Service Date: 05.03.17 8PM


see this past week enough notice the a

connection in the messages right it’s

been a message of expectation whether is

your expectation of God based on your

perception of him or the expectations

that you have of yourself based on how

you perceive yourself or you perceive

you know the things that you’ve

experienced and so in continuation see

that the title because there’s a title

right the title of this message is I

still want it now I’ll talk about well

I’ll stop right there

now I wonder my question for everyone

here I wonder what your it is I wonder

what is the thing that used to wake you

up in the middle of the night with

excitement I wonder what it is that when

God spoke to you about it you had so

much joy and now you can barely get out

of bed

I wonder how what life has done or where

where things went wrong that just the

thought of it makes you angry when

someone tries to bring it up to you you

become very defensive it used to be that

there was a time where you were excited

that you know what was that song he

would do it again and then you’re like

that I’m not sure if you’ve done it yes


and so you know it lives also a passage

of Scripture it’s in Proverbs proverbs

12 13 I believe if it is my biblical

skills are getting better so look at the


30:12 reverse amen now the passage says

the past except Hope deferred makes the

heart sick but when the desire comes it

is a tree of life so there are two

things in this passage right and I want

us to focus on the first one

hope first makes the heart sick Hope

deferred we got a background music Hope

deferred right what when something you

have been having an expectation of when

something you hoped for seems like it’s

been prolonged it makes the heart sick

it makes the heart weak the heart is is

tired the heart is exhausted it’s been

drawn out

you see I wonder a lot of times we find

it difficult to say that you know what

god I’ve been having an expectation of

this Deen and the truth is you know it

hasn’t really happened but but it’s

funny because we never realized that

that statement is not like it’s not a

period that goes there is that it hasn’t

happened yet and so there is a there is

almost like a an x-block of tiredness in

the spirit the heart is weak and you see

when someone becomes weak they’re not as

active they’re not as engaged as they

used to be when the heart is sick when

the heart is weak when the heart feels

drawn out when you feel like you’ve been

having an expectation of something and

you end up feeling disappointed after

disappointment your expectation of God

or of yourself and sometimes with people

and we’re going to talk about those

different you know different fields

there it becomes weakened and I wonder I

wonder where where our expectation right

in other for us to have an expectation

and truth resentment cannot be in the

picture and oftentimes where resentment

comes in because you see family when

your heart is weak you’re not engaged

emotionally anymore when you’re not

emotionally engaged with the very thing

you desire oftentimes it is the evidence

of resentment has

been somewhere and my prayer my prayer

for each and every one here and watching

is that the Holy Spirit will bring to

the surface the areas of your life you

may have resentment because the thing

with resentment is that it is very

tricky you can actually live with it you

can come to the house of God you can

pray you can worship you can pray for

other people you can have a prophetic

word that says the Lord

uh-huh I’m not sure who said but you

can’t you can function with resentment

if only surfaces when that desire that

thing that you had a longing for you’re

having an encounter with it in some way

and so you never realize that maybe I

have resentment against myself because

there was an expectation I had for my

younger self and the things that I said

I would do that I never did

maybe there’s a resentment I have

against you know a family member because

occasion can I get a hand to help okay

it’s coming because I’m this isn’t often

done but maybe there’s an expectation I

had of a family member because whatever

I believe them to be in my life they

failed at it and maybe thank you and

maybe I have resentments against the

Lord because what I believe him to do in

my perception he failed me or he

betrayed me you see on Sunday PT talked

about and I believe that the stories in

mark chapter 6 you see he talked about

how jesus oh jesus had gone you know

Jesus I mean he was doing a lot at this

time he was raising people from the dead

healing to say doing all kinds of things

healing people like seven demons and all

you know all these kinds of stuff then

he goes to his hometown and the people

hear him

they hear the power that he’s speaking

by they see that you know what Jesus is

actually performing miracles and I’m

sure they have heard about the things

that he had done in other towns and what

was fascinating is that they were

offended by him now for our first time

