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we talk a lot about how God is always

opening doors and I love that about God

but as I was studying for this message I

felt that there was something deeper

than just God opening doors

there are moments when God opens portals

adore when we think about it even when

we think about God opening doors it may

change something in our life

but when God opens doors it doesn’t

always change our entire life

but when God opens a portal it is an

entrance into another dimension

those of you who are fans of sci-fi

understand that there are moments in

science fiction when you’re no longer in

the same universe that you were once

occupying because you entered a portal

that gained you access to another


and it is not often that God opens


these are moments that happen ever so

often in our lives as a matter of fact

most of us in the room have lived long

enough to recognize that that just

wasn’t a phone call that wasn’t just a

meeting that when I met that person God

opened a portal when I came to that

church God opened a portal when I

received that word it was a portal it

was meant to take me into another

dimension there are some people in this

room who don’t even think the way they

once thought not because they just

changed their mind on their own but

because they see the one Revelation and

that one Revelation was actually a

portal that opened them up to a new way

of being a new way of thinking a new

possibility for what could happen for

them and their family sometimes God

opens doors but most of the time when

our lives are radically changed he opens

up portals when Jesus was walking

through and he walked by and saw a young

man and said hey I’ll make you Fishers

of Men if you follow me they thought

that they were just meeting a man they

had no idea that they had been

introduced to a portal

and so when I began studying for this


I was torn because I wanted to really

dig into the reality that when God

opened these portals for us

that we have to be sensitive enough to

not miss the moment

we’ve got to be Discerning enough to


that this opportunity this connection

this relationship is not just something

I’m passing along the way

who would we be if we treated every

introduction like it had the possibility

of being a portal

because I think it’s also worth

mentioning that not every portal is

connected to promotion

the portal is just the method that

allows you access to another dimension

but where that Dimension takes you

doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s

promotion sometimes there are portals

that allow you access to things that are

on assignment to destroy you

that’s why it wasn’t just a heartbreak

it was a portal



that gave you an awareness

about darkness and destruction

that you were never meant to have access


that’s why I’m careful about I don’t

y’all watch some scary movies if you

want to that’s not for me

that’s not for me

you talk about my faith you talk about

my salvation you do what you need to do

but I don’t play with the devil because

listen I don’t know what I’m getting

access to I don’t know you get to

chanting something now I got to speak in

tongues in the movie theater and ruin

the movie for everybody because I don’t

play with them portals I don’t know

where this is taking me I can’t trust

everything I am exposed to because I

recognize that some of these things are

portals and you came to be entertained

and now you’re leaving Afflicted because

you didn’t allow yourself access to

something that was meant to take you

into another dimension there were some

things you were exposed to that you

should have never been exposed to but

because you were connected to somebody

who you didn’t realize was a portal in

Disguise now you’re dealing with their

devils and their demons because you’re

in a dimension that you were never

supposed to be in I don’t know about you

but I got careful over my circle when I

started realizing I wasn’t just fighting

my depression I was fighting their

depression and now I’m in this mess with

you because I allowed you to be my




what do they get when they get you

where are you taking them

are you in a position where you can even

allow someone access to the dimension of

you and it make them better or are you

making them more ill do you recognize

that connection is a portal and can you

stand by the dimension you’re currently

existing in

because it’s not just on them

it’s on you too

and that’s why you do yourself a service

when you make sure that you are aware

enough about what’s happening in your

spirit so that you’re not preaching

teaching pouring parenting loving sexing

with people not realizing that you are

really giving them access to a version

of you that you don’t even like but

misery loves company and now we’re

sitting in this dimension of Torment

together because I didn’t realize

that this was

a portal

something to be said

about us recognizing the power of

connection the power of opportunity

to not just meet us but to move us

when is the last time we took inventory

of what is happening in our life and who

was in our lives and asked ourselves

where are you taking me


your purpose only works in a certain


oh Jesus help me

some of us

fall for this


that if I am anointed I am anointed


oh God this one even in my notes

but your anointing is assigned to a


I’ll give you an example

there are some people not people you

know not people in this room

who justify what they do by saying well

