

but when you are moving in god’s image

you are not at war in yourself

but this is why deception we all have to

recognize that we are all likely and

most likely have been deceived

because the thing about deception is

that if deception is the seed

then what is the fruit

and the fruit is sin

because sin does not just happen in

just like that

sin is the maturation of what has taken

place in your heart

when it always says that god judges the

heart jesus even said something that was

so intriguing he said if anyone

looks upon a woman lustfully

that he has already committed adultery

with her in the heart

because when and sin you know sin really

is about missing the mark right sin is

literally you’re going the way that the

lord did not call you to you’re going

away that has nothing to do with your

destiny you’re giving yourself into the

trap of the enemy where he steals kills

and destroys

but sin is what has matured it is the

revealing of what has already matured in

the heart

that’s why one of the greatest

deceptions even in culture is


because many times we’re just like i’m

just watching it

i’m not doing nothing

i’m just looking at the screen

but there is something happening in your


and that is why you know i’m nigerian in

my country sometimes in the movies

they’ll have this thing where a man or a

woman whatever is caught in adultery and

they’re like oh honey it’s not me

it’s the devil


and it has always been a thing of comedy


they say it’s not me it’s the devil that

did it

but the reality is

that was some code switching okay

the reality is

how many of us have found ourselves in


that right after you did the wrong thing

you felt regret

right after you did the wrong thing

you’re like what like


like what was i thinking why did i do


because i’m someone i i used to watch

pornography in my past

right i used to just you know have my

little turn up life because then you

know i thank god that he still had me in

the chokehold


but the thing is that i would literally

find myself doing something

and i’m like why did i do that

and you start feeling shame and guilt

and all these things but you don’t

realize it didn’t start when you acted

on it

it started in the heart

that’s the reason why you know when

you’re ready

when you know when you’re about to like

go out with your friends you have a

whole turn obsession you’re detecting in

a group chat

what you know darker light

what songs are on the playlist

come on now y’all know it’s true

because sin needs an environment

sin needs to be cultivated

for i don’t know if some of you who are

like stranger thing fans

right but vecna who i’ll just call him

for those who have not watched stranger

things it’s like the monster right

and when he inhabits a person he needs

an environment

and stranger things that will talk about

he likes it cold

so you know if he’s in a person the

person needs to be and then you know

having a cold shower or sitting in a tub

with ice because there is an environment

for sin

and this is where when we don’t realize

that we can fall into the trap of

deception and it starts in the heart

then you find yourself being tripped up

over and over and over again

because on one end you’re like god i

would never do this

but nothing about the ingredients of the

atmosphere has changed

you’re like

you know what i’m done with that i want

to live a celibate lifestyle but you are

still listening to songs that is talking

about things that you want to try

how you gonna be celibate


you have to look at your atmosphere

what is in my atmosphere

that has deceived me from thinking i can

actually do this

what is what what am i cultivating

around me

because there is no way it’s just like

why is it that we there is worship

before the word

why is it that even in biblical times

before sometimes if our prophet will

prophesy he will say bring me my

minstrel we need to create an atmosphere

that is conducive to the holy spirit

in the same manner family there is an

atmosphere that is conducive to demonic


and when you give into that atmosphere

they begin to function they begin to

move and then you have no idea how you

got tripped up into something and you

wake up the next morning you’re like

what was i thinking it started in the


that is why the bible says that the

heart is deceitful

above all things who can know it

the heart is deceitful above all things

this is where relationship with god is

so important

god what is in me

search my heart oh god and reveal to me


and so when we’re talking about

deception what is deception right

in simple terms deception is to be led

away from the truth

anything that leads you away from the


is deception

now the crazy part of this is that the

truth is a person

i’m not talking about your truth my

truth our truth we could talk about this

for hours here

the truth is a person

the truth is jesus

the bible says that jesus is the way the

truth and the life so when the enemy is

deceiving you

he is after

your position in hearing

because when you are deceived when

you’re led away from the truth you are

led on to the enemy

and this is why many times one of the

the biggest signs of deception is


you see the bible clearly says god is

not the author of confusion

why does he why is it so specific to say


because god does not contradict himself

god does not confuse people

he doesn’t tell you one thing and then

switches up on you

if you’ve ever seen in the bible because

maybe some of you will argue and say

well god told abraham one thing and then

he said you know he’s not going to kill

the son or whatever but you see abraham

was never confused one moment in his


to be confused is a sign that whatever

is being spoken did not come from the

lord because when god is speaking

even if he changes his language then he

knows you are at the place of maturation

to know what he’s really after

abraham was never confused by god when

you read the stories that confuse you in

the bible


recognize that the people you’re