gas pcs you know our pastor senior

pastor Colin passes very : PT and the

message is on our live stream on our

YouTube and you should watch it is

amazing but he talked about how they

were offended by Jesus and I wondered

you know why would they be so offended

by him that word is really heavy

you see Jesus before he went into

ministry right for thirty years of his

life he lived as Joseph boy he was a

carpenter David said is this not the

carpenter they were familiar with him

maybe Jesus even had a few friends in

the crowd that were offended by him if I

want you to realize something you know

something interesting about the Bible to

me is that it leaves a lot of open ended

question and I think it’s so that we can

fill it with our lives we can see

ourselves in the people and not just

make them some you know angels or

something like these were people that

had emotions you see for thirty years

Jesus had known and seen people and

their family members died there were

people that were sick and perhaps in his

presence they even prayed to God perhaps

they even said Jesus you know can you

pray with me

my son is ill my mother is ill there

were there were signs of even demonic

manifestations at that time but it

wasn’t Jesus’s time to move as a son of

God you see they had known Jesus in

their time of suffering and he did


and all of a sudden now you want to show

up and start healing people

where were you when my son died where

were you when I didn’t catch no fish you

know back then you know things will

happen all of a sudden you know where

were you when the economy was against me

where were you and all of a sudden you

want to show up and heal people speak

with wisdom no check this let me let me

vote let me bring it let me see it let’s

bring it to home imagine right you’ve

been struggling just financially tree no

tripping you know your account just

stays on negative and and you’re like

your best friend all along is like a

millionaire right and you you call her

you call him you’re like man I’m just

you know struggling accountants got

overdrawn again and she’s like girl you

know I just believe in God for you and

then one day years later you thought she

calls you and she’s like hey girl do you

get you know this magazine I was

featured in it was talking about how I

had all this money for ten years I will

hang up on you I’ll say say what now

click because so you’re telling me for

all this time you could have solved my

problem and you were just bare silence

I want to talk about you see sometimes

we are here with like hey yes you know

okay thank you

but there are things that we struggle

with you see personally some some may

know the story some may not my father as

a baby was murdered was a planned

assassination I don’t know what made me

more upset if it was a fact that that

okay the God did you allow him to die or

when I found out the story of how he

died you see my mother told me later on

in life that after they found him shot

and bleeding he was actually still alive

they took him to the first hospital the

hospital denied him and said they may

require the deposit before they treated

him you know back then Nigeria was a

little tripping huh so the hospital

because the people that found him were

strangers right they didn’t have you

know to deposit money somebody’s dying

here they take him to the second

hospital he’s still alive the second

hospital said we cannot treat him

without a deposit they take it to the

third hospital and there was some favor

in the third house with and they said ok

we’re going to go ahead but by then he

had lost too much blood and died so I

didn’t know if I should be more upset

that God did you allow the shooting or

you I mean you allow that to occur or

the fact that the favor was delayed to

the third hospital when it was too late

so what’s happening here and so growing

up I had a very hard time being

vulnerable with people because I had a

hard time to give my heart to someone

thinking that they could die or they

could go away because I wondered and

growing up you know the Lord is talking

to me about you know when the time

your marriage would be long and fruitful

and all this stuff and I had a hard time

believing that because though I love the

Lord and all of that

I wondered how is it possible that you

would give me something that you took

away from my mother so without knowing

even though I had the desire for love I

had a desire to want to connect I had

the desire to want to be open with

people that desire was coated in

resentment it was buried in resentment

because a part of me was yet to

understand or deal with the pain so I

wonder in this room what has been buried

in resentment you see family the crazy

thing about pain and the crazy thing

about how life happens this morning even

connected to that story this morning a

friend texts me and she said you know

her her God her God daughter’s father

was murdered in gardena in this country

state Gardena there was a shooting it

was just some guy open fire in the