Jesus sat with Sinners and and drunks

and everybody else yeah but you have a

drinking problem and he was anointed to

be in that Dimension and you are not you

are not witnessing at the strip club

baby you are not anointed for that

Dimension and don’t fool with the

anointing and dilute it by making the

anointing fit your lifestyle instead of

changing your lifestyle to fit the



you don’t work everywhere Jesus told the

disciples that if you go into a house

and release your anointing if they don’t

receive it go into the other house

because you’re anointing you can’t force

your anointing into spaces where you

were not called if there is not capacity

for your anointing then move

into a dimension

where you’re anointing can align with

the mission

that God has assigned on your life

don’t cast your pearls amongst swines

you got the right pearls but the wrong


when we recognize

that we have found ourselves

functioning in dimensions

that take us backwards

that shrink our anointings that dilute

our power

we are not without help

because the truth is though we can try

and protect it as much as we desire

we’re all going to find ourselves

whether we realize it in the moment or


sucked into dimensions

where we lose focus

on our anointing

sucked into dimensions

where the only thing we see is the


sucked into Dimensions where the only

thing we see are our failures our shame

our insecurity our abandonment issues

our inadequacies

and most of the time if we traced our

steps back we see that that wasn’t just

one Rejection it was a rejection that

Unearthed all the other directions and

now I spiraled into a dimension

that I cannot get out of

yeah I know I know yeah

you can’t

always get yourself out of these


I love affirmations we have our children

say affirmations every morning but there

are some affirmations that don’t help us

get out of the dimensions there are some

moments where that Dimension is so heavy

and so dark that we cannot get out of it

and so as believers

if you are a Believer and if you are not

a Believer I highly encourage you to tap

into this truth that is helping us it is

not that we don’t spiral into dark

dimensions is that we understand the

power of prayer is not just the place

where we go and ask God to bless me

bless me bless me prayer is

transportation prayer is a portal out of

this Dimension and into the dimension

I’m supposed to be in sometimes I start

praying because I recognize I’m not in

position and sometimes I’m already out

of position when I start praying but God

is so good that he tells me if you

humble yourself and pray and seek my

face and turn from your wicked ways I’ll

send an Uber for you out of the place of

Destruction I’ll send the Uber oh Jesus

I feel there’s some oil on that that

your prayer is sending up a GPS

notification that says God here I am and

I got sucked into the mess that I cannot

get out of but help me Lord Lord I

understand saying that I don’t have to

live this way I didn’t have to be stuck

in this Dimension but I humble myself

and I begin to pray that verse is in

second chronicles and it’s very powerful

when you understand the dynamic of

Israel and their relationship with God

you recognize that they kept finding

themselves out of position over and over

again they would start dabbling with

other religions having sex with people

they shouldn’t be having sex with

worshiping other Idols they didn’t even

realize that they were worshiping other

idols and I just want you to know just

because you don’t have stones and just

because you don’t have Sage it doesn’t

mean you’re not worshiping other Idols

if you are worshiping that worry if you

are worshiping that insecurity if you

are worshiping the idea of marriage if

you are worshiping the idea of being

single baby you got an idol too I know

you think you better than the other

people because you don’t have their

Idols but everybody in here came in here

dragging an idol if you’re worshiping

success if you’re worshiping achievement

If You Think You’re only as good as your

bank account baby you got an idol but

second chronicles 7 tells us that if my

people who are called by my name will

humble themselves and pray and seek my

face why am I seeking into God’s face

because I’m in a dimension where I don’t

see God but God says if you start

searching for me I don’t care how dark

the dimension is I don’t care how long

you’ve been in the dimension I don’t

care how many friends you got in the

dimension if you start seeking my face

God says I’ll show up if you turn from

your Wicked Ways you’ll hear from heaven

and I will forgive their sins

I hear God saying come out of the sunken

place I hear God saying that somebody

got turned upside down I don’t know who

what the portal was that sent you into a

dimension of Darkness I don’t know what

the portal was the sent you into a

dimension of ego I don’t know what the

portal was that sent you into a

dimension of bitterness but I hear God

saying there is no Dimension dark enough

to keep me from finding you there is no

Dimension wide enough to keep me from

coming to you but God says I won’t come

unless you call I won’t betray our

covenant but if you call me I’ll answer

if you seek for me I’ll show up I feel

like preaching in this place because I

understand what happens when we begin to

call on the name of God

God says when you can’t get out of the

atmosphere you can shift the atmosphere

when you begin to shift the atmosphere

God I can’t break the addiction on my