confused about were not confused

they never questioned for a second

because god knows who he can trust with

certain types of movements

you see everything about god is in


that is why one of when if a person just

says you know what i came into the lord

i gave my life to jesus today

and tomorrow you now say you know what

he wants me to cast judgment in america

you i don’t know who you gave your life

to and i don’t know who you’re hearing


because god takes his time with you god

is a god of process

that is why the bible will talk about

being fed with milk before being fed

with meat

he uses the same illustration as how we

feed children

you don’t give a newborn meat

i mean i don’t that food that would be

tragic you know cps right

you start a newborn with milk

and the older they get and you even

transition slowly you start getting all

this you know then you give them avocado


before you get to the place where you’re

like okay have a piece of chicken and

then that chicken you have bitten tore

it slashed it to make sure they don’t


so god is a god of stages

so even how he moves is just like that

oh that’s a song actually

but one

why am i sharing this with you family

because when we begin to understand

the nature of god

and the ways of god then some of the

things i’m going to teach on is going to

make a lot of sense

you see why do i say that one of the

signs is confusion because

where there is deception

and you know the lord

the beauty is that when you come into


because of jesus we can bear the image

of god

not based on our salvation not based on

our righteousness but his

so the holy spirit can access you

but the thing is that when you give into

the bait of deception the enemy can also

access you

and this is where confusion is born

because there are two voices that oppose

each other that are directing you to do


so one moment you’re like

i got it god wants me to move to san


the next day you’re like

something happens you’re like you know i

just had a dream


he’s changed the plan to florida


i mean why is god switching up the plan

just within 24 hours

because sometimes when you have opposing

voices in your head it is the evidence

that there is deception that has been

sown somewhere

and that is when it becomes very hard

for you to tell the difference between

what is the voice of god and what is the

voice of the enemy has anyone been there

i know i have

because when there are certain things

that you want to do

because you see one of the key things

and actually let me not even get ahead

of myself one of the key things when we

talk about how does deception happen

what are the gateways of deception what

are the fertile grounds of deception

there were three things that the lord

spoke to me about and i’m sure there are

many more but there was a need to focus

this message on these key things

and one is unchecked desires

the other two i will group them together

because it is pride and offense

and i say this because the two things

the lord was teaching me about as it

relates to deception is relationships

and worship


and worship

now when we think about unchecked

desires right

the bible tells us that you know what

god knows how to put desires in our

heart when god wants you to be drawn to

something he knows how to put a desire

within you for it but that does not

negate the fact that your flesh also has


and when there’s a desire has been

unchecked that means that desire has no


that you become obsessed

and the desire actually becomes an idol

in your life

you see as i’m speaking the holy spirit

is going to start putting a conviction

in your heart

because there are certain things or

people that we have made an idol

we have made it an obsession

and then we slept on the name of jesus

over it

you see when it came to relationships

who lord

what i’m about to say we’ve all been

about to expose myself to

for you to recognize that

because this is going to be for the

people that this connects to

this is a very hard thing to let go of

it is very difficult

when you marry a desire that you have

that is unchecked with the word of god

it is very deadly and a recipe for


because then to to get set free from it

is extremely difficult

because on one hand you want it above

anything else

and then you say the voice of god told


the lord was showing me


or dating relationships

and it’s this notion that has plagued

a lot of christians

when we come into this place and we say

god told me

person a is my wife or person b is my


and it becomes an obsession

because here’s the thing with deception

what is birth from deception

can only be sustained through


but the end will always always be


you don’t need to to think far about

what is the what it who who spoke to you

you just have to look at the fruit

because the thing is that when you give

into deception the enemy now has other

things he wants to say

that is why if we go all the way back to

the beginning

after eve was deceived then she deceived


what happened

the lord is walking

and he says adam where are you

and adam talks about

how he is naked and afraid so he hid


the lord says

who told you

that you are naked

then he says have you eaten from the

tree that i commanded you not to

the sequence of his questions reveals so


because first of all we never see a

moment where satan is having a dialogue

with adam that you are naked

but the lord already recognizes this

voice is not mine

adam who told you you were naked

and the only way that this voice had

access to you you must have eaten of

this tree

deception happened and now the enemy has

access to say other things to you adam

who told you

that you were naked

in the same way we come all the way back

and then now we find ourselves in this

position where you’re like god said to


that this person person a person b is my


the person is not you you both are not

in a relationship

they are not

you know taking interest to your pursuit


i don’t know who this is for but the