street one person died a few people were

injured and the person that died was her

God baby’s father and she said you know

that his child is only one month old and

I wondered I wondered would it be easy

for the you know the baby the you know

dating or something it would be easy for

the mother of the child to connect with

someone again would it be easy I wonder

the things that we have suffered I

wonder the pains that we have been

through and is that what is keeping you

from experience in life again you see

sometimes when a woman has experienced

miscarriages for example she’s not as

excited to have to be pregnant when

you’ve gone through one two or three

miscarriages the fourth pregnancies like

well we’ll see what happens

when you’ve been through a cycle of

dysfunctional relationships you almost

give up on love when I wonder when when

your job when God gave you a word about

your career and then you move to LA and

nothing seems to be happening

I wonder where resentment has kicked in

and it is evident in our actions it is

evident in and when God talks to you

about it you get excited anymore or do

you have this disposition of Liz let’s

see what happens when someone gives you

a word you’re like well let’s let’s see

what God does but God wants you to

confess with your mouth that Lord I

still want it you see

you see the crazy thing the crazy thing

I wondered I said okay Lord how is it

that we release resentments right

because it’s not something you just say

let it go in the name of Jesus not

bright it hurts

okay I’m going through a real pain here

there was somewhere in my life I felt

betrayed by God oh I felt betrayed by

people why I felt betrayed by myself

there are times that we have these

things and and what I realize is not

it’s not really about letting go of the

pain but it’s about seeing it correctly

you see my the issue I had with believe

in God for longevity and relationships

and all of that stuff was because I

looked at the issue as in a surface

manner you took my father and now you’re

talking about giving me a husband but in

truth everything had a purpose it wasn’t

really about my father you see my mother

has a calling on her life to be a voice

for widows in my country and if you

understand the climate of widows in

Nigeria and in Africa you would you

would understand why there is a need for

someone to be a voice there literally

the voiceless

but her experience is what validated her

voice and so if I if I look at it just

on the surface of you took this so if

your power couldn’t you know give her

that Wow how would you give it to me if

I don’t understand that pain that every

pain carries purpose if I don’t

understand that the awareness of purpose

is in the embrace of pain then the pain

will cause me to be resentful

you see I’m reminded by a

none of the name by the name of David

David there was something I I noticed

about David that he could have been

resentful but he chose a different way

you see there is a scripture when it

talks about a prophet when the Lord had

chosen you know there was a king of the

time King Saul and his time the Lord

said you know what I’ve chosen a man

after my heart right and he says enough

children he tells the Prophet named Sam

well go to the house of Jesse Jesse’s

David’s father and pick you will pick

one of his sons that I would choose I

will show you one of his sons that I

would choose that you should pick to

anoint as King the Prophet goes to the

house jesse has eight sons David is in

the back turned into the Sheep his

father does not even have a desire or or

even a thought that maybe David could be

one of the people that needs to see the

process know the rest of the seven they

are lined up but then the prophet summer

goes by them one by one and the Lord is

like I didn’t choose him I didn’t you

see mine interesting to the point that

the Prophet says wait do you have any

other son am I just not hearing right

you know one of them is wrong and it was

until the Prophet said it the father

could not even initiate and say oh you

know after the last one didn’t get

picked hey I have another son by the way

it wasn’t to the prophet requested it

then he’s like oh yeah you know see

David back there taking care of the

sheep now I bring this up because

there’s a passage in scripture where

David says that in sin that how does

this crisis go it talked about how in

sins it was ice formed or something like

that and in sin did my mother conceive

me check this and sin did my mother

conceive me

I wonder if David felt as though that

maybe I’m not maybe I’m not the father

I’m not that I’m really not the son of


man because if he sells and sin did my

mother conceive it because remember

these are real stories these are real

people that experience real pain has

anyone here ever felt as though you’re

not the child of your father or your

mother it doesn’t change the fact that

that is your biological father or mother

but there was something about the

relationship that made you believe a lie

there was something about the way his