own have you ever seen somebody drunk

but calling on the name of God you can

discredit them if you want to but they

recognize a minute to mention I can’t

get out of God if I could put it down I

would but since I can’t put it down I’m

asking you to meet me right where I am

in this Dimension right where I am in

this Brokenness right where I am in this



God I need something stronger

than the dimension I got sucked in

prayer is my transportation

thinking about Paul and Silas

locked up in a prison cell

and one dimension

I’m restricted

but when I start worshiping

when I start worshiping I invite

Heaven’s Dimension into my dimension

that’s why that worship was so good this

morning because I wasn’t in my dimension

on my own anymore I invited Heaven’s

Dimension into my Dimension and when

Paul and Silas said I may not be able to

get out of this cell I may not be able

to get out of these cups but I could let

worship meet me in the place of

restriction then all of a sudden the

ground started shaking you couldn’t see

it earlier but every time you lifted

your hands I saw the ground started

shaking you didn’t see it earlier but

every time you lifted your hands I saw

demons backing up off of you you didn’t

know it yet cause you’ve been carrying

that weight for so long but when you

started worshiping I saw chains being

broken off with you you didn’t realize

it but you shook up the ground when you

walk out of here you may have to walk a

little differently because I hear God

saying I shook up the ground that you’re

walking on I ordered your steps because

when I shook up the ground it’s not the

same way that you used to walk anymore I

that’s why the enemy wants to worship

because your worship changes the

dimensions that’s why the enemy wants

your tongue cause your mouth changes the

dimension the power of life and death is

in the tongue so you decided to not

speak death but I hear God saying did

you speak life you shut up on one end

but did you open your mouth on the other

end cause if you open your mouth on the

other end what you’ll learn is that same

power that caused you to shriek is the

same power that will help you release

the gift of God that’s down on the

inside of you

let me tell you

let me tell you how cold God is

some people in this room

and they drag themselves in this room

but they can’t release their worship

because they’re in a dimension of so

much pain

that they can’t even release it for


it took everything they had to come into

this room

after trauma after trauma

one can chase one thousand

when worship releases in this room it

doesn’t just change your dimension it

changes the entire Dimension that means

if you can’t lift your hands I’ll let

them fool you if you can’t open your


the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence

and the violence naked by force

you better watch who you’re sitting next

to cause I hear God saying that

Dimension is about to shift the

dimension is about to go higher


yes you online yes you are mine Potter’s

House Dallas let’s shift the dimension

in Africa for a minute let’s shift the

dimension in London for a minute I hear

God said we can shift it from right here




on hell


I got a dimension the shift

I got a generational curse to break


I don’t have that much time

but I just came here to let you know

that when you shift the dimension it’s

not just gonna change it for you

it’s gonna change it for everything

connected to you


don’t be surprised if your family starts

acting different believe it on the

submission shift don’t be surprised if

the co-workers start acting different

blame it on the dimension shift don’t be

surprised if the tears start flowing

don’t be surprised if the joy starts

coming blame it on the dimension shift

thank you




Shane’s gotta go

anxiety’s Gotta Go

depression’s Gotta leave me alone I got

into the mention

system God shift them with their worship

accepted with their praise we make a

drone in this place have you a great God

that you are

we rebuke it in the name of Jesus we

break Covenant with this hair we break

Covenant with bitterness we break

Covenant with our fear I’m walking in a

new dimension this depictions of our

faith this division is about miracles


little mama

you jumping with that baby you just jump

that baby into another dimension little


aren’t you asking God for but I hear

it in the kitchen you got to break a

generational curse before he says his

first words


she jumping and you’re dropping for your

baby and you drop it for your marriage

and you drop it and drop it and you

gonna leap and fight yourself in another

dimension you better watch out when you

clap your hands cause you’re gonna look

and you’re gonna have wings


thank you


oh yeah I see you dropping I see you

dropping up there I see you dropping

where we going where we going is it

healing where are we going is it

wholeness where are we going is it a

miracle where are we going is it

breakthrough where are we going are we

breaking a generational car

I’m going through

I’m going I’m going

I’m going

I’m going I’m going I’m going I’m going

I’m going I’m going I’m going I’m going

I’m going I’m going I’m going and every

time I worship I get transported to

another dimension I’m going I’m going

I’m going on Earth as it is in heaven

your kingdom come your will be done in

this Dimension I’m not going to wait

until I die to see another dimension I

want to see a dimension I wanna see the

goodness of the Lord in the land of the