urgency in my spirit to share this


and so what happens many of the time

what follows manipulation

then you start using maybe your wealth

or your body

to lure the person in

sometimes they may take bait

sometimes they might not and even if

they do they’re you know they’re out the

door in a few

but when manipulation follows

when you start to lack integrity

and you say the voice was god

it was not the lord

because the word of god is not just a

random word god says he is his word

so the word of god would always produce

his essence

it would reveal his nature

so for god to tell you something

that puts you in a place of obsession

it is very likely

with a 99.999

that that came from deception i’ve been

there i’m telling you this as a pastor

you see one of the biggest things

when someone asks me to pray for them

if it’s something extremely critical

the best thing you can do for me is not

to give me all the details

i would only ask for details if i’m led

by the holy spirit

the other thing is that if you are close

to me

and there is something going on in your


i have to remove myself completely

because i recognize that my heart can

deceive me

because of the closeness of our

relationship what i might desire is good

for you might not be the thing that god

wants to do and so my hearing can be

easily corrupted

that’s why many times even when i’m

praying for a loved one i don’t just

wait to hear from god i say god

show it to me in a parable show it to me

in a way that is coded in a language

that would not be my norm that the

moment i begin to unpack it then i would

understand what you’re saying but don’t

speak to me in a way that i would i

would understand immediately because i

am not sure if it is your voice

or the voice of my desire

that’s why the bible says the heart is

deceitful above all things

when my heart has an interest or an


it is so easy to be deceived

i remember those those some guy was

talking to in the past



we were not moving in the forward

direction right pastor roosevelt

preached last week and he talked about

listen where are we going okay i should

have had that conversation

because definitely we were not going in

the same direction

but when your heart desires something

the voice of god was telling me

stephanie this is not it

walk away i will literally have visions

where i will see him and i will see his

face and it’s like a demon is dancing on

his face

i said oh man

but then you know what happened then i

would hear another voice say

he is just a tormented soul

he needs you

you understand him

you can’t walk away from him now

and i said oh god

then you have dreams that satisfy

what you desire

you see him in need injured you say oh

look at that

the lord has given me a person who is


because he knows that i have what it

takes to heal him

oh lord i just thank you for this


i thank you for giving me the insight to

endure we

we start quoting scriptures

but and then the moment

you see that person slipping away

you randomly have tickets to their

favorite game

he said you know what it’s so crazy

somebody just gave this to me that is


because you see them slipping away now

you’re trying to find how to bait them

back in

i’m saying this family because god wants

to set you free

for anyone that is connected to this

we’re going to go into more because

and this would apply to so many areas

but i want to be obedient to the very

things the key things that the lord said

if there is someone you are holding on


if there is someone that you’re like god

showed me because here is the thing

god will never help you to build an idol

if god will give you a word

that will cause you to build an idol it

did not come from the lord

god kills idols he doesn’t build them

because an idol is anything that

replaces your affection for god and

turns it over to something else

when we think about the life of abraham

abraham always desired the son

it was his i mean like he just wanted a

son so bad

when the lord gave him a son

when he gave him the promised son not

the one who came from you know the the

manipulation look at that

because he was deceived

right before the real thing the

counterfeit showed up

the enemy says i’m i i i’m seeing the

movement of the lord here

before the real thing shows up let me

just let me plant a count of it

that counterfeit is still

affecting it is still the war between

christians and islam till today

he presents a counterfeit

and then abraham settles in the


how are we so grateful for the mercies

of god

that even when he recognized that you

have settled in the thing that is

beneath you

he shows up again

this message is god showing up again

don’t settle

in your counterfeit

when the real thing shows up and isaac

is born


the lord tells abraham sacrifice isaac

on the mountain

and even though if we believe that isaac

did not die that day because you know in

the natural he did not

but in abraham’s heart he did

when god said kill him on the mountain

it was never about kill isaac physically

kill the idol in your heart on the


because on that mountain

later on in in i believe in hebrews we

get a full picture of what was going on

in abraham’s mind

abraham began to say that he knew

that even if isaac died the lord would

resurrect him but you see this is the

language of the one whose worship and

affection is solely on god

abraham was not looking at isaac he was

not thinking about the corpse he was not

thinking about how do i explain this to

my wife because even when he’s saying i

know that even if this happens he didn’t

he didn’t know the timeline he had no

understanding but abraham said isaac is

not an idol in my heart i am focused on

god god your will be done you gave me

this promised child and you have the

ability to resurrect him what happened

on that mountain

was that the idol of isaac was killed

it was never about killing him in the

natural god was doing something deeper a

hard work

i’m sharing this family

because god will never

help you to build an idol