father might have treated him that made

him wonder okay that my mom cheated on

my dad

because there is no way you cannot

defile a marriage bed so there was no

way that he would think of his of his

birth as in sin when marriage is a

covenant by God and so I wonder that

when we read about David and and okay

David you know he concurred he he killed

a beer he killed the Lions who saved the

Sheep I wonder was he doing that to seek

validation from his father why would you

put your life at risk for sheep that

belongs to your father that does not

even acknowledge you was his ability to

protect the Sheep in in such a way that

he put his life in danger for his father

to validate him for his father to

understand that you know what I’ve long

as I be taking care of your sheep none

has gone missing I don’t need to add to

your resentment towards me or anything I

don’t know what the problem is I wonder

you see sometimes we get angry or we

have pain towards people that God has

placed something for us in because of

the way they treated us not realizing

that in David perhaps in his quest to

seek validation from his father there he

encountered the protection of the Lord

there in that place

he had an experience of God as his

deliverer it was in that place that he

had the faith to believe that he could

fight against Goliath

you see family when we blame people for

the wrong we should also blame them for

the right when we when we blame people

and say you never validated me you never

loved me never did this we should also

blame them that something about your

rejection pushed me into who I am

and so in every pain there is purpose

and it’s not to be afraid to say god I

still want it it’s not to be afraid to

say god I still want validation

ultimately David you know God the

ultimate validation from the Lord it’s

not to be afraid to say God I still

desire the marriage even though

everything else has been looking messed

up when you become so defensive I’m good

I’m good over things that the Lord has

shown you there is resentment that

creeps in somewhere and you see

resentment is like the the uninvited

guest that shows up with friends just to

make it more awkward like first of all I

didn’t invite you then you bring your

crew like I ain’t got no place for you

you or you and no for all that has

happened to me before

but because you know we are pastors I

said oh god bless you god bless you hi

how are you how did you find out about

the event so sorry I didn’t invite you I

didn’t mean to but um for realz I didn’t

say that / but I thought it you know but

real talk

right because you see resentment is

accompanied by anger and fear you become

angry at the thought that you desire

something that you fear that you cannot

have because you were disappointed but I

mean you taste disappointment that you

face in your past but family I am here

to say the truth that what you perceived

as disappointment serves a purpose

unrelated to the promise it wasn’t that

the promise didn’t manifest so it none

of that there was something about that

pain that God is using to sharpen you

there is something about that I kept

when preparing for this message is the

picture of just a mother who has gone

through several miscarriages kept coming

up and for some people that is that is

literal right and in many more ways it’s

it’s very symbolic to how you feel that

you carry within you you work at this in

and it’s taeil’s it feels like you

cannot hold something in your hand it

feels like every time you you reach to

grab something few minutes a few days

few months a year it slips away and then

you are expected to believe again God

reminds you of his promise and you’re

just like well we’ll see but family have

the confidence to say God I still

you see the truth is even in even in

losing a father and the best father you

can have is the Lord but there’s still a

reason why God gives you no earthly

father’s right oh my god I love you

you’re the best dad I could ever have

but there was a part of me that still

wanted a fatherly figure on the earth

and it was very hard for me to say that

but it was the truth oh my god there’s a

reason for that and that came in the

form of PT and I share this i shared

this because you have to be open to the

ways in which God would answer your is

because whether whatever your it is it

doesn’t die because of disappointment it

doesn’t die because literally something

might have died or symbolically or

however you may have you there is a way

that God can still bring it back into

your life you see the next part of this

passage talks about but when the desire

comes it is a tree of life

I wondered why would why would they say

when the desire comes it is a tree of

life because when I think of the tree of

life I think of the Garden of Eden and

the desire they are talking about is the

same desire in your heart it talks about

the longings of the heart and I wondered

okay the tree of life when the desire

comes it is a tree of life

you think the Garden of Eden something

