“Listennnn sometimes, we DON’T want that old thing back! Those seasons of life that we don’t want to remember or relationships we want to never address again can stay right where we left them! And as comfortable as it is to stay in bliss and not address the triggers that may overwhelm us, we CAN’T stay there! So don’t let your triggers dictate how you move in your now! To live a life where you are fully aware, you HAVE to confront those triggers that bring you discomfort. Stream the full sermon “”Glory Triggers”” on TD Jakes Youtube Page. ********************************************************************** Stay plugged into the Woman Evolve community: www.womanevolve.com www.womanevolve.tv download the app from any mobile device’s app store, first 7 days are FREE! Want to support this ministry? Text GIVE to (833) 611-9066 or click here FOLLOW US ON THE SOCIALS: Instagram: Women Evolve and Sarah Jakes Roberts Twitter: Woman Evolve and SJakesRoberts Facebook: Woman Evolve and Sarah Jakes RobertsWoman Evolve TV app! ”

I’m gonna do what I can I’m gonna do

what I can


this don’t have nothing to do with my

message but I was on the road for 15

days this my ninth time preaching in 15

days and um thank you thank you then say

that thank you

but I just want you to know there was

nowhere I went that my husband wasn’t

with me and so baby I just want to honor


for holding me down being my front my

back my side for praying for covering

for loving on me you make it look easy

you put your world on positive step into

my universe and I thank you for giving

me an environment to flourish truly you

make it easy to be a power couple so I

thank you baby


genre every era every decade of life has

within a Zeitgeist this is a German word

that means Spirit of the times

when we look over at history we’ll see

that there were different decades in

those decades each had a different


in the 60s we saw the rise of the civil

rights movement that was a part of the

Zeitgeist of the time the 20s were the

Jazz Age the 80s gave way to electronic

music and Hip-Hop the 70s proves that

when y’all say our music is nasty that

y’all must have forgot that the 70s

was Make Love Not War and y’all wasn’t

talking about agape love I saw some of

the footage and some of you all were at

Woodstock I don’t know if you were


but they told me they saw you with

flowers in your head it wasn’t a crown

of thorns I don’t want to be in your


every decade has a zeitgeist

it’s hard to say what this one will be

and of course it takes time playing out

to really understand in context in the

fullness of a perspective what the

Zeitgeist is but I cannot imagine a

world where the Zeitgeist of this time

doesn’t include a conversation around


now more than ever

there has been an emphasis on the

discussion of mental and emotional


in a way that is unprecedented for the

preceding times

it’s so interesting because initially I

thought that maybe it was just a part of

the Zeitgeist of Black Culture like

because black people don’t talk about

mental health we weren’t talking about

depression we weren’t talking about

anxiety but then I went and talked to my

white friends and my white friend says

girl we weren’t talking about it over

here either

an Asian Community say that it’s not

something that’s talked about heavily

there either in the latinx community


like we’re not talking about that here

either y’all didn’t know I had that

Spanish I pulled that out for you