god will not give you a word that would

activate an obsession in you

it is not to say that it is not within

the power of god to tell you who your

spouse is

but if he does the fruit is that you

will be so unbothered

you would allow things to go in such a

natural way

and there would be evidence that this

came from the lord

there will be some form of connection

because you see family god honors free


if we go back to the story of adam

before god even created eve

that moment when adam was naming all the


not only was the lord seeing that okay

he moves like me

but the lord was also watching

if adam would find a spouse

in the animals or if he would recognize

that none of them is suitable for him

the lord is watching because when you

read it in your bible you would

recognize that right after adam finished

naming the animals the bible said and

there was no helper found

suitable for him

there was no helper found

that every time adam named the animal

because if adam named a giraffe eve

the lord would say well eve you gotta


because right now adam is entertained

with this giraffe here

so the lord is watching anything that

the lord has his eyes on you pay

attention to

the lord is watching what does adam call

in every animal and it was after that

that the lord created eve

now one of the things the lord was

teaching me in this encounter was a

story of rebecca

and i never saw it this way that after

that i had to study it

because abraham when abraham was looking

for a wife for his son isaac he tells

his servant look we can’t you can’t find

a wife for her in this land i need you

to go back to my hometown

and find a wife for my son

the eyes the the servant goes back and

the servant prays a prayer he’s like


show that you have favored your servant

and that the person who is supposed to

be the wife

that give me this as a sign

that not only because he was by a well

he said not only would she offer him

water but that she would offer his

camels water this was a sacrifice and by

the way this is a real sign you see

sometimes when we are in deception

we are like god if you want me to

continue in this

let me see four white cars today


god if this is not of you then let oprah

just knock on my front door

it is like clearly

you know what side you’re standing on


but this man asked for a real sign

because to water someone’s camels

they are extremely thirsty

and then rebecca shows up rebecca is

like hey you know you want a drink and

do your camels on a drink and she’s over

there just you know giving everybody


and he is like surely god has favored me

he follows rebecca to her house he tells

them everything they’re like beautiful

you know what she will marry that man

but right there

the the servant says you know they were

like let her just stay with us for 10

days you know let her just stay here

the servant says please do not delay me

we need to go now

and then the parent said

she will go let us let’s first ask her

if she is willing

then she will go rebecca shows up

and they asked her

are you willing to go and she said i


god honors free will

you see in the midst of everything there

was a sign from heaven the lord showed

up and said yes surely that is your wife

but what’s their willingness

the person that god has spoken to you

about is there any willingness

and could it be

that an actual sign that is a god thing

is that there is


there is connection

you see for anyone who is praying about

their spouse and how they identify them

i encourage you to watch our pastor’s

message on five keys to identify in your

soulmate it is very powerful

because there has to be a connection

god does not want to torture you you

have to understand this

god does not want to put you in a place

of mental torture

watching going on fake pages and

stalking the person on instagram

sending cryptic messages

this is torture

and then we slap the name of god on it

and he’s looking and he says my child be

set free

don’t give in to this ideology any


because you would recognize that the

moment you walk away from this delusion

that all of a sudden you will begin to

see where there is willingness

you will begin to see the people that

have been around you

you begin to encounter people maybe i

trade the drugs you say hi they said hi

you know

that is willingness all right

but family

i’m saying this and that’s why i’m

sharing my own story too

because it’s not a thing of judgment

the heart is deceitful above all things

and many times we hear the voice of the

enemy and call it the voice of the lord

but you have to look at what did this


what was the fruit what did it produce

in me and what did it produce outside of


because in me it showed me that i could

be manipulative

it produced a version of me that was

lacking integrity

it produced a version of me that would

do whatever it takes to just acquire


and then what did it produce out of me


relationships being cut off

all kinds of weird things the fruit

never lies

the fruit never lies that is why even

when the lord wants to talk to you about

you know prophets and and evangelists

and all these people he said test the


and what does testing the spirit mean

look at the fruit

god does not validate his own just

because a miracle happened

he said what is the fruit of their lives

because later in in some later weeks

we’re going to talk about the spirit of

divination just because someone was able

to say something to you does not mean

they came from the lord what is the

fruit of your life

and why i’m saying even talking about

divination because the second thing the

lord told me to speak to you about his


and what is that because now

offense and pride i couple that together

so easily because when you’re offended

pride conceals your offense

pride keeps you a prisoner to your

offense now there’s a scripture i want

to read to you before we go into what

does the lord mean by worship

now it says in matthew 13 from verse 55

to 58

this was when jesus went to his hometown