that really amazed me is when you know

when Adam and Eve had eating the tree of

the knowledge of good and evil it

bothered God I mean there are several

reasons with Bible with the whole

passage you know you’ll be blessed

you’ll be fed but there are several

reasons why God was like okay there was

something in particular

that actually that stood out to me

because he said now they have eating the

tree of the knowledge of good and evil

you know God was so particular about

protecting the Tree of Life because that

if they at the Tree of Life that now

they would live forever and this would

be an issue so I wondered what if they

ate the Tree of Life first because that

means there’s something about that fruit

that would give them the understanding

of the wholeness to not eat the tree of

the knowledge of good and evil I

wondered what if it happened in Reverse

and so it was a picture that the Tree of

Life was symbolic to wholeness because

the devil or the enemy or whatever is

him I don’t really care about him you

know he he can only play on your

weaknesses he can only play on your

insecurities on your fears on your doubt

so there was something about the tree of

life that was symbolic to wholeness and

so it says when the desire comes when

the desire is fulfilled it is a tree of

life could it be that the very thing

you’re saying like I’m good now you know

it’s all good it’s actually killing a

part of you that you’re killing a part

of yourself that God desires for you to

encounter that there is something about

that being coming to manifestation that

introduces you to you family God desires

you to be whole and I don’t know even as

well as we’re going the things that have

buried your desire for life where there

was a loss the death of a loved one the

death of a dream this the perception of

what you think of how you think a dream

I have died whether it’s in your career

whether you feel like God I’ve been

tugging at this thing and tugging at

this thing and nothing seems to be

working but Hope deferred is not hope


and the same God and see what I love so

much about about Jesus is that he says

in our weakness he’s our strength and so

when it says Hope deferred makes the

heart sick makes the heart weak in those

moments the Lord is saying come to me

this is not when you run away from me

this is not when you pretend with me no

come to me what in your life are you

fighting one in your life are you so

defensive about for a moment think about

the very things at the moment someone

talks about it you become very defensive

David chose to honor his father anyway

David chose to honor his dad he didn’t

look at his father like you know what

you don’t respect me so I’m not I’m not

going to respect your sheep I’m not

going to respect any job you give him

because you don’t even acknowledge me it

would not have affected his daddy would

have affected him because in that place

is where he found himself family I’m

here to say that the truth is just like

I said earlier the Bible has a lot of

open-ended questions I can’t really tell

you why certain things happen to you

I can explain and say you know what this

happened because of this but I do know

that there’s a purpose I do know that

that purpose is for your good I do know

that the very fact that you’re alive and

that you survive

that in itself is hope I do know that

there is something about this life that

we are still learning about you see a

lot of times you know there’s a person

in scripture that talks about those that

compare without wisdom a lot of times we

we have this weight of you know this

negativity doubt depression and

questions and all these things and I

love when when Petey said on Sunday

release irrelevant questions because we

have these questions about okay why do

they happen for this person it didn’t

happen for me why do you have a for that

person it happens for me this life is

not as it seems if it’s about purpose

there is something that God put within

you that needs to be birth out and

sometimes and sometimes the ability for

that being should be born everything

childbirth is painful

I’ve never birth a child I’m praying for

a favor

when the time comes but I have witness

my mother has told me stories friends

have told me stories no one said it was

just easy and so if the process plays

God for all mothers in the house it’s

the process if the process of childbirth

is painful if the process of birthing

something that God put in you and the

natural is painful but then that pain

serves the purpose then how much more

what the very thing that God put within

you supernaturally to be birthed it’s

not going to be easy and I’m not here to

say just let it go child no it’s hard

thing to lose somebody it’s a hard thing

to feel like you’re giving your best and

nothing seems to be coming out of it

it’s a hard thing but God is with you

he said he will never leave nor forsake

you he said he talks about David talks

about that even though I walk through

the valley of the shadow of death I

shall fear no evil

