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you see I’m the first one in my family

to effectively manage my finances now

those children that I thought that I had

failed and that I felt so guilty of

bringing them through everything with me

they honor God and they are good money

managers as well

that house that went into foreclosure

three times is now an investment

property so someone is being blessed

living there I literally changed the

tides for generations to come

and so can you that’s my goal for you

it’s because it’s for the future

remember this is all for the future

you literally came to the right place

because I’m passionate about money and

I’m passionate about helping you

sometimes the world just Turns Upside

Down and we don’t have the tools order

resources to ride out the storms or to

just kind of keep holding on

and let’s be honest a lot of people are

living the the Instagram life where

everything looks perfect and it looks

like everything is all together but

behind the scenes it’s a total mess

comparing themselves to others spending

more money than they have experiencing

sleepless nights

having the day-to-day worries of paying

the bills and feeding your family and

one job isn’t enough I know that all so


and then we ask when is the struggle

going to stop when will I ever get ahead

you know we spend more time on social

media than we do working on the things

that God has given us to do

if you’re like me my spirit was saying I

shouldn’t be here this is this whole

situation is lying on me I should be

here God has more for me than this

over the last 10 plus years and

thousands of people that I’ve worked

with in the financial workshops I hear

the same recurring worries and fears I

want to do better but I don’t even know

where to start

I have a budget but I don’t seem to stay

be able to stay on track

I make 250 000 plus dollars a year and I

have no idea where my money is going

no matter how hard I try

I just can’t keep up with the bills it’s

never ever enough

and the two top things that I hear the

most that people come to me for help

with is credit card debt and student


I’m drowning in debt and I don’t know

how to get out of it

at the start of my financial workshops I

always ask people what their expectation

is you see I like clear communication I

want to be I want to make sure that what

you’re asking me to help you with that

I’m able to do it and I’m clear to tell

you if I can’t do that or not in most

cases when it comes to money I can I

either can or I can show you where to go

to get your help

but the most common answers that people

ask me is or the most common answers

that they give me when I ask their

expectations is I want peace I want

empowerment I want stability I need hope

I want hope I want accountability I want

to learn money management and I want

Financial Freedom


did I tell you that this you are

destined to be in here I know it because

we’ve been praying for you today I’m

going to give you tools to move past

many of your fears and your challenges

because it is enough of just getting by

those days are gone it’s time to start

multiplying your coins not just for

today but it’s for the future

so now I want to teach you how to marry

your works with your faith so we know

we’ve had Faith here we need to bring

that work the works up

so let’s get started with putting a

little work with our faith let’s roll up

our sleeves

I want you to get a notepad and a pen

because we’re going to class and you’re

gonna have to take notes and if you’ve

ever been in any of my workshops I give

you homework

because we need it to stick

and I also want to tell you that this is

hard soil that we’re digging up so a few

times you’re going to say ouch but don’t

worry about that you’re in a safe place

and we’re going to move past all of that

but you must address it

think of yourself as a


we’re digging up an area of soil that’s

now that hasn’t been tilled that has

it’s just hard soil so we’re digging up

hard soil we’re going to dig it up we’re

going to plant some seeds God is going

to water it and you’re going to have a


so let’s get started take a deep breath

and relax

and let’s go

so two questions I want to ask you

and I want you to take a moment to

answer yes or no just take a moment and

think about it and answer yes or no the

first question is are you partnering

with God

that means are you consistent consistent

being the key word

with honoring God with your tithes and

your offerings

consistency is a lifestyle

it’s not paying your tithes when you

have the money and then when things get

tight you don’t

and it’s not giving your offerings and

calling that as tides

in question I’m going to ask you is are

you effectively managing what he has

given you effectively managing is the

key word meaning it’s a lifestyle

do you use a monthly budget

do you know how much you need to run

your household

either for your business and your

household do you know how much you need

monthly for that

do you hold yourself accountable for

what’s coming in and what’s going out

and do you have a savings and an


so we take a minute with that

now my guess is that you’ve answered no

to at least one of those questions

don’t feel bad

remember my story

I answered no to everything

that’s how I can relate to you with all

of this

literally all you have to do is add and

subtract God is going to multiply he

literally is going to multiply that’s

what he does best

he’ll multiply once we start honoring

him and once we put things in order

I’m reminded in Matthew 14 of the two

fish in the five loaves of bread

and nothing was wasted Not only was

nothing wasted oh my God but they had 12

baskets left over if that’s not

multiplication I don’t know what is from

two fish and five loaves of bread

so we have to do the first make the

first things first we have to put God

first with our tithes and offerings

can you honor God above everything

forsaking all things and give to him

first no matter if the cell phone is due

no matter if the electric bill is due

can you honor him and give to him first

before you get started with divvying up

your money it literally is like building

an altar I’m reminded in the Book of

Joshua every time he went in to possess

the land and God was with him he didn’t

do anything before he went and created

and built an aunt an altar for God it’s

like building an altar honoring God

that’s amazing

when you honor God with your money

you’re acknowledging that he and he

alone is your only source that’s the

absolute truth he and he alone is your

only source

that’s ushering in and when you’re

saying that to him that’s ushering in an

intimacy that’s so rich and so pure and

so much blesses God

from him blessing us

and then I’ll also ask can you be

obedient to the word

do what the word says and then can you

stand on the Promises

of Malachi 3 10-12 when it comes to your

tithes of second Corinthians 9 6 through

10 when it comes to your offering can

you do what those scriptures ask you to

do and then can you stand on the promise

and wait until you see the Promise


it never takes long we have to pay God

first that puts us in alignment that

puts us in Covenant and that puts us in

partnership with God the best place you

can ever be

not just with your money but in anything

in life

so number two second point now we’re

going into Mastering the Art of Money


so I go back to a question I asked

before how are you managing it

are you being a good Steward of what God

has given you

you can answer that you see money is

only a resource it’s the vehicle that

takes you where you want to go

you can have as many game plans business

plans the ideas that you have unless you

have that vehicle which is your finances

in order which is the money to make that

thing happen it’s still just going to be

in black and white and on paper it’s not

going to come to fruition

your budget is your blueprint your game

plan your part of your strategy it’s

literally part of your strategy

but most importantly and I found this

out that it’s your place of peace

when you don’t have to worry about your

rent your bills have spending more and

and not having enough

when you don’t have to worry about that

on a monthly basis there is a peace that

comes over you

there is a creativity that begins to

flow and start in you

it’s a place of peace that if you ever

get there you’ll never ever ever move

out of that spot

I know what I’m talking about with those

three children and my story

I know you think you know what you need

so did I I know we got it all up here

but it’s not real until you write it

down just like that business plan isn’t

real until you write it down

and until you write it down how do you

know if you’re on track or off track

you can’t manage what you don’t measure

you can’t you don’t know if you actually

spent what you said you were going to

spend you have to have it written down

think about what you would accomplish if

you were not worried about money

I know people ask those questions but if

you were not worried about money what

would you be doing


let’s remember we pay God first and put

him in divine order and position now we

go to another sore spot that I hear with

people that are not doing it we pay

ourselves second

it’s God first a second and then your


we pay ourselves second you were never

ever meant to work and not have

something to show for it that was never

to be John 10 10 says that he came that

we would have life and have it more


how am I going to have it more

abundantly if I don’t have something for

myself never give to someone else

without having something for yourself

that should be savings that should be

emergency what’s the difference between

savings and emergency savings is to

actually save for something save a nest

egg save and put it to the side your

emergency is for when life happens and

life will happen

but you don’t have to be taken out when

life happens