and the people could not receive him

they said is this not the carpenter’s


is not his mother called mary

and his brothers james joseph simon and


and his sisters are they not all with us

where then did this man get all these


so they were offended at him but jesus

said to them a prophet is not without

honor except in his own country and in

his own house now he did not do many

mighty works there because of their

unbelief now every time that you know

i’ve read this scripture i’m just like

man these people he was right there

and you were offended at him

but we are like many of those people

because why were they offended at him

they had grown up with jesus

he was there probably at many of their


people got sick and he was he was right


when they passed on

they needed help they needed assistance

they needed a miracle jesus was always


so all of a sudden jesus is moving and

doing miracles and they’re like hold up

isn’t this the same jesus that’s why

they give you his whole background his

mother his father his brothers they’re

like we must be tripping but this is the

same and for them to know the whole

family tells you the closeness and the

familiarity they had

he he was

i i buried a son

i buried

a father

my aunt was sick

and he’s over here healing people with

the issue of blood

where was he when a cold

took her out

they were offended at him

this is sometimes the same way we think

that we are familiar with jesus

because we encountered we he did not

meet our expectation

when that sickness happened he did not

meet your your expectation and you lost

a loved one and now you have made

yourself familiar that the fact that he

does not do that

and whenever someone will tell you their

testimony only amplifies your offense

it’s like you know what you can keep

that for yourself

i don’t want to believe anymore

you see the lord was highlighting this

to me

because i literally saw how there is a


and a deception especially in our


where you want to start looking i don’t

know who this is for but you want to

start looking for answers elsewhere

you’re like you know what you’ve been

contemplating visiting a psychic

visiting mediums

you’re so hungry for an answer that

you’re willing to go anywhere

you want to open up your chakras

you want to try ayahuasca there are so

many things that you want to open up

yourself to because you’re like i try

this with god and he did not answer me


i don’t want to go back to him and

expect to be disappointed again

it is this same offense that the enemy

is using even in the lives of many black


because it is the lie that how could you

serve a god who was the same god of the

slave masters

it is this same tactic that the enemy is

using over and over again and he’s not

presenting you with other options

he said why don’t you actually go to a


and there’s some of you in this room

your friends have actually been telling

you about someone to see

they’re like if you see this person they

will tell you so much about yourself and

that is why later on we will talk i will

teach on the spirit of divination

because it is possible to access

information that exists without going

directly through the holy spirit

and so because someone just told you

something that sounds like truth and you

don’t recognize that the enemy is using

truth to bait you into a curse

there was a friend of mine that went to

see a psychic

and she told me the story much later

because what happened she went

the psychic was telling her all types of

information she’s like oh my gosh that

is so true


when they bait you in

slowly but surely slowly but surely

the next thing

hey be careful

you’re gonna have there’s an accident

awaiting you

be careful

but what they’re doing

you don’t know the power of words

there’s an accident awaiting you you’ve

already come in agreement

that there’s an accident about to happen

so now you start tripping and you’re not

even giving it to god you’re just like

oh my gosh

and now you’re moving with paranoia but

you don’t understand that that agreement

just gave the enemy access for that


so you think that on one hand you’re

opening up yourself to a solution

and the enemy says now open up because

i’m gonna plant other things to bring


you see while you’re contemplating i’m

telling you don’t open up yourself

because you’re offended by at god

and your pride is keeping you a prisoner

because all god is saying is just say


just say god i want to understand where

were you when this happened

god i want to understand i i’m i’m going

through this is heavy on me

but i want to still believe that you’re

a good god you see i’m so happy the lord

highlighted that we should bring rb on


even with

her past kidney failure

and i’m going to prophetically declare

that it is a past

even if

even with it

you know what she does every sunday

is serving the house of god

that is a person who has hid the word of

god in her heart

she says even though it doesn’t look

like my expectations are being met

god i honor you above everything else

you are still we were singing you are

worthy of it all

god you are still worthy

you see one of the problems even in our

culture is that we think blessings are

only things that make us feel happy

but what the lord has taught me about a

blessing is that a blessing is a


and sometimes the lord will burden you

god will give you the blessing of


god will give you the blessing of an


because your testimony

what does what in the life of many it

bears the image of god

when your testimony is declared do you

guys remember the story

when there was a man born blind

and the disciples saw the man

and they asked jesus who sent

was it him

or his family his parents

jesus said no one sinned

actually this is a blessing

he says no one sinned but this would

glorify the name of god

sometimes a blessing is not just the

things that is celebrated

sometimes a blessing

is really the moment of pain and torment

because of what it would produce

but i want to speak to you today