you see the shadow of death is

everything that is just everything close

to death it sounds when I simply say

that passage I’m not even – I walk

through the valley the shadow that feels

actually song I think was boom fog

harmony some character I take a look at

my life right but the way the bones hug

go man good days I should try to be a

rapper but now but I do have a good

rapping voice you know I think is better

than my singing voice my singing was

glorious anyway but but I used to recite

that passage like this beautiful thing

you know like the Lord is with me but

and then it hit me one day you know I

was walking then I see my shadow and I

realize the ability for me to see my

shadow is because of the proximity and I

said if I’m walking through the valley

of the shadow of death it is everything

that is close to it is it is the ability

to want to give up it is it is

everything but it’s not death so it’s

everything within the proximity of death

and so the Bible the scripture is

already telling us that we are going to

walk through experiences that feel like


but it is not deaf your very presence

here is an evidence of that so family

whatever it is God is with you

Hope deferred is not hope denied there

are things that are still tugging at me

there people here and just spend with me

you can get some strings playing there

are people here that even when we talk

about resentment you have resentment

against your own self because you

believe that you are supposed to do

things at a certain point in time and

you didn’t do them so now you don’t have

any faith or belief in your own ability

to execute but that is also a lie

you see when as I was preparing for this

message and before and if you want to

start coming down you know feel free but

I was preparing for this message I

understood that there also leaders

involved leaders in this house that the

message touched you in a way and it

would it’s a hug in your heart to even

come down this altar but if you know

you’re here and their desires that have

been buried in resentment come on down

it doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time

guest you’re you know regular you’re a

leader come on down thank you please

thank you Jesus if you’re sitting

standing I’ll share something personal

you see coming down this altar is is

work listen it is it is not an easy

thing it looks easy because you’re like

come on down you just wait I’ll get on

my feet walk on down man and then enough

I think it was about last week or two

weeks ago first lady preached the

message where she talked about the

sycamore tree and she was talking about

you know this man this tax collector man

and you know and how he his desire to

see Jesus and Jesus seen him powerful

message that message moved me in a way

that I wanted to cry like a baby and

when she did the altar calls everything

in me was tugging but in my mind I’m

like Nana Nana knows but I couldn’t even

leave this house because it was so

powerful because in that moment I’m

fighting myself to come to the altar

because I’m like Nana Nana Nana now you

know this is not for me to come to the

altar I am Jesus

she got me but the Lord gave me this

picture of what the altar represents you

say the altar is where you lay things is

where you lay the sacrifice is where you

lay things down and even though I didn’t

come to the altar because he gave me the

picture later on I I didn’t leave this

house there were a few people in this

church I didn’t leave this house I just

imagined like I’m a very you know I’m

very interactive in my mind I imagined

first lady on the altar again during the

altar call and I walked down and I came

real sorry some people were here they’re

like what is she doing so please don’t

talk to me I’m calling accepting the

altar call and and I walked on down here

and I knelt down before the Lord and I

released it I released everything that

was on me and I just prayed over it

some of you are not going to have the

opportunity to for this places MC

because you know parking lot times and

all kinds of other things if you’re here

don’t let the enemy cause you to

question why was I still in my seat

lay it down what is that thing that

you’re holding on to where is that

resentment coming from lay down thank

you I see you god bless you you’re not

alone come on down come on down thank

you Jesus thank you Jesus when the

desire comes it is a tree of life the

desire will be fulfilled there’s no

questions about it the only the only

question that God has for you are you

willing to tell me you still want it are

you willing to say God I still want it I

want it I want everything that comes

with it

one thing I love you see when I would

think of people find this strange or

something that when people talk about

you know correction for my mom is a very

my momís you know she’s firm she’s blunt

you toy her mind like straight up right

I just I love her for that and when I

would think of when people talked about

you know people will talk about the