whatever has caused you

to have a fence in your heart that’s why

the bible even says guard your heart

with all diligence

because the opportunity to be offended

happens probably a hundred times a day

you can anything if you just open

yourself up to be offended you’ll be

offended every single minute of the day

how a person was walking how they were

looking at you they didn’t wave they

didn’t say hi you were on the phone you

said but i love you no one said i love

you back they just hung up

you would be offended every single

minute of the day and why because we are

flawed people

but whatever it is that you had an

expectation of god come before him and

say lord

i don’t understand your ways

matter of fact the bible says that your

ways are not my

but lord give me insight

when your heart is open i kid you not

god will speak to you

when your heart does not look at him

like the evil one

god will give you

revelation god will minister to you his

peace will overtake you

don’t allow because even offense one of

the words for offense is actually a trap

there’s a book you have to read it is by

john revere called the bait of satan and

the bait of satan is really offense

don’t let that trap you

and lead you into things that are very


i’m telling you there are many things

that you open up yourself to you have no


you think that what you’re doing will

bring a solution but

right in this house we have some of our

prayer ministers in the front row

some of the things that we have to pray

and deliver people from

by the power of god

spirits that needed to come out because

they had access

through things and culture that will

tell you this is the way to progress in


it is not worth it i’m not speaking from

a place of just you know randomly like

oh this happened that sounds weird no

i have seen the outcome of these things

i have seen what actually happens when a

person does things like ayahuasca i have

seen the doors that are open when you go

to a psychic or a medium you see the

bible says that satan appears as an

angel of light

he doesn’t come to you like he wants to

ruin your life

he comes to you in a beautiful way

i will share with you a personal

experience i had

i remember

there was this particular person

who portrayed himself

as a prophet in my country

and the lord had revealed to me that

this this person it’s not what it is

this is that he is not called of me

i remember telling my mother i said mom

this ain’t it

whatever he’s dabbling into it’s not the

holy spirit

one day when the you see when the enemy

finds you finds finds your weak points

one day my mom called me she was with

that particular

you know um self-proclaimed prophet

and she was like he wants to speak to

you now i’m very playful and you know

i’m extremely goofy but when it comes to

things of the spirit i will check you

and so

when she was about to give him the phone

i said mom don’t do that because my tone

will be different

and she was like no stephanie he and

this is where the enemy gets you she

said no stephanie he told he just said

he wanted to pray for you

no he wanted you to pray for him and i

said oh shoot he’s over here repenting

rather than me to stay sensitive to the

holy spirit

the enemy got me with my emotions

i was on the phone i said let me you

know what let’s pray

which was pride

i prayed for the man

but it was only an open door for him to

pray for me

after i prayed i’m all vulnerable and


and then he began to pray for me

and when he prayed he was like you know

the lord and this is where oh you you

have to ask god god show me what i am

weak to

show me what could be an idol in my life

because that was a moment in my life

that god has stripped me of everything

and i was like god i mean i just need

you know a breather

and he said you know what the lord is

showing me

that the angel

that was with solomon he send them to

you i said oh snap

i said because you know solomon was over

there having a lot of fun you know

wealthy and all that good stuff i said

amen amen sir amen my god

i go to bed

i kid you not that night so i’ve had

different encounters with angels so it’s

not that they scare me

that night i

look up i see this angel standing by my

bedside beautiful has all these like his

whole makeup is like diamonds and rubies

and he was i’ve never seen an angel like

that he was gorgeous i was like oh snap

this is the angel that was with solomon

look at that

but then he started to smirk i said i’ve

never seen an angel do that

and so within me there was like this

alarm in my spirit

and i was like god something is wrong

here and i began to ask the holy spirit

who is this person

what is their name

and the lord gave me a name

and while he’s standing there looking at

me you know the spiritual and natural is

very interesting because i went on my

phone and i went on google and i put the

name in google and the name translated

to lucifer that it was another name for

lucifer the moment i saw the name

next thing i know he was in front of me

i was in bed he was in front of me

grabbed my grabbed me by the legs and i

kid that was one of the scariest moments

in my life it literally felt like my

soul was leaving me through my feet

and i began to call on jesus i said lord

whatever i have done in my ignorance

whatever door i have opened lord you

need to save me in this moment then this

other angel appears and strikes his hand

and he was gone and then i asked the

lord i said god if this came from that

person when he prayed for me

the same thing that’s that that’s that

hit this ain’t the lucifer’s hand then

let it strike that man’s head let him

have a headache so bad that he would

even say that i feel like i’m about to

die but he’s not going to die we don’t

want to kill nobody

but i said god give this to me as a sign

you know what happened the next day

i called my mom and i shared everything

with her

and she was like you know stephanie that

is so interesting

because i just got off the phone with

him and he said he has a headache so bad

that he feels like he’s about to

die why am i sharing this with you


in our culture today you have to be


you have to open up your eyes don’t just

give in to anything that appeases where

you’re in because you miss your

grandmother because you miss your father

don’t just give in and say you know what

let me just go to a medium let me hear

from them one more time because you’re

not hearing from your grandfather you’re

not hearing from your mother you’re

hearing from a demon disguising himself

so that he can bait you in

be watchful where you give your worship

and as we are talking about expose and


what the lord showed me was as simple as


you expose deception

by exposing your idols

what is an idol in your heart

what is the thing that you have put

above god

and you know it

when it is the very thing that will

cause you can you think of something

that if it happened

you might start questioning your faith

can you think of the thing that if you

don’t get it

if it never happens

it will cause you to question your faith

that is the evidence of an idol

because that means you have put it above

your affection towards jesus in your


when something happens to you

and it causes you to feel like god i

don’t know if i can trust you anymore it

is the evidence of an idol

and i have been in prayer

that the holy spirit would reveal to

each and every one of us

what is your idol

what is the thing that will take you out

of character

what is the thing that will cause you to

lack integrity

what is the thing that will cause you to


it is your idol

but when you expose it and say


this has a hold on my heart you don’t

need a lie to the lord

you can tell him exactly like it is

this has a hold on my heart this is

where partnership comes in

god does not need you to do everything

by yourself he just needs you to open up

if you just say lord

this person has a hold on my heart

i really wanted it to be them

this the idea of this thing has a hold

of my heart this job has a hold in my

heart this city has a hold in my heart

whatever it is

fame has a hold in my heart being an

influencer has a hold on my heart

whatever you are willing to compromise

yourself for is an idol

but when you expose it to god

it is the mercy of god

and the grace of god and the goodness of

god that steps in

and he will begin to empower you for you

to experience freedom

isn’t it crazy how sometimes you can go

from completely being obsessed about


and then all of a sudden it’s like you

woke up from a dream because you’re like

what the heck was i thinking

what was i doing

it is the grace of god that stepped in

that the same way you didn’t know how

you could get free

when i used to watch pornography it had

a hold on me

and and at the time i was like god you

just have to allow me to do this since i

can’t do anything else you know

i said just let me watch a little bit

but i remember

i’m sorry mom

but i remember

was a particular day never forget that

when i recognized that no matter my mess

the voice of god never left me

god will talk to me in all my


and i remember one day i said god i want

to represent you in truth

i don’t want to live a double life

i don’t want to act like one thing and

or say one thing and do another i don’t

want to talk because no matter what one

thing that is consistent anyone will

tell you this anyone from my past people

that we used to dance on the dj booth

together will still tell you

after all of that when we’re in the car

heading home i’ll be talking about jesus

i be like after everything you can’t

even see straight i’m like are y’all

coming to church on sunday

it’s youth night


but i said god i don’t want to live a

double life

and in that moment

that stronghold broke immediately

i never had a desire for it

i never it is supernatural how god can

just uproot because remember deception

is a seed that has to be exposed and


you do the exposing god uprooted because

god already knows what it is

but you need to know what it is

so when you open it up to him he uproots


and it’s a beautiful journey

so family stand with me

and in this moment

i want you to only focus on jesus

i don’t want you to focus on who’s next

to you

who you came with


to respond to messages like this

might feel like man that’s embarrassing

no it’s not


there’s nothing embarrassing about


don’t allow the enemy to even use this

moment to deceive your perception

about what has taken

place and so if you know that i was

talking to you in the room

whoever you are

because the freedom of god is in this


and it is a work that only he can do

we are only messengers to deliver his


for the holy spirit to take over

and so family if you know i was speaking

to i want you to just meet me at this



and it was interesting because while in


and whoever you are if you’re already

coming down but i need to even say this

the lord showed me someone who kept

looking at their watch over and over and

over again you just kept looking at your


and i asked him i said what does that

what is that what does that mean

and he showed me that

there are some of you in this room and

maybe even listening to our global


that you have put god on a time schedule

you have literally said to him

god if you don’t do this by this time

i’m walking away from the faith

and when the lord showed me

this group of people it wasn’t just one


there were several people who had this

their hand just kept looking at their


you see you can’t bait god

that is not the right heart posture

that was what the pharisees would do

the ones that were against god they

would say well why don’t you show us a


why don’t you show us a sign because it

was never about that

god is for you

he is for you more than anything else

he is for you than you are for yourself

he knows your end from your beginning

and that is why he has taken his time

with you

if the lord began to give you everything

you ever desired when you wanted it it

could destroy you

you may not know how to handle it or