difference between you know you know who

is who’s the firm one who is a strict

one who’s a soft one and the father

maybe being a strict another soft and or

whichever how how you have it and I had

friends I used to complain about correct

receiving correction from their fathers

and I’m just like well that sounds fun

because that sounds like you know he’s

there there’s something that he pays

attention for your growth right and so

when I when I told God Lord I still want

it I know you took it away and let you

know that’s of the purpose but I still

want it and I would love I would love

love love when Peter will correct me

about certain things because I’m like


looking for and so everything that comes

with it there are things that you desire

and you desire everything that comes

with it and for some people in this

house it’s not the it that you are

you’re you’re fighting against you’re

fighting against what comes with it

because what comes with it is where your

pain comes from and I’m speaking to some

of those people if you understand what

I’m talking about calm down thank you

Jesus thank you Jesus thank you Jesus

you’re not fighting the thing you’re

fighting what it comes with thank you

lord thank you lord it’s going to happen

family it’s going to happen there’s a

passage I want us to pull up it’s

Hebrews before we pray Hebrews 10:35

maybe that’s it

if not y’all should read your Bible bed

he would send 35 it says there for

everyone here everyone watching

therefore do not cast away do not throw

away your confidence your expectation

which has great reward the very thing

that the enemy wants you to see let’s do

it’s nothing

you failed you’ve been betrayed you’ve

been whatever the Lord says as long as

you still got

you see the reward the reward and it’s

not just a reward I loved when pastor

ebenezer said you know I would love to

say good evening but I say great evening

the reward is a great reward and the

reward the greatness of this reward is

connected to as long as you still have

it as long as you can still use your

mouth and say god I still want it isn’t

it funny that the very thing that we are

we afraid that if I if I talk about it

I’m afraid to fail again God is saying

that just don’t cast it away just don’t

don’t kill it because what you’re

looking for is in your ability to still

hold on to it I want before we pray

everyone in this room to scream lord I

still want it amen amen amen


let us pray who father God I thank you I

thank you for what you’re doing in this


they said it not me they said it that

god I still want it they know what their

it is and you know Lord we know that

life the trials or tribulations this

season this this pool in season this the

stretch in season the season that is

causing us to be pulled in ways that we

are not used to we thank you Lord that

it would not cause us to doubt the


we thank you Lord that we will embrace

the pain because we know it serves a

purpose we will embrace the pain because

we know it’s a sign of birthing we would

embrace the pain because it means that

there’s some dilation taking place that

something is opening up for us we will

embrace the pain Lord God because we

know that you’re working on our behalf

Lord God I thank you there are some

questions that we may never have

answered but we have you Lord and you

have given us life we believe in you

Lord above the questions above the whys

we believe in your goodness we believe

Lord that you will never let something

happen to us that we cannot bear that

you will never give us above our

capacity to handle and so when we think

that there is something we cannot handle

it’s just a sign to come to you and be

reminded that you are our strength I

thank you Lord that the shadow is just a

shadow it didn’t take us and for some of

us some of us Lord God we have to learn

to survive thing that you may teach us

how to thrive and so surviving is not

even a problem it’s just a process I

thank you lord

but your spirit has done what none of us

could do your spirit has touched each

and every one in this house it has

brought things to the surface and as

they’re at this altar as those watching

are before you lord I thank you that we

lay it down we lay down Lord God every

resentment every place in our lives that

we said god I don’t even know if you

ever did it everything in our life that

we have become defensive towards

everything in our life that has made us

almost just look warm in the face that

well we’ll see what happens no lord I

thank you that there is a fire that you

are reviving within us I thank you Lord

that you’re awakening our ability to

believe again to live again for you have

said that you have you will give us life

and life more abundantly no matter what

lorca we are not going to cast away our

confidence we would not be ashamed will

not deny the fact that we still want it

I thank you Lord for the testimonies for

the miracles and for the manifestation

of your word as your children have

confessed with their mouths that they

still want it

and keep asleep