what to do with it but god has taken his

time with you

god has taken you in a process

whatever it is just give it to him

say lord here i am

you see there are some of you in this

room and you’ve already gone to a few


you’ve already gone searching for


and the lord is gonna set you free

the lord is gonna set you free

thank you jesus

thank you jesus

because already

you sensed the torments

what started off beautiful

what looked like wow

that is crazy i just spoke to my


next thing

now your dreams are tormenting you

things are happening in your life you

can’t explain


stuff god is going to set you free

there are many things we do in ignorance

and that’s why thank god we have a god

who is so merciful

that the bible says his mercy and his

goodness follows us

that his mercies not only do they follow

us they are made new

every morning

god says i know that you went in the

wrong path but my mercy is new upon you


the mercy of god is when god holds you

in his hand

no matter what you did

god says i am right here with you

i will heal you

i will deliver you i will set you

free but open up to me


deception is a trip man

because you will think you are in the in

the right

you will think you’re doing the thing

god wants you to do but look at the


what is the fruit telling you about the



i thank god


i just see breakthrough all over this


thank you jesus

thank you jesus


if anyone else needs to walk out of

their seat

i want you to walk out

don’t be so bothered about

you know composure

and all this stuff

don’t be so worried about what you think

you’re supposed to do

but i want you to take this act and say

god i am not going to be bound by this


maybe you don’t want to come all the way

to the front maybe you know you know

you’re worried about covet

but just move to the left just do a

little movement


but whoever you are in this house

because we’re going to pray i want you

to just lift up your hand if you’re

saying yes to jesus thank you lord

family can we celebrate

them in this house


hallelujah hallelujah

heavenly father we thank you


lord jesus we worship you lord i thank

you for your sons and your daughters who

are here lord god

and i thank you for the breakthrough

that is happening right now in their

lives i thank you that many of them are

already feeling this burden being lifted

because literally i can see it this

burden is being lifted oh god that

whatever trap of the enemy they have

been set free in the mighty name of

jesus lord god i thank you for those who

are saying yes to you oh god i thank you

lord that this decision is literally the

best decision they would ever make in

their lives and i thank you lord that

you would hold your hand and you would

walk with them holy spirit you said that

you would teach us you will guide us you

are the helper oh god i pray that they

will know what it means to have a

personal relationship with you i thank

you that they will not just know you by

hearing but they will know you by

experience because lord this is not

religion this is relationship and i

thank you heavenly father that they

would come into true relationship with


and they would be lovers of truth

lovers of jesus that when a lie is

coming that they will detect it from a

mile away that lord god i thank him that

every trap of the enemy

we will not fall into it


jesus when you were raised up

you were raised up with all power

and authority and might oh god

and i thank you

that as your children say yes to you

you are raising them up from defeat

you are raising them up from weakness

you are raising them up from

insecurities you are raising them up oh

god from bondage from addiction you are

raising them up from torment into


in the mighty name of jesus

lord we love you we worship you

continue to have your way

in jesus mighty name

amen amen


hallelujah family can we just shout to


thank you jesus

thank you jesus


now family i never want to miss an

opportunity for anyone because i know

that there are people coming in even

while the message was going on

if you would love to give into this


if you would love to sow a seed an

offering or your tithe then this is that


if you have an envelope or you want to

give by cash right outside there are

boxes just on the walls that you can you

can give into or some of our team may

have a um a collection for you i love

the given moment family

because it always reveals where my trust


whenever i tithe it reminds me of where

i put my trust

and i put my trust in jesus

i recognize he is the one that provides

for me he is the one that makes ways for


and so it’s for me it’s it’s such a it’s

a personal thing it’s like lord i want

to keep building

what is lifting your name up

i want to keep building what is praising

you what is demonstrating your image

and the offering just like pastor

ebenezer mentioned earlier

whatever the lord puts in your heart

whatever the lord

places on your heart to give whatever

that could be it is between you and him

for me the offering is always how i mark

the spot

when i know that god met me in a message

i sow into it

because the the mystery about seed is

that wherever there is seed there is


and so i don’t just so randomly i sow

with intention

i say god i’m believing as i’m sowing

this seed i am marking the spot of what

you have already done it’s not we don’t

bribe god with it we acknowledge him

and i say lord i am thanking you for my

breakthrough i’m thanking you that i’m

free from this and i am marking the spot

and i’m watching and i can’t wait to

testify to the fullness of what you have

done in my life

and so family

as we’re giving

let’s just if you’re if you didn’t give

and you want to give you can lift it up

but let’s close out in prayer heavenly

father we thank you

we love you

you have shown up in a mighty way

we thank you god for what you’re doing

in and through us and lord as we give

multiply its impact in the mighty name

of jesus have your way o god in jesus

mighty name amen amen